The Atlanta Braves are the worst team in baseball.

They won their last game and stand at 31-58.


No team in baseball is worse than that.


13-34 at Home


The leading player on the team in RBI is 47 RBI.




He is batting .253.


The Leading Pitcher on the season in wins is 4-8.


In his career he is 12-16.


He has an ERA of 4.47.


That is the 2nd best ERA on the entire team 4.47.


His career ERA is 4.59 so this is a career year for him.


He has started 17 games and won 4 this season.


It’s going to cost $ 500 to go to a Braves game next year in Cobb County.  You can’t get there now.  It will be a LOT worse when they move there.


They have no MARTA.  They opted-out of MARTA.  They bragged their sales tax was 1% less.


Their best outfielder is Jeff Francoeur from Parkview in Lilburn.


He is batting .263.


He is 32 years old.


He platoons in left field with Adonis Garcia from Cuba who is batting .249 and who has the worst fielding percentage on the team at .918.


He has made 12 errors in 52 games.  So one-quarter of the time you put him in a game, he makes an error.


The shortstop is not much better.


The second baseman either.


And neither is Jeff Francoeur either.


We are horrible in fact in the field.


In 89 games we’ve made 60 errors already.


God awful.


We’ve only caught ten base runners stealing all season – also the dead last worst in baseball.


If you thought that we don’t have any pitching, can’t hit, are lousy fielders, don’t have an infield or an outfield you should see the catchers.


Combined we have 43 passed balls already this season – also dead last in baseball.


You’d think with all these errors and passed balls that our ERA would be low since those runs don’t count against the pitchers as earned runs given up,  but even with all this, our ERA is 4.32.


Only 4 teams have hit more batters than our pitchers.


Our pitchers have thrown 43 wild pitches – this as well is dead last worst in baseball.


Our pitchers have given up 66 stolen bases with only 2 worse at that.


We are the dead last worst hitting team with a batting average of only .237.


Our team is batting .237


We have scored the fewest runs in baseball which by now I am sure you would’ve expected.


This motley crew has hit only 55 home runs all year long.


55 Home Runs.


in 89 games.


This too is dead last worst in baseball.  In fact by more than 20 fewer home runs than any other team.


We have the fewest RBI in all of baseball in addition.


We have the worst slugging average in all of baseball too obviously.


We have the fewest total bases in all of baseball.


We have the fewest extra base hits in all of baseball.


We have played 51 seasons of baseball in Atlanta after the Braves replaced the Atlanta Crackers at Fulton County Stadium, now at Turner Field and next year at SunTrust Park and we have NEVER been worse.


Liberty Media has ruined the Atlanta Braves.


Liberty Media fired Fredi González as manager as if it his fault they won’t buy us ANY player.


We have NO ONE on the team.


No pitchers.

No fielders.

No hitters.

No infield.

No outfield.

No catchers.

No hope.


But we are supposed to pay $ 500 to go to Cobb County to watch this shit ?


Not even the novelty of a new stadium will help Liberty Media get anyone to the games.


If you are looking for a named player on the team Liberty Media has refused to buy you one to go watch.




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