Jacob Eason is STILL the # 1 QB in Kirby’s rotation today Friday 8-26-2016 at practice. There’s another practice tomorrow and then Monday Jacob Eason begins preparations for North Carolina Tar Heels. As for Matthew Stafford 2006 Mark Richt undermined him as the # 1 QB still in game 7 vs Vandie where he did NOT start and we lost in front of me. Mark Richt told THE ENTIRE TEAM that BOTH Joe Tereshinski III and Joe Cox were BETTER QUARTERBACKS than Matthew Stafford.

This season Jacob Eason STARTS and Greyson Lambert backs him up.

Next season Jacob Eason STARTS and Jake Fromm backs him up.

The season after next is Jacob Eason’s last year here.




(https://www.dawgnation.com/football/georgia-practice-update-jacob-eason-still-going-first )


And all you people running your God Damn Mouths about wanting Greyson Lambert to start instead can all go stick it up your God Damn Assholes.


Jacob Eason Era began 2 weeks ago.

Kirby Era begins 1 week from tomorrow.


The 2 will be one-and-the-same 2016 2017 and 2018.







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