Kirby tweets to Mark Richt congrats to Katharyn and thanks but Mark Richt did NOT tweet to Kirby but said my best to Kirby but NOT @KIRBY.

This is awkward for Mark Richt that he either does not know how to use twitter talking about a guy in 3rd person or doesn’t understand twitter etiquette. If you are going to talk about someone on twitter you do it like Kirby did @ the guy who lost 18 of 24 vs top 15 # 45 for his last 8 years AND averaged 4 losses a season his same last 8 years here before being run out of town on a rail seemingly now half a year later by EVERYONE.


Mark Richt if you are going to USE Twitter, you write @KIRBY and say : “My best to YOU.”  Not talk ABOUT Kirby and NOT to him.  There was NO EXCHANGE here.  There was on Kirby’s part that Kirby said as Kirby did @MarkRicht .  Bad Twitter handle Mark Richt AND bad use of same by Mark Richt.  Properly done by Kirby.  Mark Richt never sent a tweet to Kirby thus NO EXCHANGE.


But this yet again another example of WHY we ran Mark Richt out of town on a rail.  He is and always will be a dumbass who does dumbass stuff such as showing up down there at Miami of Florida (on NCAA Probation) wearing a Georgia Bulldogs’ belt then takes his jacket off to reveal the belt at the damn announcement of them hiring him.


You need to go to Twitter Class Mark Richt.  Next time you want to talk ABOUT Kirby direct it to again @KirbySmartUGA not direct it AT yourself dumb shit.


What we really have nearly half a year now after FIRING Mark Richt is that nearly EVERY blog has now written WHY MARK RICHT WAS FIRED and gone on to say how Mark Richt drove them freaking crazy with this and that.


Just exactly like this faux pas by Mark Richt, again.


All he does.


All he EVER will do.


False : French translation : faux

Step : French translation : as in paw : pas


For 8 excruciating years on EVERY BLOG I wrote posts about Mark Richt’s BLUNDERS daily.


Here again.




Because no matter the subject he proves he is a dumbass at it.


(1) he sends a Twitter out tweeting ABOUT Kirby but sends it to HIMSELF @MarkRicht

(2) he does NOT send the tweet to @KirbySmartUGA

(3) he has a BAD HANDLE on Twitter seemingly thinking he is Mark Richt not @MarkRichtMiamiOfFlorida or even @MarkRichtU or @MarkRichtMiami just only himself as if unattached

(4) his weak attempts to say TO KIRBY that he says MY BEST TO KIRBY is another faux pas in every sense of the words and is a weak attempt to reach out to the very ones who FIRED him

(5) Mark Richt was quite taken-back by his firing by us

(6) at the nearly half a year mark now of his FIRING from here he still thinks that we somehow have some misguided wanting of him here INSTEAD when in fact now nearly half a year later every blog has written a blog post of just how Mark Richt drove them crazy with dumb shit decisions just exactly as this latest faux pas.  Even Bluto wrote such a post just last week where the VERY guy Bluto who said that it was unjustified that Mark Richt was fired who said that he did NOT think Mark Richt would be fired AFTER Florida loss this latest season – THIS GUY -writes last week that Mark Richt was a dumbass of the highest order who just HAD TO BE FIRED from his point of view NOW last week – but he did NOT deserve to LOSE his job Senator Bluto states as well.  Which is it Senator ?


What a dumbass all 3 UGA Football Live for BRAGGING ON MARK RICHT calling this a “Twitter EXCHANGE between specifically Mark Richt and Kirby” which is MOST CERTAINLY ISN’T and how GREAT Mark Richt THIS BLOG FIRED for the last 8 years in its entirety, Senator Bluto for BRAGGING just last week how bad Mark Richt was after all his bullshit for the last 8 years trying to tell me how full of shit I am that Mark Richt HAD TO GO I said for 8 years to his chagrin and Mark Richt for thinking someone GIVES A SHIT about him here.


( )




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