6 feet 6 inches tall and 245 lbs. this man is NOT going to Start at QB for Kirby ?

Month 7 now July Jacob Eason has been here 7 months and he is big-time into building himself up unlike wimp Greyson Lambert and I don’t care Brice Ramsey.  There are NO options.


Nick Chubb has been relentless in his work-outs ?


Jacob Eason has.


Will we need Jacob Eason in August ?


We needed him practicing with the # 1 unit in April Kirby.


Big mistake.


Don’t repeat it.


Jacob Eason will come BACK to Georgia ?


He will be GONE from here in 3 years.


Are you going to WASTE one of those ?


Write-off the season as a Honeymoon – no sense of urgency to win around here ?


Well let’s do him like we did Knowshon Moreno and redshirt him like dumbass did so we get to see him only 2 years.


Lose to North Carolina.


Lose to Ole Miss.


Lose to the vols.


Be 2-3 after Kirby’s 1st five games.


Prove we have fixed nothing around here.


Nothing at all.


In games 7 and 8 of 2006 Mark Richt was still NOT starting Matthew Stafford and we LOST those games to teams like Vandie who was 1-7 in The SEC the lone win over NOT Matthew Stafford starting.


Oh yeah Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III who BOTH Started NOT Matthew Stafford 2006 obviously were BETTER than Matthew Stafford.


Gave us the best chance to win.


These dumbass decisions are behind us.