Quit living in the past MACONdawg bragging about LSU win 2004 yes good win dozen years ago AND lost to them TWICE in 2003. Right after this game we LOST to the should have been 4-loss vols whose losses included for example not even winning record for the season Notre Dame (6-6.) Therefore we did NOT play in The SEC Championship which we have NOT WON in 10 consecutive years now. The 2nd time LSU beat us 2003 was 13-34. I bought tickets. It was MISERABLE. LSU beat the ever-living shit out of us by 3 TD in 1 of the 2 wins over us the year before this. THIS is great reason be a BULLDOG ? This ?

MaconDawg you have been full of shit your whole entire God Damn LIFE.


You pick out a game against LSU a dozen years’ ago now and want to LIST this as THIS is the GREATEST REASON to be a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan ?


Excuse me MaconDawg ?


2004 was a TOTAL disappointment.


No one was happy.


NONE of us.


Why ?


Because RIGHT AFTER we beat LSU 2004 having lost to them twice including BLOW-OUT of biblical proportions 13-34 three td beat down the previous 2 games, we invited the should have been 4-loss vols to OUR HOUSE and they BEAT US despite their losses to the likes of 6-6 Notre Dame whom EVERYONE beat 2004.


But not us – not 2004 – we have to lose to this team who LOST to Notre Dame in the very God damn next friqin’ game to RUIN THE GOD DAMN SEASON.


Piss on you MaconDawg.


Running around bragging how great we are we played like shit against a far lesser vols team at HOME and LOST.


Directly right after this game.


Now, what the hell is it you want me to watch 2 hours’ worth of MaconDawg ?


The sour taste in our good Bulldogs’ fans about the 2004 season will NEVER GO AWAY.




( http://www.dawgsports.com/2016/6/11/11909824/98-reasons-its-great-to-be-a-georgia-bulldog-91-a-bad-day-for-the )


This blog has HUNDREDS of reasons it is so great to be a Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program fan.  2004 the week before we LOST to should’ve been 4-loss vols with loss to 6-6 Notre Dame damn sure is rubbing salt in our wounds of how disappointing 2004 was for all the rest of us not on crack MaconDawg.


This is like bragging about beating the vols in 2001 when vols are # 4 team 2001.


Excuse me in 2001 we LOST 4 games including Boston College and Auburn 2 unranked teams.


If that is ALL you can come up with to brag about, obviously you are a DISNEYdawgs.com fan and part of the reason y’all HOLD US BACK every year.


With ludicrous braggadocio trying to sound very proud or brave with annoying exaggerated bullshit about NOTHING but a disappointing season MaconDawg.


Look guy you and I have gone round and round for 15 years on the Internet.  All you have EVER wanted to do is to censor what I can say about your overbearing bullshit about NOTHINGNESS.


Yes had we invited the vols the VERY DAMN NEXT WEEK to our House and beat them it would have been WONDERFUL.


Instead, all you do is REMIND anyone with a memory of 2004 that FOLKS LIKE YOU HOLD US BACK AS A PROGRAM bragging about beating LSU who beat the shit out of us twice when it MATTERED the year before and that right after this win over LSU we lost to should have been 4-loss vols who even got beat by 6-6 Notre Dame.




Brag about a season where we ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING not 2004 when we played in the Outback Bowl at 11 am.