Who is the Most Important Player for Georgia 2016 ?

Jacob Eason.


We have been saddled with the WRONG GUY playing QB for us in years past.


They were surrounded by great talent the average # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking every year since rating services have left their rankings up on the Internet afterwards.  That was 2002.


Our Quarterbacks have held us back as a team.


If our QB holds us back 2016 it will be the same as it has been around here.


But if he leads the team and passes the ball down the field and limits his sacks interceptions and fumbles and for good measure takes off and can run the ball even a little bit we COULD change the dynamics of Georgia Bulldogs football in Kirby’s 1st season.


247 Sports.com Brad Crawford says Nick Chubb Dominick Sanders Trent Thompson Sony Michel and Terry Godwin in that order.





(http://georgia.247sports.com/Gallery/45742142/GallerySlides/278345-278345?View=Full#278346-278346 )