Greg Pyke is an Outland Trophy Candidate today but I’mYourHuckleberry yesterday said he is NOT EVEN 1 of the Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017.

In 124 years Georgia Bulldogs have won one Outland Trophy Bill Stanfill in 1968 forty-eight years ago and not only is Greg Pyke an Outland Trophy Candidate 2016 but he also is listed so far on EVERY SITE as one of the top Georgia Bulldogs NFL Draft Picks after this season.


But only yesterday Bulldawg Illustrated I’mYourHuckleberry did NOT even list Greg Pyke as one of our Most Important Bulldogs 2016.  Neither did Chipper Towers now that he has finally ended his series with Nick Chubb listed # 1 and no Greg Pyke listed either.


Sure he is.


Some of those I’mYourHuckleberry list MOST IMPORTANT BULLDOGS 2016 are NOWHERE NEAR the player Greg Pyke has been for us and obviously WILL BE AGAIN this up-coming 2016 season.


So says the NFL – so says the Outland Trophy Football Writers’ Association of America – and says ME.


You can NOT list a list of the Most Important Bulldogs 2016 without listing Greg Pyke.




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