How does Kirby’s 2016 Recruiting Class look NOW ? 3 Scholarships remain NOW for preferred walk-ons. 15 First year players 2016-2017 season have shot at a Start. 10 True Freshmen of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are a ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who did great.

Tyler Catalina OT Team Captain 1st Team All-Conference NFL Draft 2017 at 6′ 5″ at 315 lbs. choses UGA over Florida and Auburn and everyone else for this 23-year old man who has STARTED EVERY GAME OF HIS CAREER. 1 year eligibility remaining 6′ 5″ and 300 lbs.

Brian Herrien # 19 best running back in the nation a bruiser with 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash with 44″ vertical leap DUAL-THREAT

Maurice Smith Mo Smith starter at Alabama at CB 2013 one game, 2014 one game, 2015 played 15 games no START also Player of the Week on Special Teams. Under Armour All-American # 5 CB 2013 as a WR too in Texas 2012 high school senior caught 21 passes for 389 yds and 7 TD. Had 63 tackles and 3 interceptions as Junior 2011 – has one year of eligibility remaining which he can take 2016 or 2017 per SEC. Has a redshirt if he wants it. Has 4.43 and a 4.51 Nike Time in 40-yard dash.  6′ 0″ and 200 lbs. Ranked # 12 of all CB NFL Draft 2017 per and CBS also has him # 12 CB 2017 NFL Draft.  Must take 9 hours toward Master Public Health post-graduate degree if he does not pass 9 hours no bowl game 2016-2017 season.  And if Mo does not graduate UGA by 2018-2019 season UGA can not request SEC waivers until he does or until 2021-2022 season.  Whichever comes first. If Mo does not meet APR credits UGA can not request waiver of SEC for graduate transfer until AFTER 2019-2020 season. The SEC dragged its feet to say that bullshit until AFTER he had missed the 1st 2 days of classes.

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The SEC could have approved this transfer on Wednesday as they had no God Damn Choice on the freaking matter and then Mo would have been able to be in classes on Thursday 8-13-2016 when they started.  But The SEC did NOT.  Nor did they rule on Thursday 8-13.  It was not until AFTER he had missed classes on Friday too before The SEC quit their feet-dragging on this.  And now all these restrictions and penalties.  Such unadulterated bullshit SEC League Office.

Get over yourself SEC League Office.  Maurice Smith has been a God Damn GRADUATE since LAST SATURDAY 8-6-2016 a frigin’ God Damn Week.  You have NO JUSTIFICATION for ANYTHING except to instantly approve this for the kid on Wednesday when we requested it.  When Alabama and Nick Saban finally capitulated your hands were completely tied and you God Damn know it boy. Alabama dragged their feet on this from June.  June.  You refused to let him be part of your team.  You have hurt your RECRUITING with all this too Alabama. You even allowed all his possessions to be thrown into the God Damn trash can there at the University of Alabama which is a school nowhere near as prestigious as The University of Georgia. You’re full of shit Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey.  We’re allowing you to hold back $ 72 million dollars last year on August 31, 2015 for SEC Revenue Sharing for your God Damn SEC League Office to drag your God Damn Feet like this on a very good kid who NEVER has been ANYTHING but a model student-athlete who graduated early.  Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Greg Sankey.

# 2 Quarterback in the Nation Jake Eason.

# 1 Tight End in the Nation Isaac Nauta. 

# 7 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Julian Rochester McEachern High School.

# 7 Offensive Guard in the Nation Ben Cleveland Stephens County High.

# 28 Wide Receiver in the Nation Riley Ridley

# 36 Cornerback in the Nation Tyrique McGhee Peach County

 # 17 Defensive End in the Nation. Chauncey Manac  Clinch County
# 19 Offensive Guard in the Nation. Chris Barnes  Lee County..
# 10 Punter in the Nation Marshall Long China Grove North Carolina.
# 5 Best Athlete in the Nation. Charlie Woerner. Rabun County
# 3 JUCO Wide Receiver in the Nation Javon Wims.  Our only JUCO. Miami Florida.
# 1 Athlete in the Nation Mecole Hardman Jr 2-Way Player & Special Teams Elbert County
# 12 Running Back in the Nation Elijah Holyfield.  Woodward
# 40 Offensive Guard in the Nation Solomon Kindley.  Jacksonville Florida
# 21 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Michail Carter.  Jackson High
# 40 Wide Receiver in the Nation Tyler Simmons stolen from Alabama McEachern
# 41 Defensive End in the Nation David Marshall Upson-Lee Thomaston
# 22 Defensive Tackle in the Nation Tyler Clark Americus
# 11 Inside Linebacker in the Nation Jaleel Laguins Oconee County  
# 3 best AVERAGE RANKING in the nation of our 2016 Signed Class 3 February 2016 in Rivals Team Rankings.

Only Alabama and Ohio State are the only 2 teams in Rivals with a higher average per recruit than us.


THEN Kirby signed Brian Herrien Tyler Catalina and Mo Smith.  Wow !  By my count, Kirby has 3 Scholarships remaining NOW for preferred walk-ons.


I already stated that Kirby will START 10 of these first year players 2016-2017 season.  10 will get a START.




Mo Smith will get a START too.   Our team just got a LOT better.  We will see if we can get Mo in classes on Monday now and see if we can find notes for what the Profs said on these 2 beginning most important days of the Semester.  Thanks for nothing SEC League Office.


15 First year players 2016-2017 season have shot at a Start.  10 True Freshmen  of these 15 will earn a Start this season. There are ton of True Freshman Quarterbacks who did great.


Mark Richt left Kirby only 2 seniors and 6 juniors on the 2-Deep Depth Chart.  This is the # 93 ranked team 2016-2017 in terms of depth chart seniority.  This is why so many this season get a start for Kirby in their 1st year with the team :


Jacob Eason QB

Isaac Nauta TE

Mecole Hardman Jr. DB PR K-OR and I still say gets Rushes too

Charlie Woerner and I will predict as PR until Mecole Hardman Jr. settles-in

Javon Wims WR will be 1st year player for us Kirby gives start to too

Tyler Catalina OL 1st year player for us Kirby starts every game

Julian Rochester DT

Jaleel Laguins LB

Elijah Holyfield TB

Brian Herrien RB may Start at FB early

Ben Cleveland OG will get a start from Kirby this year too

Michail Carter DT Kirby did not steal him from Alabama at the very last moment this signing class to sit him down either

Chauncey Manac has a shot too at DE as does

Marshall Long at P and

Riley Ridley at WR.

Tyler Catalina 1st year player for Kirby this year will get a Start

Mo Smith 1st year player for Kirby this year will get a Start




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