Pre-Season magazine rankings The Georgia Bulldogs

ESPN had us # 9 last year.  We ended-up unranked in the Final AP Poll 2015-2016 season. Our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Lindy had us # 10 last year.


Athlon had us # 10 last year.


Sports Illustrated had us # 11 last year.


USA Today had us # 16 last year.


The Sporting News had us # 18 last year.



We ended-up unranked in the Final AP Poll 2015-2016 season. Our best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


This blog tried to tell you this time last year that they were FULL OF SHIT.


You would not hear it.


Hear it now !


You were WRONG.


I was RIGHT.


I said all year that Mark Richt would be FIRED.


I said with the last remnants of the Dream Team that he would fall on his face as he always did after 2007.


He won 9 games and did not beat ANYBODY.


Despite starting in the Top 10 and peaking at # 6 he failed to show-up in the big games again.


He said AND YOU SAID that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


No there isn’t.


No such meme.


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This year AJ-C Mark Bradley says he buys the Sporting News every year pre-season magazine.  Why ?  It is the single worst at predictions.  Hailed widely by Mark Richt Apologists and then nothing but excuses by same afterwards.  The failures after 2007 were denied as being relevant only his mini-record they maintained and that what he did 2001-2007 was MORE relevant.  And that he wasn’t going anywhere.  How stupid I was they put forth.


That I was a poor Bulldogs’ fan for pointing out the truth and not allowed to TELL YOU THAT.


I said Mark Richt would go 9-4 last year.  He went 9-3 and unranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25.  He played Alabama only once.


Mark Bradley also said he bought ESPN pre-season magazine this year.


The Sporting News has us at # 19 and ESPN at # 13 for 2016-2017 season pre-season.


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If we start Jacob Eason we will beat those expectations and go 12-2 or 11-3 in the 15-game season for the top teams 2016-2017.


9-4 Mark Richt averaged for his last entire most relevant most recent 8 years here after 2007.




He lost to Top 15 teams, unranked teams, even any ole team who made any of the 41 bowl games that year he played them.


He did not win The SEC Championship in a Decade 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Kirby takes over a team without the Depth Chart that Mark Richt enjoyed last season because the Dream Team all left after the season last year.


Collectively Mark Richt and his bullshit Dream Team were a FLOP.  The Great Exodus after last season insured Mark Richt would NOT be great this season either without his God Damn Dream Team.


The seniors who left after last season for us included Kolton Houston so collectively then they LOST an average of 4 games a year for those 6 years they were here 56-24.


You said that Jacob Eason would NOT be here if we fired Mark Richt.


In fact Mark Richt has been COMPLETELY shut-out in the state of Georgia without a single recruit from here where you said he would RACK-UP.


Mark Richt recruited from December 2nd in the far more fertile recruiting grounds of Florida.

Kirby did not get here until January 12th had less time and out-recruited Mark Richt # 7 to # 36.


Kirby is # 5 now for 2017 recruiting rank as well.


He is trying to rebuild the Depth Chart left so lacking when the last remnants of the Dream Team left after last season.


Mark Richt was DESPERATE last year.


He started a guy against our # 1 Rival whom he had not given a single snap to at QB all year.




And now Kirby is supposed to start Greyson Lambert because Mark Richt picked him after only 5 practices last Fall with the # 1 unit.


You continue to hold this Great Bulldog Nation back.


There were 29 FBS Division 1-A teams who won 10-game seasons last year and Mark Richt won 9.


He failed to even make the AP Poll Top 25 for half his last 8 years while Kirby was NC half his last 8 years by stark contrast.


I do not give a shit what you think Mark Richt will do at Miami of Florida.


I also do not give a shit what Georgie tek yellowjackets 3-9 last season do either.


Magazine alert: UGA is picked second in its division; Tech is not


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