vols # 9 AP Poll yet UGA vs. any Opponent who made the AP or Coaches’ Poll Top 10 for the seasons after 2007 The Georgia Bulldogs are an abysmal only 2 wins and 15 LOSSES # 37 in the nation with average # 7 recruiting ranking Scout.com. vols are # 10 in the Coaches’ Poll and # 9 in the AP Poll. Is Kirby going to be able to win these type games with Greyson Lambert ? Is # 37 acceptable vs. top 10 for 8 years now or is this on Kirby’s To-Do List of his goals for 2016 AND beyond ?



# 37

2 wins 15 losses

vs top 10 AP or Coaches’ Polls for seasons after 2007 The University of Georgia Bulldogs


This is very major on Kirby’s To-Do List for his goals here that The Georgia Bulldogs shake this long-standing issue that we fail against those teams who are Top 10 AP or Coaches’ Polls for the seasons after 2007.


We played 3 teams who were ranked teams for last season Kirby.  Greyson Lambert was horrible against Alabama and LOST.  He gave up a 3 TD lead with 3 minutes to go before half vs vols and LOST. He therefore was NOT GIVEN any shot despite 4 interceptions vs Florida by a guy who had not been given a single snap at QB all season.


Vince Dooley was wrong not to start Herschel Walker 1980 no freshman is going to start for me.


Kirby you were hired to fix this shit.  I KNOW you were wrong to show-up here January 12.  I know that Greyson Lambert is NEVER the QB to lead this program forward to where we MUST be.  We fired the last coach because he didn’t give a shit about winning or losing – thinking there’s something besides winning that’s important here.


If you make the same kind of mistakes for a different reason, then you’re STILL making the SAME DECISIONS.


Determine who our top 50-60 players are and get them on the RIGHT SEAT on the bus Kirby.


We’re not Alabama.


We have not been.


We unfortunately are not.


You were NOT hired so that we would be this season, not with this 2-Deep.


Not with THIS HALTING quarterback Mark Richt chose.


Greyson Lambert was # 104 passing offense # 119 on Third Down Conversions # 119 fumbling the ball with Greyson Lambert’s 7 fumbles by himself threw only 12 TD passes and rushed for minus 39 yards on 29 carries.


If for ANY OTHER REASON, the reason to NOT start Greyson Lambert would be because Mark Richt DID.


It cost Mark Richt his job.