UGA is # 59 largest University and the number of those larger who are better Universities you can count on 1 hand and the number of those larger who are better than we at football is even smaller. Now that THANK GOD we have Kirby, we can attain what we should.

Why is this the place EVERYONE wants to be at ? Why are WE the BEST ?


Because we are the largest with the best reputation as a University who is the best at the game of football.


Our impact of UGA over the megalopolis which stretches out like spokes from us is clear.  The impact of The University of Georgia over our 231 years has changed the landscape of mankind.


Even aliens can see it clearly from space how lit-up it is Atlanta to Chattanooga to Birmingham to Charlotte and BEYOND non-stop this great place where everyone wants to live.


This megalopolis largely started-out going Northeast from Atlanta through the very heart of its growth at The University of Georgia.  Now it stretches to Chattanooga nonstop to Birmingham nonstop to Macon nonstop and to Charlotte nonstop.  It is a large circle this megalopolis from Atlanta Northeast to Charlotte and beyond now too and back South from RTP back down along the coast to Savannah and back to Augusta and Athens in a CIRCLE this megalopolis I was just looking at from space today.  There is a vast open space to the breeding grounds in Central Florida.  You should see it from space.


It’s truly amazing.


Are there better Universities ?  Yes.

Are there better college football programs ?  Yes.

Are there larger Universities ?  Yes.


Is Emory a better University ?  Yes.


Is the Georgia Institute of Technology a better University ?  I don’t think so.  Giving out bad grades doesn’t impress me.  Downtown in the slums.  Why doesn’t any father send his daughter there then ?  And they certainly don’t play football and have not since 1957 when I became a Bulldogs’ fan.  I would know.  I live here.  I hate it when they talk about beating us.  Do I root for them ?  Hell no.  I love it when they go 3-9 like last season.  7 seasons they have won -0- games.  Another 5 seasons they have won only 1 game.  That’s NOT us.  We have expectations.


Now that we have a smart guy running our program I expect us to TAKE-OFF !


You hear me ?


But if you look at the largest Universities, there are only a handful ONLY who are actually a better University than UGA and an even smaller handful better at football.


THIS is why we can RECRUIT so well.


THIS is why we have EXPECTATIONS.


I fully expect us to be 11-3 or even 12-2.  Is that better than Mark Richt’s 4-loss a season average these last 8 years of excruciating bullshit ?


29 teams won 10-win seasons last season.




We were NOT one of the top 25 final AP Poll because Mark Richt’s best win was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn who SUCKED.


Alabama is NOT better place to be than UGA.  I am absolutely totally certain EVERYONE would say that.  Tuscaloosa ?  Give me a break.  They have had more success in football than we have.  They have expectations.  They aren’t a better University and do NOT have what we have in recruiting advantages.  We should be BETTER than Alabama.  They certainly belly-up to the bar with a lot more to pay their head coaches than we do yet we have a nearly $ 3 billion dollar annual budget at The University of Georgia now.


Is LSU better ?  No.


Is Florida better ?  Well they should be but we play them with 1 hand tied behind our back going down there so that they play 9 HOME GAMES some years.  And we play them at the site of the annual GATOR BOWL damn it.  And we have 6 this season.  Sad.  Stupid and sad on our part.  vols play 9 HOME GAMES some years too with 1 or more over in Nashville.  Knoxville ?  Good Lord what a pit.  We used to do this with Auburn and QUIT.  We used to do this with Georgie tek yellowjackets and QUIT.  So why JAX ?  The players are at a HUGE disadvantage.  JAX is a hellhole.  No one in their right mind goes to JAX for a vacation and even fewer in November for God’s sake.  Take a vacation in Athens.  It’s beautiful here.


There is such a huge wide long open space from Athens to JAX and frankly JAX is NOT where the great state of Florida starts anyway.  It’s past there.  They have a LOT more people in Florida than our 7 million in Atlanta.  So the University of Florida should be a better University.  They have more money to work with.  Alabama does not.  vols do NOT.    Ole Miss certainly does NOT either.  LSU either.  They have more people in Florida than our 7 million in Atlanta.  They should have a better football program.  They really don’t but they should.  We play FOOTBALL in this state.  I go there for vacation a lot.  I don’t know what else they do do down there.  It’s all I see.  I’ve sold down there and they are on VACATION 365 days a year as I see it.  Fun.


Florida certainly faces other schools in a state that large to get their recruits and we NEVER have here.  We should even-up this and play half at the swamp and half here.  Athens needs the Revenue. We need it to expand our stadium.  Too many can’t get in who WANT to.  My brother wants to go this year he’s so excited and he can’t get tickets.  Came asking me.  Sorry.


Are the vols better ?  Are you kidding me.


Ole Miss vols beat us this season ?  I am NOT buying that.  They shouldn’t.






Forget Steve Spurrier.  Even he knows the impact of UGA.  He NEVER could out-recruit us at South Carolina.  He was NOT competitive.  Of course Jeremy Foley should have hired Steve Spurrier to be THEIR COACH instead of Ron Zook.  I said then that was a mistake.


He did make South Carolina better but South Carolina still has NEVER been any good as a University or as a football program.


Doesn’t compare to UGA.


This is why Steve Spurrier fears us so much.


Now that THANK GOD we have Kirby, we can attain what we should.


I am NOT buying into we lose to Ole Miss and the vols.  NOT Kirby.


The University of Georgia has and continues to fuel this with over 35,000 students annually all of us owners of businesses here in HotLanta a city now of 7 million as the Empire of The South.


The South.


The Bible Belt.


The Sunbelt.


The population megalopolis belt where EVERYONE wants to live.


And where everyone who wants to play football at its highest level near home where their friends and family can watch wants to get the finest education they can get in front of the largest audience and where they will have the biggest impact by the vast coverage of The Bulldogs’ # 11 All-Time Football Program.



Look for yourself :


( )


UGA is # 59 largest University and the number of those larger who are better you can count on 1 hand and the number of those larger who are better than we at football is even smaller.




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