Rio Olympics cost Brazil over $10 billion dollars yet Brazil is in its worst DEPRESSION ever and there are so many displaced with no home no future no hope so a group of men sideswiped a Taxi from 4 Gold Medal Winners and stole their wallets and cash at gun point headed to Olympic Village 2 of the 4 reported. We have witnessed the green algae slime pools the bay with raw sewage the rowing competitors have competed in too the empty seats at Olympic Events and the soccer field which had a third of the grass unplayable upon and YES we have witnessed the incessant booing by these THUGS in Brazil who HATE AMERICANS and have booed us at EVERY VENUE. 2000 murders in city of Rio alone so far in 2016. Untold violence crime and legal prostitution. 3 gang members in Rio shot dead in our presence by Police the reported most BRUTAL police force in the world. Even they have been murdered after taking a wrong turn. $ 12 or $ 17 will buy you sex from 12 thousand legal prostitutes. And underage girls offered for sex throughout Brazil’s venues. Greatest Show on Earth ? Predictions : I told you this was NOT safe. Greatest Show on Earth or the Worst Olympics by a host nation of all-time ? Now University of Georgia GOLD MEDAL Gunnar Bentz is held-up by thug with police badge gun in his face and robbed according to 2 of the 4 American Gold Medal Winners who were there they say ? What next ?


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University of Georgia student today went in Taxi to Olympic Village and was sideswiped in his Taxi with 4 Gold Medal Winners and gunmen showed them their police badge and robbed them at gunpoint according to Police Reports by 2 but not by 2 others who were not even questioned.


Gunnar Bentz current UGA student-athlete competing in the Greatest Show on Earth for billions upon billions to watch live his life on the line when a former University of Florida swimmer Ryan Lochte in the group of 4 said he refused to get on the ground and had a gun shoved into his forehead to force him to the ground by badge brandishing thugs with police badge dressed as Rio de Janeiro Police who have been ranked as the most brutal police in the world and listed as corrupt as hell.  In fact so too is the legal system corrupt and even the head of the government has been declared corrupt.  All of this is major furthering of the issues of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


And major furthering of the corrupt Brazilian government and its officials including especially the forever reported as most brutal Rio Janeiro Police who have since the Olympics began been accused of robbing at gun point.  That’s right been reported to have committed such crimes as this EXACTLY themselves not someone posing as them with stolen Rio de Janeiro Police Badge and in Rio de Janeiro Police uniforms.


Corrupt nation jealous petty poor sportsmanship Brazil populous and corrupt Brazilian government who HATE AMERICANS.  Hate us with a passion.


Take this for example that Gunnar Bentz an UGA student of 20 years of age, Jack Conger, Jimmy Feigen and the former University of Florida swimmer Ryan Lochte were robbed at gun point Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen reportedly told Brazilian authorities.  And they did not question Jack Conger nor Gunnar Bentz.  That’s right 2 reported to Police that 4 were robbed and the corrupt Brazilian authorities did NOT even question either Jack Conger NOR Gunnar Bentz according to reports.


Excuse me ?


Gunnar Bentz has one of the nine (9) Olympic Medals University of Georgia student-athletes have won so far this Olympics Rio Summer Games 2016.


Risking his life to represent UGA and the United States of America who have funded the nation of Brazil through tourism.  One would think Brazilians would appreciate Americans but indeed the complete opposite is the truth.  They hate us.  Brazil resents the U.S. They cheer for EVERY opponent of the U.S. in EVERY SPORT.  They jeer our men and our women as we attempt to compete and they boo us openly every time we touch a ball or try to compete.


It’s awful.


Illegal drugs illegal gun runners illegal trade of their wildlife and sex is what Brazil offers its poor citizens among the world’s most destitute where in North Brazil 1 in 5 are illiterate.


It’s just God awful.


And empty seats at the Olympic Events.


Everyone is warned in Rio de Janeiro that they should take only a $ 20 bill and one credit card with no wallet, no cell phone, no rings, no jewelry – that it is unsafe.  This has been the traveling advice for this crime-ridden hellhole FOREVER.


The United States of America has more gold more silver more bronze and more overall medals than any of the 206 nations.  In fact the U.S. has one and half times more than our nearest competitors.  Brazil has 6 medals in 26th place.


Brazil’s government is a joke.


Brazil is a nation of thugs and lawlessness.


The University of Georgia has 29 student-athletes at the Olympics in Rio including 2 at the up-coming Paralympics.  Collectively UGA would be # 12 by itself with 9 medals ahead of Brazil’s only 4.


And this is how we are treated.


It’s not safe.  I have been saying it’s not safe.


The world has been warned for decades and decades that traveling to Rio de Janeiro is NOT SAFE.


Our student-athletes dream of 1 day representing The University of Georgia Bulldogs in the Olympics.  We get there.  And this is what we do in the Olympics and how we are treated by the host nation.


Shame on the Olympics.  Shame on Brazil.  Shame on South America.  Shame on Rio de Janeiro.  Shame on their corrupt officials. We need armed guards to go to Olympic Village for our student-athletes.  What are we thinking as a University ?  Surely in a country of thugs we need our own security to protect our student-athletes competing for us and to think that daily we write-up about how well they are doing representing The University of Georgia.  We owe a fiduciary responsibility in this nation of thugs to the well being of our students we send to represent us in such a God Damn place as this.


Rio Olympics cost Brazil over $10 billion dollars yet Brazil is in its worst DEPRESSION ever and there are so many displaced with no home no future no hope.


Unsafe at any speed.


We have witnessed the green algae slime pools the bay with raw sewage the rowing competitors have competed in too and the soccer field which had a third of the grass unplayable upon.  It’s not safe.  And their events have been viewed by the world with NOTHING but EMPTY SEATS.


If you go to a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro and they show an event with American competing the patrons cheer the opponent and boo the American.  FACT.  This too has been reported by the press.


And of course UGA has more medals than Brazil as a nation.  A banana republic nation but a nation nonetheless.


60% of sewage and waste goes untreated and you want our World Class Athletes competing in that.


We run tests and announce human sewage at 2 million times what U.S. calls safe in your bays.

So you announce in the press that Guanabara Bay is fine no problem everything ok.  Corrupt.  All you do is try to hide the truth and lie about bad news Brazil.


Everything that has happened since being named Olympic City for the 1st time in South America’s history ever has been REALLY BAD for Brazil and WORSE by the day.  Now that the Olympics have started it is EVEN WORSE.


And YES we have witnessed the incessant booing by these THUGS in Brazil who HATE AMERICANS and have booed us at EVERY VENUE.


Brazilians have nowhere to turn.  They pour into Rio and other cities and find nothing but filth as you can see in the pics by Great Britain’s Press The Mirror here.  Great Britain is 2nd in medals in the Olympics and they find this all too much too as you can imagine.  China has more medals in 3rd than Great Britain in 2nd but China has a ton of Bronze Medals not as valuable as Great Britain’s.


It is so shocking as to astound the world.  You think it is just bad leaving Rio and trying to go to one of the venues for Brazil’s Olympics such as soccer football matches.  Not so.  It is bad outside Rio and worse yet in Rio itself.


Brazil Is Murder Capital Of The World.


Just how dangerous is it in Brazil for our student-athletes from UGA ?   The fact that Brazil tops the list of murderous countries is not only an embarrassment to the Olympics who chose this God-forsaken country but highlights that we should provide our own arm-guards to get to Olympic Village for 4 Gold Medal Winners including The University of Georgia’s own Gunnar Bentz.


60 thousand murders a year in Brazil.  One in 10 of the world’s murders happen in this puny poor small part of the world called Brazil.  1 in 10.


And Gunnar Bentz has his life put on the line by a Former Florida swimmer Olympic Gold Medal holder who REFUSED to get on the ground when these illegal gun carrying GANGS organized crime sideswiped his Taxi on his way to Olympic Village NBC reported Ryan Lochte said when no one asked him what happened.  I saw the interview on Olympics’ Sporting Events watching it live or I guess live.  Who knows ?  I know THIS that Gunnar Bentz would have had HIS LIFE put on the line by Ryan Lochte for Ryan Lochte to REFUSE at gunpoint to get on the ground.  That part I am VERY CLEAR ON.  This is what stuck ME when I listened to Ryan Lochte OFFER-UP all this in an interview when NO ONE ASKED him a damn thing about that.  On and On and On in typical Ryan Lochte standard operating procedure.


Back in the U.S. he brags of wearing two pairs $1500 tennis shoes he and his girlfriend and calls them $6k talking about the 4.


Look dimwit University of Florida idiot Ryan Lochte this country Brazil is DIRT POOR.


I mean what a total piece of shit Ryan Lochte.


Nothing he says or does seems prudent from where I stand.


Not a thing.


Over-reaction on my part or under-reaction and no proactive protection in the world’s largest murder nation ?  You tell me ?


Brazil’s organized crime targets Americans.  They target the affluent.  We are the target.  And we have no security force to insure that Gunnar Bentz can get to Olympic Village even.


We don’t get it.


NBC’s revenues should include a large portion for the protection of ALL AMERICANS at all Olympics – especially Rio.




1 in 3 in Brazil are below Poverty standard.  Lowest Gross Domestic Product per Capita in the World.  Unsafe living conditions as you can readily see. They are allowed by law to burn the forests and make coffee farm or cattle farm.  Soil erosion and landslides and destruction of their only resource their forests.  80% of Brazil is undeveloped.  Two-thirds of the land is owned by no one; it is government owned land.  So they burn it.  By Brazilian Law they burn it.


It is worth $ 10 thousand dollars an acre unspoiled and $ 400 an acre for coffee farm or cattle farm which strip their only resource the forests.  3 hectares per family under Brazilian Law can be burned of public land.  They are allowed to have 12 thousand legal prostitutes in Rio alone.  They are gun runners and illegal drug gangs.  Wildlife smuggling.  These are the only places their poor economy allows its vast poor and uneducated populous to turn.  It is organized crime.  Nowhere for the 20 % in Northern Brazil who can not read or write even.  And where does the $ 10 billion dollars cost for the Olympics come from ?  Bad roads poor bridges unsafe roads where the travelers are preyed upon horrible infrastructure.  And no building codes.  Their poor left with nowhere to turn but crime.  Illegal logging and the forests not burned for the land as progress taken to 3100 saw mills in Brazil.  No concept of protection of their environment.  Banana Republic.


Any ole Family is Allowed under Brazilian Law to Deforest 3 Hectares per Year and then they overgraze it.  BR-163 road 3000 miles straight through the Very Heart of the Amazon to see the beauty and they can not even Build Bridge over the Amazon.  In Brazil it is not even a paved road.  That’s what Brazil is.  This is where we send our world’s best athletes to suffer.  5 million square miles of Amazon and only 695 patrolmen who try to give out tickets but 80% of the tickets are unpaid so illegal wildlife exploitation is what the corrupt government is TELLING their poor to do to earn income and to burn the forests to devalue Brazil.  Brazil is one of the worst countries to live in.


And their corrupt government hailed the world over as the most corrupt nation removed the monies for education and housing and poverty.


You hear that ?


How did Brazil come-up with the $ 10 billion dollars the Olympics cost them ?  They made BUDGET CUTS to :






The very areas they needed to fund the most to get out of this spiraling out of control lawless corrupt nation.


The people ?


They took to the streets in protest.


Shot down by police.


Forced to move out of the slums near Olympics’ venues.


Rampant unemployment.  Wages down.  They revolted.  They ran out the government.  Put in a new government.  Now they are running that government out of office too.


What does the world learn from these Olympics in Brazil ?


What stories will our world-class athletes return home with ?


What is the Legacy of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics ?


2000 murders in city of Rio alone so far in 2016 and 60 thousand in Brazil overall.  Untold violence crime and legal prostitution.  3 gang members in Rio shot dead in our presence by Police the reported most BRUTAL police force in the world.   Even their own police have been murdered after taking a wrong turn.  $ 12 or $ 17 will buy you sex from 12 thousand legal prostitutes.  And underage girls offered for sex throughout Brazil’s venues.  Greatest Show on Earth ?


And through it all all Brazil can do as a nation is to say oh that’s not true.  Sure it is.  Why are your own people not going to any Olympic Event ?  When we had the Olympics here in Atlanta I went to the games.  What we have here is a corrupt little government the most corrupt in the world covering-up or trying to that in fact you have embarrassed yourself on the world stage in every possible fashion. And lied about it all.  And denied it all.


Greatest Show on Earth or the Worst Olympics by a host nation of all-time ?



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