Field Street Forum put up the whole entire Alabama game for us to watch today. Who the HELL would want to watch that SHIT which we SUFFERED through drenched watching Greyson Damn Lambert throw an interception fumble 3 times rush 6 times for negative yards GIVE UP 35 UNANSWERED GOD DAMN POINTS and get YANKED by Mark Richt finally ? Tell me that dumbass ?


( )


That all your freaking got on Saturday damn morning Admin Field and Street Forum ?


You know for a Mark Richt APOLOGIST like you are one would THINK that you would NEVER EVER discuss THAT GAME especially when he spent the entire friqin’ week pre-game saying that it was HIS JOB to de-motivate his players.



And oh yeah Kirby is going to start Greyson damn Lambert against North Carolina in his FIRST GAME.


Uh huh.


Greyson damn Lambert is AFRAID to throw the ball down the field in fear it might be intercepted and him lose his job over it.


Wimp ass mother BOTH you Admin for reminding us of this shit and Greyson damn Lambert YOUR HERO and NOT MINE made the starter after 5 practices with the # 1 unit last Fall.  If he can win the job in 5 practices with the # 1 unit last Fall he can damn sure lose it that way this Fall.







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