Brandon Sudge of will not give it up adding now that even though EVERYONE says Jacob Eason will be Kirby’s Starter and just has to be that : “At the current time it is believed it will be a committee type of situation where both Eason and Lambert will have reps.” No it’s not Brandon Sudge. Where did you get that shit ?

The old regime is gone but they held back our Quarterbacks here.  Matthew Stafford came in the # 1 QB in the nation too.  And he left here that way.  But Mark Richt and Mike Bobo told us all that Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox were BOTH BETTER Quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford in 2006.  And so they Mark Richt and Mike Bobo Started THEM instead of Matthew Stafford.  Vandie for example.  And Vandie beat Mark Richt and Mike Bobo as a direct God Damn Result thereof.


1 game all season long Vandie won in The SEC 2006.


1-7 Vandie SEC 2006 season.


The lone win ?


Over Mark Richt and Mike Bobo.


Because they did NOT Start Matthew Stafford.


This was a Home Game for us 2006.


We all filed in and low and behold these dumbasses Mark Richt and Mike Bobo did NOT start Matthew Stafford.


So at Sanford from our seasons’ tickets back to 1957 we watched in horror as the SEASON WAS OVER losing to the 1-7 SEC Vandie ‘Tween The Hedges 22-24.


Would we have won with Matthew Stafford as the Starter instead ?


We sure as shit did not win without him being the Starter against Vandie 2006 did we ?




This was our Homecoming Game.


Ole Miss was 4-8 in 2006 but they beat Vandie.


Then the very next week Vandie came to be our Homecoming Patsy game choice and beat Mark Richt and Mike Bobo because they BOTH told us that Matthew Stafford was NOT our BEST Quarterback but ANYONE else instead.


I lambasted them both from pillar to post on every blog in America.


You pussies who have HELD this Proud Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program back all these years of mediocre 11 am bowl games against nobodies EVERY YEAR instead of being on the national stage at the end of the year playing another Top Ranked Team BOTH OF US at the Very Top of the Final AP Poll as we have done here at Georgia 16 previous times before they brought their conservative play not to lose demotivate the players kill their Confidence God Damn Lies that Joe Cox and Joe Tereshinski III are our BEST Quarterback and NOT Matthew Stafford – think you can speak-up in DIRECT CONTRACTION to EVERY SINGLE person and start Greyson Lambert is some face-saving for Mark Richt that he chose Greyson Lambert after just 5 practices last Fall with the # 1 unit practicing with the Starters just once every 3 days when he did FINALLY get here this time last year right now just before Fall Practice.


You shall no better get your way on that than you did telling me I could not speak up for all these years about just how God Damn Mediocre we were with Mark Richt.


In the end you were ALL proven WRONG.


Since not a 1 of you have spoken up and said you know what ?  That UGA Thomas Brown was right all along for all these years on MY BLOG.


He was right about EVERY GOD DAMN WORD he wrote.


And I apologize.


Hines Ward Super Bowl MVP Pro Football Hall of Fame 1000 NFL catches 12083 yards 7 fumbles 14 years 217 games SEC Academic Roll 1st Team All-SEC says :


“I say play him.  Playing him is the best experience you can get. By being on the field you definitely learn a lot more than sitting on the sidelines. Because you don’t really get that experience sitting on the sideline not being in the fire.  Mike Bobo recruited him and told me a lot about him. So that excitement I think he’s bringing that excitement back to Georgia.  I’m really looking forward to Eason. I’m looking for big things out of him.”


“I called Jacob Eason a couple times and told him he might as well come to Colorado State.” Mike Bobo said who HELD BACK Matthew Stafford in 2006 with these God Damn Known RESULTS now as a direct result thereof.


He held back Brice Ramsey too.  Mike Bobo told us all that Hutson Mason was a BETTER QUARTERBACK than Brice Ramsey.  Hutson Mason LOST to 4 less-talented teams as our Starting Quarterback 3 of whom were UNRANKED TEAMS and the 4th who in overtime Hutson Mason LOST to doing NOTHING all year and having the # 88 Passing Offense with Mike Bobo and Hutson Mason Mike Bobo’s final year here before taking his DEMOTION to Colorado State a program with a LOSING RECORD all-time.




No Mike Bobo Jacob Eason MIGHT NOT as well go there.  Or anywhere else EITHER.  You have recruited NO ONE to Colorado State.  Not a damn soul.


Jacob Eason might as well go to Colorado State ?  You think that is smart Mike Bobo ?  Jesus Christ idiot his family laughed at that.


What a dumbass.


“I called Jacob Eason a couple times and told him he might as well come to Colorado State.”


For 8 years as our Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo you pulled this shit here boy.  Dumb shit stuff.  And we LOST 18 of the last 24 games against Top 15 teams as # 11 team in the nation all-time in Wins.


# 45 in the nation at beating Top 15 teams for 8 years as our Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo.


We got beat 12 times by unranked teams like Vandie 2006 either in the Final AP or Coaches’ Polls or those same polls time of game with you as our Offensive Coordinator for Mark Richt.


There is NO TEAM in the nation averaging # 7 Recruiting Rankings because WE ARE GEORGIA with 12 losses to UNRANKED teams except for you and Mark Richt Mike Bobo.


Doing dumb shit stuff like this.




If you played against a team who ended-up in the Bowl Game that season 54% of the time you LOST.


# 40 in the nation at THAT too Mike Bobo.


So we NEVER got on the national stage to end ANY season.


That is why THIS BLOG hired Kirby to FIX THIS SHIT.


Instead from afar out there at Colorado State you have to LAUGH and tell us all laughing how you told him “I called Jacob Eason a couple times and told him he might as well come to Colorado State.”




What a God Damn Laughing Stock you and Mark Richt made of us DESPITE all this talent we HANDED you two.




No better example than Matthew Stafford in 2006 against 1-7 SEC Vandie who beat your sorry asses.


Bullshit boy.


You TRIED to tell us what was important.


You TRIED to tell us we were GREAT.


All the while you had to God Damn cringe to read my words about your bullshit Mike Bobo.


Didn’t you ?


You did not do a God Damn Thing here Mike Bobo and now out there at Colorado State






That’s right Mike Bobo 7-6.


“I called Jacob Eason a couple times and told him he might as well come to Colorado State.”


You LOST to 6-7 Minnesota.

You LOST to 4-9 Colorado.

You LOST to 6-7 Utah State.

You LOST to 7-6 Nevada.


You did not beat ANYONE.


And with all the players WE HANDED YOU HERE AT UGA you WASTED here you could not get ANYONE to come there to Colorado State.


In 2009 I called for Zack Mettenberger to Start at Okie State and you and Mark Richt Mike Bobo insisted that Joe Cox with his chronic shoulder AND flu ONLY would take every snap.  We LOST as a direct result thereof and Okie State did not even make the Final AP Poll Top 25 EVEN WITH their win over your dumbasses.


You and Mark Richt told Nick Marshall that he COULD NOT PLAY QB HERE only on defense.  How that work out for you 2 dumbasses Mike Bobo ?


You and Mark Richt told Cam Newton that he COULD NOT PLAY QB HERE only at Tight End.  How that work out Mike Bobo for you and Mark Richt ?


Jacob Park is a BETTER QB than Hutson Mason but you jerked Jacob Park around and NEVER gave him ANY CHANCE EITHER Mike Bobo. You and Mark Richt.  Jacob Park would have started against Kentucky HERE last year if you and Mark Richt had not jerked him around.  What ?  “You called Jacob Park a couple times and told him he might as well come to Colorado State ? ”


You jerked JJ Green around here at Georgia too just like all these others WASTED Mike Bobo.


You did the same with Keith Marshall and NEVER not once got him out in space where he is most effective.  You and Mark Richt Mike Bobo.


You were NOT the one who designed the plays we ran here at Georgia Mike Bobo but Mark Richt.  You did not CALL ANY of the shots here on Offense.  None of them.  You did NOT call the plays.  We ALL saw it was Mark Richt for 15 years Mike Bobo.


You DISENFRANCHISED all these players here at Georgia Mike Bobo.  You sir.  You and Mark Richt.  And TONS more.  You and your SAVIOR Mark Richt DISENFRANCHISED these players here telling them that there is something besides winning that is important.




Like a God Damn Trophy for EVERYONE.


Play the wrong guy at QB.


Get the HELL out of our new regime TO FIX all this SHIT you left us with Mike Bobo.


Since going to Colorado State you have recruited the # 63 recruiting class 1 game over .500 at 7-6 losing for example to Boise State 10-41 a 4-loss unranked Boise State just as Mike Bobo did here.  I bought a Bust Boise T-Shirt here at the Georgia Dome Mike Bobo and did shit that day on Offense too.  Want it ?  Wasted $ 24.  Can’t even mow the yard in it.


In fact at Colorado State Mike Bobo is NEITHER WINNING nor RECRUITING and his play calls such as they ever were are NOT translating out there to any better than he did here at WINNING FOOTBALL games.


# 88 Passing Offense Mike Bobo with Hutson Mason.  Real nice son.


( )



Don’t give me this shit that EVERYONE says there is some kind of God Damn Committee at QB 2016 as Kirby’s Starter Brandon Sudge.


There sure as SHIT is NOT.


( )


We GAVE you Matthew Stafford Knowshon Moreno and AJ Green Mike Bobo you and Mark Richt and you LOST 3 games and played 4-loss # 24 Michigan State in OUR God Damn MEANINGLESS freaking Bowl Game that season Mike Bobo too.  Hell you and Mark Richt redshirted Knowshon Moreno so we ONLY got to see him 2 years and you didn’t do anything with him then, EITHER.


We did not do ANYTHING with you as Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo and we didn’t do anything WITHOUT you either last year nor did you do SHIT out there.  All you do is LOSE to top teams and lose to unranked teams and lose to any ole team who even goes to a bowl game likely as not Mike Bobo.  You and Mark Richt.


Piss off and leave us alone.


Your bullshit didn’t WORK and ISN’T  working.


We’re damn sure going to Start Jacob Eason.


These bullshit LOSING ways of the past are OVER.


We are TRYING TO WIN NOWADAYS around here not your bullshit that there’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.