Happy 4th of July ! Scout.com and Rivals report Kirby adds the # 4 best cornerback in Florida who is the # 8 best cornerback in all The South at 6″ 2″ and 180 lbs. Latavious Brini who joins-up with William Poole III from here in Atlanta both 4-Star Top Cornerbacks for Kirby who really has it going-on in recruiting at # 5 class in the nation, doesn’t he ?

Alabama Florida Florida State LSU Notre Dame and Miami of Florida to name a few of the over 50 offers for their commitment for BOTH of these guys everyone wants.


Many of the cornerbacks are just short – not these guys who are both long.


They both have a ton of speed and great cover skills and they are going to have a lot of fun practicing against Jacob Eason.


Both are 4-Stars.


This 2017 commitment list is shaping up to be a solid Top 5 recruiting class for Kirby.


In fact, this moves Kirby to # 5 in Scout.com Recruiting Rankings for 2017 with Oklahoma one of the 5 who has not recruited anywhere near what we have in top players with a far lesser average recruit.


So in terms of the average recruit by Kirby for 2017 he is now # 4 best in the nation.


Mark Richt did a lot of signings which were fluff picks whom he never really played and jerked around here for 15 years the last 8 of which were VERY mediocre.  Some went on to transfer out elsewhere and some to smaller schools and never were heard from again.


Those few and far between remaining of Elite Prospects here all have done FAR better in the NFL than they did here especially in the last 8 years averaging 4 losses a season HERE.


This was used AGAINST us in recruiting.


So Mark Richt dreamed-up his BS that here at Georgia there’s something MORE important than winning.


Kirby is securing MORE of the Elite Prospects in 2016 and now for 2017 too than Mark Richt did with Kirby now 4th best in the nation in the highest average recruit.  In fact Mark Richt in more time at Miami of Florida and in a better state for more recruits Florida signed only the # 37 ranked recruiting class at Miami of Florida in 2016 and now for 2017 is NOT on the MAP even either, again.


Kirby signed a top class in the nation and when Jacob Eason announced with Mark Richt’s FIRING that he was considering signing with Florida and took a serious look at Jim McElwain’s FAILED offense, the Mark Richt Apologists EVERYONE of them said that we would NOT SIGN Jacob Eason WITHOUT Mark Richt.


Instead Kirby did sign Jacob Eason.


And of course Mark Richt was shut-out in this state Georgia.  This while AGAIN the Mark Richt Apologists said that Mark Richt would rack-up in Georgia at Miami of Florida.


Mark Richt still has signed NO ONE from Georgia and has no commitments in 2017 either from here except for DeeJay Dallas an under-sized player better suited to Georgia Southern who says he wants to be a QB, but Kirby is going down there and signing Florida commitments again 2017 as he did in 2016.


We experienced quite a bit of ATTRITION under Mark Richt and much of it can be attributed to signing players here who were NOT very highly rated.  He had to constantly do this because he signed so many players and then shuffled them out by not playing them.


He took on players whom he obviously didn’t want or need and whom no one rated very highly all too often.  I said then that when Mark Richt was FIRED that our recruiting would TAKE OFF.


Kirby finds only Ohio State and Alabama have more of the Scout.com Top 100 overall prospects and those are the only 2 schools who are out-recruiting Kirby for 2017.


Ohio State is pretty easy to understand.  Those players want to show off.  Ohio is a great state for recruits.  Michigan certainly has done NOTHING under their coach Jim Harbaugh who is 68-30.  I mean we FIRED Mark Richt for being 73-32 his last 8 years here and Jim Harbaugh is 68-30.


There certainly are NOT any other Big Ten teams besides Ohio State.  So the competition therein is EASY.


Alabama has won 4 of the last 8 National Championships.  Imagine that.


Jim Harbaugh and Mark Richt both were 69% win percentage over the last 8 years of college football.


Notice a difference over the last 8 years Mark Richt Apologists who said I was WAY WRONG about Mark Richt as 1 of the best coaches in America and our best ever ?  Not over the last entire 8 years here, was he now ?


Those are NOT good records Mark Richt’s last 8 years here or Jim Harbaugh Mark Richt 73-32 and Jim Harbaugh 68-30.


Alabama’s are and Ohio State’s are both for completely different reasons.  Ohio State because no one especially Michigan is doing well in the Big Ten besides Ohio State and Alabama because they sign the Elite Prospects and play in the tough SEC.  Apparently the Ohio State Elite Prospects like playing cupcakes while Alabama’s Elite Prospects enjoy taking-on the very best.


Why in the world would an Elite Prospect want to NOT play in the very best conference The SEC and prefer to play in a league of CUPCAKES instead with no one competition for you least of all Michigan ?


Some folks are always afraid to play the top teams the top opponent lined-up across from you.  You find this in every endeavor that SOME folks like to be a big fish in a small pond.  Make them look better they think.  It doesn’t pan out that way however as the NFL likes to compare what you did lined-up across from the BEST.


Good for highlight videos and NOT good for honing your skills against those with whom you MUST compete to play in the NFL.


That explains Ohio State.  Of course that is going to be short-lived for Ohio State fans with Urban Meyer since he isn’t going to coach much longer.


The same frankly could be said of Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban that he too will not coach much longer there either.


It is interesting that so many of the Elite Top Prospects signed with Kirby already 2016 and now are lining-up to sign with him again now as commitments for 2017.


Hired here when he was only 39 years old Kirby appears to have a very healthy handle on recruiting and has proven that beyond a shadow of the doubt obliterating Mark Richt in recruiting, as I said all along WOULD HAPPEN as MY PREDICTION of all this.


Kirby has been making the statements that the secondary here at Georgia was “protected” in 2015 and then when Greyson Lambert threw 4 passes in the G-Day Game which should have been intercepted and weren’t Kirby added additional statements then that the defense was not intercepting and he wanted them to do far better.


Then now today already Kirby has commitments for 2017 of Latavious Brini and William Poole III and Richard LeCounte in his secondary.  This group of all 4 and 5-Star secondary recruits for 2017 gives Kirby the # 1 in the nation group of secondary commitments.


These are all 3 strong 2017 secondary player commitments and have many years of success ahead of them.


This despite a BS Bleacher Report to the contrary.




( http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2649945-latavious-brini-to-georgia-bulldogs-land-4-star-cb-prospect )


This are all VERY GOOD cover men  Bleacher Report but given the other Bleacher Report writers this blog has reviewed through the years, it is not surprising that   would state that in his opinion Latavious Brini    is not an immediate help in the secondary and lacks in cover skills.  A fact or facts NOT FOUND elsewhere for this 4-Star cornerback the # 4 cornerback in Florida and # 8 in The South at 6′ 2″ who is very quick.  Mecole Hardman Jr will be back there as well, another fact  does not want to admit as well.


I will follow  Bleacher Report.  At best, so far, he is JUST WRONG.  At worst he is likely an idiot based on the other Bleacher Report idiots.




Kirby adds the # 4 best cornerback in Florida who is the # 8 best cornerback in all The South at 6″ 2″ and 180 lbs.  as Latavious Brini joins-up with William Poole III from here in Atlanta both 4-Star Top Cornerbacks for Kirby who really has it going-on in recruiting at # 5 nationally, doesn’t he ?




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