“Obviously we don’t want our players hitting women. Obviously we don’t condone that behavior. We’ve got to educate our players in a way that that doesn’t happen.” Kirby – while Mark Richt went to jail and told 1 of ours arrested 3 times for it that he LOVED him. That’s what he did.

Is there ANY difference here you think ?


Mark Richt for example had a player arrested 3 times for beating up an 98 lbs. lady who was a student in good standing at The University of Georgia.  Multiple times he was arrested for this here.  Mark Richt’s recruit was arrested for even beating up her car.  Arrested.  Put in jail for slamming her repeatedly to McWhorter Hall Dorm floor Mark Richt went to the jail and told him : ” We LOVE you !.”  No we do NOT.


Her crime ?  She told the Mark Richt recruit that she was NOT his girlfriend.


So he picked her up according to multiple reports at The University of Georgia Dorm where she was studying and slammed her to the floor as noted in the arrests warrants.


Repeatedly it reads in the arrest warrants.


A man does not raise his arms to a lady EVER.


It is NOT done.


Nor do you send MIXED MESSAGE SIGNALS to the player that : “We LOVE him.”


You tell him that he was WAY wrong the first time.


Not turn your back on it and tell the guy “We LOVE him.”


Nor let it happen AGAIN I say because Mark Richt sent mixed messages to his recruit.  I am NOT going to the jail and bragging to the press that I did go to the jail and tell him that I love him or that we love him.  I certainly do NOT.  And would not tell him that I did even if I did because I want to be clear on this : Do not EVER hit a lady for ANY reason.


That’s right after multiple reports at the dorm that he picked her up and repeatedly slammed her to the floor at the dorm as detailed in the multiple arrests warrants, it was then his 3rd arrest later-on when Mark Richt went to the jail and had a big to-do about THAT in the press that he told the brute that : “We LOVE him.”  That’s the message I told him, Mark Richt bragged to the press.


No sir.


That is NOT the message THIS BLOG AUTHOR sent ANY of the 3 arrests.


It is NOT done.




She is NOT your girlfriend so you beat her up ?


She is supposed to fear you so you get YOUR WAY and she IS your girlfriend ?


After being slammed repeatedly to the floor of the dorm, battered, beat-up, bruised, smashed, as detailed in the arrests warrants her poor little 98 lbs. body tried to continue school only to have him arrested a 3rd time.


Then abused and intimidated in the press becuase a bully 6′ 5″ and 250 lbs. who played for us WANTED her to be his girlfriend, this lady student in good standing had to leave The University of Georgia.


I shall NEVER get over it.


You know how many blogs I wrote about all this ?


All of them.


I was the one NOW who said Mark Richt DID THIS ALL WRONGLY.




I was the one in error the Mark Richt Apologists said to me.


Mark Richt NEVER did teach his recruits to obey the rules; he did punish them harshly but that is NOT discipline.




Notice the difference AGAIN with Kirby compared to Mark Richt ?


There are NO EXCUSES for hitting a lady.  None.  And NO FORGIVENESS of it by God or ANYONE else.  We do NOT condone hitting ladies.


You either are clear about this or you are not.


“Obviously we don’t want our players hitting women.  Obviously we don’t condone that behavior. We’ve got to educate our players in a way that that doesn’t happen.”  Kirby


Mark Richt sent the message that he loved him in jail which sent the message that he disregarded multiple arrests for abuse of a lady student at The University of Georgia, that he accepted it,  that he allowed it, that he let it pass, that he turned a blind eye to ALL THIS, that he was overlooking ALL THIS, that he was forgetting it and putting it behind him;  that he is forgiving his recruit, that he is pardoning him and WORSE that God was too by implication because you are a man of God.  No.  You tell the recruit that is unacceptable and he contemptible for these multiple acts he arrested for.  You are not teaching someone that they did wrongly by telling them you love them.  You’re sending the message that you are their friend of that there is no doubt, but you aren’t teaching them to obey the rules – in fact, you’re telling them the VERY opposite.  Mark Richt’s religion is in contradiction to the $ 50 million dollars we paid him to win but the blogs defending Mark Richt these last 8 years such as THIS as detailed in the multiple arrests warrants makes it very clear Mark Richt’s MANTRA here that “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia” made it abundantly clear that he truly felt he could use these multiple arrests for abuse of a lady student here in good standing as an opportunity to stump for FORGIVENESS first to present himself as a preacher man.  Did he want to win ?  When he first got here yes, then he became emblazoned in HIS religion as a conflict of interest.  We didn’t pay him $ 50 million dollars to tell a recruit in jail that he loved him and that message was in contradiction to not HIS religion but his public office as coach of UGA football a state institution.


No there wasn’t something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia as both HE and his FOLLOWERS finally found out not that I didn’t TRY to tell them for 8 years.  But blogs would not allow the discussion of Mark Richt and HIS religion and how HIS religion got in the way of him being a great coach for 8 long years here.  It was 8 years of harsh punishment for he kicked this player off HIS team and made public announcements that he regretted having to.


It cost him his job that he felt that our $ 50 million we paid him was for something OTHER than winning.  No Mark Richt that would be in violation of separation of Church and State.


Kirby is a man of God.  He is not conflicted by this.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/kirby-smart-on-why-ray-rice-speaking-to-his-team-and-smarts-policy-on-his-own-players-hitting-women )






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