Look dimwits there is no God Damn Quarterbacks’ Quandary.

Or running backs’ quandary

Or wide receiver quandary

Or offensive line quandary

Or tight end quandary

Or secondary quandary

Or defensive line quandary

Or linebacker quandary

Or kicker quandary

Or punter quandary

Or punt returner quandary

Or kick-off returner quandary.




The ONLY God Damn quandary we have around here is that our fan base is SATISFIED with and EXPECTS to make dumbass statements about the coach making the same dumbass decisions the previous dumbass was making.


Have some God Damn Balls.  We’re LOADED at the positions.  We are the ENVY of the nation for the guys we DO HAVE and who WILL PLAY very well thank you very much.


We’re going to kick some God Damn ass this season.


Good Lord.


You can NOT see it when I said the old coach had to go.


You tried to shut me up.


You freaking failed.


Now that we have a coach who is going to make the right choices for a change we are going to win big now this season.


We should have been the previous seasons.


We WILL now.


Thank God for Kirby !  Take that Mark Richt Apologists.  Get on the bandwagon EARLY !


You know ?


Like you did EVERY GOD DAMN OFF-SEASON for the last 15 the last 8 of which you were NOWHERE to be frigin’ found afterwards except for EXCUSES – while I tried to tell you then TOO that we were NOT going to be great.


You can’t get ANYTHING right.


Quarterback Quandary.


What total freaking bullshit.




11-3 or even 12-2.


You guys are a God Damn bunch of freaking pussies.   Happy Sunday morning to you.  Practice starts tomorrow.  Be there Saturday at 11 am or you will MISS OUT.


Name me a God Damn Friqin’ Coach anywhere in America who would rather have what he is stuck with at QB than Kirby ?


Go ahead.


I’ll wait.


Like I have been waiting for you for the last God Damn 8 years of bullshit decisions especially at QB to admit I was RIGHT then too.


You must really hate being wrong so much and TO ME !


Just imagine.


Made fools of yourselves.


And to me NO LESS.




Stick it up your God Damn Freaking Asshole – we’re going to kick ass 2016 – and we by God Above have no God Damn Quandary at freaking QB.


Jesus Christ.



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