Kirby may have enough of a young gunslinger’s mentality in him to start Jacob Eason ? Give it up girl you stodgy tediously pompous old fool. We all see your attempt to cover-up your repeated feelings that Mark Richt should never have been fired. And no one give’s a shit what you think after you’re so wrong for so long in your stance on his last 8 years here of mediocrity – that he was the best ever. No. He wasn’t. Not for the last 8 years. Hutson Mason and Greyson Lambert cost him his job with his prosaic staid approach. Kirby has NEVER been likened to being a young gunslinger – a derogatory term

Do you even know what a gunslinger is ?


A gunslinger is a person who carries a gun and shoots well.


You are always have been and remain a total utter fool.   Kimberly Nash The Lady Sportswriter – Apologist to the DAY – aka dumbass who tried for 8 years to censor criticism of Mark Richt.  Now Kirby is a young gunslinger to start Jacob Eason.


( )


A person who carries a gun and who shoots well means that Kirby is GOOD at what he does Kimberly not that Kirby makes rash young stupid decisions you old goat.




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