Women’s College World Series : SEC in ALL 4 Opening Round Games. So far 2 SEC teams have knocked-off Pac-12 and ACC representatives. Of the 8 teams SEC has 4. Georgia faces-off against Auburn 4-2 all-time in WCWS games while Lu Harris-Champer is now 7-4 in WCWS action for Georgia with 2 previous 3rd place finishes. We play Auburn at 6 p.m. Saturday ESPN2 Comcast Channel 847 and NOT at 7 p.m. Saturday Prime Time. If we win we play Sunday at 6 p.m. If we lose we play Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Both those games ESPN2. UGA now owns 8-6 all-time record over FSU in softball. Chelsea Wilkinson pitched against Auburn twice there at Auburn this year pitching 6 innings and giving up 2 runs and pitching 5 innings the other game giving up 1 run. She will have had 2 and a half days of rest tomorrow at 6 p.m. for the game.




Chelsea Wilkinson pitched against Auburn twice there at Auburn this year pitching 6 innings and giving up 2 runs and pitching 5 innings the other game giving up 1 run.  She will have had 2 and a half days of rest tomorrow at 6 p.m. for the game.  I would not think that Auburn wants to face her a 3rd time.


The bracket does not flip.  There is a winner’s bracket and a loser’s bracket since it is double elimination and is played the same for the Women as for the Men in the College World Series.


There are 8 teams.  4 are SEC.  The SEC plays in ALL 4 of the Opening Round Games.  The SEC Won 2 of those game already and the other 2 games are now Friday night June 3 2016 because it rained-out those last 2 games Thursday.


Georgia has done VERY WELL in the Women’s College World Series and boast a 7-4 Record for the 2nd best WCWS Record All-time of the 8 participants behind only Oklahoma.  Of course their games are HOME GAMES.


Georgia has Won All 3 Opening Round Games in Women’s College World Series history.


We are NOT a fluke or playing on house money.


We have the # 5 best team batting average in the nation and feature Chelsea Wilkinson All-America coming into this season already who is 28-7 this season with spinners she throws very adroitly.


We are a good fielding team.  We pitch extremely well.  We have great speed both in the field and on the base paths.  We are extraordinarily well-coached.  We hit the ball as well as any team on the planet and we have speed and power offensively.


We have four (4) players who are All-America players.  We have several others who will be.


Tina Iosefa All-America 2016 leads the nation in Home Runs and in RBI with 23 Home Runs and 87 RBI.


Emanuel, Cortni      All-America coming into this season has a .414 batting average which is the # 38 best average in the nation.  Cortni stole her 33rd stolen base of this season last night to single-handedly beat the only ACC team in the Women’s College World Series.  She is so fast that when she hit the ball to the shortstop she rushed the throw to 1st base while Cortni flew-in under the feet of FSU 1st baseman trying to get back down to the bag on the high hurried throw.  She then stole 2nd base in a 4-4 game in the last inning putting her in scoring position.  Then the catcher on that throw threw the ball into center field hurried on her throw.  After dusting herself off she noticed the centerfielder slightly bobbled the ball hurried by her speed as well and took off to 3rd with no outs.  She then STOLE HOME on a routine grounder to 3rd base by our Freshman Sensation DiCarlo, Alyssa      who is not yet an All-America but certainly will be in her career batting .372 with 11 Home Runs and 63 RBI batting 3rd in our line-up for nationally seeded Georgia.   FSU’s 3rd baseman  looked Cortni back to the 3rd threw to 1st when  Cortni up and  flew home sliding underneath the tag by their catcher to WIN the Women’s College World Series game 1 opening round for the 3rd time in a row for Georgia tonight.  FSU’s catcher looked at Cortni like Cortni was crazy. No All-America.  And against SEC Competition not some crappy-assed conference with only 1 team in The Women’s College World Series with stats run-up against lousy teams in a “1-team” conference who DOES NOT HAVE A WINNING RECORD AGAINST US.  I looked all over ALL their URL Links at FSU and NOWHERE do they own-up their record against us.  Why is that ?  FSU brags that they have a winning record against ALL ACC teams.  Yeah because they all SUCK.  FSU looked like a T-ball team today in the Women’s College World Series.  We did NOT.


Cortni’s sister Emanuel, Sydni       is not All-America yet either but is # 12 in the nation hitting batting .448 and certainly will be All-America in her career here at perennially every year # 10 Georgia Bulldogs Lady Diamond Dawgs.


Alex Hugo is a 2-time All-America coming into this 2016 season and our team Captain on the field as our Field General.  She plays 2nd base like nobody’s brother ranging from short left center field to the foul line behind 1st.  She rivals Jacob Eason throwing the football and is a career national leader # 4 in hitting Home Runs with 71.  Only 3 in the nation are better.  Only 1 of their teams is still playing Sierra Romero , Michigan with 82 Home Runs.  Alex Hugo is # 3 in the nation in RBI in her career behind only Sierra Romero , Michigan and

Bianka Bell , LSU

who has 233 career RBI to Alex Hugo with 231 RBI active career leaders RBI and Home Runs.  Alex Hugo is also # 5 active career walks as they pitch around her with 153 walks including one tonight which she came around to score on.   Alex Hugo’s 517 total bases are # 2 in the nation to Sierra Romero which Alex Hugo got playing against the # 1 Softball Conference The SEC not some Podunk Conference with ONLY 1 team in the Women’s College World Series.





Samantha LaZear

is All-America coming into this great 2016 season as well batting .388 this season.

Chelsea Wilkinson

is All-America coming into this season too.  She beat the # 1 team in the nation in back-to-back games this season and they also were the 2-time Defending National Champions looking to three-peat. Chelsea Wilkinson not only is the ACTIVE CAREER LEADER # 1 in appearances of all pitchers in the Women’s College World Series but # 1 in the nation as well with 172 appearances Saturday Night when she goes back in the Circle.  Her 96 wins also are the Most by ANY pitcher in the Women’s College World Series and # 3 nationally. Her 888 strike-outs are the Most by ANY pitcher  in the Women’s College World Series and # 5 in the nation.  Her 25 shut-outs are # 1 of any pitcher in the WCWS and tied for # 4 in the nation.




In addition to all 5 of these All-America Awards on this team for these 4 players and the others already discussed herein we also have 6 seniors on this team.


McGuire, Maeve       will be back next season  and is hitting .332 on the season with 8 Home Runs and 35 RBI.  She is a slick fielder and  has a sister Rowan playing softball for Georgia Southern University.


There is misinformation about THEM as well out there on our blogs today which need correcting.


If you do NOT know about our Softball Program you by God should.


Try clicking these URL Links and learn something about us.  Or watch the games.


First Chipper Towers AJ-C

Kaylee Puailoa

has started NEARLY EVERY GAME of her career here at Georgia as a senior now batting .328 with 49 RBI on the season.  She has started 43 of the 57 games this year.  Does that sound like a pinch hitter to you Chip Towers you jerk ?  Obviously an integral key component of this team her entire career always a starter since her celebrated signing 4 years ago the Moose they call her is a team leader and team player.  She has played nearly every position for us a lot at 1st Base and the Outfield.  Excuse me those positions are ALSO manned by other players we ALSO have to get on the field.


What do you want to do Chipper Towers sit down the Emanuel sisters Samantha LaZear or Tina Iosefa ?  Well dumbass ?


If you followed softball Chipper Towers you would NOT have slanted your article as you did replied to by ESPN Announcers tonight on ESPN2 Channel 847 that Puailoa, Kaylee      has started


Started 43 of 57 this season

Started 57 of 58 last year

Started 64 of 64 her sophomore campaign hitting .308 with 7 Home Runs 38 RBI

Started 58 of 60 her Freshman Year hitting .380 with 16 Home Runs and 60 RBI.


All-told in her checkered career here for Lu Harris-Champer who can not shut-up how great Puailoa, Kaylee    is Kaylee Puailoa has 168 RBI for Georgia.


168 RBI in Kaylee Puailoa Georgia Stellar Career.


Does that sound like a God Damn Pinch Hitter to you Chipper Towers you piece of shit ?


222 Games Kaylee Puailoa pride of California has started here at Georgia for Coach Lu Harris-Champer.


222 of 239 games Kaylee Puailoa has started at Georgia.


Good God Chipper Towers give up your day job son.  You ain’t no damn good at it boy.


Nice piece really Chipper Towers UNTIL you called Kaylee Puailoa only a God Damn Pinch Hitter for us.  Which ESPN announcers had to CORRECT YOU ON during the telecast tonight when NO she did not start and YES was a pinch hitter.


I am SO PROUD of Kaylee Puailoa  Moose and her MOM !


Her whole family.


What you should have said Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation.com is that Kaylee Puailoa  Moose is so GREAT that even with all these 4 All-America players manning HER POSITIONS she has STARTED 222 of 239 games at Georgia and crying when she can not start because of the talent on the team she has now accumulated 168 RBI in her STELLAR CAREER AT UGA the last of which KNOCKED the # 1 team 2016 and our # 1 Rival FLORIDA GATORS out of the NCAA Softball Tournament 2016 Women’s College World Series – the 35th – trying to three-peat as National Champions when instead HER TEAM is playing team ball and she is PROUD to do it for the team as the most unselfish person God ever put on this Earth.


You get that slant Chipper Towers ?




But so talented and so good are we that as the Party to send-off to UGA that California had for Kaylee Puailoa  attests to she is a extremely important MAIN COG of this team for 4 years since accumulated 168 RBI and is PROUD AS HELL of what she has done as is her dear Mom and EVERYONE else who has ever have the great fortune of meeting her is.


Poor thing only 168 RBI in her career at UGA for Lu Harris-Champer and only started 222 of 239 games.  Just a pinch hitter and on a team that doesn’t even deserve to be in the Women’s College World Series were it not for a FLUKE to be the 1st NCAA Softball Team EVER to SWEEP The # 1 SEED.



Let’s see now where was I ?


Oh yeah how the Women’s College World Series works the same as the Men’s College World Series and how the bracket does NOT “FLIP” but has a loser’s bracket as ANY double-elimination Tournament thus you WILL play the LOSER from the OTHER SIDE OF THE BRACKET if you lose obviously dumbasses.


If I were going to WRITE a piece of about this I would NOT START-OUT by ADMITTING that you don’t KNOW SHIT about it and proceed to SEND me somewhere where that writer thinks the bracket flips to EXPLAIN the Women’s College World Series because you ADMIT you don’t understand it AT ALL.


Jesus Christ.


Why write ?


Give it up.


Let those who PLAYED the God Damn Game and COACHED the God Damn Game EXPLAIN the game.  And you then READ THIS and otherwise shut the hell up.


Wouldn’t that the right and the prudent choice ?


I hate READING DUMB SHITS with a God Damn Freaking Passion.


If you don’t know shit from Shinola maybe the reason your “articles” NEVER hit the nail on the head EVER is because that is why your shoes do not shine either.


You lack the most basic level of intelligence or common sense making a God Damn Fool out of yourself writing in public about that which you have NO God Damn Clue.


Piss me off what folks are saying about my Heroes.  You have NOT watched them.  I have.  You do NOT even understand the game.


We are a GREAT softball team not a fluke.  We are ALWAYS # 10 in the nation EVERY YEAR for 15 years in a row now of 293 Division 1 Softball Teams.  We are a senior-laded team with 6 Scholarships Available for next year.


Rain has forced the Georgia-Auburn game to *Saturday, June 4th* at 6 pm ET. It will still air on ESPN2.


That tweet had the WRONG TIME in it too.  I corrected it for you here.  6 p.m. NOT 7 p.m. and that is our own GeorgiaDogs.com site.  Great Scott !











SEC has twice as many NCAA Softball Tournament Wins 2016 than ANY other conference 39 now and counting.


Or should I say RACKING-UP and rolling as usual with 6 SEC teams in the previous 5 years Women’s College World Series FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.  The SEC has 3 Women’s College World Series NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS the last 5 years and certainly we are on target for a 4th in 6 years.  It could come down to JUST SEC TEAMS AGAIN THIS SEASON which then would make it also 8 SEC teams in the latest 6 years in the Women’s  College World Series CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.


When does ESPN tell you that what you did in your God Damn STINKING CONFERENCE means NOTHING compared to what our SEC Athletes did against SEC Competition ?


Hey I think I just told you for them.  But what do I know ?


Well this blog is MOST FAMOUS for nailing Mark Richt. Didn’t I ?


No I actually MOSTLY nailed you for your bullshit about Mark Richt and you desire to NOT hear what later turned-out to be the Gospel according to MY ALMA MATER.


Women’s College World Series : SEC in ALL 4 Opening Round Games.  So far 2 SEC teams have knocked-off Pac-12 and ACC representatives.


Of the 8 teams SEC has 4.


Georgia faces-off against Auburn 4-2 all-time in WCWS games while Lu Harris-Champer is now 7-4 in WCWS action for Georgia with 2 previous 3rd place finishes.  We play Auburn at 6 p.m. Saturday ESPN2 Comcast Channel 847.


That game was originally scheduled to be played Friday today but the rain delays CHANGED THAT last night with 2 rain-outs. Thus if you look at the schedule to RECORD the game you will MISS an hour of it Saturday since Comcast still has A GAME SCHEDULE at 7 p.m. which will be US at 6 p.m. having BEAT FSU who has NOT WON A COLLEGE WORLD SERIES GAME AT ALL SINCE 2004.  Their FSU pitcher is from Warner Robins.  She should have come here.    If we win we play Sunday at 6 p.m.  If we lose we play Sunday at 2:30 p.m.  Both those games ESPN2.


I guess if everyone is going to give you bullshit about the team it’s no wonder we have so many 6 Scholarships Available for next year.








( https://www.dawgnation.com/softball/puailoas-shot-has-bulldogs-still-buzzing-at-college-world-series )


Here is the updated bracket NONE of these folks URL Link to this article can be bothered to provide to you yet either  :





If our gals do not look to you like they belong or are playing on house God Damn Money maybe you might want to tune-in and watch us some time.  We kick ass and take names like at least 1 other I can certainly speak for as well.


Of course I look things up before I write.  Page 53 Georgia 8-6 all-time winning record over Florida State University FSU in softball.




I knew it off the top of my head many years ago we had a WINNING RECORD against FSU in Softball because I noticed how FSU brags about their winning record against ACC conference foes none of whom are shit.


Hard-hitting Truth and always I always have been.  Haven’t I ?  Isn’t THAT why tens of thousands read my blog in a day ?


If you expected me to NOT reply you are a NOVICE.


No sir you shall NOT bully ME on The Internet or ANYWHERE ELSE.  No one ever has.  Nor ever will.  I promise.


I guarantee.


Sally League Teams play better than FSU yesterday and no you don’t know what that is either nor ever played in that as well.    Sometimes folks disagree with me.  They FIND OUT they were WRONG.  Didn’t you ?  I do NOT prevent comments either agreeing or disagreeing with me.  Yes I am a character and I also colorfully tell it like it is in excruciating detail with footnotes to prove its Preciseness.