Jacob Eason’s teammates state that they his teammates say that Jacob Eason is the choice of our coaching staff at QB so says Jason Butt, UGA grad. In the practice at the Georgia Dome these players for The Georgia Bulldogs state that Jacob Eason not only again continues working with the # 1 unit as he has done for the last 3 weeks prior to Kick-Off but that at the Georgia Dome Jacob Eason worked primarily with the # 1 unit in preparations for North Carolina Tar Heels who can not be pleased about this turn of events for these last entire 3 weeks of Fall Practice. And what an incredible time this is in Bulldogs’ history where we said BOLDLY that we have EXPECTATIONS of ourselves and want oh so much more ! I’m so glad. I’m glad. I’m glad. I’m glad. Now given all this great NEWS is exactly what I predicted right down the line, what are my predictions for Kirby and Jacob Eason this season and the future ?


( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF-pMingp6A )

The Kirby Era / The Jacob Eason Era


What would be a success for The Kirby Jacob Eason Era ?


Well, since Mark Richt was 73-32 for his last entire 8 years here averaging 9-4, that is EXACTLY what would be a success especially given everyone is predicting 8-4 whatever the heck that is in 15-game seasons for the top teams; but I say that Kirby and Jacob Eason will be instead 11-3 or even 12-2 both of which would be a significant improvement for us and set the stage for Kirby to have 175 wins in the next 15 seasons, not 145 Mark Richt put up in 15 years obviously NOT 10-win average season for Mark Richt but 9.


I was most certainly correct on Mark Richt getting fired, on Jacob Eason being the Starter, as I was what Mark Richt would be last year and the year before that, so it stands to reason I have good credibility on my predictions for this season for Kirby and Jacob Eason.


This despite the fact that I was lampooned as an idiot and not as good a fan of Georgia Bulldogs as those who said I could NOT post to their blogs further that Mark Richt just had to be FIRED or leave and go be a preacher man or to go to some other lesser-football program than UGA where we have EXPECTATIONS so far in ADVANCE of what he put-up here for all the time of his last entire 8 years here.


The Mark Richt Apologists went to EVERY blog I posted at and told them to BAN ME from posting there because I dared to suggest that we could do BETTER than Mark Richt his last entire 8 years.  That they were SICK and TIRED of hearing that about such a fine man.  That they were BETTER Georgia Bulldogs’ fans than I seasons’ tickets for 59 years.  That I was in fact a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.


A fine man and a LOUSY coach for his last entire 8 years here by ALL ACCOUNTS.


When everyone AGREED with me finally my blog took-off and starting getting 10 thousand reads.


Why is THAT ?


Because THEY knew I was right and they wrong.


I let all that slide after we fired him as I had said for 8 years to their chagrin.  But, they KEPT it up.  Still do keep it up that he so great. No not for his last 8 years he wasn’t.


WAS he ?


It is logical therefore that today you would be in FACT a Miami of Florida fan.  You need to SAVE FACE with egg all over YOUR FACE.  You must have Mark Richt DO EXTREMELY WELL at Miami of Florida DESPITE THE FACT that he WAS NOT HERE his last entire 8 years.


Further, I state that we will break from the past of being afraid of playing our stars on special teams and that we will RACK-UP on special teams with finally a Special Teams’ Coach.  We will NOT have back-up Defensive Ends BLOCKING on special teams.  They are 2 completely different skill sets.  We will not have walk-ons fair catch kick-offs and then stand there and wait 2 seconds before the 1st opponent shows-up.


We will NOT call time-out when the opponent is going to get a penalty for not being near ready for their special teams’ play.


We will NOT pooch kick-off to give opponent ball at 43-yard line with 13 seconds remaining.


We won’t do ANY of this poor clock management we are well and truly used to.


We will NOT leave our stars in with a 3-TD lead less than 5 minutes to go to go back and on top of record performance carry the ball to get injured not win Heisman Trophy so that we can go up by 4 TD with 5 minutes left.


We will NOT refuse to hand the ball to our Heisman Trophy Candidate running back 1st and goal from the 4-yard line.


We will NOT ask the # 88 passing QB who averaged minus yards rushing to run around at the 4-yard line which he CAN NOT DO and then throw the ball through the end zone which he ALSO can NOT do instead of giving it to our Heisman Trophy Candidate Running Back.


In addition we will SET RECORDS in receiving this season from a DEEP receiving group, that all the tight ends are not all going to be tight ends but receivers and on Defense and running back positions.  And with our stable of running backs, we will ALSO set records this season – our Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016 as I have dubbed them here.


I further am ON RECORD, as you that Mark Richt would still be here today, that Kirby will break with the past and give a start to 10 True Freshmen this season 12 First-Time Players maybe even 13, of a pool I predict is as many as 15 first time players whom Kirby gives a start to this EXCITING 2016-2017 season.


Obviously, I do NOT predict that we will lose to Florida, Ole Miss, vols, and North Carolina with an additional stumble or 2 like Mark Richt always did EVERY YEAR to a team such as Auburn or Georgie tek yellowjackets.  We will NOT beat Alabama this season.  However we might hang with LSU.


And, since Mark Richt did not win The SEC Championship Game in his last entire ten (10) seasons in a row now, I predict that Kirby will NOT this season either.  Nor does he need to.  I predict Kirby wins 80% of his games here at UGA whereas Mark Richt won only 73 % of his games here 145-51 obviously NOT 10-win season average and that Kirby does obviously at 175 wins his first 15 seasons by STARK DIRECT CONTRAST.


Jacob Eason will win us two more games than Greyson Lambert would have.


Kirby will do this because he will NOT squander the talent and waste it as Mark Richt Little Goody Two-Shoes did here and not just on special teams where in his trophy for everyone, he played his walk-ons who were # 100 special teams each year now for us.  Speaking of Mark Richt Mr. Charlie Brown of college football, I see he has kicked-off 3 starters already for this season.  He felt that THAT was the way to handle discipline to harshly PUNISH but NOT to tell the players to obey the rules such as NOT TAKING free rental cars ON HIS WATCH THIS CALENDAR YEAR.


Kirby will NOT put-up a 54 % win percentage against teams who went on and played in a bowl game the season Kirby plays them as Mark Richt did his last entire 8 years here.


Further, I had predicted that Kirby would OUT-RECRUIT Mark Richt despite Mark Richt taking THAT JOB THERE December 2nd long before Kirby got here January 12 and DESPITE the fact that Florida has a significantly bigger better recruiting base than Georgia.  To that end, Kirby had the # 7 recruiting class then added a lot MORE after signing day while Mark Richt ranked the # 39 recruiting class at Miami of Florida according to Scout.com.  I don’t care what he does down there because he so screwed-up our program here for his last entire 8 years.


You will find no bumper stickers on my Camry XLE or my Tacoma for Miami of Florida.


Luck is what you make for yourself, so I don’t wish Mark Richt any bad luck – I just don’t care either way what he does down there playing in the All Cupcake Conference ACC which is a 2-team conference and has been – not a 6 or even 7-team SEC Conference.  I had offered to Mark Richt that I personally would hire the moving truck and personally move each of his possessions safely to wherever he wanted to go if he would leave.  He chose with the over $ 50 million dollars we paid him to coach here not lead the boys to Jesus in VIOLATION of the U.S. Constitution at a state-sponsored school not to take me up on that.  Therefore we had to FIRE him.  He then told Aaron Murray that he was “QUITE disappointed” that he was FIRED.


Mark Richt felt that he was judged on something OTHER THAN BESIDES winning and losing.  He was NOT.


I hardly think much can be expected of Kirby’s defense this season but then again Mark Richt NEVER had a good defense here.


Mark Richt left Kirby according to Phil Steele the # 93 experienced team 2016 with a 2-Deep of ONLY 2 seniors and 6 juniors.


Kirby is fixing that too.  He is fixing this by playing TRUE FRESHMEN, not sitting them down like this is now today prior to 1968 when freshmen were allowed to play.


It would be especially bad for Kirby and Jacob Eason if they went out and lost to an unranked team time of game or for the season ANY YEAR like Mark Richt did EVERY YEAR and sometimes twice.  Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams in his last 8 years either time of game or for season.


Another prediction I have for Kirby and Jacob Eason is that they TOO break from the past and do something against their NEXT 24 top 15 games.  Right now that is Ole Miss and the vols with Florida just outside that and North Carolina as well just outside that top 15.   Auburn is not too far down that top 15 list right now either.  Mark Richt was # 45 nationally his latest 8 years here at 18 losses his last 24 games vs top 15 teams time of game.  I therefore GUARANTEE Kirby as well will NOT be 75 % LOSSES as Mark Richt after 2007 against Top 15 teams.


I did NOT want Mark Richt gone fired – not for the 2001-2007 time period and was a staunch supporter of his until then; but I will NOT support any coach with the record that Mark Richt put up after kick-off game 5 of 2008 when he was 76-19 winning percentage of 80 percent EXACTLY, of just only 68 % thereafter.  THIS INCLUDES ESPECIALLY KIRBY.


When you win 4 of every 5 games for the period until kick-off game 5 of 2008 and then thereafter for 8 horrible unacceptable seasons win only 3 of every 4 games, do NOT expect that I will support ANY such lousy coach here at The University of Georgia. For I will not.  I shall not.  Kirby will be 80 % win percentage here for his career and Mark Richt should have been as well, not 73 % made-up of VERY GOOD 80% until kick-off game 5 of 2008 and ONLY 68% since.


I expect Kirby to NOT get BLOWN-OUT as Mark Richt did 7 times after 2007 by MORE than 3 Touchdowns his last 8 years either.  I predict and guarantee he WILL NOT.


I expect Kirby to NOT make the in-game decisions like Mark Richt did, call poorly his timeouts as Mark Richt nor to WASTE his TALENT as Mark Richt in personnel decisions.  I predict Kirby out-performs Mark Richt right down the line, completely and utterly in EVERY conceivable fashion.  I would not have suggested while Mark Richt was here that Kirby among others I specifically listed should be hired and Mark Richt fired if I felt I would be sitting here this morning telling you Mark Richt was our best coach ever and Kirby as an unproven coach might go 8-4 as you have predicted.


Kirby will ALWAYS be 80 % win percentage every year here at UGA.


26 seasons The Georgia Bulldogs # 11 all-time in wins won 80% of our games.




Mark Richt had 11 which were NOT.


3 out of every 4 seasons, 11 in total Mark Richt did NOT hit the 80 % win mark.  That’s UNACCEPTABLE.


Kirby will be FAR BETTER than THAT.


I’m so glad.  I’m glad.  I’m glad.  I’m glad that this is QUITE an UPGRADE for us.


Despite you wanting to hold us back.


And to you Mark Richt :


Mark Richt, sir, God expects us to take an active part.


This is why we find so many vigorous words and phrases in Scripture, such as “make every effort”, “strain”, “struggle”, “pursue”, “run with diligence the race set before you”, “fight the good fight”, “persist”, “resist”, “stand”, “take hold”, “guard”, “endure to the end”, etc. If everything is preordained, what would be the use of all this strenuous effort?


Pray to God that we win ?


Say that whatever happens in wins and losses here at Georgia you are COMFORTABLE with because of your walk with Jesus is how YOU MEASURE YOURSELF.  That it would be a disaster if you were INSTEAD judged on wins and losses ?  That you are comfortable with your walk with Jesus and know that is what really matters when we paid you $ 50 million dollars to win here.


That crap is OVER.


He’s gone and I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with the FIRED guy you KEEP bragging on he as a fine man.  I further WILL accomplish these goals for Kirby and what your goals are for Mark Richt as a Miami of Florida fan, I could give a shit.





( http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/sports/college/sec/university-of-georgia/bulldogs-blog/article98470482.html )


As we break from this recent past 8 years, it’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog and I would NOT want to be Miami of Florida fan.


We CAN’T beat just the creampuff powder cake cupcakes and lose to one or two of them EVERY SEASON TOO.


We CAN’T be the # 88 Passing Team of 2014 with Hutson Mason and Mike Bobo with Mark Richt NOR the # 104 Passing Team of 2015 with Mark Richt and HIS CHOICE Greyson Lambert.  That’s UNACCEPTABLE.


I expect Kirby to be ranked by The Sporting News as one of the Top 25 College Football Coaches, not like Mark Richt who WAS NOT according to their latest rankings.


I expect that Kirby and Jacob Eason will NOT allow the opponents to stack the box against us.


I am NOT looking for EXCUSES : I am DEMANDING wins.


Excuses are EASY to conjure-up; wins are NOT.


You have FREE WILL to root for Kirby or to root for Mark Richt.  I know which one I am the fan of, therefore which one I want to do well.  I am NOT confused about this or conflicted about this AT ALL.


Our goal for Kirby and for Jacob Eason is NOT to have a 10-win season.  There were 29 teams who won 10-wins 2015 season.  29




We were NOT even ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 not only not last year but half the time after 2007.




If Mark Richt could accomplish THIS 2001-2007 then THIS is Kirby’s goal too :




( http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2001&thy=2007&grk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4 )


And since Mark Richt accomplished THIS instead and that UNACCEPTABLE, THIS would be UNACCEPTABLE for Kirby and for Jacob Eason as well :




( http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2008&thy=2015&grk=on&schedanl=on&cres=1&scrview=2&tview=4 )


Of course YOU would NEVER state that THIS last URL Link is unacceptable for Mark Richt.  Sure it was.


And it is GREAT he is gone.


Long live Kirby !  Now if Kirby is NOT the answer I will TELL YOU THAT.  I guarantee.  I listed Kirby among a small group of possible replacements for Mark Richt and he was the ONLY one of my list who was not a PROVEN HEAD COACH.  Right now I am so glad that Mark Richt is gone that I am HAPPY to have Kirby here instead and to have Kirby choose Jacob Eason as our Starting QB.  I can tell you this if Kirby is JUST MORE OF THE SAME then Kirby is NOT going to have my support.


I have EXPECTATIONS for this football program and what we’ve been the last 8 years is NOT ACCEPTABLE.


What is acceptable is BETTER than that.


And long live Jacob Eason !








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