Jacob Eason who spent all week last week with the # 1 unit so that then he would have 3 weeks’ worth of # 1 QB practice with the # 1 unit continues on this week working with the # 1 unit as the first-up QB again. So this then is 2 weeks’ worth of # 1 QB practice for Jacob Eason with NEXT WEEK game week. I asked before and dimwits MISSED THAT. I ask again. Would Kirby be doing THIS with 3 weeks to go before Kick-Off to be DEMOTING the other 2 quarterbacks and ELEVATING Jacob Eason to # 1 status for ALL TO SEE only to game week next week then finally at the very last moment change to Greyson Lambert as dumbasses are calling for ?

Well no.


A dumbass coach might do that.


Kirby is no dumbass.  He’s in fact one of the very smartest we have EVER had at The University of Georgia which is why he is IN FACT Academic All-America.


There is no way that Kirby would be starting Jacob Eason # 1 with the # 1 unit the last 3 weeks continuously exclusively and then start someone else.


So please keep it up dumb shits and tell ME how YOU want Greyson Lambert to start, how YOU think it matters not who the hell we start, how you think Greyson Lambert is a better FIT for North Carolina, and all this other bullshit where YOU make it out that Kirby has done and said nothing about making ANYONE the # 1 QB.


Jason Butt, Seth Emerson, admin at Field Street Forum, and Chip Towers AJ-C this means YOU specifically.


I have no idea why you find it hard to imagine Kirby would make Jacob Eason # 1 QB for the last 3 weeks of Fall Practice.


He has to choose somebody and the other 2 have NOT put themselves ahead of Jacob Eason.


With the error-prone nature of Brice Ramsey and with the lack of offense by Greyson Lambert that neither of them has put away Jacob Eason tells ME all I need to know.


Kirby made his choice all last week and again so far all this week.


Oh, he hasn’t said or done ANYTHING yet as to his Starting QB ?




You just don’t want me to be right again.  That’s all I am is right.


I have made thousands of predictions and I continue to prove that I LISTEN to the coaches and I decipher it well.  Don’t I ?


You are ALL proven wrong on this because you WANT Greyson Lambert to start.


Guess what ?


I don’t.


And you are ON RECORD on this and I am on record on this and I promise that I will cram this down your God Damn Throats afterwards as well.


You get that ?


All you do is make BAD PREDICTIONS.


You have no credibility.


I have all the credibility under the Sun.




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