vols did not beat ANYONE last year 2015 until their bowl game when they beat 10-3 Northwestern. The vols lost to EVERY OTHER good team. The vols are NOT better than UGA 2016. Huck now says that Georgia will LOSE to the vols 2016. That’s bullshit. Butch Jones is 21-17 – sucks. He can’t recruit and has NOWHERE near our talent. Butch Jones LOSES. He should NOT have beat Mark Richt last year and YOU KNOW IT.

We should have NEVER lost to them last year.  vols are NOT that great.  Nice bowl win.  Too bad without that win vols are NOT ranked at all for 2015-2016 season.  In fact they were an unranked team when they played us.


Beating us did not get them ranked either.


vols were a COMPLETELY unranked team until they beat 10-3 Northwestern in vols’ bowl game at 11 am Outback Bowl – not a premier bowl game – or even a Tier 1 Bowl Game.


I am happy that the vols could beat a Big Ten Team but the facts are and have been for a long time now that the ONLY team in the Big 10 is Ohio State.


Northwestern ?


Give me a break.


The vols are GREAT because they beat Northwestern ?


The vols’ best win all season until vols’ bowl game was Georgia whom they were losing to by 3 TD after they had lost 3 of 4 games last year and should have LOST that game against us.


The vols have not been a football program AT ALL since we closed our borders to them.  They used to come down here to Atlanta and recruit their players from here.  They don’t have ANY players in Tennessee to recruit.  Now we go there and take the few they do have.


This crap about vols are the team to beat in The SEC East is bullshit.


Huck says we lose to vols 2016.





( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/hucks-sec-preseason-power-rankings/ )


If you rank The SEC you have :




Ole Miss





2015 vols LOST to Florida who was NOT a good team.


Yes Florida beat Mark Richt too.


That is WHY we fired him.


Please do not perpetuate the bullshit that the vols are GREAT.


They sure as hell are NOT, are they ?


This Butch Jones has been a total FLOP.




Butch Jones is 21-17 and Huck says vols beat us 2016 ?


God help us is all I can say.


vols were an unranked team an entire DECADE now until their 1 bowl win last year at 11 am in the Outback damn bowl when they beat Big 10 Northwestern for crying out loud.


Without that vols unranked an entire Decade this morning.  With it vols 2015-2016 season finally made the Top 25 Polls at # 23 Coaches’ Poll.  # 22 AP.  We went unranked Final AP Poll Top 25 for 2015-2016 season.


After 2007 vols are 33-41 until last season.


vols have sucked so long no one recruited today was alive when vols were good.


vols were NOT good 2015.


vols beat Northwestern or go unranked an entire Decade now.


While we are # 61 top university US News and World Report vols are # 106.


vols are ahead of us all-time in wins, have more attendance, are not as good as us in bowl games, and have one more SEC Championship than us and haven’t been shit for a Decade.


I will be dipped in shit if I as a blog author this morning am going to rank the God Damn vols ahead of us for 2016-2017 season.


That’s bullshit.  They have NOWHERE near the talent we have and have NO HOPE.


There are better SEC teams than us 2016-2017 season but as a come-on Huck says SEC Rankings and does not present SEC Rankings.


I will :


# 1 Alabama

# 2 LSU

# 3 Ole Miss

# 4 Georgia

# 5 Florida

# 6 vols


Got it Huck ?


What bullshit and a Georgia blog no less.


Bulldawg Illustrated I’mYourHuckleberry I do not buy that sir.


The reason I do not buy it Huck is that Butch Jones is 21-17 and CAN NOT recruit obviously.






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