” Greyson Lambert will start at quarterback against the Tar Heels ” Anthony Dasher Editor UGA Sports.com



( https://uga.n.rivals.com/news/fearless-offensive-predictions-sure-to-go-wrong-or-will-they- )


” Greyson Lambert will start at quarterback against the Tar Heels ”  Anthony Dasher Editor UGA Sports.com


Greyson Lambert last season threw for only 12 TD all season long despite having beat NO ONE.  Not 1 team did Greyson Lambert beat – only cupcakes did he get a win over.


He had 1 game where he threw for more than the 244 yards by Jacob Eason in the G-Day Game only coming in with 10:36 before halftime when reluctantly Kirby had to put him in the game.


19-29 for 244 yards and a TD Pass with -0- Interceptions while Greyson Lambert was his usual pedestrian self AND threw a HORRIBLE interception.  In fact Greyson Lambert forced 3 previous throws all of which should have been intercepted too leading to Kirby calling for an interception.  That’s right Kirby said prior to the interception that he wanted one that we had missed opportunities to get one.  At the time I had told everyone around me that Greyson Lambert should have been picked-off 3 times.


The vols’ game you recall we were ahead 24-3 with 3 minutes to go before halftime ahead by 3 TD.


Greyson Lambert watched and did NOTHING while the vols scored 4 UNANSWERED touchdowns to take the lead 24-31 then he finally scored to tie it back-up and then back to sleep he went.


Yes we played a bunch of cupcakes last year.


But that only makes Greyson Lambert’s season all the more horrible.  Doesn’t it ?


Greyson Lambert beat NO ONE.  I mean nobody.  Greyson Lambert’s best win last season came against 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.  2-6.  Anyone could have played QB against ALL those opponents and won them ALL, Terry Godwin for example.


Jacob Eason had a better day than ANY Greyson Lambert ever had or Hutson Mason ever had for us either.


19-29 for 244 yds and a TD Pass Jacob Eason NO INTERCEPTIONS not close

11-22 for 144 yds NO TD pass and an INTERCEPTION Greyson Lambert

16-25 for 224 yds NO TD pass and NO INTERCEPTIONS Brice Ramsey



You want unanswered points 2016 ?  Don’t play Jacob Eason.  He plays here 3 years and is # 1 pick overall.  We know what we saw Kirby.  You want to lose to North Carolina ?  Play Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey like you did UNTIL 10:36 to go before half when we were ALL PUT TO SLEEP by that Kirby.  That was HEADSTRONG by you Kirby.  All Jacob Eason did was instantly hit Riley Ridley 34 yds on an out-route at 9:11 before halftime.



This bullshit Anthony Dasher that Kirby can have a throw-away year and do like Mark Richt did in 2006 starting NOT Matthew Stafford against Vandie and LOSING THE GAME saying SOMEONE ELSE is a BETTER QB for Mark Richt than Matthew Stafford 2006 his true freshman year before his 3 years here then # 1 NFL Draft Pick


is OVER.


We FIRED him for that bullshit.


Kirby will NEVER make the same mistake.  He’s NOT stupid like Mark Richt and you Anthony Dasher.  What a dumbass.


No he won’t Anthony Dasher.  He can’t.  How did you get to be editor with bullshit predictions like that ?  Assign yourself the editor ?




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