Bill King AJ-C is trying to trip the light fantastic about Mark Richt’s best BUT has only 2 games these latest 8 years 2012 when he got BLOWN-OUT 7-35 by USCe and 3 times disagreed with Aaron Murray not to spike it AND 2014 when he LOST to 7-6 USCe AND 7-5 Florida AND # 52 avg recruit class Georgie tek yellowjackets.

Horribly disappointing years these latest 8 years for Mark Richt Apologist Bill King wouldn’t you say Bill ?


This is the BEST you can come-up with for your hero Mark Richt.


2012 when he got BLOWN-OUT 7-35 by South Carolina and 3 times disagreed with Aaron Murray not to spike it in that LOSS.  7 times after 2007 Mark Richt got BLOWN-OUT by MORE than 3 TD.  2012 is one of those years imagine 7-35 to South Carolina and Bill King wants to BRAG about 2012 for Mark Richt.  One of the biggest boneheaded stupid coaching decisions Mark Richt ever made in a epic list of such bullshit is not to spike the ball 3 times Mark Richt and Mike Bobo telling Academic All-America Aaron Murray that he was wrong and should NOT spike it.  No he wasn’t wrong : Mark Richt and Mike Bobo two epic dumbasses were.  But Mark Richt beat Florida 2012.  Mark Richt played 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl and LOST 11 of them.  Bill King thinks this constitutes the BEST Mark Richt offered-up in his entire last 8 years here.  Amazing bullshit Bill King.  We played 4-loss # 25 Nebraska in our MEANINGLESS BOWL GAME 2012 with absolutely no one watching us.  And you want 7 months later to the very day today to brag about Mark Richt 2012.  2 of his WORST coaching jobs EVER and that is saying something 2012.


2014 when he LOST to 7-6 South Carolina AND 7-5 Florida AND # 52 avg recruit class Georgie tek yellowjackets.  3 far-lesser talented teams who beat the shit out of Mark Richt 2014.  But Mark Richt did beat Clemson 2014 a team who beat absolutely no one – not 1 ranked team did Clemson beat 2014 – played 3 ranked teams lost to all 3 Clemson 2014.  That is the BEST Mark Richt did his last 8 years according to Bill King this morning.  Mark Richt played in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte against a 4-loss Louisville team with no one watching us then EITHER – a Louisville team who LOST to TWO (2) UNRANKED TEAMS itself 2014.


Please note we FIRED his sorry ass 7 months ago today for his won/loss record these latest 8 years and Bill King is STILL 7 months later now trying to find something anything Mark Richt did well after 2007.


That is 8 years’ ago.  Our guys this season we just recruited were in 3rd grade.  That’s how long ago it was.


Give it up Bill King.  Mark Richt SUCKED for 8 years as you yourself attest this morning 7 months after I FIRED him despite you trying to suppress my thoughts on it after 2007 on your blog Bill King.  Didn’t you ?


Mark Richt’s BEST his last 8 years.


Trying to put lipstick on a pig Bill King.


15 big bowl games The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs have played BOTH us and them ranked at the Top of Final AP Poll on the national stage everyone watching us – NONE in the Mark Richt era Bill King because he ALWAYS lost to UNRANKED TEAMS every year and for his last 8 excruciating years he couldn’t beat his way out of a wet God Damn paper bag.


But hey don’t let me rain on your parade Bill King.


Maybe you can just DELETE this post Bill King and NO ONE WILL KNOW right ?


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