All the players are personal projects of Kirby. Lorenzo Carter is the ONLY ONE ? Lame. Lorenzo Carter has played in 13 games each of his 2 seasons with averaging only 3 and a half starts. Now he’s going to start. That doesn’t make Lorenzo Carter Kirby’s ONLY PROJECT. Kirby wants Lorenzo Carter to be TOUGHER. When you only get to start 25 % of the time like Lorenzo Carter you’re not going to have eye-popping results. Chip Towers is trying to make Lorenzo Carter out as a BUST. Yet in his 25% starts he has 7 tackles for a loss. 4 and half sacks. 2 forced fumbles. 1 fumble recovery. A pass break-up. 24 quarterback hurries. And 60 tackles 29 of which were solo tackles – starting 25 % his freshmen and sophomore years. This is his Junior Year. THIS is when ALL THE PLAYERS SHINE. Shine when he was a Frosh or Soph starting 25 % of the time, Chip Towers ? He was rated about the # 25 player and # 3 Defensive End. Now he is listed as SAM linebacker starting this year at 6′ 6″ and 242 lbs. I have no idea what you have been looking at Chip Towers but when he goes in the games he stands-out to me with his effort. What do you see ? Kirby told you he works hard too, which is MORE than can be said for you Chipper Towers. Keith Maloof has been one of my personal friends for 50 years – his whole family. If he tells you this too why the ANGLE you are trying to put on this Chip Towers ? Leonard Floyd. Jordan Jenkins. Reggie Carter. Jake Ganus. Tim Kimbrough. Josh Dawson. Chuks Amaechi. Davin Bellamy. Natrez Patrick. Lorenzo Carter competed with these guys for playing time his Frosh and Soph year. So what Chipper Towers ?

Chipper Towers you want to talk about personal project Lorenzo Carter like he isn’t or hasn’t done well when he does get in there as a starter 25 % of his games.  That is God Damn NASTY of you Chipper Towers you piece of shit son of a bitch asshole.


That’s what I have to say about that.


Mark Bradley calls you esteemed for THAT ?


If you are ANYTHING it is NOT esteemed.


No one admires and reveres you Chipper Towers.


Absolutely no one.  Half the time you just take the day off.  You do nothing.  You write nothing.  You don’t cover us.  You write fluff pieces with some PERSONAL AGENDA you have.  You write bullshit.  You MAKE UP SHIT mostly about how freaking great Mark Richt was here – even after we FIRED him for # 45 beating top 15 teams after 2007 and # 37 vs top 10 teams with the # 7 talent.  It’s NOT because Lorenzo Carter hasn’t lived up to expectations but because Mark Richt sucked with the OTHER GUYS starting INSTEAD of Lorenzo Carter.


They’re gone for the most part this season and so is your God Damn HERO Mark Richt.  All Mark Richt did was give you nice answers and you BOUGHT EVERY WORD OF IT.  You STILL DO.


Never did you EVER do a piece like Mark Bradley that Mark Richt had to be run of a town on a piss ant rail.  In fact, you stated after he was fired that he was the greatest ever.  What hogwash when not only could he no longer beat the top teams, having LOST IT after 2007 but he ALSO lost to 12 teams unranked either time of game or for season after 2007 as well.


You want to put forth the notion that you write about us, but instead what you do Chipper Towers is to STAY OUT OF TOUCH with reality.




You obviously did not play this game or have stars ahead of you as Frosh and Soph.


Lorenzo Carter is doing fine.


As for Mark Bradley saying the POLAR OPPOSITE from you Chip Towers on Mark Richt, Mark Bradley today tries to make it sound like it will NOT be easy for Kirby to better Mark Richt.  God Almighty.


One dumbass defending another dumbass and both opening mouth to switch feet.


Why did Mark Richt have the be fired then Mark Bradley ?


In 15-game seasons Mark Richt averaged 9 wins and 4 losses his last 8 years.  That is why he was FIRED.


26 seasons we have won 80 % of our games.  If Mark Richt had CONTINUED doing that after 2007 as he was, he’d still be here.




It will be EASY for Kirby to outdo Mark Richt’s last 8 years here.


Now this bullshit about you wanting and Mark Bradley wanting Kirby to be Mr. Friendly to your utter nonsense that Lorenzo Carter is Kirby’s ONLY PROJECT, where the hell did you get that either dumbass ?


Hey Mark Bradley and Chipper Towers, how freaking friendly am I to you ?


Why don’t you write a piece about how well you two get along with me ?


I’ll tell you how I really feel about you mother fokers.


I detest you BOTH with a God Damn Passion.  You’re both full of shit.  You neither know a freaking word one about college football and you’re both in love with yourselves – too much ego not enough knowledge of the game I pay you to write about.


And 1 of you parts his God Damn hair down the middle.


The other is a God Damn LIAR.


If you have something you believe, then say it.


If you don’t believe in what you say, don’t saying ANYTHING.


Don’t contradict yourself in the same piss poor post.


Lorenzo Carter is doing fine.  Mark Richt was NOT for 8 long years.  Kirby’s total for 15 years will be 175 wins not 145.  The problem was NOT that Lorenzo Carter did not do well when he only started 25 % of the games for Mark Richt his frosh and soph years.  What I see when I watch him is a guy who is EVERYWHERE making plays.  All kinds of plays.


Maybe if your God Damn Hero Mark Richt WOULD HAVE made ALL THE PLAYERS HIS PERSONAL PROJECT, he’s still be here with his unobtainable win total losing to everyone for 8 years because he did not GIVE A SHIT and categorically REFUSED to get after ANYONE.


Most especially you 2 peas in a pod trying to tell Kirby that he SHOULDN’T have the entire team as his personal project EVERY PLAYER like Mark Richt NEVER would get after anyone ?


2 nincompoops writing about an Academic All-America and saying he has 1 personal project Lorenzo Carter who played behind a half a dozen better juniors and seniors and now he’s one of those he’s ahead of others in the same boat.


Telling us Mark Richt was great and implying it was all Lorenzo Carter’s fault not Mark Richt whom Kirby will find hard to equal.


Friq it up your God Damn Assholes twits.


Mark Bradley and Chipper Towers.  Hey why does Kirby make 100 times what you do ?  So he can be nice to you like Mark Richt so you can write today how Kirby can’t wins games like Mark Richt winning 68 % as he did after kick-off game 5 of 2008 ?


You never wrote a piece of Mark Richt GETTING ALL AFTER any guy.


Know why ?


Because he NEVER did.


And he is GONE because of it.


FIRED with cause as I would’ve done with you BOTH before you EVER SHOWED-UP here with your bullshit contradicting yourselves and each other having each other’s backs – esteemed.


Ha ha ha