REDEMPTION of MARK RICHT ? WTF senator of NOTHING bluto gtp GET THE PICTURE ? You WERE ARE & REMAIN a Mark Richt Apologist dumbass. Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE boy.

Mark Richt was NOT fired because he punished harshly but because he was # 45 at beating Top 15 teams his last entire 8 years here of 18 losses in 24 such games time of game.


He was a NO SHOW in such games.


That and his 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for the season AP or Coaches’ Polls the same last entire 8 years of his FAILED regime.


There was no meme that there was in fact “something here at Georgia besides winning that is MORE IMPORTANT” despite his claims to doing it the right way.


He was abject failure on the field of play for 8 years and that too long.  Yes I ran him out of town on a rail ON THIS BLOG for it.  If Kirby can not do at least that well or better he can move along too.


Michigan football certainly is NO BETTER.


A guy with a bad heart whose coaching record is NOT that good at 68-30 and Jim Harbaugh also has a DUI. I mean we just fired a guy who over his last 8 years here was 73-32 and Jim Harbaugh is 68-30.


That is no redemption of Mark Richt nor of Jim Harbaugh.


Still you persist with your PRAISE of Mark Richt.


You God Damned freaking Bible Thumper.


Who gives a SHIT if Mark Richt PUNISHED HARSHLY ?


He LOST to unranked teams and he LOST to the top teams.


God Damn IT senator bluto.  Get with the God Damn PROGRAM boy.


( )


When this God Damn Football Program fires a Coach because he punished too harshly WRITE me a meme on it dumbass.  He was in fact FIRED for LOSING to (1) UNRANKED TEAMS 12 in 8 yrs and (2) Top 15 teams 18 of 24 in 8 yrs.


See if just one time you can SAY THAT bluto you God Damn friqin’ dumbass ?


Let me know when you can FORMULATE THAT ?




Pandering to the TROLLING Mark Richt Apologists.






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