48 University of Georgia Bulldogs at Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony tomorrow Friday 5 August 2016. Here is list no one else can be bothered to give you of 48 UGA University of Georgia Bulldogs students athletes coaches or staff who have braved to go to Rio Summer Olympics 2016 which includes 2 Paralympics and all 48 trust me represent The University of Georgia in so doing. The University of Georgia UGA Bulldogs will be represented by 48 current or former students athletes coaches and staff in the Rio Games 2016 Summer Olympics. www.georgiadogs.com has corrected its list to 48. You would think it would be a source of PRIDE. It is to me which is why I did all this RESEARCH. Why do some list only 29 ? Which of these does www.secsports.com leave-off and why ? Whom of the 48 while they here at The University of Georgia did NOT dream of being at The Summer Olympics 2016 ?

updated by The University of Georgia as 48 and it is STILL WRONG.  This is a more complete accurate list right here I did researching http://www.georgiadogs.com myself.




( http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/ )


They can not count.   But they got the names right.  That is a START UGA.  I guess when you take our money to be STUDENTS or write checks to coaches, you can get their names right anyway.  I have been trying to tell them their names are WRONG for days now.  They are still wrong.  Use my list here not UGA.edu


And I demanded UGA write something that is CORRECT about who UGA sent to the Olympics.  Finally today they have replied to me with this updated list.


I guess when I kept telling UGA that it SHOULD BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE and that MY LIST here is more complete than that provided by UGA to http://www.sec.com that they FINALLY capitulated and did a more accurate list of names anyway than previously done by UGA prior to the Olympics.


They probably updated it from their expense reports turned-in REPRESENTING The University of Georgia is my guess.  I have been linking to UGA about this list to GET IT CORRECT at our own Official UGA WebPages and that which we TURNED-IN to http://www.secsports.com and one guy who plagiarized his list from http://www.secsports.com without URL Link provided to you of it.



( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/w-gym/auto_headshot/10432024.jpeg )

# 5 on my list August 5 Canada Brittany Rogers women’s gymnastics Aug 7 at 8:45 in 5 events.


MY LIST I compiled myself from researching the web myself for every name :


1.Bubba Watson – Golf men’s individual Thurs Aug 11

2.Olivia Smoliga – current – women’s 100-meter backstroke Aug 7 at 12:02 p.m.

3.Chase Kalisz – current – 400-meter individual medley Aug 6

4.Jay Litherland – current – 400-meter individual medley Aug 6

5.Canada Brittany Rogers – current – women’s gymnastics Aug 7 at 8:45 in 5 events

6.Canada Brittany MacLean 200 400 800 meter freestyle Aug 7, 8 and 11

7.Canada Chantal Van Landeghem 50 meter  freestyle Fri Aug 12 and 4x 100 meter freestyle relay Aug 7 and 100 meter freestyle Wed Aug 10

8.Canada Javier Acevedo men’s 100 meter backstroke – current – Aug 7 at 1:11 p.m.

9.Finland Matias Koski men’s 400 meter freestyle Sat 8-6 men’s 200 meter freestyle Sun 8-7 at 12:19 p.m.

10.Gunnar Bentz – current – 4 × 200 m Freestyle relay at Rio

11.Allison Schmitt fourth at the 200m (1:56.72) qualifying her to the relay team and is 9th American lady swimmer to compete in 3 Olympics 4 x 100 freestyle relay Aug 6

12.Keturah Orji women’s triple jump Sat Aug 13

13.Cypress Leontia Kallenou high jump Thurs Aug 18

14.Antigua and Barbuda Cejhae Greene – current – men’s 4×100 meter relay Thurs 8-18, men’s 100 meter Sat 8-13

15.Estonia Karl Saluri – current – decathlon.  There are 206 countries after all.

16.Argentina Jenny Dahlgren hammer throw Fri Aug 12 listed as Jennifer Dahlgren

17.Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Charles Grethen 800 meters Fri Aug 12

18.St. Lucia Levern Spencer women’s high jump Thurs 8-18 is 3-time Olympian & country’s flag bearer former UGA Bulldog

19.Bahamas Shaunae Miller women’s Track 100 meter Fri 8-12, 400 meter Sat 8-13, 200 meter Mon 8-15, and 4×400 relay Fri 8-19

20.Lindsay Grogan Paralympics 100% UGA loving life Macon 2 degrees from UGA Para Swimming 400-meter freestyle

21.Jarryd Wallace former UGA 100 meter sprints his second Paralympics 2016 also in Rio Athens Georgia Oconee High where he lettered in track and field and Tennis.  In 2007 he signed a Scholarship with The University of Georgia in Track. Current world record holder.  Had surgeries February 2010.

22.Hali Flickinger women’s 200 meter butterfly Tues Aug 9 at 12:28 p.m.

23.Melanie Margalis 200 meter individual medley Mon 8-8 at 12:56 p.m. 200 meter freestyle

24.Dan Laak – current – Georgia head diving coach, Brazil Olympics assistant coach after 2 previous Olympics U.S. Olympics’ assistant coach

25.César Castro – current – Georgia assistant diving coach Brazil 4-straight Olympics assistant coach

26.Jack Bauerle – current – UGA Swimming Coach, U.S. Olympics Assistant Coach for 3rd time

27.Petros Kyprianou – current – Georgia Track & Field Coach Estonia Olympics Track & Field Coach

28.Teresa Edwards – staff Team USA

29.Estonia Maicel Uibo decathlon

30.Kendell Williams – current – women’s heptathlon Fri Aug 12

31. Connor James Nolte Alpharetta former Bulldog Starting Basketball Player 3 NCAA games 6′ 7″ sharpshooter 3-point shots U.S. Olympic digital media intern for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in Colorado Springs, Colo., and will be assisting the governing body with its social media outreach efforts leading up to and during the Olympics

32.Kibwe Johnson track and field men’s hammer throw Wed August 17

33.Amanda Jo Weir Davis swimming 4×100 meter freestyle relay 3rd Olympics

34. Yijun J. Feng Ping-Pong men’s Table Tennis – current student at UGA Sat 8-6 singles Fri August 12 at 6:30 p.m. Team U.S.A. and UGA vs Sweden.

35. Becca Leopkey, an assistant professor of sport management in the College of Education, is serving on the International Olympic Committee’s Sustainability and Legacy Commission – See more at: http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/#sthash.MuhNpXpM.dpuf

36. Mike Mobley, an associate director of sports communications, will work with Olympic Broadcast Services at the team handball venue

37. Nicole Chrzanowski,  student in Grady College’s sports media certificate program, is selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to report on the games for USOC’s various information channels, including its TeamUSA.org website.

38. Jaylon Thompson, student in Grady College’s sports media certificate program, is selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to report on the games for USOC’s various information channels, including its TeamUSA.org website.

39-49 : Nine other Grady College students will join 1-Vicki Michaelis, the John Huland Carmical Professor of Sports Journalism & Society, and 2-Mark Johnson, a senior lecturer in journalism, to cover the Paralympics. Grady Sports students 3-Jamie Han, 4-Emily Giamalvo, 5-Emily Greenwood, 6-Kendra Hansey and 7-Kennington Smith along with photojournalism students 8-David Barnes, 9-Jenn Finch, 10-Joshua Jones and 11-Casey Sykes will travel to Rio for the Paralympics, which will be held Sept. 7-18

50. Alexandra Oquendo volleyball career at Georgia was one of the most decorated in the program’s history.  All-SEC and All-America.  Now Puerto Rico team playing the U.S.A. Team on August 6.

51.Michelle Gerlosky Schiffler Paralympics Volleyball



What inspires you ?



pic jpeg 7.Canada Chantal Van Landeghem 50 meter 100 meter freestyle

( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/c-swim/auto_action/11216385.jpeg )


In Summer Olympics 2012 London Olympics 29 current at the time or former University of Georgia students athletes competed in the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 3 UGA coaches also represented us in London for total of 32 Georgia Bulldogs’ students athletes or coaches representing UGA in London.


The University of Georgia UGA Bulldogs will be represented by 48 current or former students athletes coaches and staff in the Rio Games 2016 Summer Olympics.




GeorgiaDogs.com left off a bunch in their latest report to us prior to the Olympics but had URL Links to those they left-off which I found through searches of our Official UGA Athletic Department WebPages.  http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/c-swim/spec-rel/071816aaa.html







( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/uga-olympians-events/ ) plagiarized from SEC Sports.com without credit



























Track and field at the Paralympics will start on Sept. 7.





I am PROUD of them representing The University of Georgia 100 % Bulldogs at Rio which is why I invest the time in my hobby of researching who it is who is representing us in the 2016 Summer Olympics.   You leave-off whomever you want to leave-off some list you copied from somewhere else.  Me ?  I researched every name both on our own Official WebPages at UGA my alma mater AND other WebPages Official sites for the Olympics.


UGA has no one involved in men’s or women’s basketball in Rio nor any men’s or women’s football players.  There is no baseball cricket or football as we know it in Rio.  Moe Brian of St. Simons Island Georgia is on the women’s football soccer team but she played for Virginia not UGA.


That is the best I can do for you.  I get 48.  I cannot explain why I get a more complete list than everyone else.


I tried to find the list and could NOT as you can see find a complete list.  So I wrote one myself.


I am PROUD of them representing The University of Georgia 100 % Bulldogs at Rio which is why I invest the time in my hobby of researching who it is who is representing us in the 2016 Summer Olympics. 



10.71 in 100-meter dash World Record Jarryd Wallace

( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/genrel/auto_action/11195462.jpeg )


( http://www.teamusa.org/~/media/USA_Paralympics/Images/Headshots/Track-and-Field/Parapan-Am-Headshots/wallace_jarryd_120x187.jpg?h=250&la=en&mh=250&mw=150&w=150 )


pic jpeg Jarryd Wallace – if he is not an inspiration to you I have no idea what might be.  I am so proud of Jarryd Wallace.  I am moved by knowing about him.  Proud to call him mine.  Mine !


Here is list no one else can be bothered to give you of 48 UGA University of Georgia Bulldogs students athletes coaches or staff who have braved to go to Rio Summer Olympics 2016 which includes 2 Paralympics and all 48 trust me represent The University of Georgia in so doing.  I am proud as hell of these 48 representing MY alma mater.


Whom of the 48 while they here at The University of Georgia did NOT dream of being at The Summer Olympics 2016 ?


August 3 to August 21 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics


How exciting.


“It’s nearly impossible to control your emotions here. When you have the Olympics on the line, it’s hard to stay calm. This is so cool. It’s an awesome feeling. I still can’t believe it. Honestly, I’m in shock right now.”  University of Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga


What are you doing today ?



( http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/geo/sports/c-swim/auto_headshot/11387681.jpeg )

pic jpeg Olivia Smoliga – so proud of you Olivia Smoliga


I tried to LOOK it up and all I could find was partial lists.  I knew better so I have tried to compile a better list for you thank you very much.


Dare to be great.  Take the risk.  Represent The University of Georgia well !  100 % Bulldogs !  Loving Life !  I could not be more proud of these men and women !


( http://media.graytvinc.com/images/810*607/uga-university-of-georgia2.jpg )




( http://www.secsports.com/article/17208877/sec-represented-211-olympians-rio-games )




( http://www.uga.edu/about_uga/profile/going-for-the-gold/ )




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