This blog only has 1 statement on Tim Kimbrough to MAKE NOW after 7 posts on the topic since the Georgie tek game when Finals were up-coming and he was DEMOTED then suspended when the OTHERS WERE REPORTED who were SUSPENDED for the bowl games when the grades CAME OUT afterwards and that is I TOLD YOU SO as I did on Mark Richt. Didn’t I ?

I listed Tim Kimbrough on The GREAT EXODUS LIST I wrote up before the Bowl Game of all the players who WOULD NOT BE HERE this 2016-2017 season.


The Great Exodus of the last of the “Dream” Team 22 GONE after the 2015-2016 season all who STARTED.  And who collectively lost 24 games here in their 6 years in this group of 22 because Kolton Houston also leaves and therefore as a group here they LOST an average of 4 losses per season.


So I have been telling you THIS would happen today for more than 8 months now.


I told you it was consistent with previous GRADES’ ISSUES.


I told you that Tim Kimbrough was GONE.


I told you that I hoped that Tim Kimbrough could and would get his grades up.


I told Tim Kimbrough’s parents to get their lazy asses down here and in his face and to GATA to their son to study better and make this team.


I also told you I doubted from the experience of my ON SCHOLARSHIP ROOMMATE that once a student falls behind it is because of his LACK OF WORK and that it WOULD CONTINUE without someone GATA and MAKING him learn how to study.


I even gave him a lesson in HOW TO STUDY.


I am NOT stupid.


I think about The Georgia Bulldogs and I do the work to RESEARCH before I open my mouth.  I do NOT cut and paste that which OTHERS by rote tell you.


And so here we are and ALL THAT is true now ?


Well Kirby can not comment because it is NOT ALLOWED to discuss certain topics.


But interestingly enough ALL I SAID came to fruition on THIS as with MARK RICHT.


Didn’t it ?


The day before classes start he announces that he did not want to but that in his best interests he is leaving UGA.


You will not do any better in classes without applying yourself somewhere else Tim Kimbrough sir.  I wish you nothing but success Tim Kimbrough.  I also told you BEFORE it came to this how to study and that you MUST and get your grades up, and that I did not think you could.


You did NOT accept my challenge when I told you Tim Kimbrough I wanted you to.


You are an NFL Draft choice but this hurts that TOO.


You had such a great career here and a great G-Day Game and learned what a nice guy Kirby is.




This blog certainly did NOT.


I could not have been MORE consistent 7 times with you the subject of blog posts here Tim Kimbrough.


I said you would not be here today 1st day of classes and you’re not.  I wish I had been wrong.  Frankly it is better for US if you stay here and study and get your grades up assuming that is the problem.  Your mealy mouthed wording of this Tim Kimbrough leaves me to believe that it is grades sir.  You count against us a transfer-out WITH FAILING GRADES.  You MADE US LOOK BAD Tim Kimbrough. The NCAA reports will have a tick mark beside you as did not graduate – did not have a passing average when you transferred – as US not doing our job when I can say I tried Tim Kimbrough but you were too lazy to listen.


On THAT you join others.


I hate that this has happened to you Tim Kimbrough.  You missed a GREAT SEASON of 11-3 or even 12-2 and you a main cog.  Good luck in the NFL sir.  Sorry I was right all along again wish I wasn’t as I did to a nice guy who also did not WANT IT to be successful Mark Richt.  He is stupid.  I don’t know that about you but what I do know is that you BOTH failed to take advantage here and both because you NEITHER had that I WANT IT desire.


You let me down Tim Kimbrough when at least I tried.


More than can be said for you OR Mark Richt.


Of course, I said that all along.


I was the ONLY ONE who did.


This blog only has 1 statement on Tim Kimbrough to MAKE NOW after 7 posts on the topic since the Georgie tek game when Finals were up-coming and he was DEMOTED then suspended when the OTHERS WERE REPORTED who were SUSPENDED for the bowl games when the grades CAME OUT afterwards and that is I TOLD YOU SO as I did on Mark Richt.  Didn’t I ?


Kirby now says that it is mutual that Tim Kimbrough is leaving which means he has been granted his release.  If it were grades that would be consistent that he has to go to a FCS or lower division program since he was going to be in the NFL Draft from Georgia after this season.


This blog has maintained since the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game last year when he suddenly was made NOT A STARTER FOR MARK RICHT that Tim Kimbrough was GONE THEN because after that game Mark Richt FAILED to state why.  I read that as that he would BE SUSPENDED for the bowl game for academics since the finals were on-going at that time.


I then said that he had to get his grades up and that it would be next to impossible based upon my own roommate’s Scholarship with Georgia that he had and which I did NOT.


He did not study.


I did.


Such is life.  You get out of it what you put into it.  There is NO FREE LUNCH.


UGA told my roommate.  UGA spoke with his professors to find out his status.


Now the day classes start Tim Kimbrough sends out tweet that he did NOT want to.


Did not want to study either ?


Best of luck Tim Kimbrough in the up-coming NFL Draft after the season and in studying at whatever school you go to next to TRY to keep your NFL Draft positioning which was pretty good until today but this is going to hurt you.


It hurts UGA as well.


It hurts our depth in a 15-game season for the top teams and it hurts our graduation rates since when you transfer Tim Kimbrough you do so as a student-athlete with a FAILING GPA.


You can cut out the bullshit about this Tim Kimbrough.  I have had you pegged son from the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game when MARK RICHT demoted you, not Kirby.


And then when Bryan McClendon SUSPENDED you for the last game the bowl game, again NOT Kirby.


It did NOT have to come to this Tim Kimbrough and you KNOW IT.




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