Jacob Eason who spent all week last week with the # 1 unit so that then he would have 3 weeks’ worth of # 1 QB practice with the # 1 unit continues on this week working with the # 1 unit as the first-up QB again. So this then is 2 weeks’ worth of # 1 QB practice for Jacob Eason with NEXT WEEK game week. I asked before and dimwits MISSED THAT. I ask again. Would Kirby be doing THIS with 3 weeks to go before Kick-Off to be DEMOTING the other 2 quarterbacks and ELEVATING Jacob Eason to # 1 status for ALL TO SEE only to game week next week then finally at the very last moment change to Greyson Lambert as dumbasses are calling for ?

Well no.


A dumbass coach might do that.


Kirby is no dumbass.  He’s in fact one of the very smartest we have EVER had at The University of Georgia which is why he is IN FACT Academic All-America.


There is no way that Kirby would be starting Jacob Eason # 1 with the # 1 unit the last 3 weeks continuously exclusively and then start someone else.


So please keep it up dumb shits and tell ME how YOU want Greyson Lambert to start, how YOU think it matters not who the hell we start, how you think Greyson Lambert is a better FIT for North Carolina, and all this other bullshit where YOU make it out that Kirby has done and said nothing about making ANYONE the # 1 QB.


Jason Butt, Seth Emerson, admin at Field Street Forum, and Chip Towers AJ-C this means YOU specifically.


I have no idea why you find it hard to imagine Kirby would make Jacob Eason # 1 QB for the last 3 weeks of Fall Practice.


He has to choose somebody and the other 2 have NOT put themselves ahead of Jacob Eason.


With the error-prone nature of Brice Ramsey and with the lack of offense by Greyson Lambert that neither of them has put away Jacob Eason tells ME all I need to know.


Kirby made his choice all last week and again so far all this week.


Oh, he hasn’t said or done ANYTHING yet as to his Starting QB ?




You just don’t want me to be right again.  That’s all I am is right.


I have made thousands of predictions and I continue to prove that I LISTEN to the coaches and I decipher it well.  Don’t I ?


You are ALL proven wrong on this because you WANT Greyson Lambert to start.


Guess what ?


I don’t.


And you are ON RECORD on this and I am on record on this and I promise that I will cram this down your God Damn Throats afterwards as well.


You get that ?


All you do is make BAD PREDICTIONS.


You have no credibility.


I have all the credibility under the Sun.



I am certain that Breon Dixon at 5′ 11″ would love to play for Kirby but is he big enough given all the comments recently by Kirby about recruiting for size ? Big news around here that Breon Dixon de-committed but what about Michigan’s de-commitments today – multiple top recruits de-commitments not a 5′ 11″ little guy who says he shies away from wanting to go head-to-head with big guys but wants to take-on little guys he says on this video. Breon Dixon might still come to UGA but right after his commitment Kirby got a commitment from Jaden Hunter a much bigger linebacker who is ranked twice as high as a linebacker as Breon Dixon. Robert Deal a DE is again much bigger than Breon Dixon committed after Breon Dixon. Now a lot of the guys Breon Dixon is talking about on this video are interesting because he obviously has been told whom it is we ARE recruiting heavily including some since the video we did secure commitments from. Breon Dixon is a likable guy. Our staff might have asked Breon Dixon to not talk so much to the press because he does give-away much running his mouth. But this blog talked about Michigan’s commitments from their foray here in satellite camps here in The South and how Michigan and Jim Harbaugh are NOT DOING WELL AT ALL. That they just have a cupcake schedule 2016 with only 2 games to play all season Michigan State and Ohio State and could go 11-2 and have beat ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Luke Bryan is from Leesburg Georgia and I love Luke Bryan – down there near where Kirby is from and so too is Aubrey Solomon Michigan decommit # 8 DT nationally at 304 lbs. just exactly what Kirby is looking for. Farther South than that and headed back NORTH. 2nd Michigan decommit today is Leonard Taylor a Defensive End. 3rd decommit from Michigan who committed at ANOTHER of the satellite campus HERE in The South who has pissed-off another recruit NOT FOLLOWING UP WITH HIM WELL EITHER OL 2018 Jalil Irvin of Stephenson. I mean Michigan is # 37 in won/lost record latest dozen years. Go there because he came down here to satellite camp went back up there and forgot about you ?

Why so much discussion about Breon Dixon when Michigan gets 3 decommits today from satellite camps here in The South then everyone finds out Michigan is not doing shit and hasn’t in football in 2 and half decades.  And Jim Harbaugh is NOT what he says he is.


I know Breon Dixon wants to play for Kirby.  I know that.  He knows that.


But he certainly made BIG NEWS around these parts for a guy who is 5′ 11″ and ranked # 26 at his position when RIGHT AFTER his commitment Kirby got the commitment of the # 13 linebacker his position who is 3 inches taller and faster and by all accounts clearly a better linebacker.


I mean let’s be real here.  The guy has run his mouth about all our recruits.  Did we ask him not to ?  Or was it Breon Dixon figures he will have to battle Jaden Hunter whom he never mentioned when he ran his mouth about all the guys we are recruiting ?


Here is the video :  Short easy to listen to good guy Breon Dixon very likable and obviously a very good player but SMALL :




( http://www.scout.com/college/football/recruiting/story/1667457-who-s-breon-dixon-recruiting-to-Georgia )


# 26 linebacker : http://www.scout.com/player/189219-breon-Dixon


# 13 linebacker commit right AFTER Breon Dixon : http://www.scout.com/player/184759-jaden-hunter


Jaden Hunter is ranked twice as highly as Breon Dixon and committed RIGHT DIRECTLY thereafter after Breon Dixon’s commitment to Kirby which he took back AFTER Jaden Hunter committed and right after Breon Dixon ran his mouth about whom it is we are recruiting and inside information about how we stand with them.  I mean you are committed here to UGA Breon Dixon how about act like it ?  And what is all this in this video about not wanting to go head-to-head with big guys but little guys ONLY ?  I don’t understand that mindset. Every guy I played against was bigger than I.  That is the SAME FOR YOU Breon Dixon.  You are my size.


Every single blog talked about your decommitment Breon Dixon.  You might or might not have noticed there are about 5 million Bulldogs’ fans and we have a veritable plethora of blogs.  Some are on the Dawgbone list.  That is a one-sided list.


So why not the discussion about Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh losing MUCH HIGHER RECRUITS today SEVERAL OF THEM than this little Breon Dixon ?


Scout.com AFTER your decommitment Breon Dixon has Kirby as the 2nd best in the nation by average rank of his Commitments.  The others are NOT decommitting because we have loads of competition and NONE of them are running their mouths about taking-on just little guys like yourself sir.  Play wherever to get on the field for Kirby whatever Kirby wants as position as long as you take-on just little guys you said.  Play Nickel you said Breon Dixon.  You are not a defensive back.  You might be in size but you sir are the # 26 linebacker.  That should be good enough for you because it is in fact GREAT.


2nd best nation Kirby avg recruit : http://www.scout.com/a.z?s=73&p=9&c=14&yr=2017


Only Ohio State as this blog HAS BEEN POINTING OUT are ranked higher than Kirby 2017 after Kirby was # 1 in the nation avg recruit rank 2016.  Look we only have 85 Scholarships.  You must MAXIMIZE your recruits and treat each of the 85 dearly holding tight to each not filling-up your roster with long shots.


Robert Beal who was one of Kirby’s latest Commitments just last month just before your de-commitment Breon Dixon sir obviously is 4 inches taller than you Breon Dixon and he can play linebacker.  He would be GREAT at linebacker.  He is a DE.  He is 30 lbs. heavier than you too Breon Dixon.  Robert Beal is from IMG and he is ranked # 7 in the nation at his position not # 26.  Now Kirby however has to move-on and sign more than one linebacker though for 2017.  You are cutting yourself out.  Maybe you don’t feel that you can compete with these 2 guys Robert Beal and Jaden Hunter or consider our other Commitments just bigger and you too small ?  Maybe you don’t like being told when you say you are a Commitment to Kirby that you GARNER ALL THIS DAMN PRESS Breon Dixon that you DE-COMMIT because Kirby’s staff asked you to cool-it on videos like this one here on THIS BLOG of you for a few seconds running your mouth about not wanting to take-on big guys laughing and that you prefer taking on little guys and will take any position you can get to get on the field.




I don’t know your problem.  But listening to this video I am CONVINCED you want to play for Kirby.


Trey Blount and Andrew Thomas committed to Kirby Breon Dixon sir.  They are 3 and 6 inches taller than you too.  So what ?  Get your head straight and you can take-on those guys.  Guess what ?  You’ll HAVE TO now.


Good luck to you Breon Dixon.


Oh and thanks for all the NEGATIVE NEWS.


Appreciate all that Breon Dixon sir.


By the way Breon Dixon since you clearly have some detailed inferiority complex about your SIZE sir and who therefore you take-on and DON’T, every commit to Kirby for 2017 are ALL a LOT taller than you Breon Dixon.  3 and MORE inches taller everyone except for Richard LeCounte and he is ranked # 2 at his position Safety # 2 Safety in the United States of America.




I am more than willing to move-on from you Breon Dixon since you want all this publicity – here you go boy.  Have fun with MY TAKE that you CAN’T STAND THE HEAT of the Commitments AFTER you to Kirby all FAR BIGGER than yourself as you yourself sir point-out repeatedly in the video on this blog of you running your mouth.  Feel like we have TOO MUCH talent and SIZE for you to wish to take-on AND feel like you would be BEHIND them ALL on the Depth Chart.  AND you want to play for Kirby.  I got it.



As for Michigan :


68-30 Jim Harbaugh record

73-32 we FIRED Mark Richt for last 8 years too


Excuse me Jim Harbaugh is NOT doing well as a coach is he ?


Or did you think that 73-32 last 8 years Mark Richt WAS doing well ?


Uh no.  Got FIRED for it.


NFL Quarterback ?  That what Jim Harbaugh TOLD YOU HE IS ?


No sir.


4 wins in the NFL post seasons in 14 seasons.  .77 NFL QB Rating.  One and a half fumbles or interceptions to TD Passes ratio.  He SUCKED.


DUI.  That’s right Jim Harbaugh has a DUI.  And a BAD HEART with surgery on his heart ALREADY.


Michigan has not won the conference in a dozen years and is # 37 in the nation in won/lost record after 2004 .


When it is 70 degrees here and perfect it is 15 degrees there in the frozen tundra of the burned-out slums in Detroit which is why THEY ALL LEFT and came here.


1000 miles one-way due NORTH on I-75.


All you have to do is look at the license plates.  They ALL come down here.


Michigan QUIT playing football two and a half decades ago and has NOT been a damn thing since.


# 37 won/lost record Michigan last Dozen years : http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/calc-wp.pl?start=2005&end=2015&rpct=0&min=0&se=on&by=Win+Pct


( http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/calc-wp.pl?start=2005&end=2015&rpct=0&min=0&se=on&by=Win+Pct )


Leonard Taylor decommits from Michigan today :




Leonard Taylor wants all this press that he is decommitting today.  Have at it boy.


No discussion of where he IS committing just that it is NOT Michigan.


Aubrey Solomon decommits today from Michigan too.  Now this IS big news !


Big Ten B1G has a losing record in bowl games just hype before the seasons are over.  Then embarrassed.


Breon Dixon not so much by direct stark contrast now is it ?  Not come to UGA go to Michigan ?  Go to Ole Miss ?  In fact BOTH of these Michigan de-commits today are BOTH a LOT better football players than Breon Dixon, aren’t they ?


I felt Aubrey Solomon did not know all this about Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.  I mean the guy Jim Harbaugh is a hype machine.  Runs his mouth for an upstart program who hasn’t done shit.


I certainly have spelled your name correctly every time I have written about you Aubrey Solomon sir.




I certainly KNOW whom it is you are sir.


You are the # 8 defensive tackle in the United States of America.


304 lbs.  Just exactly what Kirby is building here.


And you are from Leesburg Georgia right there near where Kirby is from.  Look at Kirby !


Luke Bryan is from Leesburg Georgia and I love Luke Bryan.




( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HX4SfnVlP4 )


Come on to the University of Georgia :


Aubrey Solomon !  We’d love to have you and thank you sir for the BIG NEWS that you have de-committed from Michigan. Jim Harbaugh runs his dann mouth and has a struggling upstart program who hasn’t done shit up there in the frozen tundra soon to be 15 degrees not to the liking of us Georgia boys now is it Aubrey Solomon ?


And as I write this piece yet another 3rd decommit from Michigan who committed at ANOTHER of the satellite campus HERE in The South who has pissed-off another recruit NOT FOLLOWING UP WITH HIM WELL EITHER OL 2018 Jalil Irvin of Stephenson.



It is in fact then not big news that Breon Dixon decommitted from Kirby but that Michigan who has not won their conference championship even in a dozen years now and is # 37 won/loss record the last dozen years, came down here in The South and held satellite camps and instantly got these 3 commitments who just a couple of weeks later ALL 3 decommit from a guy Jim Harbaugh who had one and half fumbles and interceptions to TD passes a bad heart and a DUI and who can’t even spell our guys’ name correctly and are NOT following-up with them 1000 miles North on I-75 where in short order now it will be 70 degrees here and there 15 degrees.