“It’s an environment where you don’t get a hug from the head coach on the sideline after making an idiotic decision that costs your team the game instead you get a the ass chewing of a lifetime. ” It’s a LOT more than that I’mYourHuckleberry sir.

Not just a hug – he went over and told him he loved him.   “It’s an environment where you don’t get a hug from the head coach on the sideline after making an idiotic decision that costs your team the game”


And then ran to the God Damn Press and BRAGGED that he told them that we ALL love them whether he made the field goal or not.  Either way, love him.  That’s the message I told him when time-out called before the kick win or lose.


I don’t care about winning here at Georgia.  That’s NOT how I am judged.  I am judged ONLY by my Walk with Jesus.  I am confident and firm, stubborn, that THAT is ALL that matters no matter WHAT happens here at Georgia in WINS and LOSSES.


And without coaching sent them RIGHT BACK OUT THERE with these conflicting contrary MIXED MESSAGES playing them as FAVORITES.


His best players he did NOT play.  If he did he played the others at his position – trophy for everyone.


“If you miss this field goal we will love you anyway.”


“There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”


“Get to The SEC Championship Game I had not won in a Decade – win that game – and we’d be in National Championship Game.  Anything can happen in The SEC Championship Game.”


Redshirt Knowshon Moreno so we only got to see him 2 years.


Cam Newton can only play TE for me.


David Pollack is NOT any good.


Nick Marshall can only play defensive back for me.


I don’t want Deshawn Watson from half an hour away from here.


Brag Joe Tereshinski III AND Joe Cox BOTH BETTER Quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford so 7th game of the season Matthew Stafford NOT STARTING QUARTERBACK his true freshman year against 1-7 SEC Vandie – the lone win against Mark Richt.


Asleep on the sidelines.


“It’s my job to DE-MOTIVATE our players” prior to the Alabama game last year with 5 unanswered Touchdowns.


Failed to motivate the players to be ready to play.


“I knocked the lid off this # 11 All-Time Most Wins’ Program here at Georgia by beating # 4 vols on hobnail boot in my year one here” despite the FACT that we LOST 4 games 2001.


“Won SEC Championship 2002” despite the FACT that only 1 other SEC team was ranked in the Final Coaches’ Poll a 4- loss Auburn team 2002 in an OBVIOUSLY DOWN SEC 2002.


“Won SEC Championship 2005” a damn Decade ago despite the FACT that 2 other SEC teams BOTH were ranked higher than Mark Richt in the Final Polls and the only polls published for the 2005 season.


Best Bowl wins 2002 when we beat # 24 FSU a 5- loss team and 2007 when we beat # 19 Hawai’i – only 2 BCS Bowl wins.


Inexplicable losses EVERY YEAR.


Averaged recruiting ranking of # 8.


Most NFL Draft Picks.


Averaged 4 LOSSES a season after 2007.


18 losses last 24 games vs top 15 teams after 2007 for # 45 in the nation for # 11 all-time program with # 8 talent.




LOST to 12 UNRANKED teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for season after 2007.


National BRUNT of jokes no-show in big games.


Called schizophrenic losses – yet inexplicably was as CONSISTENT at losing big games and unranked teams EVERY YEAR as any coach EVER in the history of the God Damn Game.


NOT SCHIZOPHRENIC but CONSISTENT as HELL losing big games and unranked teams EVERY YEAR.


Although 15 times in Bulldogs’ history BOTH bowl teams in the VERY TOP of the Final AP Poll and winning MOST of those – NEVER put us on the national stage end of the year playing a team – when both us and them were ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll.


Played at the site of the annual Gator Bowl 16 times – LOSING 11.


Florida our # 1 Rival.


Despite all our recruiting advantages clearly at least # 4 in the nation averaged # 8 and FAILED to sign the Elite Prospects who KNEW Mark Richt CONSISTENTLY LOST to the top 15 and to unranked teams EVERY YEAR.


The Elite prospects want to WIN.


“I’m sick and tired of being mediocre and LOSING.”  Todd Gurley II


Bragged he did not need an Elite OL so he let EVERY other team come here to our state and recruit our Top OL.


Played walk-ons on Special Teams because he was one of those PUSSIES afraid our stars would get hurt.


No special teams’ coach with our special teams # 100 in the nation yet over 100 FBS Division 1-A teams DID HAVE a Special Teams’ Coach.


David Greene : “Here we are NOVEMBER and we seem LOST.  We have no DIRECTION.  We don’t seem to know what to do.  Desperate.  We play a QB who has not had even one snap at QB all season long against our # 1 Rival now and leave him in there despite 4 interceptions and never call a running play for him a running QB.  We don’t know what we’re doing.”


Fran Tarkenton : “If we wanted a preacher man we should go to the Seminary Schools and HIRE ONE.  Everyone is a Christian 96% of us in America are.  Does ANYONE care what Religion the winning coach is ?  Or even know what his Religion is ?  We paid Mark Richt over $ 50 million dollars to win.  Sure he won 9 games on the average and 4 losses on the average for his last entire 8 years here.  Is that ALL we aspire to here at Georgia ?”


“There’s something BESIDES winning that’s important here at Georgia.” Mark Richt repeatedly.


“I’ve got to get our players to FOCUS on WINNING.  I want our players to EXCEL on the field of play in the classrooms and in life.  They have MORE respect if they do ALL 3.  They have MORE respect for ME too if they do.”  Kirby only last week taking a SHOT at Mark Richt for ALL to see.


“We need to be united in our Bulldogs’ fan base” – not those still 8 months later whining that Mark Richt SHOULD NOT have been fired. Kirby


“It’s an environment where you don’t get a hug from the head coach on the sideline after making an idiotic decision that costs your team the game instead you get a the ass chewing of a lifetime. ” I’mYourHuckleberry 7-28-2016.


It’s a LOT more than that I’mYourHuckleberry.




( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/imyourhuckleberry-new-breed-bulldog/ )


73-32 last 8 years here of which 37-1 was against teams not playing 1 of the 41 bowl games.  Only 36-31 vs any ole team who made any of the 41 bowl games his last 8 entire years here.  73-32 averaging 4 losses with # 8 talent his last 8 years here likely as not lose to any team making a bowl game the year he “played them.”


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


# 88 Passing Offense with Mike Bobo and with Mark Richt’s choice Hutson Mason 2014.

# 104 Passing Offense without Mike Bobo and with Mark Richt’s choice Greyson Lambert 2015.


Roster Mis-Management


Mark Richt says : “You can’t become what you do. What I do is not who I am. If I become what I do and I become just a football coach, then you’re asking for disaster. My identity is in Christ. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I know that he died for my sin and I am going to heaven when this is all said and done, forever. That gives me peace, no matter what happens here.”


I don’t want our players or coaches to be AT PEACE instead I want them to be COMFORTABLE in being uncomfortable – and to FOCUS on WINNING.”  Kirby taking ANOTHER SHOT at Mark Richt and his Apologists still 8 months after he was HIRED to FIX ALL THIS SHIT.


“Kirby is NOT taking-over a struggling program.”  Mark Richt Apologists 8 months TODAY after we fired his sorry ass for his God Damn Dumbass Decisions his last entire 8 years here when he had JUST LOST IT and didn’t give a shit anymore.


1-10 vs ranked Top 10 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

6-15 vs ranked Top 25 for the Year not at Sanford after 2007

18-22 vs teams who played in a bowl game not at Sanford after 2007

12-1 vs non-bowl teams not at Sanford after 2007





All he needed was a QB and his 9th Coordinator Change in 15 seasons ?

Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State a 4-loss team in a 1-team conference in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008.


29-teams won 10-win seasons 2015 FBS Division 1-A teams so Mark Richt NOT ranked Final AP Poll Top 25 for the 4th time his last 8 years here with his “best win” over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.  Unranked.


10-win season ?


7 losses by MORE than 3 TD after 2007.




None before.


“Everything is preordained.” Mark Richt


This is why we find so many vigorous words and phrases in Scripture, such as “make every effort”, “strain”, “struggle”, “pursue”, “run with diligence the race set before you”, “fight the good fight”, “persist”, “resist”, “stand”, “take hold”, “guard”, “endure to the end”, etc. If everything is preordained, what would be the use of all this strenuous effort?


Time-Out Mis-Management




In-Game Decisions such as pooch kick-off vs yellowjackets last year

In-Game Decisions such as 1st and dumb against Spurrier last year

Telling Cam Newton he is only a TE here that Aaron Murray is his QB instead

His own coaching staff he only hired – total discord

Embarrassing losses

His recruits have been and REMAIN in the bad press


Brings his staff and players not-ready-to-play too many times every year

Not developing his players

Has had 4 offensive and 4 defensive coordinators – tell me you’re not going to blame them again !

Look what David Greene said !

Poor leadership

Not trending upward at all !



No Direction

Wastes Talent – plays wrong guys

Says there’s something here at Georgia BESIDES winning that’s important

Mixed messages sent to the student-athletes



No strategy for special teams and no coach like 100 of his rivals have.


Now brags he wants to flip a coin instead of kick-offs like one of those pussies.


No the problem I’mYourHuckleberry was A LOT MORE than having NO FIRE on the sidelines asleep – our BIGGEST PROBLEM was a God Damned Fan Base chalk full of pussies who said ALL THIS was just fine best ever should NOT HAVE been FIRED 8 months ago.


That Kirby has to win a NC since we FIRED a guy who was so DAMN FREAKING GREAT  and a good case can be made that he SHOULDN’T have been FIRED.


IT WAS YOU I’mYourHuckleberry who ADMITTED to ME that it was UNACCEPTABLE.


Now his only problem was he had no fire on the sidelines.


I think not.






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