SEC Country (not AJ-C writers) says today that Mark Richt won double-digit wins 10 of 15 years and goal for Kirby is therefore 11 wins since that not good enough.

(1) Mark Richt did NOT win double-digit wins in 10 of 15 seasons here

(2) Mark Richt was in Miami of Florida coaching THAT TEAM December 2nd

(3) He was wearing a Bulldogs’ BELT in the photo op but he was there since

(4) He was NOT at the Gator Bowl and was in fact the coach of a different team

(5) He won 145 games here in 15 seasons and as you can easily see he did NOT avg 10 wins

(6) He averaged 9 wins as EVERYONE can readily see in his 15 years here in 15-game seasons

(7) He was NOT FIRED for what he did 2001-2007.  We ALL wanted him here WAY BACK THEN.

(8) He was FIRED for averaging 4-loss season at 73-32 after 2007 – his last 8 years here

(9) He ALSO was # 45 at beating top 15 teams time game at 18 losses last 24 after 2007

(10) In addition he lost to 12 teams unranked AP or Coaches’ for season or time game after 2007

(11) He NEVER took us to a bowl game with both teams ranked Top Final Polls

(12) We have played 15 such bowl games BEFORE he got here and won most of them

(13) As for SEC Championships we are in the 3rd longest stretch of NOT winning one

(14) 2002 The SEC was down.

(15) 2005 he ended-up The # 3 SEC team in EVERY SOLITARY POLL

(16) Kirby does NOT have to do any more since YOU satisfied with Mark Richt

(17) All he has to do is what Mark Richt was doing these latest 8 years for which he was FIRED


Kirby WILL win 11 games this season however a feat Mark Richt accomplished 26 percent of the time 4 of 15 seasons.


Kirby might win 12 games this season as well a feat Mark Richt accomplished 13 percent of the time 2 of 15.


“Mark Richt – who won double-digit games 10 times in 15 seasons – was not enough. Very good isn’t the goal; greatness is.”


Kyle Tucker SEC Country July 9, 2016  He is NOT an AJ-C writer.


If you call what we have endured his last 8 entire seasons here very good, you will NEVER be an AJ-C writer.


You are a homer for Mark Richt.  A Mark Richt Apologist.


“Realistically, if Smart wins nine games in his debut season, the natives probably will remain optimistic about the future. But isn’t it funny how that works? How one man’s fireable offense is another man’s proof of progress?”


That is NOT in the print edition of the paper.  All you get in print is the 1st quote I gave you.


Mark Richt was NOT fired for ANY reason OTHER THAN he did not do diddle-e-squat after 2007.  NOTHING.


He won 54 % of his games against teams who played in a bowl game the season he played them after 2007 as well.  Likely as not lose to any ole bowl team.


Could not beat the top 15 after 2007

Likely as not lose to any ole bowl team after 2007

Lost to 12 teams unranked AP or Coaches’ time game or for season after 2007


LOST TO EVERYONE after 2007.


If you don’t know 7 and half months AFTER this blog fired him, you NEVER will get it, will you Kyle Tucker ?


( )


There were 29 teams who won 10-game seasons last year who were FBS Division 1-A teams and Mark Richt was not even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 therefore with his “best” win over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn and he absolutely did not win 10-games as our coach last year Kyle Tucker.


There were 4 teams who won 10-game seasons last year who also did NOT make the Final AP Poll Top 25 and Mark Richt did NOT win 10-game season last year as he was GONE for a month when we played in the Gator Bowl and was NOT our coach.


Mark Richt sucked the hind tit after 2007 against bowl teams and there are 41 bowl games against top 15 teams even against unranked teams.


Being one of the 29 teams now this season too win double-digit wins in 15-game seasons is NOT Kirby’s goal.  We’re # 11 All-Time in Wins and have 6 NC same as Georgie tek yellowjackets and in all the VERY SAME POLLS as their 6 except they have NONE in the AP Poll and we do.


Being one of the 29 teams this season who win double-digit games in 15-game seasons is NOT one of Kirby’s goals Kyle Tucker SEC Country.


You’re just totally off-base and wrong Kyle Tucker.  Kirby will be 11-3 or even 12-2 anyway because he is Academic All-America and Mark Richt dumbass.




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