Dean Legge states at 7:40 p.m. Friday 26th that he has been told Jacob Eason is Kirby’s Starter and that the Kirby Era coincides with the Jacob Eason Era this year with Greyson Lambert backing him up then next year with Jake Fromm backing Jacob Eason up and then the year after next is Jacob Eason’s final year here. Game week rotation set at QB. Saturday practice at Georgia Dome with Jacob Eason again for the 3rd and final week now all last 3 weeks is working with the # 1 unit getting used to them and they with him. The team has seen that Kirby is behind Jacob Eason because no one separated themselves at QB despite Brice being in his 4th season and Greyson Lambert his 5th. Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation states Monday press conference at noon after practice at Dome Saturday and that he too has been told it’s Jacob Eason’s job to lose. All I can say is you people are really slow on the uptake when there NEVER was any other choice. This blog has said so the entire time since before he signed with Kirby beginning with the hire of Sam Pittman.

Of course there have been a small vocal minority of fools who have told you otherwise daily despite 4 true freshmen starters at QB last year rated in the Top 42 quarterbacks for their performances last season STARTING and Greyson Lambert # 79.  I wouldn’t rate him that highly as a HALTING quarterback.  Brice Ramsey lost any further opportunity in this 1st scrimmage of the 3 this Fall.


In fact, it was directly thereafter that I said that he no longer needed further reps with the # 1 unit.


That was Saturday the 13th August.  Kirby said afterwards that no QB separated himself and then PROMOTED Jacob Eason to working with the # 1 unit.  He’s not relinquished this all last week all this week and now game week preparations kicked-off yesterday at the Dome.


Again as I said Saturday the 13th this job is according to Kirby Jacob Eason’s.  There is no coach of any tenure or not who would in fact practice Jacob Eason with the # 1 unit all the last 3 weeks and then start someone else.  Only you could not accept that as Kirby’s words.  This has SHOWN THE TEAM that Kirby is behind Jacob Eason whom Kirby signed here and whom when he had taken the visit to Florida after Mark Richt was fired and before Kirby was hired flew directly from the podium announcement of Kirby to Washington.  There he invited Jacob Eason here and nailed it.


Then Kirby hired Jim Chaney and Sam Pittman combination back-to-back.


Then Tony who is Jacob Eason’s Dad and former Notre Dame wide receiver 85 and 86 said that it was over that his son he calls Jake was coming to play for KIRBY.


Then Kirby signed Jacob Eason.


Then Kirby immediately put the guy he brought here in the rotation.


Then he moved him up Saturday 13th having met with the 3 as a group.


The small vocal minority the clique all told you that even yesterday it would in fact be Greyson Lambert.  Chipper Towers for example – he of the famous posts of Mark Richt not going anywhere and best ever even AFTER fired.


The paradigm here in the past 15 years has been to act like the small vocal minority who BOLDLY and LOUDLY stated that THEY ALL would start Greyson Lambert.


I did the research of that in my heart and provided that on this cult site here known for such.


They kept it up.


I called them out.


They continued unabated and as these very same damn few did with Mark Richt that he was not going anywhere listed all the excuses why Mark Richt would stay and why Greyson Lambert as Mark Richt’s choice was clearly the smart choice the best fit for North Carolina and what would happen and why.


No it wasn’t.


It was the paradigm of Mark Richt.  His example.  His choices.  His decisions.  His model.  You know ?  The paradigm of there’s something more important than playing our best players trophy for everyone lead the boys to Jesus and the heck with winning football averaging 4 losses his last entire 8 years culminating with Greyson Lambert getting Mark Richt fired for his poor choice this time last year following his poor choice of Hutson Mason this time the year before that.


Greyson Lambert 2015 I shared was # 119 Third Down Conversions # 104 Passing Offense after Hutson Mason and Mike Bobo were # 88 Passing Offense 2014.  Neither could stretch the field.  Neither capable of running as well.


The new standard the new paradigm is that this is 2016 and no longer are true freshmen BURIED on the 2-Deep.  Mark Richt left Kirby 2 senior starters on the 2-Deep and 6 juniors.


Kirby told you that.


We don’t have the 2-Deep we need and then recruited Jacob Eason here.  This while you held Facebook vigils to KEEP Mark Richt.


You have been so full of it that it surprises me not you chose Greyson Lambert daily despite my detailed research of that which I saw in person that Greyson Lambert not the smart choice you said but halting and unproductive and gave you the FACTS.  You know ?  That which you told me were just STATS.  Followed by you providing me with your REASONS and EXCUSES.  And no STATS. NO FACTS.  Just your unsubstantiated opinion to hold us back.


The new Kirby Prototype has to be, given our 2-Deep so poor in upper-classmen that Phil Steele told you it is # 93 in experience nationally Kirby to clean-up, play our best players.


Take the top 50-60 players make sure they are on the right seat on the bus.




Still you can not read a man Kirby who is in fact Academic All-America.


Fran Tarkenton is Academic All-America.  He told you as I that Mark Richt had to go.  He told you he would start Jacob Eason and said that as I prior to Spring in fact all the way back in January he told you that.  You said : ” Fran Tarkenton does NOT speak for The Great Bulldog Nation.”


The hell you say.


You are so good at EXCUSES.


As a fan base The Great Bulldog Nation has let this program down.


You have driven a wedge between the very ones doing all they can to try to share we are in fact a program to be reckoned with.


I shared we would recruit better without Mark Richt than with and that he would go elsewhere and not recruit as well that he wasted what WE HANDED TO HIM.


THE NEW paradigm The Kirby Era Prototype is that we shall NOT WASTE our talent.  That we SHALL find our top 50-60 players and NOT CONSIDER whether they KNOW WHAT TO DO OR NOT but whom in fact are our best 50-60 players.  That our 2-Deep must include true frosh and I shared 10 true frosh will get a start headlined by Jacob Eason this season and 12 first time players 15 in total freshmen who are inline to get a START 2016-2017 for Kirby.


This the new prototype around here.  This the new paradigm.  This the new example.  This the new standard.  This the new typical Kirby model.  Why should your sets of values be the paradigm for the rest of us ?  For me ?  For Fran ?  For Kirby ?


You want another ?


Not one of you has said a word about Mecole Hardman Jr.


Guess what ?


I as I have done since Sam Pittman was hired and I began then stating Jacob Eason is Kirby’s starter have told you as well Mecole Hardman Jr. gets a Start for Kirby too this season.  I said he is one of our top running backs and top wide receivers and top special teams’ players and top defensive backs.  Kirby has been sagacious with Mecole Hardman Jr. as well and his mom who said that SHE wants YOU to know that her son wants to WIN knows Kirby wants to win.  Mark Richt invited him to Alabama game and he said afterwards that Kirby brought his players ready and that Mark Richt did NOT.


He was NEVER coming here to play for Mark Richt.



This so far divergent from the Mark Richt Paradigm as to see a line drawn in the sand.


This I’ve been calling for for 8 years to your chagrin.


While you share it would be dumb to start Jacob Eason that the SMART you put in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS choice would be ONLY Greyson Lambert because YOUR PARADIGM is that of Mark Richt’s that of 9-4 for 8 years is just fine with you, good, greatest ever.  He the HALTING QB who got Mark Richt fired by himself. Surrounded by talent this program has NEVER SEEN Greyson Lambert looked like shit.


Go read your own words.


I certainly have, haven’t I ?


The sagacious choice is Jacob Eason.


You don’t even know what sagacious means.


You huddle together in your little clique of a very small group trying to speak for The Great Bulldog Nation and you have been wrong on this paradigm that there’s something besides winning that’s important and that 9 wins and 4 losses for 8 years is UNACCEPTABLE I stated in direct contrasting contradiction to your BULLSHIT.


You aren’t going to fix the 2-Deep in 1 year – this mess left by Mark Richt – but you certainly can break with the past.


You’re stuck in a rut of making the wrong statement and me continuing-on to make the right statements of FACT.  My predictions have been correct founded-upon FACTS STATS experience knowledge and in-depth research on the ISSUES of our program.


You deny STATS out-of-hand when they do NOT support your opinions and USE STATS when they do.  You FAIL to list the research by this blog substantiating why your choices WRONG your predictions foolhardy and failing listing them state only OPINION.   I have made my predictions.  I have stood by them.  I have researched them PRIOR to stating them and have put forth the groundwork the ground swell of knowledge and yes STATS FACTS why.  And I have been proven ONCE AGAIN correctly making these predictions THEREFORE in intelligent fashion.


While you continue on unabated YOU WOULD START Greyson Lambert.


Unpopular choice ?


You KNOW I said otherwise and you know that this blog speaks for our program.  That I have had seasons’ tickets since 1957 including Dad’s and then mine that my family educated here and that all us college grads all 7.  You put shit on my opinions my predictions and have learned to EAT CROW.


You HATE IT that this blog does speak for us.  That we long since should have been FAR BETTER.  That I have EXPECTATIONS based upon my up-bringing that that instilled into me ingrained.  You are so little to have TRIED to be the Internet Bully to me.  You have FAILED to make YOUR OPINION then only heard.


And you have been CALLED-OUT ONCE AGAIN ON THIS by God !


I told you so.


I told You I would tell you I told you so.


Greyson Lambert what a buffoon to make such a prediction.


And so where are you now ?


That’s right you’re RIGHT HERE to see what I have to say on it.


Because you know this blog does speak that which is of THE MAJORITY OPINION of THIS GREAT BULLDOG NATION.


Frankly you know you don’t.


So you want to FIND ANY REASON to compartmentalize and say you IGNORE and wish I would go away.


Me ?


I read your blog like everyone else.




I sit down and give you hell for it.


Try getting with THE PROGRAM.


We would NEVER start Greyson Lambert.  He is a serviceable back-up QB and prototype for THAT.


When did you become fan of this program of MINE for 59 years to begin to suggest you are better fan of this program than I because I said Mark Richt had to be fired for being in fact a total dumbass on his decisions on personnel you wish to perpetuate after I fired his ass ?


My faculties are quite damn directed to your bullying of me and I have spoken my heart of hearts on these ISSUES Mark Richt left us with.


I take particular difference to HIS DECISIONS.


And, your support of him for his decisions his goals not mine not ours – his values, your values.


You ?


You just want to bully me to have my opinion NOT HEARD.


Go read your God Damn POSTS on this blog.


On your own about this blog.


Go ahead.


Instead of the bullying this time concentrate on the POINT I was making about our shortfall therein discussed by me and YOUR off-topic failing to EVEN DISCUSS my points.


Guess what ?


My POINTS ARE and REMAIN correct.


And your off-topic put-downs are NOT DIRECTED to the POINTS.


I made a point.


You picked on ME.




Have at it.




My point right again.


You actually think you’ll be vindicated that Kirby can not win 145 games in 15 years. Surely he INSTEAD again by DIRECT STARK CONTRAST will win 175 thirty MORE.


You think you can support Kirby now and say all these opinions how great a man fine Christian Mark Richt and hope in your heart Kirby does NOT do better than Mark Richt.  That’s right.  That’s what you want.


He will.


And you will STILL BE SITTING THERE as the Internet bully clique who FAILED to get your way that my opinion on the decision by Mark Richt to start Greyson Lambert WRONG and that Mark Richt had to go over putting himself in that position then making such decision you supporting him on that and that the ONLY  reason you would say start Greyson Lambert is the ONLY smart choice.


You’re just pussies who want to make decisions pussies do.


I wanted Mark Richt fired and you hated me for it and still do.  I don’t give a shit what a fine man he is for the over $ 50 million I paid him to coach here.  Not lead the boys to Jesus as Savior.

I am so over him and you.


Go tell someone ELSE that Mark Richt’s choice who got him fired last year is YOUR CHOICE this year.


It doesn’t hold water ANY of Mark Richt’s decisions.


None of them.


I wanted Kirby and called for him among others while Richt still here.

I wanted Kirby to go to Washington and to hire his staff.

Ok I wanted Kirby to be here before January 12 and to make Jacob Eason the Starter Day 1 of Spring Practice.  What he has done while getting the team and the fans behind Jacob Eason not like he handed it to him besides wasting all Spring is to give Jacob Eason an opportunity to breathe.


I know you never played.


So you don’t understand that.


You need to breathe.


Picture Jacob Eason taking a deep breath.


( )


( )




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