Brandon Sudge of says 3 reasons Greyson Lambert is Kirby’s starter experience dependability ease Eason in and Greyson Lambert deserves legitimate chance. His experience ? His dependability ? His legitimate chance ? 10 reasons he just can’t Brandon Sudge.

Greyson Lambert was given every opportunity last season and at Virginia.  He could not hold on to his job at either school because he is unwilling to try to throw the football down the field acting like if he doesn’t throw an interception that he won’t lose his job.  His job is to throw the ball down the field.


# 119 on 3rd Down Conversions Greyson Lambert here at Georgia

# 104 Passing Offense Greyson Lambert here at Georgia

7 fumbles by Greyson Lambert here at Georgia

29 carries by Greyson Lambert here at Georgia for minus – 39 yards

12 TD Passes all season long by Greyson Lambert here at Georgia

Best win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn

3 fumbles and interception Alabama Greyson Lambert yanked from the game 10-38 despite Nick Chubb 150 yards rushing and a TD.  And -0- TD passes.  Why did Kirby beat Greyson Lambert ?  Because he was one of those pussies at QB who play to not lose game manager who categorically refuse to try to throw the ball downfield.  5 unanswered TD scored against us.


Staked to a big early lead Greyson Lambert tried to take the air out of the ball against the vols and watched idly as the vols scored 4 unanswered TD against us again.


Given these performances in the Big Games for us Mark Richt benched Greyson Lambert vs Florida our # 1 Rival and preferred to start INSTEAD a QB whom Mark Richt had not given 1 single snap at QB all season long.


Mark Richt LOST HIS JOB over this.


Despite being the starter 2015 for us Greyson Lambert threw for 12 TD passes all season long with his best win over 2-6 SEC Auburn.  12.  That total against those cupcakes he beat could have been achieved in 2 or 3 games at the most.


This his experience.  This his dependability.  This his chance.  He is not Kirby’s Starter.


No way.


Did you bother reading your replies Brandon Sudge ?


Because if you did you certainly FAILED to answer a single reply of the dozen disagreeing with you son.


How much you want to bet Brandon Sudge ?


This is our # 1 problem that our Quarterbacks have NOT gotten the job done last year or the year before.  And you run blindly to the Internet to post how great he is instead by stark contrast without ANY of these FACTS.


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