I have read DawgsOnline.com for over two decades now. It has become a cult site after long covering our recruiting. The 1 constant ? http://www.dawgsonline.com has ALWAYS told it like it is. For over 6 months now senator bluto has TRIED to re-write his views on Mark Richt. 6 months and a week ago we FIRED Mark Richt. Since it is ALL he can do to re-write HISTORY of these latest 8 years of MISERY as a Bulldogs’ fan. DawgsOnline.com is HAVING NONE OF THAT either Bluto.



( http://www.dawgsonline.com/2016/06/04/richt-revisionism/ )


Bluto you started out November 2015 with you did NOT think that Mark Richt was losing his job this year.  You said I was WRONG that he needed to go and that he would be back this year.  You said you felt sorry for me trying to make a case that Mark Richt WOULD be fired and needed to be.  You said I may NOT write about it any longer that I was NOT ALLOWED to any more.  That I was JUST WRONG and not as good a fan of our program as you for doing so.  Remember ?


When it was YOU who was holding our program back and still are Bluto.


Bluto you progressed AFTER he was FIRED and you were WRONG to that was a decision that could NOT be justified.


Bluto then you tried on for size that you are not saying again that you can’t make a case that he did NOT deserve to his job.


Bluto now you see Dan Wolken USA Today Sports who said before you said Mark Richt was NOT losing his job this year that if we were to make a CHANGE at the top that it would be the MOST COVETED JOB IN AMERICA.  And now Dan is REWRITING HISTORY as well or trying to like yourself Bluto.  You had ALREADY GONE ON RECORD Bluto that Mark Richt WOULD NOT LOSE HIS JOB when Dan Wolken said he SHOULD.


Now all of a sudden when Dan Wolken SAID we NEEDED TO CHANGE and that if we did it would be the MOST COVETED JOB IN AMERICA Dan wants to TRY to say NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN that perhaps we SHOULD NOT HAVE.


Bluto I knew you could not pass up the chance to revise your position once again when Dan Wolken wrote his piece that Mark Richt DID do it the right way.  I knew you would Bluto.


Excuse me Dan Wolken this blog, sir, EXPOSES such utter Bullshit from those so full of shit as yourself sir to say that we SHOULDN’T HAVE ?


If that is the case why did you say we SHOULD a month before we DID Dan Wolken ?


Make up your God Damned mind Dan Wolken.


Want to know why USA Today Sports is SUCH A PISSANT afterthought ?


Because YOU FAIL to call it LIKE IT IS dumbass.




Mark Richt was FIRED after 8 years of LOSING.  8 years of 12 losses to teams unranked time of game or for season in either the AP or Coaches’ Polls.   8 years of losing 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams time of game good for # 45 nationally at beating the top teams.


We’re # 11 all-time in Wins here at Georgia.


We have the # 3 best Bowl Record of all teams in the nation.


We have a hotbed of recruiting here in this state that insures we should have a better program than we SUFFERED THROUGH for these last entire 8 excruciating freaking years of Mark Richt when HE JUST LOST IT.


It had NOTHING to do with Mark Richt doing it the right way Dan Wolken sir when you SAID he had to go a month before my alma mater finally agreed with you Dan Wolken.


You are a BIG PART of why he WAS FIRED for your statement a month prior.


You know that Dan Wolken.


Now you want to revise that stance now that MORE than 6 months has passed now since you CAUSED THAT FIRING.


Now it was WRONG to have done so.


Ah bullshit Dan Wolken.


It was as right to fire him more than a month before he was Dan Wolken as it is now that more than 6 months and a week has passed since we finally did at your behest.


And bullshit to you senator Bluto gtp Get the Picture for TRYING to revise your stance once again too based upon Dan Wolken’s utter nonsense that at Georgia there was a meme that “here at Georgia there’s something MORE IMPORTANT than winning.”


(1) No there was NOT.


(2) No there is not.


(3) No there NEVER will be.


We fired Mark Richt NOT because he punished too harshly which he did but because he LOST to unranked teams for 8 years and lost to the top 15 teams for 8 years and that


TOO GOD DAMN LONG according to Dan Wolken one month before he WAS.  And now because 6 months and a week have passed,  I am NOT supposed to remember Dan Wolken already said he had to be fired in his opinion and that when he was THIS would be the most coveted job in America ?  I am sorry Bluto and Dan Wolken I do remember.  Vividly, I recall your statements both of you.  Bluto wants to herald what Dan Wolken NOW says that maybe Mark Richt should NOT have been fired –  because he punished too harshly ?


Why was THIS the most coveted job in America a month before he WAS fired then Dan Wolken ?


Tell me that ?




THAT is NOT what you said a MONTH before we FIRED HIM Dan Wolken sir.



“If Georgia were to make a change at the top it would be a highly-coveted job perhaps even as attractive as the opening at Southern California.”


Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports




See the date on that Dan Wolken ?  See your URL Link sir says 11-5-2015 well do you PUNK ?


You Dan Wolken CALLED FOR US TO FIRE MARK RICHT more than a MONTH before we finally did.


Now it was WRONG and we should have KEPT HIM you try on now ?  Are you losing it Dan Wolken ?


I certainly AM NOT.  I thought immediately of your statement a MONTH PRIOR to us firing him that we just had to you said Dan Wolken when you SAY NOW of a sudden it was WRONG and we NEVER SHOULD HAVE because Mark Richt did it the right way.


Make up your God Damn Mind Dan Wolken.


Averaging 4 losses a season for 8 years at 73-32 is reason enough for our job to be the most coveted in the nation and him gone, but 6 months later we should never have in the 1st place since he did it the right way.  Punishing too harshly is not why Mark Richt lost his job but for his God Damn Losing Ways Dan Wolken or so you said at the time.


I am sorry but I remember EXACTLY what BOTH of you said.


Don’t I ?


Thank you for trying to rewrite it now that which you did say and have been saying.


I needed something to write about this morning.







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