vols’ fans think they have the advantage in every aspect of this game tomorrow afternoon despite having beat no one. vols did beat Florida last week who has beat no one either. vols’ fans are acting like they’re great on every blog. 11-14 SEC Butch Jones I don’t think so. Until they beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl game last season they had not been ranked in 7 consecutive seasons ending # 23. # 106 best college vols 2016 U.S. News & World Report UGA is # 56 by stark contrast. UGA # 8 average 247Sports.com composite last 5 classes while vols are # 14. We can even series with win vs. vols who had no business beating us last year up there. “With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC. 31-20 vols win.”

Excuse me if I am unimpressed with vols and most especially with their big-talking vols’ fans.


Not that we’ve looked like much but we’re more talented than they – if we would only play our freshmen and pass the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


If we don’t then vols have a 3-game lead on us in The SEC East requiring 3 losses by them while Kirby then goes undefeated the rest of the season.


Frankly both of those could happen too.


I would love nothing more than 3 straight losses for vols because I remember how nasty vols fans can be.  It was a long time ago but I remember when they last were any good.


vols are not any good this season and I do not consider that vols were any good last season either but they beat Mark Richt anyway.


But what really gets to me is that vols’ fans act so high and mighty before the game tomorrow.


Wes Rucker Go vols 247Sports.com :



“With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC.  31-20 vols win.”



“If ever there was a week where Georgia would rise to the occasion it would be this one. I really wish I could believe Tennessee is going to blow that team out. As of right now, I’m just not there.”


Tony Basilio . com




Prison Orange ?  Who wants to wear orange pants ?  Orange shirt ? Orange hat ?  Orange socks ?  Orange anything ?


Go ahead.


Who ?


If my coach was 11-14 in The SEC the last words out of my mouth would be anything that even resembled that the vols are back.


The vols are NOT BACK.


Not with Butch Jones.  All he does is talk.


Oh, and LOSE to 3 more SEC teams than he’s beat in a DOWN SEC East all this time he has been there.


11-14 SEC Butch Jones


I suggest the vols lose 3 games in a row.  That is my prediction.


And if my school was ranked # 106 in the latest 2016 U.S. News and World Report Rankings best colleges, I would not act like we were any great college football team either – not going 7 straight seasons UNRANKED then beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl last season and finally make # 23 just for that.  That is the ONLY year you have been ranked vols’ fans in the last 8 years.  We fired our coach for that and he wasn’t 11-14 vs. The SEC.  In fact, Mark Richt was ranked for half the last 8 years.  4 of the 8.


vols fans are desperate for a great team.  It is NOT this one and they all should know that not act high and mighty – here is a URL Link I find amusing.


Amusing that UGA has had 16 running backs rush for 1000 yards.  We have 2 freshmen both of whom will pass that mark as well.  But not if we continue to mistreat freshmen and not even play them.


We don’t play them.


We don’t play any of our freshmen.


If we did we would be a lot better.


Playing with a dozen hands tied behind our backs.


Do that again not playing our freshmen and try to run the ball up the middle every play again and we lose again.


Otherwise I don’t see vols as any good.


vols lose to Alabama

vols lose to Texas A&M

vols lose to UGA or SHOULD if our smart coach WAKES-UP

I am not even sure vols can beat Missouri


vols lose to Alabama second time in SEC Championship Game if they beat Kirby.  This is what this game is all about.  Beat Kirby get 2 losses to Alabama this season.


vols lose their bowl game


I have vols UNRANKED again this year with Butch Jones OBVIOUSLY.


I see 5 losses for vols 2016-2017 season with Butch Jones – at least 4.


And I see Butch Jones being 11-15 in The SEC tomorrow.


So yuk it up vols fans.


While you can acting so great.


I don’t THINK so.


Let everyone else tell you are more talented than UGA.  Heck tell us yourselves.


You are not.


In your orange prison garb jump suit.  How fitting with all that goes on in your football program this entire century of bad press for the vols following Tee Martin admitting that he took a bunch of $ 7 thousand and $ 6 thousand dollar payments from you at the 7-11 store all the time during his tainted NC 1998.


You have been the laughing stock of The SEC for a decade now.  So you yuk it up that our fans are amusing ?


Good luck with that.


I am bemused by that statement Tony Basilio.


Yuk it up pre-game like you are great.


I know you know you aren’t.


Talk about being nonplussed by a college football program ?  vols rear their ugly heads pre-game and yuk it up that they’re playing UGA who only has 2 freshmen running backs to play vols.


Your football program has sucked for so long you don’t have any fans who remember when you last were any good.


So vols pick on UGA pre-game like vols are UPPER ECHELON SEC.


Look down at UGA.


Butch Jones’ only win over a top 10 team in his entire career is beating South Carolina his 1st year there with vols and UGA beat South Carolina that year, too.


Good luck with that you nasty-assed vols’ fans.


# 51 vols under Butch Jones vs teams ranked at time of game like UGA # 25 tomorrow :






vols upper echelon of The SEC ?


Butch Jones is # 11 of SEC teams vs. SEC teams in Butch Jones Era for vols.



ha ha ha ha ha lol rofl what a joke 11-14 SEC Butch Jones – some UPPER ECHELON of The SEC.


yuk yuk yuk





I told you before the Ole Miss game that if Kirby screwed the pooch vs Ole Miss that the Mark Richt Apologists would crawl out from under their damn rock and say : See ?

It’s Official that it is systemic here at Georgia.  Get on the big stage and screw the pooch.  Wet the bed.  Look like shit.


Folks have been stating vols have more talent than UGA.  What is that all about ?


What the problem around here is is that (1) we don’t play freshmen nor prepare them to play by practicing them with the unit they will be playing with when The SEC season is upon us – like now and (2) our offensive coordinator is being told by Kirby that he will run the ball up the middle no matter who he has on the OL and no matter who he has not injured to run the ball – that we are a run first offense.


Our issues at WR have also been exasperated by our no freshmen prepared in practice – just throw them out there vs SEC competition and rely on them to be able to make the plays.


Instead of desperation before the Ole Miss game which I tried to suggest prior we had major issues, we stood pat.  We don’t make the changes to positions for some freshmen which I had boldly predicted Kirby would do with them before the season started.


To-date Kirby gets an F coaching.  His decisions have been poor.  His mistakes glaring.  His adjustments nonexistent.


Worse he doesn’t seem in the least desperate.


247Sports Composite Team Rankings for the 5 years with redshirt making up each :


vols # 14

UGA # 8



vols # 4

UGA # 5



vols # 7

UGA # 8



vols # 24

UGA # 12



vols # 20

UGA # 8


Therefore, vols don’t have more talent than Kirby now do they ? Where do you guys get all this from ?


Average 247Sports Composite Recruiting Rank last 5 years redshirt making up teams

# 8 UGA

# 14 vols




How did I know the Mark Richt Apologists would rear their ugly heads after Ole Miss game ?  Because they have not given it up since I fired him or the 8 years prior when I said he would be and had to be.


Mark Richt would have lost to North Carolina too because he would have played only Greyson Lambert.



When was the last time you saw a nose tackle who became a great offensive coordinator ? Yeah I know we’ve got a lot of problems but it’s the glaring offensive game strategies that this blog has highlighted from the beginning. And isn’t it Kirby’s predilection against freshmen that has got us here to this this morning maybe even more so ?

Jim Chaney, former nose guard,  we were told was a heavyweight coach.  Well what I see is yes indeed if you are referring to his 464 lbs. girth. As for his ability to match the talent we have into a cohesive well-oiled machine out there like he knows what he is doing – he isn’t that guy.


What happens to a football team when your offense watches without retort to 6 touchdowns and a field goal ?


Well they demonstrate poor body language and do everything in the wrong manner.  45 to nothing.  At first glance one might think that this indicates that the defense isn’t any good to be losing 45 to nothing with a team whose talent level is no different from our own talent level.


Well if our talent level are freshmen and their talent level is made up of experienced guys who have practiced with the team 3 and 4 years – you still match-up with their talent when you add all 4 or 5 most recent recruiting years’ worth of talent signed.


Or do you ?


Not if your coach has a built-in bias for freshmen.


Has Kirby meddled in the offense to the point that Jim Chaney is not wholly to blame because Kirby refused to let the guys practice who now that we’re in The SEC portion of the schedule all of a sudden now he wants out there preforming at their very best ?


Well yeah that is really the bottom line on this team.


We have plenty of talent – only they are in fact # 93 in the experience of only 2 seniors and 6 juniors returning from Mark Richt’s 2-Deep.  So the talent are mostly freshmen.


They really are.


So much so that I boldly predicted that 10 freshmen would get starts for Kirby this season.


Instead he’s done everything to scuttle that he could.


Ben Cleveland still hasn’t taken a single snap.


Let me get this straight ?  Widely we report every game that the OL is not getting their job done.  So we line-up run plays designed to run the ball up the middle and have not succeeded at that all year.  We signed 2 OL who could help.  They don’t play.  This is game 5.  Rip redshirt off Ben Cleveland now ?


These are the answers to really every question we have about this team.  Why not give the freshmen a shot ?


Well because Kirby thinks this is 1967 and no freshman can play.


You told me yourself that freshmen quarterbacks never do diddle-e-squat in The Mighty SEC.  Excuse me has Jacob Eason been the reason that Georgia has looked so badly all year long ?


This is October.  When are we going to let the freshmen play ?  Hasn’t the play of Jacob Eason alone proven that indeed freshmen can succeed in The SEC ?


How much longer does this go on ?


If Jim Chaney has had over a dozen jobs and none of them very long then why was he hired ?  Was it only to get Sam Pittman ?  And why hasn’t Del McGee been promoted to offensive coordinator ?


If I were going to so mistreat and so waste the most talented entire class of recruits we have on this team, I would gag them from interviews too.  I agree with that strategy Kirby that I would not let them ever speak to the press either after what you have said and done to our freshmen class 2016.


2017 is even more so.  Our 2017 class is the best class of recruits The University of Georgia has ever had.  Are we to see this again 2017 Kirby ?  Sure we will.  You will get all this help at all these positions again next year and say no the press can’t talk to them and no they are not going to be the starters and in fact I will bring them in 45 to nothing and ask them to play against their 4th string.  Or on special teams.  Anything but let them try to practice with the team and play.


It’s so widespread mistreatment of the freshmen class that frankly I am surprised that Kirby hasn’t lost some of his recruits for 2017.


If I were a very elite football recruit 2017 I would get it in writing from Kirby that I get to practice with the # 1 unit in the Spring and in the Fall and I get to play.  Kirby must be telling the recruits look at our depth.  I hear him say it in public.  So the question is Kirby then why not give them a chance to play ?  Why keep sending out the same tired guys to prove to you once again that the freshmen should have been practicing in the Spring ?


Where did you get this bias against freshmen Kirby ?


You said yourself look at our freshmen !  They are doing so well.  They have proved they belonged Kirby told us.  Then he refuses to put them in until we’re down 45 to nothing.  I thought they did well.


Guess what ?


I knew they would.


Is it fair to say that nothing we’ve been trying to do on offense is working ?


So here we are.  Nearly unranked.


vols up.


Game 5.


October now.


Freshmen are the only answer.


Oh and your offensive game strategies include specifically not practicing the freshmen and just run the ball up the middle.


Put in Sony Michel.


Tell him run up the middle.


At what point do we re-evaluate Kirby ?


Year 3 ?


4 ?


Ben Cleveland Solomon Kindley not one snap vs. Ole Miss ?


Criticize Brian Herrien and sit him down Kirby ?


Purposely wait until 10:36 before half of G-Day Game to bring-in Jacob Eason whom you gave not 1 snap with the # 1 unit all Spring ?  Now you want him to beat # 9 Ole Miss.


Elijah Holyfield not used.


Mitchell Wasson no shot given ?


You have not used Isaac Nauta.


You have not used Charlie Woerner.


You have not used Julian Rochester.


You have not used Riley Ridley.


You have not used Ben Cleveland.


You have not used Javon Wims.


You have not used Michail Carter.


You have not used Tyler Simmons.


You have not used David Marshall.


You have not used Mecole Hardman Jr.


And you never figured we’d be behind 45 to nothing Kirby ?





All the guys on my list with Kirby on it as the only one not proven as a head coach – are the ones on LSU’s list today to replace Les Miles. Is LSU going to hire an assistant – pay him head coaching money – and act like they can not go hire a coach who is a coach somewhere else ?

So we tumbled to # 25 in the AP Poll with vols up next here at Sanford.


I still say Ben Cleveland leaves after 2018 season so we get to see him 2017 and 2018 only.


Jimbo Fisher Gary Patterson David Shaw Tom Herman are the top 4 for the LSU job since Nick Saban is going to retire and Urban Meyer has his heart problem. It takes more money than we gave Kirby to sign any of these but I don’t see LSU making our choice of an assistant twice in a row for us.


Losing to the vols would give Kirby 2 losses in The SEC and remove his name from playing Nick Saban this year in The SEC Championship Game as it would require vols to lose 3 SEC games while we win-out with no losses.  I guess you know that is not happening.


Brian Herrien is my Player of the Game for us against Ole Miss who is # 16 in the polls up from # 21.  LSU was dropped from the polls following their loss to Auburn who observers think beats Kirby too by the way.


Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien caught more passes this season than has Nick Chubb.  They both were destined to be # 2 and # 3 actual RB 2016 behind Nick Chubb and I had Brian Herrien at # 17 UGA player to rush for 1000 yards in a season.  He hasn’t played much.


I would have had Mecole Hardman Jr. and Sony Michel out wide where they belong.  I would have had wide receiver sets with Dominick Sanders in them.


I would have had Solomon Kindley and Ben Cleveland both starting on the OL.


I would have started Isaac Nauta at TE.


I would have had Charlie Woerner a 2-way player too as WR and RB and on Defense.  I called for all this from the very beginning prior to the season.


I would have had Jacob Eason taking all the # 1 snaps Spring 15 practices and all Fall.  By now we’d have our timing down on Offense and have the right guys playing who are in fact our best players.


We have done anything but all these decisions and all because these guys dared to be freshmen.


I would have had Mitchell Wasson kicking-off and all place kicking duties.


I would have made Del McGee a Coordinator – my Offensive Coordinator.


I would have hired someone as Special Teams’ Coordinator who had done that – not the son a Dad who did.


I would ask Sam Pittman to take over the OL and have no input in it to screw-up that, too.


Mark Richt was fired for no attention to detail and Kirby so far has tried to be way too much attention to all of the details of everything which every new manager in any endeavor always tries to do too.


Is Butch Jones going to beat Kirby ?  Florida ?  Auburn ?


Who do we turn to and where do we go from here ?


What we’ve been doing, isn’t working.  Is it ?





Kirby you told Greg McGarity November 28 it would be your dream job to be our head coach then did not show-up until January 12. You’re doing well recruiting 2016 and 2017 for a team with 2 seniors and 6 juniors left by Mark Richt on his 2-Deep and you have an aversion to freshmen like an old-school coach. You knew your freshmen had to play and you wasted their Spring Practice then Fall Practice and now that we’re playing SEC now all of a sudden you want them to play with no timing no reps no familiarity. You play 60 players every game when I expected to see more of them playing and I expected more of them to practice together knowing you would be forced to play them in Game 5 Kirby. You have help on OL you recruited and don’t play them. Your WR aren’t working. Your defense isn’t working. Your special teams aren’t working. Your kickers aren’t working. Your RB aren’t working. You send the same tired guys out there not getting the job done and yell kick and scream at the press when we dare to ask you about what you said were weaknesses like K OL WR RB DL LB and Offensive Game Strategies. I don’t get it Kirby? Let the freshmen play and you should have been practicing them in the Spring. They got here early. You wasted your signing class. You will get rep not play freshmen except special teams. Oh and whining all the way you will finally settle on Jacob Eason whom you did not let practice with them and it shows. Let me be clear Kirby. 0-45 is not acceptable nor how you got here to this, Sir. Is there anything you think we’re good at Kirby ? What would that be Kirby ? That our freshmen don’t make fools of themselves in press meetings – just the coach ?

You were hired to beat Florida Kirby.


You were hired to be here and to get your best players ready and get them on the field playing cohesively like they have practiced together.


You were hired because your predecessor was constantly criticized for just not caring about his job of winning acting like there was something besides winning that he ultimately was judged on when he failed to play his best players.


You seem to be making some point to the press each day and to the players that the press is asking you about.  You very much come across as stubborn Kirby.


Combative and stuck in your ways and unwilling to discuss even that just maybe you showed-up without the Offensive Experience to be head coach and without proper footing on special teams.  If those 2 coordinators are any good at all then you’re also holding them back with your policies.


At this point all we really know is that you’re in charge and that we’re about # 75 team at every aspect of the game.


With very good talent you have not prepared and certainly are not getting on the field in practice or games you looked miserable as a team yesterday 45 to nothing.


You are trying to do too much detail everywhere when you should have been delegating your weaknesses to guys you hired who might have been ones who could cover your lack of experience in those aspects of the game.


I am not at all convinced having seen how you have dispatched your duties since November 28 the day of the game that you are ready to be a head coach after I listed you as one of a list I offered-up noting you did not have head coach experience and all the others did.  In time at this point I am unsure you aren’t too head strong to listen to those trying to help you to learn your deficiencies.


Mark Richt called us noise. I sincerely believe you think we’re your mortal enemy.  We’re only trying to assist having the temerity to simply ask you questions only to be bawled-out for even asking.


Tongue-lashing dressed-down and called-out on the carpet is not what an experienced coach or manager does in any field of endeavor each time someone simply enquires about what they perceive to be a good logical intelligent question when that is their job to ask such questions Kirby.


Looking back at those questions now they should have been asked and you sir should have tried to answer them not chew-out everyone who asks you something like you are a petulant child.


I think Butch Jones needs to go and I have been consistent on that too Kirby that he should have been before you beat him Saturday because he can not recruit and is all talk and has no idea how to coach a team but only to lie to the press.


At least you don’t do any of that Kirby.


Again you are expected to beat vols Saturday Kirby.  Are we clear on that, Sir ?


Florida is not any good and has not been in a long time now.  Their choice for head coach was poor.  He isn’t a good head coach, either.  He wanted Jacob Eason when inviting him there sent the wrong message to the quarterbacks he did have.  You got Jacob Eason here Kirby.  Then you have sent him out half-cocked against # 9 last year Ole Miss who is clearly # 9 this year again too.  You wasted from January 12 to September 25. You also wasted from November 28 to January 12.  There is no tomorrow, only today Kirby.


You are in a weak division and play a weak schedule Kirby.


You can not lose to Ole Miss, vols, Florida, Auburn…


If you thought you could say as Nick Saban 2007 losing before he made you defensive coordinator for 2008 that the first year does not matter, I have news for you.  You’re not Nick Saban.  You needed to be working hard at this job getting prepared for Ole Miss and you failed to do so to the tune of 45 to nothing.  7 times Mark Richt in his last 8 years lost by more than 3 TD.  You accomplished that once already now after just 4 games and against a team whose talent averaged # 12 to your # 9 according to Scout.com of the last 5 years Kirby who with redshirt could’ve played yesterday.


Watching the game at Ole Miss on TV, I was reminded of what I have been telling you since you did show-up Kirby.  We have glaring weaknesses across the board and you seem to stand-pat more than you do do something about them.


You better back-up and figure whom it is you want playing, and get those guys practicing with each other Kirby, Sir.


Your biggest problem is arguing with the press Kirby as this has consumed you for 8 entire months and counting when their questions were good ones had you addressed with them you might have learned what they were trying to tell you rather than be down 45 to nothing to a team you certainly should have been able to compete with.


You have dismissed their every question out-of-hand Kirby without addressing a single question ever to-date.  What now ?  Ignore them again ?  Get the hair up on your neck again Kirby that they ask even again knowing full well they about to get their butts chewed-off again for even trying to ask you again Kirby ?  Or, you get your way, and no one ever gets or even wants to ask you the hard questions you do nothing but duck ignore dismiss out-of-hand and then get all up in the air about steeling yourself that because they thought they could ask you now you definitely therefore will not do anything about that aspect of our # 75 football team ?  Which one of these only 2 possible choices is it going to be Kirby ?


I can tell you this for certain Kirby and that is that what you have been doing, isn’t working, Sir.


You think all of us who devote so much time to your football team Kirby don’t care about our team ?


You’re making a ton of mistakes Kirby – again – the largest your bickering with the press about what you might do to improve the obvious weaknesses.


You spend all your time telling them they wrong and you right Kirby to the point you don’t do anything about the weakness out of spite for them asking you Kirby.


That’s what’s really happening.  Surely you can see where we need work and what that should have been all along by now Game 5, right Kirby ?


Get some input Kirby.  Make some changes, Sir.


Don’t keep up with this.  It’s not working.  Is it Kirby ?

Our problems around here are that we have been hiring athletics’ directors who have never coached tiddlywinks and ask them to help our coaching staffs in our 22 sports coach.


I am convinced you are not even listening to your Dear Old Dad either Kirby.


You are going about this all wrongly Kirby.


You should have realized that you needed to be here November 28 when you said you would find this your dream job.  Now 10 months later you would have known you needed Jacob Eason taking all the snaps all Spring and Fall with the # 1 unit and would have had Ben Cleveland out there on the OL Brian Herrien and Elijah Holyfield catching passes with Mecole Hardman Jr. and all 3 running the ball behind Solomon Kindley.


These are all questions we tried to ask you Kirby.


I asked you if we shouldn’t have a few wide receiver sets with Dominick Sanders on Offense then yesterday I watched as Hugh Freeze did that exactly with one of his secondary.


Kirby you are not Hugh Freeze.


I asked about Charlie Woerner if he should not be playing some on Defense and certainly as wide-out.


Your wide receivers are all dropping the ball Kirby and have all season 10 percent of the time or more.  Don’t you even notice that Kirby ?  If you do why do you send the same ones back out there then and not try anyone different ?  Excuse me Kirby, in your hidden private only you can see practices have any of these guys we keep asking you about actually held-on to the football when Jacob Eason threw it to them ?  Oh, I see you haven’t had him throw to them in practice, so you don’t know.  So you kick and scream at us for wanting to even try to ask you what we know before we try you are going to redress us for.  I get it now, Kirby.


Kirby you have not taken up quickly to evaluation of your own 85 Scholarship Players.  I told you to get Mitchell Wasson out there trying his leg and instead you miss another field goal.  You miss more than half the field goals you try and neither of the 2 kickers – both whom were on Mark Richt’s previous teams – are neither one any good.  I would have told both no scholarship because you have no leg.  You have Kevin Butler.  Kevin Butler did not tell you NEITHER has a leg Kirby ?  Come on.  I’m not stupid Kirby.  You do not try Mitchell Wasson at all Kirby ?  Explain to me why please, Sir ?


I am frustrated at your antics with the press when they try to ask you these questions and your resultant stubbornness to do anything about all our weaknesses because this guy or that one is a freshman.


2016 you get them 3 years if they are good.  You had better recognize them or be like Mark Richt and play Knowshon Moreno only 2 years and not hand him the ball those 2 years in the Big Games.


We all have tried to suggest what we think are salient questions.


Instead of possibly being viewed as sagacious you dismiss everyone out-of-hand Kirby.


Well excuse me I think we’re all right on all of this Kirby.


Why ?


Because now push-to-shove you have been forced to do that which we all have been asking since November 28.


Greg McGarity would not have gone to Jere Morehead the next day November 29 and asked to fire Mark Richt and hire you had you not told Greg McGarity the night before that yes it would be your dream job Kirby.


We’re just not getting it done Jere in football and I spoke to our alum Kirby who is the top assistant in the nation for 8 years now and he said it would be his dream to be our coach.  Ok Greg.  Go hire him if you think he is the best but shouldn’t we pony-up the money for a proven head coach since we are # 11 all-time in football wins ?  They all started somewhere Jere.  Well get a search firm Greg and let’s be sure.  Ok Jere.  Thank you.


We’re not getting any pressure on our opposing quarterbacks even Kirby.  We look in good shape but even that does not mean that you act like you don’t have over two dozen guys on scholarship which you do have and refuse to get prepared Kirby.  You give your starters a blow.


It is basic coaching that you must be able to evaluate talent quickly Kirby – not in game 5 of the season.  Good Lord son a Pee Wee football coach can tell who his best players are – love at first sight.


Your bias against Freshmen is duly noted Kirby.


Nick Saban ?  We can’t offer Nick Saban but Alabama can ?  Urban Meyer no offer to hire ?  All we can offer is some assistant who has not demonstrated that he can head coach a major college football program ?  No red flags when he is given a job and doesn’t even show-up for it for 8 weeks and 4 days ?


I have been offered lots of jobs Kirby.  If someone is given 5 times their current salary where they have already accomplished their goal 3 times previously and demands he finish number 4 national championship before he takes over our struggling not-up-to-par job here that sends red flags.


Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity were wrong to let you not even show-up for their most prestigious hire in their lifetimes for 8 weeks and 4 days’ time Kirby.  You should know that inherently Kirby.  You’ve been behind the 8-ball since you showed-up Kirby and have been too slow to determine your best players.


Jimbo Fisher Gary Patterson David Shaw Tom Herman – I listed a host of proven head coaches we could have hired and embraced you until you didn’t even show-up for 8 weeks and 4 days’ time Kirby.  Then sir I have crawled all over your butt since about every decision you have made Kirby because it raised red flags to me Kirby.  We can only offer non-head coaches at Georgia head coach ?  We’re afraid to pay them what it would take and Alabama is not ?  Give the game up then if this is what we get is a head coach who argues gets bent-out-shape at any question no matter how innocuous like he is in charge and goes out there 45 to nothing to a team we clearly match-up with talent wise.


If you ever thought there was some honeymoon to this job you should have discounted that Kirby when you saw we fired Mark Richt who had at the time the best coaching record of any UGA coach ever.  His work was totally unsatisfactory for 8 years.  His decisions ones we all second-guessed him on.


It seems to me that Georgia deserves an experienced coach proven he can handle the job for what could be $ 5 million 3 hundred thousand dollars with incentives not counting expense report and retirement we could pay you this year or any year here Kirby – and if not – then at least one who cares enough about the respect this job deserves to get here and be able to evaluate talent quickly and determine just whom it was you would need in a 15-game schedule to be ready to play game 5.


Mark Richt in game 8 last year started at quarterback a guy whom he had not given one single snap to at quarterback all season long.  None of his 3 quarterbacks he did play last year nor the one he redshirted and ran-off who I thought should have been a 4-year starter here were any of them injured, Kirby.


Honestly Kirby you don’t look that much different to me.  You better get with it Kirby.


You hear me ?


I am not putting-up with 45 to nothing scores Kirby.  If you don’t hear me trust me you will.  You had more talent than they but their head coach just ran rings around you Kirby.  You did not even get guys in the game until he had his 4th string out there against the # 11 team in the nation – guys I figured would be household names by now.


You’re behind Kirby.  You are not prepared for game 5 Kirby.  If you had left that other job November 28 you might have been able by now to tell who your players just had to be you would play in game 5 because you certainly don’t yet Kirby.  And you haven’t practiced them prepared them or the team for them and you have no concept where our weaknesses are or don’t care like we put up with Mark Richt for 8 years of averaging 4 losses a year so this is a cushy job you can spend flying-off at the handle every press meeting instead of belling-up to the  bar and answering their questions.


They think these questions have been and are worthy, Kirby.


Guess what ?


So do I.


I can abide you making a mistake Kirby and starting one guy instead of another to a point where it is not totally obvious to the casual observer even Kirby Sir.


But not playing guys a single snap at positions of such glaring weakness and sorry Kirby I am calling you out on those and have been since Spring Practice # 1 in case you have not noticed Kirby.  I expect you to play your players.  I am not asking you.  I am telling you.  You aren’t in charge – you only think you are.  You are not in charge very well are you Kirby ?  You answer to us whether you like it or not Kirby.  We hired you.  We’ll also fire you if necessary Kirby if you can not bring this football team up to snuff.  To-date, you have not listened to us.  See to it sir you hear us this time please, Sir ?


It is unacceptable right down the line Kirby totally.  45 to nothing with all this talent.



NCAA Rankings to evaluate our team :


# 45 Strength of schedule this season Kirby for Georgia – not that tough sir

# 68 on 3rd Down Conversions better than # 119 last year. Unacceptable

# 86 in Fumbling the ball.  Why do you have no beeping footballs Kirby?

# 100 Kick-Off Return Defense. Where is Mitchell Wasson Kirby ?

# 93 Kick-Off Returns by us. Mecole Hardman Jr Elijah Holyfield Brian Herrien?

# 68 Turnovers Lost send them right back out there no one different tried

# 71 Net Punting.  Kirby you told us 2 weeks ago you no experience special teams

# 93 Field Goal Kicking Oh you made mistake at FG kicker Kirby ? Nowhere else sir?

# 56 Rushing Offense Fire Jim Chaney promote Del McGee Kirby do it now

# 66 Passing Offense every WR you are playing drops the ball more than 10% time

# 84 Red Zone Defense  Kirby this is what you are supposed to be good at.

# 92 Red Zone Offense you are spread too thin too much detail Kirby

# 102 Sacks Allowed Ben Cleveland Solomon Kindley neither got snap Ole Miss again.

# 105 Sacks of our Opponent’s QB – no excuse for this Kirby either one

# 120 Tackles for a loss 128 teams Kirby you’re # 120 tackle behind their line


Is this where we’re supposed to be Game 5 ?


When is this unacceptable ?


Is there anything you think we’re good at Kirby ?  What would that be Kirby ?  That our freshmen don’t make fools of themselves in press meetings – just the coach ?




Yeah we lost. It was not pretty. I think we’re better than Georgia Southern University, Jeff Cobb, Sir. I mean you just squeaked by Louisiana-Monroe 23-21. We’re still ranked # 20 or so. What is your Georgia Southern University team ranked ? Seriously, you want Georgia ?

Jeff Cobb

“I’m guessing you think you know it all but with all that you just said about Kirby and his recruiting class he is not able to even dominate Nichols State and had to beat them with a minute and change on the board. O Yea, did you watch them get there A** handed to them by Ole Miss!!! You deserve Kirby and the Sh**** season your going to have. Gotta love a big mouth with all those stats he put out. To bad his team didn’t read them lol”


We did only have 2 seniors and 6 juniors the # 93 team in experience in the nation on our 2-Deep.  I am not making excuses, and Georgia Southern University is a fine school, but the facts are that we do recruit very well and yes I do agree with you Jeff Cobb Sir that for all the talent Kirby has recruited here already, we look like we are making mistakes being tentative getting them ready to play and play.  I’d rather be in The SEC and yes we lost.  Maybe we can beat vols Saturday.  Good luck in your game tonight against Western Michigan which I am guessing is not on TV with the game up there in Michigan.


All the talent in the world is no good if you as coach don’t get them out there with the # 1 unit, have them practice with the # 1 unit, and realize that you have to play them.  The ones who got in finally in this game today I thought did well.  I have been calling for them to play more.  We have some more of those freshmen recruits he did sign this year you take exception to Jeff Cobb who I think demonstrated they in fact are very good.


You seem to have a problem with recruiting rankings.


If you are ranked highly, you are far more likely to succeed than if you are not Sir.


Thanks for logging in and thank you for your comments and good luck with your team.


I am sorry we disappointed today but like you said it is not like it was not written on the wall really before he ever got here that he had to prepare his offense for today’s game and really Kirby failed all Spring and all Fall.  Now he has to send them out there to learn in the fire, realizing now that he has a team which had 22 players from last year’s team leave in the Great Exodus after the season.  And, not that those guys either did well here because they did not.  They included Kolton Houston who got a medical redshirt too so he went back 6 years here and as a group those 22 gone leaving us in this mess this year, lost 24 games in 6 years, an average of 4 losses a year.


I still have hope that we can go 11-3 or 12-2 as I predicted.  Do that and Kirby will remain ranked something MARK RICHT did not do half the last 8 years averaging 4 losses a season.


If Kirby loses 4 losses a season too, he also will be gone.  We give him a lot of talent.  He has to (1) recognize the talent more quickly (2) get over his freshmen bias (3) practice the ones he is starting on the road in The Mighty SEC with the # 1 unit in Spring (4) ditto Fall and get their timing down and their familiarity with each other Jeff Cobb, Sir.


Otherwise, they get sent out there against Ole Miss who was # 9 last year and about that again probably this year and get handed their hat.


Still all in all the players he just recruited who are freshmen again I thought did well today despite no practices with the # 1 unit, not ready, not prepared and no timing against a really good team who I said we lose to prior to the game.  I don’t see another team on our schedule who can beat us.


Did you think Georgia Southern University would beat us ?  You played us well last time we played very late last year.  But you seemed to have some problems with Georgia State University right after you played us late last year Jeff Cobb, Sir.




By the way, your coach for the Bowl Game last year, Del McGee, is who I called for pre-game vs. Ole Miss to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator for Kirby.  Our Offensive game plans have been really poor.


And, we aren’t playing our best players on Offense if they are freshmen or if we do it is only on last resort.


Yes, I put stock in rankings of recruits.


Ole Miss had the # 12 average recruits the last 5 years according to Scout.com paid millions of dollars for their evaluations.  They certainly PROVED that today by actually PLAYING those recruits.


We got ours in late and they did well I thought again Jeff Cobb, Sir.


Georgia State University had a losing record.  How could you lose to them 7-34 please Jeff Cobb, Sir ?


I would have made Del McGee your head coach, obviously.


Have fun tonight and good luck and spot-on on your comments tonight Jeff Cobb, Sir.  Keep up the good work.



19 latest Ole Miss players who were recruited from here in the state of Georgia. Ole Miss would not be a football team without them coming here stealing our recruits and PAYING THEM CASH. So 2017 recruit rankings Kirby # 3 Hugh Freeze # 31 with NONE from the state of Georgia. Hugh Freeze is going to be FIRED by Ole Miss soon now.

Ole Miss recruits from the state of Georgia :

2016 :

Josiah Coatney

Detric Bing-Dukes

Donta Evans

Chandler Tuitt

Jack DeFoor

Charles Wiley

2015 :

Montrell Custis

Eric Swinney

2014 :

Chris Williams

Kendarius Webster

DeMarquis Gates

2013 :

Robert Nkemdiche

A.J. Jackson

David Kamara

Lavon Hooks

Bobby Hill

Evan Engram

2012 who with redshirt would be playing this year too :

Kenno Loyal

Mike Hilton

2017 :

none because of NCAA Probation and 12 Scholarships LOST 9 Major Violations Hugh Freeze himself



University of Georgia Bulldogs from the state of Mississippi :

2017 – none committed

2016 – none

2015 :

Cornerback Jarvis Wilson

Safety Jonathan Abram

2014 – none

2013 :

Safety Shaquille Fluker

2012 – none



Historically Georgia is top 10 in recruiting and Ole Miss is # 23 in recruiting.   HOWEVER, Ole Miss has averaged the # 12 recruiting class making up their team this season (with redshirts most current 5 classes Scout.com avg.) and Georgia averaged # 9 recruiting class making up our team this season.


So Hugh Freeze WAS recruiting very well.  Ole Miss NEVER recruits better than we do but he was close until this NCAA Probation came-up after signing date this 2016.


2017 is a completely different story as the 12 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS kicked-in.  Hugh Freeze admitted he did wrong on 9 counts himself of Major Recruiting Violations.  Ole Miss has capitulated and only simply delayed the implementation of the NCAA Probation they go on, until NEXT YEAR 2017.


Therefore Recruiting Ranking 247Sports.com Composite Average :


2017 Kirby # 3

2017 Hugh Freeze # 31




The facts are that Hugh Freeze is on the HOT SEAT with the Admin at Ole Miss for all his LIES about all this on-going and continuing NCAA Probation.  Ole Miss Admin might offer-up Hugh Freeze to the NCAA and FIRE HIM for 9 Major Violations any moment now.  Ole Miss has already admitted to 9 Major Recruiting Violations by Hugh Freeze alone.  The fans seem happy at 35-20 with Hugh Freeze BECAUSE of his recruiting, however, since he has LIED in public and admitted the TRUTH to the NCAA about NCAA Probation, the Admin at Ole Miss may consider offering his head up to them as a way to mitigate.


The timing for such a move could be now since they only wanted to delay thinking that they have such a great team this year.  Well they do.


They are one of the very elite football programs picked to beat us in a few hours now by a full touchdown.  Every single bookie in Las Vegas has them AT LEAST one TD winner over Kirby.


It’s not like Ole Miss has not faced good teams or that they have not faced talented teams because they have.  They are a PASSING TEAM who was 10-3 last year.  While around here we fire coaches with such a record, at Ole Miss this is stupendous.


1-2 this season is NOT.


I don’t know studying them if Ole Miss has a better QB than we do.  I know I would not trade our QB for their QB.   I think we have the talent to compete with them, if we get all our top players on the field as Hugh Freeze does.  And, if we have been working on our Special Teams.


In fact, I know we have the talent to compete with their passing game.  We have a secondary and while we can run against them, they can not against us.  Their special teams are where they are a touchdown favorite this morning.


All of this leads to if Ole Miss could somehow lose to Jacob Eason as all the other lesser-talented quarterbacks Jacob Eason has had to beat so far this season did, then I believe there is an opportunity for Ole Miss’ Admin to fire him over all this sordid on-going crap which has RUINED his strength in recruiting.


He’s not going to be able to compete with the # 31 recruits.  I know that.


And to my way of thinking, 35-20 at Ole Miss is not that good.


63 % win percentage.


We just fired a coach for being 68 % win percentage starting kick-off game 5 of 2008.


Hugh Freeze is only 1-game over .500 in The SEC and lose today and he is even.


Hugh Freeze was # 36 coming-in to 2016 season in wins starting 2012 when he started at Ole Miss.


Now, he is worse.


At Georgia, that is unacceptable.


At Ole Miss being ranked 2 of 5 years is best ever since the sixties.


All-Time Ole Miss is # 33 and UGA # 11 at 655 to 787 wins.


Way back when Ole Miss could play football.  Now today they are hoping to duplicate those old standards long ago for Ole Miss.


Starting with 2012 when Hugh Freeze got there, Ole Miss is # 35.


To my way of thinking, that is BAD.


NCAA Probation is a LOT WORSE than # 35 for Hugh Freeze.


I say fire him.


That is my call.


Fire him for the lies about the NCAA Probation to the public while admitting the truth to the NCAA.  Fire him for that and being # 35 having to cheat to do that.




Maybe Ole Miss thinks 35-20 is acceptable.


Maybe our Special Teams can play over their heads this morning, for it surely takes that to beat a good Ole Miss team who is a LOT better than us on Special Teams.

Tons better.


But QB ?


I will take Jacob Eason all day long and twice on Sunday.


Defense ?


I’ll match-up our secondary against their QB.


I’ll match-up our QB to their QB : It’s close but I like Jacob Eason as anyone who has read a blog from me ever knows.


I think we match-up except at special teams.


$5 million 140 thousand dollars annual salary Hugh Freeze I think is too much and it is more than Kirby gets unless Kirby wins a lot more than one season of 10-3 which all Hugh Freeze has EVER done.





Hugh Freeze admitted to 3 Major Violations of arranging for the ACT scores of three future Ole Miss football players to be changed to meet NCAA requirements.  I am sorry but all 3 of those are FIRING offenses.


“If you have facts about a violation, email compliance@olemiss.edu. If not, please don’t slander the young men.” Hugh Freeze sent this tweet.


Hugh Freeze tried to say that all the violations occurred before he got there.  But before he got there Ole Miss was # 23 in recruiting and since # 12.  You tell me ?


Laremy Tunsil told Hugh Freeze’s staff allegedly that he referenced he was receiving cash for rent and his family’s bills.  This would be Hugh Freeze’s 10th Major Violation.  Delaying their Ole Miss Probation ONLY HEAPS THIS NOW on Ole Miss too.  On top of being  (1-2) and # 31 recruiting ranking 2017 and Hugh Freeze ALREADY in trouble with the NCAA before Laremy Tunsil said what he did after signing date 2016.


So I think 30 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS rather than 12 is MORE appropriate and a 2-Year Postseason Ban which Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss did NOT offer-up to the NCAA when they asked the NCAA to DELAY the NCAA Probation.


I know it’s proven that there is a LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL by Hugh Freeze


The institution’s head coach is presumed to be responsible for the actions of all assistant coaches and administrators who report – directly or indirectly – to the head coach.


Hugh Freeze’s HEAD is going to be offered-up by Ole Miss – not by their fans who have not seen a 10-3 season in nearly 50 years – but by the Admin of Ole Miss who can not be in a position of protecting Hugh Freeze when the rampant problems on his watch are heaped upon what Houston Nutt did as well.  So, they might have to offer-up his head.


FAILURE to MONITOR is also proven against Hugh Freeze.


The 4 more Major Violations of Houston Nutt are just all the more reason why Ole Miss must FIRE Hugh Freeze over all this.


Hugh Freeze knew about a Memphis booster who on multiple occasions transported and fed four recruits from a Memphis high school. Each individual violation is a minor Level III offense—a $12 ride here, $60 worth of food there—but the NCAA lumped all of them together as a single Level I Major Violations of Hugh Freeze.  There is no denying this EITHER.


Hugh Freeze has done EVERYTHING humanly possible to try to get-out of this act like it was Houston Nutt and NOT HIM and try to save his $ 5 million 140 thousand dollar job.


But he is about to lose his job over this and mostly because he has FAILED to belly-up to the bar and say yes we did all these things on my watch and yes I knew about it and did NOTHING.  And further I tried to hide it was on my watch and acted like publically it was just Houston Nutt and not myself.


Why isn’t Hugh Freeze recruiting well in the state of Georgia 2017 ?




We all WONDERED how Hugh Freeze was recruiting so well from the state of Georgia.  Now we know.









Ole Miss is picked to win by 7 tomorrow morning 11 a.m. local time there, by every odds maker in Las Vegas. So where is Lassiter Kicker Mitchell Wasson whom Kirby signed here as preferred walk-on. The other 2 kickers both walk-ons Mark Richt brought here who were here before Kirby, have neither kicked-off into the end zone and they’re neither going to. The 1 kicking field goals has missed the most field goals in the nation. And they have both been critical in the BAD EVALUATION of our special teams’ performances as BADLY done. Mitchell Wasson has to hit the field as does Brian Herrien Ben Cleveland and Mecole Hardman Jr. on OFFENSE. Elijah Holyfield must play on Offense too. And Dominick Sanders must play some wide receiver sets for us. We have to get all our best players on the field. If the ones playing aren’t getting it done by week 4, they need to give-way to others and let them have a shot. What does this game mean to us ? Kirby has to come-through for us tomorrow 11 a.m. local time.

What does the game mean to us ?


(1) Florida and vols play each other tomorrow and both are ranked.  One loses.  The winner would NOT be ranked higher than us if it is Florida.  Of course if Kirby loses as EVERYONE says he does, then where Florida is ranked or the vols doesn’t matter at all.  If you think we can lose to Ole Miss and still be there in the discussion then you just have not been reading the national press.  Every team in America will pass us by with a loss tomorrow and there is nothing Kirby or Jacob Eason can do for us after that.  Jacob Eason needs some help.  He cannot do it all by himself coming from behind EVERY GAME like he has to begin his propitious career all 3 games so far.  We have to get ahead and stay ahead.


If it is vols who lose then they would be wounded for our game next week.  I figure we beat vols.


I figure Butch Jones is fired.  This guy has not been any good at all and should be gone with just a lot of talk by him.


What this game means to us is EVERYTHING !  The pressure is on Kirby.  They already say we don’t play tough schedule.  Lose this and discussions for 2016 are OVER.


(2) Only 1 team of the 14 who have beat a ranked team this season has won 2 against top 25 opponents Alabama.  Kirby would be the 2nd.


(3) There are Seven (7) Big Stage games tomorrow such as notably at the top of such a list ranked # 21 Ole Miss picked by 7 at home over # 11 Georgia.  As fans we talk like # 16 Florida vs # 12 vols is important to us.  NO.  No, it’s NOT !  What is ONLY IMPORTANT is that we beat Ole Miss.


# 21 Ole Miss # 11 Georgia

# 16 Florida # 12 vols

# 5 Michigan Penn State

# 8 Michigan State # 10 Wisconsin

# 13 Texas A&M # 18 Arkansas

# 17 LSU Auburn

# 6 Stanford UCLA


Watch what happens to these teams if they lose and we win.  If we don’t, it does not matter one iota.  We’re done.


The SEC leads the nation with 8 wins already 2016 season against ranked opponents.  We are assured of making this even worse for the other Power 5 Conferences WHO DO WANT THEIR TEAM IN THE DISCUSSION FOR THE TOP TEAMS IN THE NATION.  The discrepancy between SEC’s 8 wins over top 25 teams 2016 will be even larger after tomorrow no matter which SEC teams lose because there are 8 SEC teams in the top 25 of every poll.


The SEC is the DOMINANT CONFERENCE 2016-2017 SEASON and will remain so.  Power 5 Conference writers are HOMERS who try to say The SEC has NOT beat 8 top 25 teams already.  Sure we have.  And we will have MORE tomorrow.  More than they now and add EVEN MORE.  Got it ?  The SEC is NOT DOWN !


The Power 5 Conferences haven’t beat top 25 teams like The SEC has with 8 such wins ALREADY.  B1G teams have won only 5 against top 25 teams.  They are so far behind our 8 that they can not catch us no matter what they do.   Tomorrow is SEC hay day beating top 25 teams.  We are assured of 11 wins by The SEC over top 25 teams tomorrow.


Who are we ?


What do we want as a program ?


To say that we don’t need to win this game ?  That winning 10-win season is all we aspire to as a program and as the fans of this program ?






The top teams play 15-game seasons, so winning 10-win season is what then last season 2015 we witnessed 29 teams do.


Our goal as # 11 all-time in wins is to be # 29 ?


I don’t think so.


Ole Miss is not supposed to beat us, I don’t care what Las Vegas says.


Our goal is to get on the Big Stage the National Stage and WIN.  26 seasons we have won 80 % win percentage.  15 seasons we have been on the Big Stage to end the season both teams ranked in the top of the Final AP Poll.  We’ve won MOST of those 15 games too.  We’re not 80% but we are VERY GOOD.


That is our goal.  To be VERY GOOD.


We have a lot to fix and it will not go away by ignoring it nor by yelling at the press about each of our issues like by yelling we will drown the press out.


I really don’t care what Kirby tells the press but I do care that Kirby FIX THE ISSUES that the press continues to bring-up to Kirby and Kirby keeps DUCKING.


To get to THAT GOAL, we MUST fix issues across the board to WIN tomorrow against Ole Miss.  Otherwise, we lose and the season is caput.  This is no cakewalk tomorrow morning.  I think however that we SHOULD WIN.


I hold us accountable TO WIN.


We know we aren’t beating Alabama in The SEC Championship Game. If you think to be a fan of this program or ANY program you have to say we beat Alabama then you are a DISNEYdawgs.com fan and the same use as tits on a boar.   Lose this game tomorrow morning and we’re cooked, done completely, stick a fork in us – and more importantly we MUST LOOK AT THIS GAME this way.


We have to fix this crap that THIS is Ole Miss’s BEST chance to beat us since 1996 with their # 12 avg recruiting ranking to our # 9.  We have to win these types of winnable games.


Because we are picked to lose by a touchdown tomorrow by every single Las Vegas odds maker is reason for us to double our efforts, not roll over and play dead.


Then why not say we will beat Alabama ?  How about because we have too many issues to fix ?


Then why not say we have too many issues to fix with Ole Miss too ?  Well, that is true.  But the game has not been played and I guess we have to see ALL THESE ISSUES ONCE AGAIN in game 4 now rear their ugly heads again and then well we can say Ole Miss is going to beat us. I can tell you this if we don’t fix our issues 2016, we lose to our best opponent all regular season tomorrow.


It was unacceptable that Mark Richt his last 8 years here COULD NOT any longer.  He LOST it after 2007.


Kirby can NOT start-out 2016 with more of the same and us respond with excuses and we can still do this or that.


We have to GATA.


Kirby has to win these types games for us.


Not counting expense report or retirement we are paying Kirby $ 5 million 3 hundred thousand dollars with incentives 2016 to win this game.  He isn’t here because at Georgia we have something besides winning that’s important.





I have read every blog and every national press and there is NO ONE SAYING THIS PRE-GAME except for me.  As a program, we need to get with it in our fan base and understand BEFORE we play a game just how absolutely crucial a game is.  None of this they are all crucial.  We won 3 games and THAT has made THIS GAME CRUCIAL.


Jacob Eason has made this game crucial.  Ole Miss is not a team we can fall behind and beat.  Well they might be as it does appear they get tired out-of-shape but I suggest we get ahead and stay ahead like we have been here before at UGA and like we WANT TO WIN.


(4) Kirby was hired because Mark Richt was at his very worst in a game like tomorrow his last entire 8 years here.  Kirby has to shed Georgia of this moniker tomorrow morning or he will be considered more of the same.


It will be considered systemic that Georgia MUST LOSE these types of games.


Are these the types of games we give Kirby a bye in – that he doesn’t have to win against a team made-up of average # 12 recruiting rankings to our average # 9 recruiting rankings according to Scout.com who make-up our 2 teams in the morning ?


In fact, every single national press has ALREADY anointed us this way – disregarding we TRIED to do something about it by finally agreeing with ME and FIRING Mark Richt for this moniker we did NOT have hung on us before his last 8 years here – that we have to lose these types of games.  That we ONLY do lose these types of games.  That we NEVER win these types of games because well, we’re Georgia.  Excuse me because well Georgia is Clemson.  Clemson always LOST these types of games.  We did NOT.  Well, we have for 8 years now and folks don’t have memories except for myself.


In fact, Mark Richt HAD us considered ELITE early-on in his career here.


Then, he was just the Charlie Brown of College Football and Georgia was the NEW CLEMSON – destined to LOSE this type game tomorrow morning.


Mark Richt LOST it.


If you have not noticed this comment not that Mark Richt “Mark Richt’d” another game for us but that Mark Richt “Georgia’d” another winnable big stage game, then you have NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.  It IS what is said about us and we hired Kirby to FIX THIS.


Tomorrow,  Kirby has the pressure to come-through.  We don’t give him a pass this season and then say oh well Kirby has a pass a honeymoon – yet again ANOTHER SEASON WE CAN WRITE-OFF before it ever really gets going.


There is little doubt that Kirby has deserved the criticism in the press.  It will start in earnest and the questions to Kirby will make him all the more upset with all the press if he screws the pooch tomorrow.


Those pussies who have been holding back this program can and will say just exactly this if Kirby loses.


I will put the pressure where it belongs up-front and say WE CAN WIN THIS GAME.


We have to change too much to win, but it could all be a ruse by Kirby to lull our opponents to sleep.


Let’s review where Kirby is, ok ?


Kirby’s handling of the quarterbacks, kickers, freshmen he has not been playing at their rightful positions, special teams, offensive line including again freshman he isn’t playing, no WR, our total inability to sack our opponents, poor defensive line play, non existent linebacker play, and his offensive game strategies which are unanimously across-the-board described so far as FAILED with an issue running the ball will all go the forefront tomorrow afternoon in the press meeting afterward if he watches as our season ends tomorrow.

And don’t forget that Isaiah McKenzie for all he has done right 2016 is STILL having issues with his catching/holding the ball.  His technique as WR is incorrect.  He does NOT catch the ball with his hands.  He basket-catches the passes off his chest, which is totally wrong.


Make no mistake about it our season ends with a loss to # 21 Ole Miss tomorrow.


Ok I am going to second-guess Kirby as the press has done unanimously to-date.  Obviously he has set himself up for this by his policies that we ONLY get to talk to him and those all dominated by Kirby giving the press all hell.   If Kirby gets asked questions and yells back at them because it is about a sore spot on our team a weakness then I ask myself as you should as well : Is this a weakness and might the press as I now ask questions about 2 freshman OL who should have had snaps by now giving them a real shot at helping ?  Or are they and me not allowed to ask these questions ?


Should someone else be kicking-off and kicking for us ?


Should we think we can play without throwing to Mecole Hardman Jr. ?


Why the hell doesn’t Brian Herrien get more carries when I guaranteed before the season he rushes for over 1000 yards this season ?


Kirby if you want to keep-up this harangue with the press, then tomorrow afternoon will be your chance to keep it up – unless you ADDRESS the issues.


Why if all our receivers keep DROPPING PASSES, don’t you TRY to throw to someone else ?  Elijah Holyfield for example no snaps running or passing downs.  Why are we # 9 and Ole Miss # 12 recruiting ranking avg making up the two tomorrow morning ?  Because we have players NOT PLAYING while those who are are NOT getting the job done.


I have no problems with trying Brice Ramsey at Kicker but Kirby MUST play Lassiter Kicker Mitchell Wasson tomorrow.


There is no tomorrow for our team this season if we lose.  We better be ready and have our A game which we have not done all season.  Right ?


You do know what THIS GAME means to us right ?


We’re Georgia.  We became under Mark Richt his last 8 years Clemson.  Now we’re Clemson.  We have no honeymoon.  No Can Lose this game and still have this that or the other.


We must have expectations for our program and we have to win these types of games.


Right ?


(5) Queue the duck for the Mark Richt discussion all over again if we lose to Ole Miss as our best opponent all season unless we win and play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.  That one too would bring the Mark Richt Apologists back to the forefront – not that they have shut-up about him since the very day this blog fired him ten (10) months ago now.  Trust me on this now.  They are sitting there waiting for Kirby to lose this game.  Kirby has done well so far and this his biggest test all season.

Lose and the season is OVER.  You can make-up whatever EXCUSES you want but the facts will remain that on a MOVEMENT DAY Kirby lost to a 2-loss team.  A team made-up of a ton of Georgia recruits who signed at Ole Miss and who collectively have ranked the average Scout.com # 12 recruiting class making-up their team.  Kirby will not face such a team with his average # 9 Scout.com recruiting ranking making-up his team all season unless he beats Ole Miss.  This season is a write-off if Kirby loses.

We have more talent than Ole Miss.  We can beat them.  We should not be a touchdown dog to a 2-loss team who has folded every 4th quarter.  We MUST play our best players.  Kirby said he would.  I have QUESTIONS about that.  Kirby getting nasty to the press when they ask him just makes me all the more convinced that the question should have been asked.


Ok Mark Richt lost these kind of games after he just LOST IT starting with the kick-off game 5 of 2008 when he was 76-19 at 80 % win percentage and only 68 % after.


THAT does NOT give Kirby a bye on this.


I would like for us to focus on that for Kirby.


The team nor any of the players on the team, nor any of our fans can afford to give Ole Miss a bye in this game.


We have to WANT IT !


It’s our game.


This is a MUST WIN for Kirby.


Why has NO ONE told you this except for me as per usual around here ?


We must win this game tomorrow morning and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Lose tomorrow morning and this is just YET AGAIN ANOTHER THROW-AWAY SEASON for The Georgia Bulldogs in a long line of throw-away seasons in a row for us with the better talent playing a lesser-talented team who in 3 games is a 2-loss team who has FOLDED every 4th Quarter not in the shape we’re in.


It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.  Now is the time for all of us to GATA as fans supporting our team and coaches to go out there and HAVE EXPECTATIONS of themselves other than us just only have Jacob Eason to go out there and come-from-behind again to bail the rest of the team and coaches’ asses out.


I’m so glad this game counts.


I’m so glad that I get to say it BEFORE we play that one blog stands alone pointing-out that last week’s game the best away win for Georgia in 36 years made this game tomorrow an absolutely must-win game for Kirby.  He has a lot of issues to fix in this one game.


Or we can pack it in.


And have another THROW-AWAY season we’ve become all too accustomed to.


This game matters.





Beat Ole Miss.


We’re at a crossroads.  We either win or have another throw-away season.  All of this is determined against our best opponent all regular season tomorrow morning – a God Damn CHEATING opponent who EVERY BLOG said we LOSE to.


Then, GET UP !


Wake-up !




Say the game is do-or-die.  Say the game is our most important game : It is.  Say the game is a MUST-WIN for Kirby.


For us.


For our program.


For every player and coach on the team.


I assure you it is for ALL THE hoard of Ole Miss recruits they have on their team who played high school football right here they came in here and CHEATED to sign putting them on NCAA Probation next year and losing 12 Scholarships for it, which is why this time next year their recruiting class is not the # 12 average Scout.com recruiting ranking making up their players tomorrow morning, but # 32 next year.


The recruits all know Ole Miss is a God Damn Cheater.  So Hugh Freeze is NOT getting his usual average # 12 Scout.com recruiting ranking 2017.  He’s # 32 down there with teams like North Carolina.


But this year the team he trots-out against us in THIS GAME tomorrow morning averaged the # 12 Scout.com recruiting ranking these latest years making-up this team tomorrow.


Did Hugh Freeze cheat ?


You’re damn straight he did.  9 Major Violations he has ALREADY ADMITTED to.


Did Hugh Freeze CHEAT to get some of the players he will he play tomorrow ?


Guys you said we wanted here ?


Sure he did.


I am ready to win a game like this for a change.


How about you ?


Put them down.  Put them out of their misery with 3 losses in 4 games to begin the season like you told me Kirby would be instead.


Get mad.


This game tomorrow morning MATTERS !



“We changed our offense from a read option style to a run-pass option type of attack. Jacob Eason has continued to get better from that point on and we had fun with him.” Tom Tri Lake Stevens Washington high school football coach.

We recognized Jacob Eason is the guy with a special future right-off.  We changed our Offense to match the talents of our players – not force the wrong Offense we were running on the team.  Jacob Eason will go far.  His awards will be MORE than All-Conference Quarterback.


I think Jacob Eason is throwing balls on-time to his receivers already.


He is a good man who is well-founded and not a domineering personality.


He loves his teammates and will lead his team at Georgia and beyond because he likes his teammates and they do already too and they will continue to during his career to like him and be led by him because of this.


I see defenses are trying to disguise their coverage and bring guys to different areas of the field to combat his passing prowess already at Georgia which is a run-first offense.


Kirby Smart indicated that the plan is for Jacob Eason to remain the starter if all goes well in game week preparation.


He loves watching film and he’s a gym rat.  What I love about him is that he never gets too high or too low regardless of the situation. He’s very even keel.


A cool hand back there Jacob Eason has excelled for Kirby and for his teammates.  You can see him getting them together on the play in the huddle.  You can see him explaining the play to his teammates.


I think Jacob Eason has handled himself well.


Jacob Eason is a hard-working kid who loves the game of football and is an outstanding teammate.


Jacob Eason has been making the right decisions being the guy and his teammates are flocking to him.


The sky is the limit for Jacob Eason.



We give all of our support to Jacob Eason.  All of us in Lake Stevens back home totally support Jacob Eason, and he us calling me all the time to keep up-to-date on us.



Brandon Sudge sports@macon.com
What could be the possible motivation that theDawgBone.com has FAILED once again to provide the URL Link to you ?  That they want to not provide all the URL Links to the Bulldog Nation ?
Mr. Blue theDawgBone.com has had YESTERDAY and now TODAY to give you this URL Link and once again has FAILED to do so.  We can’t find the news on our team from the site who purports to do so.  Is it that this article and coach’s comments might be construed as possibly critical ?    What is the deal ?

NATIONAL Freshman of the Week Award by CBS for Jacob Eason



( http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-players-of-the-week-lamar-jackson-gets-the-nod-after-downing-fsu/ )


This is not bad at all for a guy many pundits wanted HELD BACK behind Greyson Lambert starting instead stating of the freshman that he wasn’t ready yet and that Greyson Lambert was a better fit.  Oh yeah, and that Freshman Quarterbacks in The SEC never have done shit.  Jacob Eason is NOT READY FOR THE FIRE YET.  Start Greyson Lambert.


Uh, no dumbasses he is the best freshman player in the nation.


Of course instead what we have witnessed in his first 3 games are NATIONAL AWARDS and 3 come-from-behind wins with poise and power Greyson Lambert has NEVER demonstrated and NEVER will.


You pissed me off when you said this bullshit.  I called you out for it then.  Now eat crow for your lies misrepresentations and utter nonsense about the best first 3 performances by an UGA QB ever.


Where are they now these dumb shits who continue to say this shit ?


When do they come back in here and apologize for example that they too were ALL WRONG about Mark Richt and that I NAILED that too for the last 8 years.


Well ?


Dumbass pieces of shit holding our program back and have for the last entire 8 freaking years.


Stick this up your assholes.



38 undefeated teams 2016 and 14 of those have beat at least one top 25 team with one who has beat 2 top 25 teams Alabama. Kirby can become the 2nd team to beat at least 2 top 25 teams 2016. Or our season can go to pot. We can be a flash in the pan. We can go down the tubes. We can go to the dogs. We have a clean program here but Ole Miss came in here and took some VERY TALENTED PLAYERS to play for them from the state of Georgia to play against us who they PAID MONIES TO to get and ARE GOING ON NCAA PROBATION for this all already ADMITTED by Ole Miss in their 12 LOST SCHOLARSHIPS. Ole Miss’s recruiting has FALLEN WAY OFF for 2017 but they HAVE AVERAGED # 12 for the team who IS GOING TO LINE-UP and invite us there to play. This is AS GOOD A CHANCE to beat UGA as Ole Miss has had since 1996. Kirby says we better be ready and UP for Ole Miss. Kirby also said “We do NOT teach our players to get behind and then come-back. It has to do with the character of the players that they do not give-up. But teach them to get behind and win – do we practice that ? No. We do NOT teach our players to get behind.” Every blog had us losing to Ole Miss. We can BEAT Ole Miss there noon which is 11 a.m. their time. We are getting up today and tomorrow eating and then playing just as we will the following day to prepare us for this very unusual start time. We have played one home game and this is game 4 away on the road against a ranked team again – a hungry team. Complacency had been a problem around here 8 years. This game means more to UGA than any game I can recall back to 1980 and is the 1st one since that I have any expectations. I had some expectations long ago when Mark Richt’s 15-year career first began but they quickly FADED. Every year we were complacent and lost games we should’ve/could’ve won.



( http://www.cfbtrivia.com/cfbt_records.php?fry=2016&thy=2016&grk=on&cres=1 )


Kirby also said the job is Jacob Eason’s to lose now.



Mark Bradley went 735 miles to Mizzou believe it or not to report what he got paid to see and report unbiased. Those who did get to go for us chanted U-G-A. I am jealous that in our best win in 36 years on the road, I wasn’t there. This old codger instead just last week said Jacob Eason wasn’t ANY DAMN GOOD AT FREAKING ALL. Jacob Eason has no talent – not a talent – NO GOOD. Guys who have never won a post-season game in their entire career are better than he EVER will be. And now today shames himself offering-up this shabby piece from there that “Georgia has given itself a CHANCE to make 2016 SOMEWHAT MORE than just a BETA TEST.” Oh, and “Missouri is a team who probably won’t turn-out to be much good EITHER.” He goes on. There’s MORE I swear : “Georgia sucks in all aspects and anything they DID was really just luck never to be duplicated and against nothing but a cupcake. Kirby will not have all year played ANYBODY.” Mark Bradley drones-on. “Georgia even could go only 1-loss on the season and not be any good AT ALL – having beat no one under the sun.” May I re-write that for you please Mark Bradley ? Is that ok sir ? If I give it a shot ?

Other writers are HOMERS for their home-town team.  You for example wrote that we ALL should root for Georgie tek yellowjackets because they are after all the home-town team.  Yet, it’s faster for you to get to UGA 59 miles away from downtown which is then a lot faster to get to my alma mater where you are Mark Bradley than it is for you to suffer through the traffic in the slums downtown where it is NOT SAFE to get to them.  And just whom is it they are anyway ?   They’re a lousy football program who hasn’t done a THING starting 1957 when I started going with Dad to our seasons’ tickets at Sanford.  And I know Georgie tek yellowjackets have not done a damn thing starting 1957 therefore 1st hand Mark Bradley.  You do not know jack shit and never have.  UGA is # 11 in wins starting 1957 and Georgie tek yellowjackets – your team Mark Bradley – are # 37 down there with Syracuse Central Michigan and Miami of Ohio.


And, you are a basketball writer who came here from Lexington Kentucky in 1984.


And Missouri over the now this season these latest 14 seasons is # 23 and your Georgie tek yellowjackets are still # 35 Mark Bradley double-digits outside the top 25.  No damn good.  And have not been any damn good at ALL whatsoever starting 1957 when I first started going to the UGA games with Dad.


You do NOT have a God Damn Clue One Mark Bradley.


I have grown tired of reading your biased put-downs of my alma mater.


I guess the question I have for you then Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation : Why go all the way the hell out there then ?


Why bother ?


Save us your “effort” if you do not mind.


I want our expense report monies back.  You’re on your own for that report.


Go write how great Georgie tek yellowjackets are.  Your shtick has gotten really old for a long time now Mark Bradley.  This story you write today starts out slowly, drones-on, and then peters-out all together.  And all you do is put shit on a coach’s efforts to do well for us when IN FACT YOU WERE THE VERY ONE WHO FIRED MARK RICHT AND SAID HE HAD TO GO MARK BRADLEY.


If this were the replacement for Fish Fry, you would be writing glowing reports and bragging of future greatness.


You know you would be.


We just are NOT going to pay for that trip.


Why was this the most exciting win by The Georgia Bulldogs in decades upon decades upon decades ?


This is in a season where it actually mattered.


The Hobnail boot season 2001 with Verron Haynes in the cut-down checkerboard end zone, we lost 4 games.  Therefore, that game did NOT matter AT ALL.  He did not as Mark Richt claimed after to you Mark Bradley, knock any damn lid off the # 11 all-time wins program, in a road game of a season in which he lost 4 games.  Kirby just now, may have.  Mark Richt by your own admissions, would NEVER have won these 3 games.  Hell, he would still be playing ONLY Greyson Lambert who was losing the 1st game, scored no points in the 2nd game and hasn’t done a damn thing all year as he didn’t last year either or the 2 in Virginia prior to that.


The win over Auburn 24-21 at Auburn, was preceded just 2 games earlier by Mark Richt going to JAX and putting-up 0 for 13 on 3rd Down Conversions against one of the most hapless Florida teams 8-5 and unranked in the Final AP Poll even with their win over us.  So we got to play 5-loss Arkansas unranked in The SEC Championship Game and for the Booby Prize, got to play 5-loss Florida State in our MEANINGLESS Bowl Game as a direct result.  So the win over Auburn didn’t propel us to the National Stage that season either.


This is the 3rd road game since 1980 where The Georgia Bulldogs did SOMETHING.  Only this season is the season of a coach here who has now done what no other rookie coach here has done in 78 years starting 3-0.  And, really the game in 1980 was NOT a road game.


735 miles from home for us, and you get to go ?


And this is all you can say Mark Bradley that Georgia isn’t any good, plays nothing but cupcakes all year, can go 1-loss on the season losing to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game and still will not have beat anybody, Missouri sucks, and oh yeah last week I waxed-on that Jacob Eason is NOT A TALENT.


Give it up Mark Bradley.


Who the hell do you think wants to read that bullshit ?


Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fans ?  Is that whom it is you direct this crap ?


There are 20 of we Bulldogs’ fans for every 1 reader of the AJ-C who follows Georgie tek yellowjackets’ sports.


You sure as shit didn’t write it for ANY of we Bulldogs boy.


One would think even you might notice we’re undefeated ranked # 11 Coaches’ Poll and # 12 AP Poll play ANOTHER RANKED TEAM this weekend and have the inside track to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game and might be a 1-loss team losing only to The National Champion and would have done so with a True Freshman QB at the helm in 3 come-from-behind wins to begin his auspicious career and that he is surrounded by being left only by Mark Richt 2 senior starters and 6 juniors the # 93 team experience on the 2-Deep according to Phil Steele after the Great Exodus of the Dream Team last season of 22 all of whom started and whom since Kolton Houston was in that group averaged 4 losses a season 24 losses Mark Richt’s last 6 years for which you Mark Bradley stated Mark Richt MUST BE FIRED.


That is too much for you Mark Bradley.


It makes YOU great that you write that we aren’t.


We could be.


We absolutely are a young team.


Do you know how to tell when a football team, quarterback, and coach is a good combination ?  When they don’t quit.  When they have undeniable talent.  When they are in clutch situations and do what they were trying with all their heart to do.  THIS is what reporters are most paid to recognize.   You’ve just missed the boat entirely Mark Bradley.  Write about Georgie tek yellowjackets’ basketball, if you’re any good at that.  I would not know.  I don’t read those.  Or, anything else you write about.  And while I have read this story reported by you of this game, I have lost minutes I can never recover.   So, I guess I must write about your poor job of reporting this game.


Piss poor.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/opinion/after-another-skinny-victory-uga-has-a-real-shot )


Your expense report is denied.  Who do you think pays your bills ?


You are such a dick lick Mark Bradley.  Do you even know anything about this topic to spend thousands of dollars to waste the ink ?  Who is your audience for such a piece ?  Are you that much of an asshole that this is seriously what you turn-in ?


Jesus Christ Mark Bradley.


No wonder Kirby gives you hell EVERY press meeting.


How do you part your hair like that ?  Use 2 combs one in each hand and start in the middle ?  Only a woman would dream-up something like that and for a Sportswriter no less.  My God !


What do you guys do ?  Wink at each other as you leave the office, and say where are you off to ?  Oh, I am off covering the cough cough Georgia Bulldogs big smile.


It is a shame that someone like you Mark Bradley would have the right to even turn-in such a story so one-sided and off-beat, that it totally misrepresents what 100 million viewers nationwide changed channels to watch.  I stood up myself.  I stood right in front of my 80″ HDTV smart tv.  I said aloud you have them right where you want them Jacob Eason.  THIS is where you MAKE YOUR LEGEND.


Then, I read your story and am compelled to share as others have told you Mark Bradley that you’re ONCE AGAIN just wrong.  You painted a picture of a little girl forced to wait until midnight to even leave the press box on a 7:30 kick-off in this game which captivated the world and all Bulldogs’ fans the last 36 years waiting.  You know I was in JAX.  We all know you weren’t.  But, you were at this one.  I wonder what crap you might have turned-in that game ?  If I were your boss, you’d be prevented from further “reports” of UGA football.


And I would deny your expense report.


And I would give you an ass-chewing of all-time.




I did.




I feel better now.


Sad.  I guess I am glad however that I did read it Mark Bradley so that I could share in hopes of your improvement as a college football reporter no one has EVER accused you of being that you just might learn something about the game.  You know ?  College Football Capital of the World Atlanta ?  Give it up son.


Do you want me to re-write it for you sucker ?


Kirby brought his young pups # 93 experienced 2-Deep left by Mark Richt out here 735 miles away due West, and I could not contain myself that I was getting to go with them to watch what was the most amazing win in 36 years.  On a beautiful Saturday night in The SEC, two heavyweights of college football FOREVER faced-off.  Missouri has more wins all-time than Ole Miss, more wins than Oregon all-time and more wins than Stanford all-time.  Missouri has won 15 conference titles and 2 national championships and they had just replaced their best coach of all-time.  After a gutty rendition of the National Anthem by an Olympic Medal Winner of their own, Mizzou gave it all they had.  Their home town boys were ahead of Mighty UGA # 11 All-Time in Wins by 6 with 1 minute 36 seconds.  Georgia had Jacob Eason empty in the backfield his running game shut-down.  His receivers were dropping pass after pass.  His special teams proved again not ready for Prime Time.  And all he did was for the 3rd game in a row losing late in the game, was to put the team on his back.  He looked-up with fine protection.  He recognized the coverage as he paused midway in his throw and directed the pass after the pause mid-stream in his throw perfectly on target.  He was waiting that nanosecond for the timing to be absolutely correct.  He was totally focused.  He threw a pass only his receiver could catch, when they had covered him with their very best pass defender and a future NFL player.  This was only his 3rd game.  And markedly his 3rd come-from-behind late to win in a row to jump start his and his coach’s careers together.  A guy this coach went out there to get directly following his press conference announcing his hire 11 months’ ago now today.  His coach now  the best UGA starting coach in 78 years.  And in a year we’re undefeated.  This has not been accomplished after 3 games since 1938 at UGA for a rookie coach here. This how important THIS stupendous effort by Jacob Eason.  They had forced Kirby on 4th Down, to call his last remaining time-out.  Then, the very QB I said had NO TALENT last week, put touch on a pass on a seam-route and a little guy jumped 45″ into the air, turned-around mid-air I swear, snagged the ball, and against Missouri’s best pass defender – not only caught the beautifully placed pass, but secured it and with that a win so momentous that even an old codger like myself has to oblige that this propitious play by the rookie QB will be one of which I shall wax forever or at least for the next 20 years of watching him perform at the highest level.  With this now under his belt as well, Georgia indeed might end the season a 1-loss team losing to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.

-signing-off : Mark Bradley AJ-C DawgNation

P.S. Thank you UGA fans for my expense report and the fine corn-fed steak with yellow marbling.   I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my report of your game you paid for me to have such great fun witnessing the Coronation of perhaps The Greatest Bulldog of All-Time – certainly after his 1st three top-notch performances I got to watch all 3 of live, or could have since I write for the AJ-C and the other 2 in Athens and Atlanta.

P.P.S. my aka is smartass son of a bitch in the slim chance you didn’t recognize me as the one single “reporter” most Bulldogs’ fans hate to read but do only to comment thereupon.




4th game coming-up, Kirby is in the discussion 2016. In fact, Georgia is very much considered on the inside track to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game when Alabama is supposed to play Ohio State for the N.C. Look Ole Miss is a fine team and our best opponent all season before Kirby plays Nick Saban. We can NOT get ahead of ourselves as Ole Miss is # 21 Coaches’ # 23 AP Polls today. Ole Miss is VERY GOOD. We need our A game. I wouldn’t say we have brought our A game yet, would you ? vols ? Why would ANYONE want to talk about vols when we are PLAYING Ole Miss ? Ole Miss would wipe the floor with Butch Jones, who SUCKS and always has. Keep focused. THIS is Ole Miss. ALL everyone said is we LOSE to Ole Miss. Now that they’re # 21 and we’re # 11, you think we just have to show-up and this is a gimme because Jacob Eason is 3-0 and Ole Miss has 2 losses ? Give them their 3rd Loss. Put them DOWN. Concentrate ONLY on Ole Miss. We’re making TOO MANY MISTAKES across the board to beat Ole Miss – who has averaged the # 12 Recruiting Class and who is ranked # 21. Got it ? Wake-up ! This is Ole Miss the team EVERYONE said we lose to. This is our season. Beat Ole Miss.

I don’t care how Kirby got here – the facts are, he is here.


Play your freshmen Kirby and we can play with Ole Miss.  Don’t and you will lose to our best opponent all season Kirby.  No more fooling around with poor offensive play calls.  All this run junk without personnel to do so.


There is no longer any QB controversy.  Jacob Eason is the undisputed # 1 QB and there isn’t a # 2 no matter what nice help on the sidelines Greyson Lambert gives as encouragement to Jacob Eason.  Brice Ramsey gave good advice to Isaiah McKenzie on the sidelines beating Missouri.  That doesn’t make him a viable option EITHER.


If you look at the recruiting rankings this morning, you will see that Kirby has 16 Commitments for 2017 with as many of the top 100 players as Clemson and Alabama combined with 7.


Kirby is in the discussion.


Mark Richt in his 1st season had a win much like Kirby’s over Missouri beating vols on the hobnail boot to Verron Haynes 2001 but Mark Richt lost 4 games 2001 so that win was NOT LIKE THIS ONE OVER MISSOURI.


Many blogs predicted pre-season – in fact MOST – nay even all blogs predicted Kirby would NOT BE where he is today.  I saw variously LOSING RECORD 2016-2017 for Kirby in fact predicted.  You can look back on this blog and read those fools and their predictions of Kirby 2016-2017.  Basically everyone has Kirby 2016 as losing 4 or MORE games 2016-2017 season – not basically – EVERYONE has Kirby losing 4 games 2016-2017 season.  NOT THIS BLOG.  I said 11-3 or even 12-2 and I am right on target for that as I was that Mark Richt had to be fired for 8 long years I said and as I was that THERE WAS NO QB CONTROVERSY that there was ONLY ONE CHOICE EVER ONLY for Kirby.


So this is where we are.


Where is that ?


We are playing Ole Miss a fine football team with a ton of talent who is going to go on NCAA Probation and already has admitted sanctions and only delayed the implementation of those sanctions against them – not disagreed that the NCAA is going to or should be giving sanctions to Ole Miss.  In fact Ole Miss said we agree NCAA and took 12 Scholarships away from itself 12.


Where Ole Miss has been averaging # 12 in the Recruiting Rankings, NEXT YEAR 2017 Ole Miss is NOT IN THE BALLPARK any longer and is no longer competing for the talent WHICH Ole Miss DOES HAVE TODAY to welcome us to their field.  They will again compete for talent at Ole Miss after their NCAA Probation in Football for cheating in recruiting in-state talent here in the state of Georgia and paying them.


Trust me on this that we can beat Ole Miss and we certainly beat vols.


Wake-up !


This is not vols’ game.


We’re playing # 21 Ole Miss who has averaged the # 12 Recruiting Rankings.  They are LOADED for bear.


We have our work cut-out for us on Special Teams.  On the OL, we still are not playing the right players.  Our Kicker who can not kick it out of the end zone or even into it, is ALSO dead last in the nation at making field goals.  We miss more field goals than we have played games.  We need a kicker.  Our Offensive Game Plan that was so stupid for us to just run the ball, was abandoned.  That was not a smart strategy.  So now we have gone the other way entirely.  We just passed the ball 55 times.  Is that what we said we were going to do ?


Our Defense has seemed opportunistic but they also have given-up big plays and haven’t sacked our opponents nor really stopped the run – have they ?  Championship Caliber ?  Not hardly.  We have played only 64 players in any game and mostly the same 64.


We have not thrown a pass to Mecole Hardman Jr. nor hand-off to him yet he clearly is NOT getting on the field in our secondary which Kirby said he wanted him to concentrate on.  Mecole Hardman Jr. got his redshirt yanked off last week in game 3 to play one play on Special Teams all year ?  We have problems and Ben Cleveland is not a possible answer on the OL ?  We’re going to redshirt Ben Cleveland ?


Look folks we have issues.


Big issues and huge big RANKED OPPONENT this week.




I have this as a loss.


We’re making too many mistakes to beat Ole Miss.

We’re not playing the NCAA Probation Ole Miss.  That happens after this season.  They delayed the sanctions.  Put them out of their misery.

Many of the cheated recruits at Ole Miss that put them in this mess are state of Georgia recruits we drooled-over.

We have not played a team as good as Ole Miss in fact is.

Our wide receivers ALL drop the ball.

Our running game is NON-EXISTENT.

We have not played players I thought would be stars by now such as Ben Cleveland and I do not consider Mecole Hardman Jr. ONLY JUST a guy getting one snap all season on special teams and that to tackle a guy.


Ohio State is doing better than we are in recruiting for 2017.  But this is 2016 and this is Ole Miss.


This is our season.  Beat Ole Miss.  We have work to do not daydream about 2017 or Ole Miss’s 2 losses while Jacob Eason has come-from-behind to win all 3 games for us.


I don’t care about YOUR PREDICTIONS for Kirby 2016-2017 that he would lose 5 games or 6 games or 7 games.  I am talking about Ole Miss.  I want this game.  We can do it !


Wake-up !






Kirby is 1-0 at home, 1-0 road, and 1-0 on neutral site games. And, Kirby is 1-0 vs SEC Conference teams. North Carolina is a BOWL TEAM 2016-2017 season, so Kirby is 1-0 vs Bowl Teams the year he played them. 8 SEC teams are in every Top 25 Poll. How many ranked teams are in your stinking conference ?

Ole Miss is a bowl team and our best opponent all season before Kirby plays Nick Saban for The SEC Championship Game which he will not win.


vols are a bowl team too.


2 more tough games up-coming.


No reason look ahead.  Ole Miss is BETTER than vols obviously.


Missouri beat Eastern Michigan who is undefeated except for their loss to Missouri and Missouri certainly looked good against us.

Nicholls State WON yesterday and is undefeated on the season except for their loss to us.  And Nicholls State next plays South Alabama, who beat Mississippi State who beat South Carolina and played LSU tough before losing by a field goal.  Nicholls State vs. South Alabama is on TV too.  ESPN3 Saturday at 6 p.m. on South Alabama’s Field.

North Carolina is undefeated on the season except for their loss to us.  They were ranked # 20 Coaches’ and # 22 AP Poll when they played us and lost and they will be ranked for the season.  North Carolina has beat a Power 5 Conference non-conference opponent.  North Carolina already is the next team listed in others receiving votes outside the Top 25.


Why are we # 11 Coaches’ and # 12 AP Polls ?  Because we’re 3-0 and the teams we are playing are doing well.  That’s why.  There are 8 SEC teams ranked in every Top 25 and Auburn is in the others receiving votes.


No one expects us to beat Alabama in The SEC Championship Game but guess what ?  We have the inside track to play them and no one else does.  This is why the play is so important – bigger than the play by Verron Haynes over the vols 2001 because we lost 4 games 2001 anyway and not so this year of 12-2 maybe or 11-3.




“I’m impressed but I see it every day in practice. The kid Jacob Eason has a bright future.” Nick Chubb says after the DECISIVE MOMENTOUS WIN. … … “Jacob Eason is unbelievable ! The amount of poise he had on that last drive was incredible for a true freshman. He took control of the pocket. He knew what he was doing. He executed.” Tyler Catalina says seeing this phenom lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to 3 CONSECUTIVE COME-FROM-BEHIND WINS to start his absolutely obviously PROPITIOUS career. … … “Jacob Eason keeps his composure. He ENCOURAGES us in the HUDDLE. In those situations – you wouldn’t expect that from a freshman. For him to come in and do what he does – I love it.” Isaiah McKenzie says about the AUSPICIOUS PROMISING fabulous efforts of one cool hand back there – especially when he is down behind losing to come-from-behind yet again. … … “I had a visual before the play started. The linebacker came up and I knew I had to beat the corner before he beat me to the middle and as Jacob Eason threw a GREAT BALL – I adjusted to it and came down with the catch. I had to adjust and come down with it and secure it. That put us on top.” Isaiah McKenzie says about The Catch on the order of Verron Haynes – only THAT YEAR we LOST 4 games – not so this season of 12-2 I predicted. … … “I tell the rest of the guys that : If y’all practice like Isaiah McKenzie that we wouldn’t lose a game. Isaiah McKenzie practices hard.” Kirby says after another outstanding performance by BOTH to lead Top 10 Georgia Bulldogs to our 3-0 start all 3 games we were losing and came-back to win. … … “The kid Jacob Eason really grew up tonight. The quarterback grew up a lot and became a better player.” Kirby

“I’m impressed but I see it every day in practice.  The kid Jacob Eason has a bright future.”

Nick Chubb says after the DECISIVE MOMENTOUS WIN.


“Jacob Eason is unbelievable !   The amount of poise he had on that last drive was incredible for a true freshman. He took control of the pocket. He knew what he was doing. He executed.”

Tyler Catalina says seeing this phenom lead The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to 3 CONSECUTIVE COME-FROM-BEHIND WINS to start his absolutely obviously PROPITIOUS career.



“Jacob Eason keeps his composure.   He ENCOURAGES us in the HUDDLE.   In those situations – you wouldn’t expect that from a freshman.   For him to come in and do what he does –  I love it.”

Isaiah McKenzie says about the  AUSPICIOUS PROMISING fabulous efforts of one cool hand back there – especially when he is down behind losing to come-from-behind yet again.


“I had a visual before the play started. The linebacker came up and I knew I had to beat the corner before he beat me to the middle and as Jacob Eason threw a GREAT BALL – I adjusted to it and came down with the catch.  I had to adjust and come down with it and secure it. That put us on top.”

Isaiah McKenzie says about The Catch on the order of Verron Haynes – only THAT YEAR we LOST 4 games – not so this season of 12-2 I predicted.



“I tell the rest of the guys that : If y’all practice like Isaiah McKenzie that we wouldn’t lose a game.  Isaiah McKenzie practices hard.” 

Kirby says after another outstanding performance by BOTH Jacob Eason and Isaiah McKenzie to lead Top 10 Georgia Bulldogs to our 3-0 start when in all 3 games we were losing when Jacob Eason came in to give us 3 come-from-behind wins in a row to begin his unbelievable career already.  How exciting is that ?  I knew he had them right where he wanted them – beating us – and the game resting on his considerable shoulders.


Jason Butt Macon.com




( http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/sports/college/sec/university-of-georgia/bulldogs-blog/article102578897.html )




( http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/sports/college/sec/university-of-georgia/bulldogs-blog/article102577612.html )


Why is that Jason Butt UGA grad was able to give us these quotes tonight and no one else could ?  Aren’t you better-off having read these quotes by Jason Butt ?





“The kid Jacob Eason really grew up tonight. The quarterback grew up a lot and became a better player.” 





( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/recaps/091816aab.html )




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/recaps/091816aae.html )





Noon ESPN at Ole Miss who is our best Opponent all season long before Kirby plays Nick Saban in The SEC Championship. Georgia moves into the Top 10 with road win Prime Time. IT HAPPENED JUST EXACTLY AS I SAID IT WOULD AND PRECISELY AS I GUARANTEED IT WOULD. There ALSO is NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY as I have guaranteed all along as well. And, I said why there wasn’t. And all that – just as in my guarantee that Mark Richt had to be fired and why – are all ALSO 100% CORRECT PREDICTIONS BY ME. But you can read whoever the hell you want to go read. Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW. Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him. Players/Coaches of the Game Award. It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog. Kirby is a STRONG MAN.

Georgia Bulldogs Game Awards :  Kirby A  Jacob Eason A Isaiah McKenzie A Quincy Mauger A Christian Payne A Mel Tucker A Defense A Natrez Patrick A Aaron Davis A Juwuan Briscoe  A.



Nick Chubb had 63 yards and Sony Michel had 37 but Isaiah McKenzie had 19 rushing yards and a TD Rushing and 2 TD Receptions – one on the order of Verron Haynes – for another 122 yards in receptions.


The Human Joystick looks to me like he wants to be All-America 2016, as I said after the North Carolina game.


I do want to see us throw to Mecole Hardman Jr.  I don’t care about us having 2 short wide receivers.  That does not bother me one bit.  Not one.  I also would like to see Ben Cleveland not redshirted.  We need these 2 on Offense.


We have a lot of work to be a great team.  A ton of work is required for us to be great.  But it sure is nice to see such solid coaching decisions by Kirby all night tonight really.  And how wonderful is it to see these guys step-up for us with the game on the line and us losing for the 3rd week in a row only to watch Jacob Eason just take us down the field no matter what work we have to do to improve on offense.  I mean.  It is so exciting !


We had 20 First Downs on Passing Downs and only 5 Rushing.

We out-rushed Missouri by 6 yards on one more rush than they.

We scored a TD rushing and they did not.

Both teams had 3 Passing Touchdowns.

We held the ball and had 93 plays to their only 75 twenty percent more than they.

Missouri had 4 fumbles and 3 interceptions while we had no fumble and only 1 interception.  I said pre-game we would do THIS exactly.

We’re Plus THREE +3 Turnover Margin for the year.  That is good.

I said there was NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY.  There is NOT !

I said Missouri would be good and they were.


Mecole Hardman Jr. got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw Mecole Hardman Jr. the ball please.

Elijah Holyfield got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw him the ball too and hand it off to him and hand it off to Brian Herrien more.

Solomon Kindley got on the field.  Try subbing Solomon Kindley and Ben Cleveland to give our Starters a rest please.  Kirby, you said when you have players that aren’t getting the job done that you would tell them to do so and if they still did not that you would play someone else and let them have a go.

And find us a kicker.  We don’t have one on the roster.

Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW.


By the way Kirby sometimes you have to throw to the same guy tired or not when everyone is dropping the ball and one guy is making plays.  He is strong.  He is in shape.  He certainly is an All-America Candidate as I announced for Isaiah McKenzie the Human Joystick after Game 1 against North Carolina.


Good job coaching Kirby.  Thank you for listening to me.


Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him.






Jacob Eason plays the whole game. Mizzou defense shuts down our running game. So he cool hand throws 308 yards with 3 TD Passes on 29-55 going 10 of 19 on 3rd Downs. Win on the road in The SEC. This is now Jacob Eason’s 3rd Come-From-Behind Win 28-27.

Down 21-27 one time-out left with the game clock down to the last minute and a half.


Jacob Eason had them right where he wanted them, losing.  It’s good when we are losing Jacob Eason must feel.


We can not get ahead of ourselves because Ole Miss has 2 losses and Jacob Eason has none.


We have to really be ready for Ole Miss.  It is going to take an even better game to beat Ole Miss.  Ole Miss is really really good and our best opponent so far all this season.  In fact, it is PROBABLE that Ole Miss is our best opponent before we face Alabama in The SEC Championship in Atlanta.  12-2 baby.


Let’s not give up one of those losses this season at Ole Miss.


Beat Ole Miss.


Bring our A game.


We learned a lot tonight.


We learned that indeed we do have a QB and he’s ready for Prime Time.


Bring on Ole Miss !




Jacob Eason Start # 2 after 2 come-from-behind wins goes 5/6 on 3rd Down Conversions for team who was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions last year to come-back from 0-10 to take lead 14-10. Awesome !

Jacob Eason looks cool hand back there.


Jessie Palmer called him Greyson Lambert on the TD Throw by Jacob Eason to take the lead.


The crowd looked small on TV with the upper deck empty.



Kirby # 3 in the nation 247Sports.com Composite Recruiting Rankings and most impressively though with only 16 Commitments

You score more points in recruiting for every recruit you sign no matter how good they are.


Ultimately however it is how many of the top recruits you get which actually matters the most – not the total number of recruits.  This is because each team only has 85 Scholarships to work with.  If you value those 85 Scholarships the most and give them out sparingly, you will have a roster full of BETTER recruits.


Mark Webb from Philadelphia suburb is ranked by 247Sports.com Composite Rankings as the # 19 best Wide Receiver in the nation a 4-Star WR highly sought by such teams as Alabama, Michigan, Penn State, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Miami of Florida.  We have 2 Top Commitments at WR for 2017 already and both are 6′ 3″ and a 6′ 5″ WR commitment.


There has been a misconception about our wide receivers this 2016 season however.  We just don’t pass the ball to them.  We run every down.  They would set records if we actually turned Jacob Eason loose to throw the ball.


Jake Fromm is the # 6 QB ESPN Rankings 2017.  He too is a pocket-passer like Jacob Eason.  Aaron Murray was ranked the # 3 QB.  Jacob Eason was ranked the # 1 QB.


Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program.


Next, the coach has to look at whom it is his staff has and take advantage of those specific players he does have.


And the coach has to look at his weaknesses of his current roster and minimize our weaknesses.


What we have done on offense is to just run the ball.


That does not lend itself to having the wide receivers we do have to shine.


Nor the Quarterback.


If you also are not practicing the QB with the wide receivers they will not have their timing down and are not a well-oiled machine.


It is heartening to actually doing better recruiting than we ever have for 2017.  This is by far our best recruiting class of all-time.




( http://247sports.com/Season/2017-Football/CompositeTeamRankings )


Kirby is ranked # 2 nationally in average recruit rank.  This means that he has high-rated recruits on his commitment list for 2017, regardless of the fact that he has only 16 commitments because our current 85-man scholarship limit is FULL.


Mark Richt signed a host of recruits who were and remain not the top players at their positions AND in some cases ALSO NOT a position of need, either.  Then, Mark Richt kicked-off players and gave their Scholarships to Walk-Ons who not one of them Started on Offense or Defense just our # 100 every year Special Teams.




THIS is where I told you we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt than we did with.  I said it daily for 8 years as to 1 of the reasons Mark Richt just had to be fired.  Now here we are, and I am right about this too.


Something as important as recruiting is something that you MUST FOLLOW.


You need to understand recruiting.


I live it.


We used to have a Website which all it did was follow Georgia Bulldogs’ football recruiting.  Now, he writes a blog post about once a month on the average.


# 2 Safety *Richard LeCounte 4.51 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 1″  Liberty County Hinesville.

# 3 Running Back * D’Andre Swift 214 lbs. Philadelphia St. Joseph’s Prep School

# 5 QB *Jake Fromm 6′ 2″ 203 lbs. Houston Warner Robins.

# 6 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 4″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove.

# 7 DE *Robert Beal 6′ 4″ 234 lbs. Norcross IMG Academy Bradenton FL

# 8 RB *Toneil Carter Jr. 4.47 Nike 40-yard dash 5′ 11″ 190 lbs. Houston TX

# 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy.

# 11 OLB Jaden Hunter 6′ 2″ 212 lbs. 4.81 Nike 40-yard dash Westlake Atlanta.

# 13 OT *D’antne Demery 6′ 5″ 310 lbs. Brunswick.

# 16 CB William Poole 4.68 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ Hapeville College Park.

# 16 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 356 lbs. also Cedar Grove.

# 19 WR Mark Webb Philadelphia 6′ 3″ and 202 lbs.

# 22 WR Trey Blount 4.36 Nike 40-yard dash also Pace Academy.

# 24 CB Latavious Brini 6′ 2″ Mater Hialeah Gardens Florida

# 48 DT Devante Wyatt 6′ 3″ and 300 lbs. 4.59 in 40-yard dash Towers

# 53 WR Matt Landers 6’5″ long Wide Receiver from St. Petersburg FL

*Top 100 Overall players in the nation regardless of position 7 for Kirby !


As our roster is full today at 85 Scholarships, this about all we can sign – depending upon roster management such as the medical redshirt we gave one player this season.


Here are the facts, if your recruiting ranking is higher you are FAR MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED than if you’re not.


Grey-shirting is here.


Beat Missouri.  They would die to have our recruiting prowess.  We shall see if Kirby was setting them up with his non-passing game plan with Jacob Eason.  And his relentlessness at only running the ball.  On the other side of the ball the defensive game plan of nickel defense appears to be right on target.  I predict we win the interception battle tonight and we win the game because we have the better talent.


Coaching I figure both will make mistakes.  I had hoped this would not be the case for us, but in fact it has been a sore spot along with our special teams which I never would’ve guessed either coming in to the season.


You play Greyson Lambert if you do not want to score.


Missouri is good  – I never thought I would say that when they joined The SEC and said then they would not compete.  Well they really have proved they belong despite the inability to recruit.


It does not matter whom it is Kirby starts against Missouri ?

It is paramount unless you do not follow recruiting and think the ESPN # 37 QB Greyson Lambert is some great game manager not scoring all season this season as he didn’t last season or the 2 seasons at Virginia either.


You want to open-up the running game for Nick Chubb ?


Pass the God Damn Football !


Sorry Kirby you are making mistakes in your handling of Jacob Eason sir.  I would’ve had him at # 1 QB all Spring, all Fall and both games so far where it has been proven on the field as well that only he Jacob Eason the QB who is winning the games for us so far.


I do not know where you get off playing the # 37 ESPN QB Greyson Lambert instead of the # 1 ESPN QB Jacob Eason, but that is dumb as shit.


And proven in the 2 games so far.


Want to go for 3 ?  I’ll be here after to say I told you so.


I would not take him out tonight.  This Offensive Game Plan with Jim Chaney and Kirby is NOT WORKING.



I think we’re playing into their hands to run the ball every down and to play a guy at QB they beat like a red-headed step child last year shutting him out.  More than anything it was the uproar that Mark Richt had beat Missouri without even scoring a TD that added into that stretch that cost him his job.

Not only did Mark Richt start the season # 9 and end his career here NOT RANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 and did this 4 of his last 8 years but he got the ever living shit kicked out of him against ranked for season Alabama when Greyson Lambert was BENCHED and then Greyson Lambert tried to sit on a 3 TD lead against ranked for season vols and LOST and then Greyson Lambert did not even get to play one snap even by Mark Richt against the only other ranked team for the 2015 season Florida, but Greyson Lambert THEN beat Missouri without scoring a TD.  Fire Mark Richt : It was in fact Greyson Lambert’s fault.


The last time that had happened that 1 of our quarterbacks beat a team without scoring a single TD was 20 years’ prior in the 1995 Kentucky game.


We will not do that tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time SEC Network.




Losing in the 2nd game Nicholls had the lead 13-14 with 4 minutes to go before the 4th Quarter where Nicholls had bogged-down the Georgia running game with all their players in the box yet all we called was running plays when Jacob Eason lead Georgia with a pass play to take the lead 20 to 14. This sparked the defense to score too back-to-back with the 4th Quarter now only 3 minutes away with the score now 26-14. Then Jacob Eason threw a strike which hit Javon Wims on the numbers of the back of his Jersey as he was not looking for the pass which would have been a 1st Down a play designed to pass the ball to Javon Wims. That was returned 91 yards before Brian Herrien stopped them saving the TD. Then we brought in Greyson Lambert. Halting QB Greyson Lambert had us down double-digits to North Carolina and then vs Nicholls did not score at all. Of course Greyson Lambert was SHUT-OUT by Missouri last year much as he was against Nicholls last game. What did you see ?


Losing 23-24 having brought us back to that score from down 10 when he entered – Jacob Eason threw a ball he released from our 25-yard line with only 7 and a half minutes in the game. He hit his receiver in stride on a dead run with separation which WON THE GAME when his receiver was tackled at the 16-yard line. That was his first game. That was against # 22 North Carolina. What did you see ?


“Greyson Lambert provided good game management and the running game seemed a tad stronger with him in there. Jacob Eason went in and provided the HIGH-OCTANE passing attack. Jacob Eason was the change-up which gave North Carolina problems.” Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation today. Is that why we were losing by DOUBLE-DIGITS with only minutes to go before the 4th Quarter that Greyson Lambert managed the game better Seth Emerson against North Carolina ? And that the Offensive Running Game was going so well for us against North Carolina as you state that we were LOSING by double-digits ? Nicholls State University game too – what we saw Seth was that AGAIN it was Jacob Eason who provided ALL THE POINTS. Greyson Lambert has yet to do a God Damn thing 2016.

And by the way Seth Emerson South Carolina was a 3-8 team last season 1-7 in The SEC so your reference to what Greyson damn Lambert did vs. South Carolina is so much bullshit.  South Carolina 2015 made everyone look good even my kid brother.


Why not point-out instead Seth Emerson how Greyson Lambert was shut-out by Missouri ?


Wouldn’t that be a far better reference to Greyson Lambert’s # 104 Passing Offense which was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions and Greyson Lambert’s 29 rushes for minus 39 yards along with 7 fumbles by Greyson Lambert alone last year Seth Emerson ?


It’s Jacob Eason who provides THE OFFENSE this season and WILL CONTINUE TO BE SO.


You are pandering to Kirby to say that what he has been doing to Jacob Eason is the right way to handle getting him the experience he needs just like Chipper Towers did all these last  8 years of Mark Richt losing every big game and throwing-in for good measure 12 losses to unranked teams one and a half a year for 8 years AP or Coaches’ time game or season.


Chipper Towers was just pandering to Mark Richt so that he could get interviews or because they attended the same Church.  Surely no one could really believe the bullshit Chip Towers wrote the last 8 years about Mark Richt.  He sucked for 8 years didn’t he Seth Emerson ?  And Chip Towers refused to say so beyond the bitter end following-up the FIRING with it was NOT JUSTIFIED.


That is when you got hired here from Macon – when Chip Towers refused to tell it like it is preferring to say what a nice guy Mark Richt was and what his record was from 2001 instead of breaking it down that from 2001-2007 Mark Richt did VERY WELL and after that – well he just freaking LOST IT.


Don’t pander to Kirby.  If the 1st year coach makes a mistake with Jim Chaney and FAILS to prepare Jacob Eason, say it.


Just call it like it is Seth Emerson.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/mailbag-how-much-did-georgias-battleship-need-turning )


The Battleship seems to me to have been one for 8 years under Mark Richt who could not win the big games # 42 nationally against season top 25 and # 45 nationally against time game top 15 and that Kirby did beat North Carolina # 22 time game – a game Mark Richt was destined to have lost because Mark Richt would have ONLY PLAYED Greyson Lambert and lost by 10 points as he was in fact doing without Jacob Eason.  Now conversely last week vs Nicholls State University the Battleship showed once again that Mark Richt gave UGA a reputation for losing such games.  Yes Mark Richt was 37-1 vs teams who did not play in a bowl game his last 8 years here but he STILL LOST 12 games his last 8 years here to teams who were unranked.


We’re UGA # 11 all-time in wins.  We’ve had 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage.


We are supposed to beat non-bowl teams.


Every year we are ranked to begin the season and then our rep under Mark Richt was that despite the # 7 avg recruit rankings, we’d lose the games vs top 15 and top 25 and lose IN ADDITION to unranked teams every year sometimes 2.


The Battleship needs to move.


How quickly it does so is dependent upon better decisions than those by Mark Richt the last 8 years.


Nicholls State University could prove to be a different team 2016 than it was under a 1st year coach last season 3-8 much as Alabama under Nick Saban losing to Louisiana – Monroe 2007 Nick Saban’s first year.  In fact it is pretty clear that Nicholls State University does in fact have some good players it has picked-up.


Appalachian State beat Michigan at the big house as 1-AA FCS team then.


Kirby did NOT lose.


He did look like shit and his team’s offensive game strategy played right into their hands but bottom line Jacob Eason scored enough points to off-set what our special teams gave away again while Greyson Lambert did not bring 1 point to the table.  Not 1.  Just like he did not against North Carolina.  And just like he did not all last season.  And just like he did not at Virginia.


Try to stay focused Seth Emerson.


Yes sir Seth Emerson, Georgia indeed is a Battleship.  Battleships PROVIDE A GOD DAMN OFFENSE.


It is high-time that there is a concerted effort to show that what in fact makes Georgia a Battleship is that we have incredible TALENT.  Talent which Kirby brought here – not Mark Richt.


Talent that SCORES POINTS.


Our Offense is not managed well by Greyson Lambert losing by double-digits to North Carolina nor does our running game look a tad stronger with Greyson Lambert in there, for were that true Seth Emerson then he WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GOD DAMN LOSING BY DOUBLE-DIGITS with only a few minutes before the 4th Quarter against North Carolina.


And when Greyson Lambert played Nicholls State University he WOULD HAVE PUT-UP some God Damn Points.


Instead of being a HALTING QUARTERBACK when Jacob Eason would have CONTINUED to put up points on an over-matched opponent to make the score look more respectable.


But, instead Kirby put IN GREYSON LAMBERT to drag the offense down.


Battleships are offensive.


They score points.


Greyson Lambert will NEVER be confused as any Battleship.


Jacob Eason has and will continue to be the Offense for this Georgia Bulldogs’ Battleship.


This year, next year and then his last year.


Greyson Lambert is a serviceable back-up who like many pussies doesn’t even try to contribute to the offense – afraid like a scared cat to even try.


That’s why Greyson Lambert does NOT contribute to the scoring 2016 for Kirby, 2015 for Mark Richt costing Mark Richt his job, nor at Virginia 2014 and 2013.


Greyson Lambert is NOT CONTRIBUTING to the offense.


Please write whatever you want Seth Emerson for whatever reasons you deem it appropriate to slant your articles one way or the other; but, do not try to pass-off Greyson Lambert as the reason we have won 2 games or that he manages the game better when he has yet to contribute a single point to the Offensive Battleship of Jacob Eason’s Georgia Bulldogs’ 2016.


Greyson Lambert is not going to get this Georgia Battleship moving in the direction we need it to move to, but Jacob Eason 2016.


We needed therefore to have prepared Jacob Eason all Spring with the # 1 unit, all Fall with the # 1 unit and have played him in the games to get him the experience for Missouri tomorrow and Ole Miss a week from tomorrow and the vols 2 weeks from tomorrow.


So you say what you want.


I will say Jim Chaney and Kirby have mishandled everything about preparing Jacob Eason.


Writers saying that Greyson Lambert is so damn great be damned as far as I am concerned.


And, you knew I would say this Seth Emerson before you dared to try to pass it off how great Greyson Lambert is and how correct Kirby is for all this back-and-forth Quarterback Controversy.


Kirby nor you Seth Emerson will paint Greyson Lambert as Georgia’s Battleship Savior.


Good Luck with that effort Seth Emerson.  Try not to read my reply.  You will NOT win this argument.  I promise.





A Study of Kirby’s Defense 2016 and Kirby’s Offense 2016 reveals Kirby swapped-out Reggie Carter instead now to Start and to replace Natrez Patrick as Starting Mike Linebacker. While on Offense Kirby swapped-out a whole entire HOST of new Starters 27% of the # 1 unit. This week promises more of the same. While the Defense is settled with Kirby’s Starters practicing together as a unit from the beginning. Our Offense is a completely different story of NOT PRACTICING TOGETHER as # 1 unit at ALL. One unit has its timing together DOWN. One # 1 unit is clear so they know each other’s tendencies. They are CONFIDENT in each other. The whole team, press, and fan base TRYING to get a handle on our Starters – and how they are performing – is confident in them then. One unit projects we know what we’re doing as a team. And the team therefore projects the image that we have confidence in them. Offensively, Kirby has swapped-out instead now Terry Godwin for Michael Chigbu at WR. Offensively, Kirby has swapped-out instead now Jayson Stanley as Starter at WR to replace Charlie Woerner in a 2-TE set. This is a fundamentally different Offense totally where he was showing his hand on Offense. But he isn’t allowing the team to pass it any more anyway with just every down anyway just a running play. It’s all we do run run run – no matter what personnel or what type of personnel is in the game either one. And Offensively Kirby has swapped-out instead now Jacob Eason replacing Greyson Lambert at QB. This too is a fundamentally DIFFERENT OFFENSE COMPLETELY. Where Greyson Lambert is # 104 Passing Offense last year with everyone stuffing the box against him and Greyson Lambert is # 87 Passing Offense 2016 also finding EVERY OPPONENT jamming the line forcing him to beat them with NO SUCCESS AT ALL – NONE either year. We remain a team who ONLY will run with EITHER QB offensively. We are NOT looking at our players and what they can do as their strengths. And, then designing our offense to their strengths. I dare say that Kirby is spread too thin trying to do too much detail everywhere.

A Coach needs to get his best players on the field and get the ball to them offensively taking advantage of their strengths.  Defensively, a team likewise has strengths and has weaknesses.  You try to have Game Plans that take advantage of your Strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  We are maximizing our weaknesses and minimizing our strengths.


This is why this game is critical on the road against a team who shut Greyson Lambert down last year while their QB totally sucked for Missouri as well.


WEEK 1 OFFENSE : .   .   .   .   .   .WEEK 2 OFFENSE:
WR   82 Michael Chigbu  .   .   .   .replaced by Terry Godwin WR
LT   72 Tyler Catalina .   .  .   .   .  same
LG   77 Isaiah Wynn  .   .   .   .   .  same
C    54 B. Kublanow .   .   .   .   .  . same
RG   53 Lamont Gaillard .   .      . same
RT   73 Greg Pyke   .   .   .   .      .   same
TE   83 Jeb Blazevich .   .   .   .   . same
TE   89 Charlie Woerner  .    .   . replaced by Jason Stanley WR
TB   27 Nick Chubb   .   .   .   .   .  same
QB   11 Greyson Lambert .   .   .  replaced by Jacob Eason QB
FB   47 Christian Payne   .   .   .  same


27 % of the Starting Line-up for Kirby and Jim Chaney from Week 1 to Week 2 changed.

We are to assume there will be further unsettling of the Offense Week 3.

And we can assume the Defense once-again will remain static now.


The Defense is very set  with one Defensive End, one Defensive Tackle, 4 Linebackers : Jack – Mike – Left – Will, 5 Defensive Back Set : Left and Right Cornerbacks – Left and Right Safeties – and Star.


The Defense is not only SET with its Starters but it remains consistent in the Defensive Approach – not a fundamentally different Defense as on Offense EITHER.


Basically :

  1. We will run a lot of 1 DE, 1 DT, 4 LB, 5 DB Fundamentally set as a Nickel Defensively, and we are set as whom it is are our Starters.
  2. We will run the ball ONLY on Offense no matter which Fundamentally Different 2 WR or 2 TE set, and we are NOT set on our Starters or type of Offense we want to run although out of either line-up we will run the ball only every play.


We are NEVER consistent on Offense and Week 3 promises MORE of the juggling of not only a quarter of the starters but also our fundamental approach on Offense remains again in question – other than no matter how we line-up and no matter whom the Starters, we will just only run the football.

We don’t have Jake Fromm this year to play the next 2 years as a dual-threat QB,  then after that 2nd year Jacob Eason is GONE, as we will have next season.


So, no matter whom it is we Start or even play they will not be like Kirby’s Defense at all with their Confidence, Identity, and Timing down totally since they aren’t even set in their coaches’ mind yet what the fundamental approach to how they line-up on Offense is.


And, there is a totally different skill set in Jacob Eason from halting QB Greyson Lambert.


No matter their fundamental approach to how we line them up on Offense, we will just only run the ball.


Well, I am sorry but that just makes no sense to send Jacob Eason out there and just run the ball anyway.  That’s crazy.  It’s not taking advantage of what EVERYONE sees as the difference between Greyson Lambert and Jacob Eason.


One can throw the ball and the other does not want to.


It appears to ME that we want to make it as easy as possible on every Defense we face on Offense.


Just line-up as many as you can up at the line of scrimmage and look for the run.  For you surely will get it.


And that we want to force our Opponents to run only against us.


We are set-up to run on Offense.

We are set-up to stop the pass on Defense.


We want to make our Opponents stop the run.

We want to make our Opponents to run the football.


This is a failed model.


We are weak on stopping the run and passing the football.  So we make our opponents only run the ball and not concern themselves with our passing game.


I bragged on Kirby on being smart.


One would think we would line-up closer to the line on Defense and pass the ball on Offense.  It appears to me that Kirby is playing right into the hands of our Opponents on both sides of the ball.


We are trying to make our Offense be what we want it to be without regard to what strengths we have of our players on Offense and we are trying to make our Defense be what we want it to be without regard to the weaknesses we have of our players on Defense.


We are NOT looking at our players and what they can do as their strengths and then designing our offense.  And we aren’t designing our defense to their strengths nor to minimize their weaknesses.


We are instead running whatever offensive game plan we want without regard to what the team has we can take advantage of.


Moreover, you pass the ball to open-up your running game.


We are instead running whatever defensive game plan we want as well without regard to what weaknesses our defensive players on the team have.


Clearly as well, you line-up more help closer to the line of scrimmage to minimize our weaknesses in stopping the run.


We are doing NEITHER.


Maybe we should be in a nickel against Missouri.


But in a shoot-out Greyson Lambert is the last halting QB you want to send out there to try to match that with.


So we don’t even practice Jacob Eason again this week as the # 1 Starting QB with the # 1 unit until last night.


We’re in trouble.




Lindsay Grogan came in 7th in 200 Meter Women’s Medley S9 Heat 3. That’s a winner in my book. Truly inspirational to me Lindsay Grogan. University of Georgia grad from Macon with 2 degrees from UGA. Paralympics 2016 Rio.

( https://youtu.be/OsF2iOg4kGQ )



Thank you Lindsay Grogan.


Is there any reason there is NO ONE who provides you this but I ?



Matt Stinchcomb : “It did appear the program had settled into what is better described as a rut.” Well yeah avg lose 4 games year for 8 years and you find yourself fired from a gig like UGA. Lose to 18 of last 24 vs top 15 AP or Coaches’ time game # 45 nationally with avg # 7 talent while winning only 8 of his last 21 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ for the season # 42 nationally at that and add-in another 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season his final 8 years too, and well yeah – you are best described as IN A RUT Matt Stinchcomb. Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN. QB Controversy fueled by Kirby. By implication by Jim Chaney too.

I don’t think much of this site I must say as it forced me to answer a personal question to read the article but here is the URL Link :





( http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/saban-disciple-leads-georgia-against-mizzou/article_76b3fddf-61f3-512b-a8f1-cfa3581d27be.html )


It says St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Like Facebook, if you answer their personal questions online, you are opening yourself up to having all kinds of junk mails and advertising.


It is a BAD failed model in my book.


Think about it.


Put a cookie on your device.  Read more articles St. Louis Post Dispatch and answer FURTHER more revealing follow-up questions to the same cookie.  Pretty soon, they will know more about you than your own mother.


Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN.


We are in SEC portion of schedule now and STILL we don’t know whom it is who is our QB.  This is a FAILURE on Jim Chaney and especially on Kirby.  Well we do.  But Kirby doesn’t.  By implication Jim Chaney does not.


Kirby continues to define himself as our coach and he continues to not get the timing down between his # 1 QB and his players on the # 1 unit together.  This has gone on all year starting January 12 despite my best efforts otherwise.  The team is OUT OF SYNC offensively because of this on-going waffling and has no rhythm no confidence and NO IDENTITY.


EVERYTHING asked of Jacob Eason has been done ON THE FIELD with great aplomb.  EVERYTHING asked of Greyson Lambert to set-up the running game with his # 104 Passing Offense last year and # 87 Passing Offense this year has been to simply allow ALL DEFENSES to jam the line and make Greyson Lambert beat them.


Now we face SEC defenses and remain out of sync without identity on Offense.


I see LITTLE difference in THIS from the FAILED Mark Richt regime.  He too could not figure out who was his quarterback and PLAYED FAVORITES just like Kirby.


This is frustrating.


Kirby YANKED Jacob Eason for throwing a STRIKE to Javon Wims who had his back to the pass and let it hit him squarely in the numbers – the big ones on his back – on a passing play designed to throw the ball to him for a 1st Down.  He wasn’t even looking for the ball.  Then after it bounced off his back the FCS team returned it for what would have been a TD were it not for the play by Brian Herrien defensively.


I am not fooled by ANY of this.


Jacob Eason is our QB.


Kirby wants to gag the quarterbacks so they run to the press and tell us what is going on anyway.


Duh Kirby Duh.


You have mishandled Jacob Eason completely and utterly from January 12 when you showed-up.


Wait all week this week until YESTERDAY to finally get Jacob Eason the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.  This destroys the confidence and timing of them with each other and the team in him.  It also reflects very poorly on Jim Chaney and Kirby.


Ok guys. Go out there and get ready for this season front-end loaded on the field of play since I won’t let you practice together as the # 1 unit.  And then when the games arrive willy-nilly I will yank your ass from the role as Starting QB to further adversely affect this mess on Offense.


Mark Richt did this ALL YEAR LAST YEAR and found his ass FIRED for it.


Barry Odom is the Defensive Coordinator of one of the nation’s very finest defenses and HAS BEEN at Missouri.  For that he was promoted to head coach this season.


You think he is not loving this indecisiveness, lack of continuity, discord, and lack of practice of the # 1 unit of the team he is playing with a then clear design on how to stop Georgia by simply putting 9 in the box as even FCS teams do against us ?


When you do put in Jacob Eason, every play is a running play.  Stupid.


Shit he will SHUT-OUT Greyson Lambert like he did last year.  And worse than that he will be facing Jacob Eason with NO PRACTICE UNTIL last night as the Starting QB for the game the day after tomorrow as he did not last week.


It does not matter whom you start at QB NOW Kirby.  It’s too late to issue glowing reports of Jacob Eason and FINALLY let him practice as the # 1 Starting QB on Wednesday yesterday finally this week AGAIN for the game which is the day after tomorrow.  You pulled this shit last week too Kirby.


In case you are NOT KEEPING SCORE.




Let me make The Message clear that as a team we’re all about fair, for we’re still living in times, and certainly have seen in our lifetimes, that everything has not been and is not fair. This has been wrong and harbors injustice today still. We have seen this. We’re all in this together as a team, and we’re going to see equal. One is better ? That is so inherently wrong and intrinsically incorrect. We’re humbled that we even have to still discuss this in 2016. We’re in this together. We wear uniforms and love each other – all of us. I support all This Message. I want this abundantly clear, please. If these folks are not getting The Message, then I want them to. Unfairness in 2016 is embarrassing to the folks not hearing The Message. We are together. We are one. We are the team. It is wholly unacceptable that prior, and certainly still in 2016, that there are folks who think themselves a way, and therefore treat others, given that. We will make The Message to such folks clear to even they, even in 2016. This is what we’re all together on. Hear me, please.

Let me make The Message clear that as a team we’re all about fair, for we’re still living in times, and certainly have seen in our lifetimes, that everything has not been and is not fair.

This has been wrong and harbors injustice today still.

We have seen this.

We’re all in this together as a team, and we’re going to see equal.

One is better ?  That is so inherently wrong and intrinsically incorrect.  We’re humbled that we even have to still discuss this in 2016.  We’re in this together.  We wear uniforms and love each other – all of us.  I support all This Message.  I want this abundantly clear, please.

If these folks are not getting The Message, then I want them to.

Unfairness in 2016 is embarrassing to the folks not hearing The Message.

We are together.  We are one.  We are the team.

It is wholly unacceptable that prior, and certainly still in 2016, that there are folks who think themselves a way, and therefore treat others, given that.  We will make The Message to such folks clear to even they even in 2016.  This is what we’re all together on.

Hear me, please.




Brandon Kublanow : “Something that may have been missing is guys that’ll provide criticism. So I think that’s something I’ll be able to provide today. You can only be positive so much. You need to rip into someone.” … … So Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation says “Bulldogs ready to ‘rip into someone’ after Saturday’s debacle.” No Chipper Towers. Brandon Kublanow did NOT say that The Bulldogs are ready to rip into Missouri. He said we are MORE WILLING to rip into EACH OTHER to FIRE US UP. To get us to GATA. Take Greyson Lambert for example – he has not been fired-up for one game in his lifetime. He does NOT get after it. Halting QB is all he is. He does not TRY. It was Jacob Eason who got us the scores to get us ahead – not Greyson Lambert. I swear to God Chipper Towers you MISS it every time you open your God Damn Mouth. I don’t care what the topic is.



( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/bulldogs-ready-to-rip-into-someone-after-saturdays-debacle )


Brandon Kublanow says :

“Something that may have been missing is guys that’ll provide criticism. So I think that’s something I’ll be able to provide today.  You can only be positive so much. You need to rip into someone.”


So Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation says :

“Bulldogs ready to ‘rip into someone’ after Saturday’s debacle.” 


No Chipper Towers.  Brandon Kublanow did NOT say that The Bulldogs are ready to rip into Missouri.  He said we are MORE WILLING to rip into EACH OTHER to FIRE US UP.  To get us to GATA.

Take Greyson Lambert for example – he has not been fired-up for one game in his lifetime.  He does NOT get after it.  Halting QB is all he is.  He does not TRY.

It was Jacob Eason who got us the scores to get us ahead – not Greyson Lambert.

I swear to God Chipper Towers you MISS it every time you open your God Damn Mouth.  I don’t care what the topic is.



“The hyped-to-the-heavens Jacob Eason who was the top-rated pocket passer in the nation wouldn’t appear a talent quite on the order of Matthew Stafford.” MARK BRADLEY………….. Oh Jesus Christ Mark Bradley. Matthew Stafford was God Awful here and WORSE in the NFL. 1 game started and you are the GOD DAMN GURU on Jacob Eason Mark Bradley ? Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE. Jacob Eason is just hyped and Matthew Stafford is a LOT better. lol

“The hyped-to-the-heavens Jacob Eason who was the top-rated pocket passer in the nation wouldn’t appear a talent quite on the order of Matthew Stafford.”  MARK BRADLEY


Oh Jesus Christ Mark Bradley.  Matthew Stafford was God Awful here and WORSE in the NFL.  1 game started and you are the GOD DAMN GURU on Jacob Eason Mark Bradley ?


Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE.


Matthew Stafford had Mike Bobo,  KNOWSHON MORENO and AJ GREEN with a host of NFL players on both sides of the ball and special teams helping Matthew Stafford in 2008 for example.  He did not do diddle-e-squat here.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/opinion/could-ugas-issue-be-a-lack-of-talent )


Since when has your opinion EVER been correct Mark Bradley ?  I’ll wait for that answer.  Do you still part your hair down the middle ?




You are boring and socially inept in ALL your articles.  You wrote about Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Told us you were at that game.  If you were, you could NOT have been at our game.  What the freaking hell do you know about it now ?


Or Jacob Eason ?


Absolutely nothing.


That’s what you know about this topic.


But you make the statement that he is NOT Matthew Stafford.


Matthew Stafford ended that season with all this talent # 13 in the Coaches’ Poll 2008.  He fell behind Alabama 31 to nothing in front of me 2008.  I presume you were at that Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game too and NOT at our game.  We never even scored 31 points.  The game was OVER at half.


Then with all that talent in 2008 for example Matthew Stafford went down to JAX and played Florida and the score was 3-49.  Matthew Stafford was STILL IN THE GAME with all this talent around him here.  He scored a meaningless TD to make it 10-49.


The Florida fans were so unimpressed that against their 4th team with seconds’ waning he could score a TD.  So like little ole ladies at the Opera or Theatre Under the Stars, they politely CLAPPED.  Picture ends of their fingers applauding their palms.  Got it ? Oh you weren’t at that game EITHER were you.  But Matthew Stafford is a BETTER QB than Jacob Eason so say YOU TODAY Mark Bradley.


Send me a private e-mail and I will tell you what I really think of you Mark Bradley.  I promise sir.


Then, still in 2008, Matthew Stafford with all this talent around him is here at Sanford again.  These are 3 HOME GAMES for us Mark Bradley with all this talent 2008.  Again I presume you took the day off even with it being Georgie tek yellowjackets and watched basketball right ?  That’s right : Matthew Stafford LOST to Georgie tek yellowjackets too !


Then to top all that off 2008 with all this talent around Matthew Stafford he took us to Orlando in a meaningless bowl game which is ALL HE EVER DID HERE beat # 24 in bowl game or # 19 this one  at 1 p.m.  That’s right Mark Bradley this his best year 2008, he took us to a 1 p.m. meaningless bowl game in God Damn Orlando against 4-loss Michigan State the # 24 team in the Coaches’ and AP Poll.


Great stuff Matthew Stafford ?


If you’re a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.




We have had 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage here at UGA # 11 all-time in wins.


2008 was NOT 80 % win percentage.  Even with all the talent surrounding him he couldn’t do JACK SHIT Mark Bradley.


Not Jack Shit.


AJ GREEN and Mohammed Massaquoi had 2000 yards 2008 and Knowshon Moreno had 2000 yards too by himself with 4 NFL Offensive Linemen 2008 for Matthew Stafford as well and 5 on Defense playing in the NFL.  This is what Matthew Stafford did here.


Not a God Damn thing.


All Matthew Stafford did here was FUMBLE, throw INTERCEPTIONS, get SACKED and LOSE.


Matthew Stafford has 100 NFL interceptions.  He isn’t considered even a good QB dumbass telling EVERYONE your opinion is Jacob Eason is NOT as good as Matthew Stafford.


God help us if that is true.


God freaking help us.


Matthew Stafford in keeping with what he did here has 41 FUMBLES in the NFL too.


He barely cleared 30 inches over a foot worse than real athletes in the vertical jump.


Matthew Stafford is only 6′ 2″.  Jacob Eason is ALREADY 33 % of a foot TALLER.


He already has not thrown as many interceptions as Matthew Stafford nor fumbled as much.  I dare say as well that Matthew Stafford’s Play-Off Record is WORSE than Jacob Eason’s too.


Obviously his footwork is horrible both here and in the NFL who by the way hand him a ton of talent to make him look good and still he SUCKS.  He is lazy.  He obviously does not give a shit.  If he did he would not be having all this shit happen to him.  He doesn’t even get his feet underneath him even in the NFL either now.  He’s sloppy.


Matthew Stafford throws for MORE THAN AN INTERCEPTION PER GAME and FUMBLES every other game.


This is NOW in the NFL after that being all he did HERE too.


Matthew Stafford has NEVER won a single postseason NFL football game – not 1 EVER.


Goose egg.


In 2 NFL postseason games Matthew Stafford has thrown 3 interceptions – right on his average.


( http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/StafMa00/gamelog/post/ )


Jacob Eason after starting 1 game is NOT as good as Matthew Stafford in your opinion Mark Bradley ?


God Frigin’ help us is all I can say.


You are so full of shit as to render any discussion on the topic moot.


The year before this 2008 year here I have been discussing for The Georgia Bulldogs with Matthew Stafford was 2007 when he LOST to 6-6 not even in a bowl game 2007 South Carolina at Sanford again home game.  I saw it. You weren’t there.


And Matthew Stafford in 2007 not only lost to that lowly team USCe he also lost to should have been 5-loss vols 2007 too.  That’s right.  Unranked vols he took on and got the shit kicked out of him that game too with all this talent here.  vols had only beaten Southern Miss and Arkansas State 2007 and lost ALL THEIR OTHER GAMES before Matthew Stafford trotted-in and got BLOWN-OUT 14-35 as he is only capable.


3 TD this lousy vols’ team 2007 beat Matthew Stafford with all this talent here.


The year before that Matthew Stafford LOST 4 games for us and went from hyped to unranked.  2006 Matthew Stafford lost to should have been 6-loss and was even with the win an unranked team : Kentucky.  God Damn it.  He lost to Florida obviously and lost to vols in ANOTHER blow-out this one at our home I watched and again you did not.  And he lost to 1-7 in The SEC 2006 Vandie.  That was in front of me too.


Don’t get me started on Matthew Stafford.


I am so fed-up with Matthew Stafford.


14 FUMBLES Matthew Stafford here in these games at UGA 14

36 INTERCEPTIONS Matthew Stafford here in these games at UGA 36

41 TIMES SACKED Matthew Stafford here in these games at UGA 41




He only played here 2 years and part of a 3rd.


That is ALL he did here was get sacked, fumble, throw interceptions and LOSE.


Matthew Stafford not only throws MORE interceptions than games he’s played and FUMBLES every other game but he also gets sacked twice a game.


205 sacks for 1347 lost yards NFL.


The is no difference in Aaron Murray and Matthew Stafford on ANY of these FACTS about their “cough cough careers here at UGA.”


That is all either did here : Fumble, get sacked, throw interceptions and LOSE.


Jacob Eason is better than both of those guys at ALL OF THESE FACTS already.


Jacob Eason also has a 3.8 GPA.


Jacob Eason is just hyped and Matthew Stafford is a LOT better.  lol


I promise I too will shove this down your throat Mark Bradley.


1 game he’s started and already you are making this assessment.  Ah bullshit Mark Bradley.


Mark my words now.  I promise I have your words as well.


Jacob Eason is just hyped and Matthew Stafford is a LOT better.  lol


Easy to remember Matthew Stafford MORE than an interception per game, TWICE as many SACKS as games played, every other game a fumble and NEVER has taken his teams to anything any year anywhere despite huge talent for him to throw to and make him great.


Matthew Stafford is hyped-to-the-heavens by you while the FACTS are he hasn’t done diddle-e-squat anywhere ever, now has he Mark Bradley ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We all know.


If EVER there was a guy who was hyped and never did anything it would be in fact Matthew Stafford and not Jacob Eason.  Matthew Stafford is worse than Jacob Eason already.


Isn’t he ?


Jacob Eason in 2 games has been sacked once, has no fumbles, has NOT LOST, and threw one pass that bounced off the numbers of Javon Wims – the back of his Jersey because he wasn’t EVEN LOOKING for the pass as the targeted receiver and bounced off his back at the numbers for his only interception.


This is what we have for Mark Bradley to say Matthew Stafford is better than Jacob Eason is after 1 game started.


God I hope not Mark Bradley.


This lie has been now debunked hasn’t it ?



AP Poll drops us from # 9 to # 16 AND there are either 8, some polls 9 SEC teams sometimes with Auburn and/or Arkansas in the Top 25 of ALL THE MAJOR POLLS. Here is where we stand, ok ?

Dropped from # 9 to # 16 AP Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



Dropped from # 9 to # 13 Coaches’ Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



# 15 Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll 8 SEC Top 25 with Auburn & Arkansas not Texas A&M as Texas A&M is # 26 :



( http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-mov-37/ )


# 24 Massey former BCS Poll with Auburn & Arkansas Top 25 Florida not, 8 SEC :



# 24 Colley Poll former BCS Poll



Georgia Bulldogs in NCAA Rankings :

# 87 Passing Offense


 # 110 Kick-Off Return Defense

 # 108 Kick-Off Returns by us

 # 79 Punt Return Defense

 # 69 Run Defense



Our team is not practicing our # 1 unit together and we haven’t.  Instead of preparing them by doing so, we’ve invested endless hours of telling the press that we are mad at the press.  We had no choice from the beginning given # 104 Passing Offense and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions last year with Greyson Lambert.


Yet we failed to practice the # 1 unit with the # 1 QB.


Now, 3 games into the season we’re an offense that got stuffed on the run by North Carolina who can not stop the run and by the # 81 last year FCS team 3-8 in their 1st year with their head coach.


The print is there for these ranked SEC teams to follow against our offense.


What are we doing on offense ?


Well we redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr., Ben Cleveland, and Elijah Holyfield all 3 of whom should have being PLAYING against BOTH opponents so far instead.  And on defense and special teams we have Chauncey Manac whom we’re also redshirting.  It is my belief that we should be playing all 4 of these guys both games so far.  I would have.


Especially given our offense and special teams and our defense needs run stopping help.


We write a script as Offensive Coordinator, here is how to beat us.  Stop our run and run the ball yourself.


The way a real offensive coordinator not a fat ass would set-up his offense, is to pass first to set-up a huge stable of running backs we’ve stock-piled this year.  Instead, we tell them like Mark Richt did : Go back out there and keep doing what you’re doing that is not working and learn how to execute better.  So much so that we have redshirted what I thought would be 2 of our STARS in Mecole Hardman Jr. AND  Elijah Holyfield.  This is poor work by the offensive coordinator :

  1. redshirt 3 guys who could be all 3 starting these 1st two games instead
  2. not prepare the # 1 unit with the # QB in practice in spring or fall
  3. only trying to run with a way too conservative approach that isn’t working


It is also disgraceful to set such a precedent as Jim Chaney has for 9 months’ time now and for him to need such help as he does in losing 200 lbs. of his 400.


This is a failed model and poor role model in Jim Chaney.  He needs to be fired.  I swear he has gained another 100 lbs. since we hired him.


Disgraceful what Jim Chaney is doing to our talent handed him and the example he sets physically. A coach ?


No, this is all wrong.


Our children at the stadium should NOT be seeing such a poor example at Sanford in Jim Chaney’s appearance on an ATHLETIC TEAM.


It’s disgraceful seeing a profoundly obese offensive coordinator as an example to our kids who has Jacob Eason and sends our guys out there to just run the ball.


How would you explain our # 87 Passing Offense this season now 3rd game coming-up ?


If it were just Greyson Lambert we had I would understand # 87 Passing Offense given he was # 104 last year.


Dell McGee would be a fantastic replacement of Jim Chaney.


I believe he could be more definitive to Kirby that he has to settle on his QB and prepare him, which this blog called for January 12 when he finally showed-up.  Do we have any choice at QB ?




So why have we wasted all Spring and all Fall and 2 games into the season bouncing back-and-forth willy-nilly like we don’t have a clue ?  And sending the press signals that we HATE both quarterbacks.  No confidence shown in EITHER from the get-go.


Put one in have him losing by double-digits.  Take him out.  Put other guy in.  Have him do everything right and take the lead by several points.  Yank his ass.  Bench him.  Bring in the other guy and run to the press again to tell them why saying he doesn’t communicate as well and is in the wrong play too often.


He won the game for you Kirby.  The other guy sure wasn’t.


Being in the right play and communicating better the other guy was losing by 10 points.  This means that even in the right play and communicating better, a rank rookie is better than he. He doesn’t want to throw the ball.  He holds on to it and gets sacked and lets defenses crowd the box.  Either the offensive coordinator isn’t calling anything to open-up the running game or Greyson Lambert isn’t checking-out of them at the line of scrimmage to a pass play.  That’s because NEITHER think Greyson Lambert can/will pass it.  So we have nothing to open up the running game.  And the good Lord knows he can’t run either with Greyson Lambert’s 29 carries for minus 37 yards and 7 fumbles by himself last season.  His best win over 2-6 in The SEC, Auburn.  That isn’t going to cut it.


Wrong fit for the offense.


Wrong Offensive Game Strategies.


Wrong concept of how to set-up our strong running game.


Wrong guys redshirted.


Wrong example.


Wrong everything, isn’t it ?


Gag them both and tell the press not comfortable with EITHER ?


What message does THAT send to the Team ?


Are we practicing the special teams either ?


It sure doesn’t look like it.


These are Kirby’s 2 weaknesses he and we all knew coming-in. That he knows little about special teams and less about offense.  So get all high and mighty with the press because they dare to ask about offense and special teams ?  Get mad at the press Kirby ?  Gag everyone and then have it leaked by them anyway.  That is what is happening Kirby.  You aren’t gagging them Kirby.  They just tell the press anyway and tell the press they have to not divulge their source.


Be real Kirby.


Fix this stuff please sir.


Practice the QB with the # 1 unit and tell the press you LIKE HIM.  He’s doing a great job.  Tell the team you like him.  Tell the other QB that he is a serviceable back-up and you will play him when you can.


This is how this is handled.


Not what you’re doing Kirby.


If Jim Chaney is telling you what I am saying then why are you doing what you are doing Kirby ?


There is no honeymoon.


We fired Mark Richt for 73-32 his last 8 years # 45 vs top 15 teams game time and # 42 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ year ranked oh and 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for the season.


We expect you to do better than that.


That means NOW Kirby.


Jim Chaney should have been telling you this Kirby.  I should not have to be the one.  Mike Cavan would tell you this.


So why all the bickering with and lies to the press Kirby ?


You are holding the reins too tightly for a guy who clearly has not made the right choices.  And if anything, you have become more stubborn about it.


Vince Dooley and Nick Saban would tell you Kirby that you are doing this all incorrectly sir.


Take some classes in offense and special teams and become a guru at those Kirby.  We pay you with $ 5 million dollars not including expense account.


You are holding back our better players with your antics in the press.


Start by promoting Dell McGee to Offensive Coordinator Monday morning now since you did not yesterday as I told you.  Let him talk to the press about offense and quarterbacks and stay out of it.


You hired a son of a head coach who DID know about special teams.  See if you can HIRE HIM ?  Let him talk about special teams and you be the spokesman for defense.



We are Passing Offense # 87 and THAT is EVEN with Jacob Eason. God AWFUL. Why such conservative offense – THEY’RE stuffing our run. We have idiots coaching our Offense. We are # 109 at FUMBLES LOST. # 110 Kick-Off Return Defense. # 108 Kick-Off Returns by us. # 79 Punt Return Defense. # 69 Run Defense. Our Offense SUCKS. We are too predictable – just RUN RUN RUN. Our Special Teams not ready for PRIME TIME EITHER. Guess what ? PRIME TIME is HERE now. And we’re NOT READY. Why messing around with the Press and NOT PREPARING our team to be READY for whichever QB we’re going to play. That was obvious AFTER last year with Greyson Lambert the # 104 Passing Offense with only 12 TD passes in 12 games against WEAK opponents. He also has 7 fumbles last season and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions.





We don’t know what we’re doing.


God gives you Jacob Eason and you are # 87 Passing Offense because you FAILED to give him a single snap all SPRING with the # 1 unit.  Then in the Fall Practice YOU WASTED ALL THAT TOO until the last 3 weeks – then you DID NOT START HIM THEN EVEN.  They have NO TIMING DOWN ON OFFENSE.  Duh.


No one knows what they are doing.


They have NOT practiced together.


Throw them in there after telling press AND Team you have no CONFIDENCE in Greyson Lambert and what ?  Let them learn in the games LIVE ?




Any offensive coordinator with Jacob Eason on the team is going to PASS FIRST with this stable of running backs to SET-UP the run.


Us ?






Put Jacob Eason in and run.


Start Jacob Eason who you DID NOT give ANY snaps all Spring with the # 1 unit – WASTED HIS ENTIRE SPRING.  He came here early.  He MADE ALL A in classes.


He never got a single snap with # 1 unit all Spring.  Then, in the Fall, you did NOT give him any then EITHER until 3 weeks left.  Then, you gave him the snaps until one week before kick-off.  Then, you TOOK THEM ALL AWAY FROM HIM.  Then this week, you kept Greyson Lambert with the snaps with # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday.  Then, Wednesday flip-flop it AGAIN.  Good gracious alive.


This is a FAILURE on Kirby and on Jim Chaney to PREPARE the QB they would START.


The # 1 unit doesn’t know the tendencies of EITHER QB.  And NEITHER QB has the confidence OR timing down with the TEAM.


What are you going to do now ?


Go back to the guy who has thrown 5 passes and 3 completions per game Greyson Lambert for zero TD passes ?  # 104 Passing Offense of last year with him ?  # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions with him ?  Winning 10 games is NOT the goal of this program of mine.  Neither is winning the national championship.  I expect us to have lots of seasons of 80 % win percentage which we have accomplished 26 times.  And I expect us to end the season in a bowl game BOTH teams ranked in the Top of Final AP and Coaches’ Polls, which we have likewise done 15 times and won most of those.  THESE are our goals.


Is that truly your bullshit strategy NOW Jim Chaney-  you piece of shit FAT ASS ?


You set the wrong example for the kids, Jim Chaney.


Go get HELP weighing 400 lbs. on an ATHLETIC TEAM ranked # 9 this morning.  You set a God Awful precedent son.


God Freaking Awful example to kids to be so profoundly OBESE, Jim Chaney.


How do you set-up a run-oriented Offense ?




Jesus Christ.


We let a FCS team do the SAME THING North Carolina did who CAN’T PLAY RUN DEFENSE.


We let them STUFF our run.


What do we do ?


We put in Jacob Eason and tell him to run the God Damn Stupid Football.


We are leading the nation in FUMBLES.


Why no beeping footballs ?  vols have been practicing with BEEPIING footballs all year.  The NFL uses them.  We lead nation in FUMBLES and no beeping footballs ?  They self-teach you how to hold the ball.


Throw the ball to Dominick Sanders as he is at least our 2nd best WR.


Throw the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.  This is basic coaching.


Same with all the 4 you have REDSHIRTED including an OL Ben Cleveland who SHOULD BE STARTING.


Throw the ball dumbasses.




It will NEVER WORK letting SEC teams FORCE Greyson Lambert to beat them.  He will JUST HOLD THE FREAKING FOOTBALL.


He won’t pass it.




I swear to God.




Fire Jim Chaney.




Do it NOW.


Do it this morning.


This shit is NOT GOING TO WORK.


Why are we redshirting Mecole Hardman Jr. and Elijah Holyfield and Ben Cleveland and Chauncey Manac ?


WTF are we doing on Offense or Special Teams ?


Quit all the banter back-and-forth with the God Damn Freaking Press Kirby.  Our spokesmen for our team are 2 smart guys called Jacob Eason Academic All-America and Greyson Lambert who graduated with honors from Virginia.  Quit telling the press Kirby that you do NOT know anything about special teams as you said last week.  And quit telling the press that you are MAD at them.  You will NOT win that battle sir.


You come here with no experience on special teams and ADMITTED that last week Kirby.  You have one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach on OFFENSE only ever in 2005.


So why the hard-nosed actions to the press about YOUR OBVIOUS WEAKNESSES Kirby ?


You can NOT control what people think Kirby.


Be honest.


This is bullshit.


PANIC MODE : Missouri Ole Miss vols


Now what ?


Coach Dell McGee – I love him !


Make Dell McGee Offensive Coordinator THIS MORNING Kirby.





SEC wins EVERY game. 8 SEC teams Top 25 now. ACC Clemson is NOT # 2 and we’re NOT # 9. Big XII is a horrible conference after Choke-la-homa lost last week to American Athletic Conference tonight Arkansas beats # 15 TCU Big XII and Central Michigan beats Oklahoma State. MAC better conference than Big XII. Big 10 Penn State loses to unranked Pitt. Purdue Big 10 loses to Cincinnati whatever that is. Big 10 Northwestern who was 10-3 last year in Big 10 half conference of CUPCAKES 7 of the 14 Big 10 teams can not play football AT ALL. So Northwestern lost last week to Western Michigan what conference is that ? Now today Northwestern Big 10 loses to Illinois State an FCS team Division 1-AA Good Lord. Big 10 Illinois loses to North Carolina ACC who bounced back after losing to us as Big 10 takes it on the chin in their league Big 10 of half who can’t play football AT ALL. ACC Clemson has looked like shit all year while ACC NC State loses to East Carolina Jesus. While Kirby got only 2 players more this week playing than last week now playing a transfer from NC State walk-on and Sony Michel who we tried to run up middle after flared him out on a pass in space as he should be used. Our Offensive Coordinator needs to lose about 200 lbs. of his 400 and he has not done diddle-e-squat run all he thinks about no mixing it up TOO PREDICTABLE. I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars. Sad Kirby. Really sad sir : Ben Cleveland. Chauncey Manac. Elijah Holyfield. Mecole Hardman Jr. We better quit screwing around with the Press and get to COACHING the team. We’re NOT ready for ANY of the next 3 games. Lose all 3 ? Thanks Defense. You bailed our asses out today. FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator. Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES. Kirby D and Jim Chaney F.

You will not be seeing anyone talk about The SEC down this week because our 14 teams did NOT LOSE.


South Carolina did but to Mississippi State non-bulldogs.


In other news, well there isn’t anything positive outside the defense bailed-out the coach after last week the back-up QB did.  Bring him in behind and we get serious about offense.  We’re a dysfunctional team that has  diarrhea mouth of the coach to the press mad as hell at everyone in the press.  He who continues to poorly coach the team.  I know we fell behind not getting started here until January 12 like the old job that paid one-fifth of what we were offering him HERE was a better gig; but, there is no excuse for him telling the press last week that he doesn’t know anything about special teams.


Well he doesn’t know jack shit about offense either.  This guy Jim Chaney and he have FAILED to prepare ANY QUARTERBACK for a season front-end loaded and here they come with what now 3 straight losses ?


I don’t know how we get untracked but we’re clearly not the # 9 team.


We needed to run our stats up and play a lot of players.  We did NEITHER.


We are redshirting Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  What the hell ?


All the guys I called to play this morning did NOT.  I have no idea what we’re doing but Kirby and I quickly are getting off to a poor start together.  His on-going bullshit with the media has to END.  Whatever the hell he is doing, are all lies to the press and hiding from them – mad.  Clearly mad at the press.


You will NOT win that battle Kirby.


You are making yourself look as if you do not know anything about offense or special teams sir.  Why take charge when you don’t know what you are doing at EITHER ?  Go take classes from someone who does and bring THEM to the press meetings and LET THEM ANSWER.


We’re not focusing on what it takes to win on our coaching staff.


We constantly seem to be trying to make some POINT instead.


Ben Cleveland

Chauncey Manac 

Mecole Hardman Jr.

Elijah Holyfield

I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars.  Sad Kirby.  Really sad sir.


We’re not good enough or deep enough to have 4 of the best players in America redshirted as Kirby has done.


Kirby the only reason you do not get a F today is because you WON.


Over a FCS team # 81 FCS team by 2 points when your defense scored on fumble recovery return for 6 or you lose.  Your decision to go for 2 nearly cost you the game if you had to punt with a minute left.  Their kicking game AGAIN was better than yours.


You MISSED another field goal.


How can you expect the team to look prepared when you don’t have your starting QB practicing with the # 1 unit preparing in practice ?


Throw them on the field and let them learn chemistry together OUT THERE live ?


What the hell kind of strategy is that ?


I give Kirby a D today and Jim Chaney an F.  We did not do today what we NEEDED to.  Instead we tried the same bullshit again of run run run and be conservative with them stacking the box.  NCAA stats reveal we’re NOT a very good team.


Ton of mistakes on special teams and offense with nothing going on that even demonstrates that we have any concept of what to do in practice or games at EITHER.


Thanks Defense.  You bailed our asses out today.


Kirby needs to replace Jim Chaney.


FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator.  Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES.


Who the hell ever heard of a college football team whose quarterbacks are NONE of them EVER ALLOWED TO TALK TO THE PRESS ?  These are the spokesmen for the team.


At one point today I felt Jacob Eason looked at Jim Chaney like he was a FOOL.


Here let me speak for them  : I don’t think Jim Chaney looks the part, is the part, prepares his quarterbacks, has a plan, knows how to run an offense, has any concept of what he has in players, nor does he know offensive game strategies,  and oh he is profoundly obese.


Clearly the offense and the special teams – the 2 areas Kirby is WEAKEST ON with NO EXPERIENCE AT EITHER – have no rhythm plan strategy aren’t prepared don’t practice to be prepared nor show any improvement – we’re out of kilter at BOTH.


Our offense is in poor condition – poor health.

Our special teams are also no damn good out of order.


Both our offense and our special teams are in poor spirits. I watched them all today again look around with bad negative body language.  This CLEARLY is indicative that THEY FEEL they are not being properly utilized.  That they FEEL they should be doing BETTER.  The  offensive players are moping around and the special teams should be.


That goes for Jacob Eason too.


We’re in trouble.


If you expected me to say otherwise, you came to the wrong blog.  Go find some DisneyDawgs.com blog to hear lies and excuses about this bullshit on offense since Spring Practice with all the back-and-forth on quarterbacks and on special teams as well.


So much talent.  So poorly coached on offense and special teams.


What did you see ?


We are going to get killed the next 3 weeks if we continue with the same bullshit of Kirby spending all week talking to the press in riddles about BOTH.  We better get with it.


The time for screwing around has come and passed.


We’re fixing-to get our damned asses kicked. This is The SEC not the ACC or Big 10 or Big XII or Pac-12.


You can NOT have a dysfunctional offense and special teams and hope to compete in The SEC.  The defenses are TOO GOOD for that.


9-11-2016 fifteen years later lest we forget.



Holy Shit.

Our NCAA stats are worse than ever now.  And, we DROP in the Polls.  # 9 doesn’t beat FCS team 26-24 at Home no less.


Why aren’t we throwing to Dominick Sanders ?


Isaiah McKenzie catches a TD nearly returns one and then with game on the line muffs the punt and then goes back to receive the kick-off after they scored and muffs that off his inconsistent hands AGAIN.  And, just after the game of his life last game.


Jacob Eason throws a TD pass to Isaiah McKenzie where Javon Wims springs him for the TD downfield blocking and then Jacob Eason throws the ball to Javon Wims and instead of catching it, he has the ball hit him square in the back not even looking for the pass.


That gets intercepted and returned from Javon Wims’ back shoulder it bounced off of 90 yards before Brian Herrien tackles them 1st and goal.


26-24 the good guys.  26-24 Georgia Bulldogs UGA over FCS Nicholls State University.


The sparse crowd didn’t get to leave early.


Nick Chubb still out there to run the clock out or we lose.


Trenton Thompson saves all of our bacon through it all relentless.


They stacked the box and stopped the run while running it right down our throat.  We ran offensive plays from the get-go where we just lined-up and tried to run it against them anyway.  None of this pass to open up the running game.


We were passing for our lives.


If Lorenzo Carter doesn’t scoop-up the fumble forced by Aaron Davis of their replacement senior quarterback, we lose this game.


It was not what we expected and no good for anyone on the team.


It was awful.


We’re so out-of-sorts not prepared to play football in special teams, defense and offense that it is any wonder we don’t go 0-3 the next 3 games.


Damn disappointing.


Greyson Lambert came in to end the game when we had the lead and threw a 3rd down bullet for the 1st down to a guy who caught that ball from him when he couldn’t catch a God Damn head cold all day until.  We would’ve had to punt to them with a minute to go ahead by 2 since we eschewed the extra point.  It was all Greyson Lambert did, who began this week # 1 QB in practice Monday and Tuesday then LOST that job Wednesday but Thursday night Kirby said he was not comfortable with making a decision as to whom it was he would start against a 3-8 team last year who looked better than # 22 North Carolina against our hopelessness of not even knowing whom to practice with the # 1 unit to prepare us.  Maybe the offensive coordinator needs to lose about a ton of weight.  Run only – that is all we try to do against a team who went 3-8 with a new coach last year the # 81 FCS team ?  Unimaginative and too predictable.


Kirby called for an identity.


Holy shit we don’t have one.


A win is a win ?


How we going to win any of the next 3 games like this ?


When the NCAA stats are released we will be one of the worst teams in America.


# 9 ?


Not hardly.


I have no idea where they will drop us to after this but no one can expect us now to win any of the next 3 games – not like this.


This team is not jelling.  We’re working badly together in all phases of the game.


All we want to do is run the ball and everyone knows it.


We looked like shit out there.


Those who showed-up didn’t expect this to happen.  It’s not supposed to happen.


We’re in deep do-do the next 3 weeks.



He should have (1) been taking # 1 QB snaps ALL SPRING (2) been named SPRING (3) not have given up ANY # 1 snaps ALL FALL PRACTICE (4) started here 3 years then been # 1 NFL Draft Pick (5) should have been named 1 of the 8 Players of the Game for WINNING THE DAMN GAME FOR US. (6) should have been taking # 1 snaps Monday and Tuesday THIS WEEK TOO. (7) This entire fiasco handled incorrectly by Kirby from the get-go. And piss poor job by Jim Chaney to not prepare Jacob Eason EITHER. Any other questions ?

8 months of screwing around.  8 months WASTED in his development.


There is NOT one God Damn thing that Kirby did about this which was correct.  Nothing.


Just set us back 8 months is all.  Nothing else.


There was NEVER any choice.


This pisses me off.


All you have managed to do Kirby since you got here January 12 is to RUIN the chemistry of the team and it nearly COST you the game vs North Carolina.  It would have if you had let it continue.


The timing is all off with the # 1 unit.


They don’t know his tendencies like THEY SHOULD.


He doesn’t know their inclinations or abilities as well EITHER.


All this God Damn secrecy and LIES.


It’s all bullshit.


Rename your ass Vince Dooley : “Ain’t no FRESHMAN (Herschel Walker) starting for me.”


We’re way behind NOW to tell Jacob Eason HAVE CONFIDENCE.


We’re way behind NOW to tell the team to have CONFIDENCE in Jacob Eason.


We have Ole Miss 2 weeks from tomorrow at their house.


Nicholls State University a HORRIBLE FCS team Division 1-AA bad team, horrid program, loser of 11 in a row to FBS teams by combined 10 million points to 3 is what Jacob Eason has to hang his hat on for Ole Miss ?




And you telling him he can’t communicate and gets in wrong plays and ISN’T BETTER than God Damn Greyson piss-ant Lambert the # 406 player in the NFL DRAFT and 4th worse QB in the nation this year.


Well Kirby congratulations.


NOTHING correctly done by you sir on this.


NOT one God Damn thing.


If there is ANY consolation in ANY of this misinformation Kirby it is that Mark Richt would STILL BE STARTING GREYSON DAMN LAMBERT.





Kirby : “One guy was in the game when we were behind more than the other.” Yeah, and the OTHER Quarterback came-in and bailed his sorry ass out down by DOUBLE-DIGITS. We went empty and STILL they could not stop Jacob Eason. I don’t give a shit about anything but proving myself right all along that Jacob Eason will pass to these receivers. We’re good at WR. Throw it to Mecole Hardman Jr. if you’re not going to play him in the shaken-up secondary. Play him one game this one in secondary? What for ? Throw ball to Terry Godwin for God’s sake. Throw it to Nick Chubb God Damn it and throw to Brian Herrien. Throw it to Charlie Woerner more than once – he made great block last week STARTED – superstar. Throw it to Sony Michel out in space whenever we get him back – he was always supposed to be getting it out in space where he belongs. He MIGHT go to the NFL Draft after this season. Bring him in to run the ball up the middle ? We’d better get with it throwing it. Reggie Davis is a Senior – throw him the damn ball. Spread it out. Javon Wims for God’s sake throw him the ball. Tae Crowder is a Wide Receiver – put him in throw it to him. Jackson Harris no passes EITHER ? Jesus Christ. Michael Chigbu is great catching – throw him some more – hit him all year. Jordan Davis. Throw football to Dominick Sanders. Tyler Simmons. Jeb Blazevich, Isaiah McKenzie, Jayson Stanley, Riley Ridley, Shakenneth Williams. Isaac Nauta gets one pass ? They set RECORDS catching passes this season. Throw ball. We know we can run it. What the QB Starter did NOT do was open up the running game by PASSING IT. Tried to hold on to his job because he CAN’T FRIQIN’ PASS. . . As for AGAIN SOMEONE ON TEAM leaking to 3 separate press Jacob Eason starts tomorrow – that is just TOTALLY WRONG. That is Kirby’s right to say what he tells the press. Get with the program whoever keeps this shit up of leaking to press what Kirby REFUSED to say last night. 10 minutes later after Kirby said NOT NAMING Starter – the press reports 3 reports someone on our own team told them. Like they did LAST YEAR with Faton Bauta. And when Eason moved to # 1 according to SOURCES ON THE TEAM they ran to press back then too. Shut-up Quit that shit.




NFL Draft Picks 2017 after this season shows Nick Chubb 1st Round NFL Draft Pick – I’d love to root for NE. Again. It’s sure no fun rooting for the Falcons. Again. 10 former Georgia Bulldogs in NFL Draft 2017 possibly including five (5) who would possibly LEAVE EARLY TO THE NFL DRAFT 2017 after this season – not counting one not on the team any longer – keeping Kirby’s hands full for sure. Speaking of sure fire NFL Draft Picks on our team : Interesting that after all this Kirby does NOT announce he is Starting Jacob Eason at Quarterback but ONCE AGAIN someone on the team leaked he is right after Kirby had a press meeting Thursday night and said he would NOT be announcing the QB Starter.

Nick Chubb who is a Junior Early NFL Draft Pick is our top prospect for 2017 NFL Draft 1st Round NFL Draft Pick maybe by the New England Patriots :




CatScratchReader.com ranks Nick Chubb today the # 1 RB in the nation.  Well he was the SEC Freshman of the Year 2014 you know with 1547 yards 14 TD and he catches the ball well out of the backfield if his QB would ever get the ball out of his hands to him which the starter at QB did not do with only 54 yards passing on 11 pass attempts – less than 5 yards per passing play for Greyson Lambert who yesterday was DEMOTED AGAIN to 2nd team.  Duh.




Speaking of Greyson Lambert Redshirt Senior 5th year CBS Sports rates him the # 406 NFL Draft Pick and # 22 at QB alone.




That is the 4th worst Quarterback in the nation and UNDRAFTED.


David Bellamy OLB could also come-out Early with Nick Chubb after this season picked to be a 3rd Round NFL Draft Pick 2017 as Redshirt Junior.


Dominick Sanders FS is picked next in the 2017 NFL Draft according to CBS as well also 4th Round Pick.  He too is a Junior and Kirby is going to have his hands full with Juniors leaving early to the NFL Draft after this 1st season for Kirby.


Greg Pyke OG is picked next for The Georgia Bulldogs in 5th Round as Redshirt Senior.


Brandon Kublanow Senior is picked next for The Georgia Bulldogs at Center a Senior.


Quincy Mauger SS who is having tough competition for Starter here even might not get Drafted as a Senior this year.


Reggie Davis WR also might go undrafted as a Senior this year too for us.  He is going to have to really pick it up.


Tim Kimbrough ILB was going to be drafted after this year as a would have been senior here if he had kept his grades up here but NOW not even on the team the NFL Draft may pass on him altogether now according to CBS Sports.com.  Shame.    Mark Richt had DEMOTED Tim Kimbrough from STARTER for Mark Richt during the Final Exams last season against Georgie tek yellowjackets.  Then in the Bowl Game run-up Bryan McClendon HAD TO SUSPEND Tim Kimbrough which would’ve been consistent with his widely reported grades’ issues.  Then Kirby wanted Tim Kimbrough to do well and just as classes were about to start he couldn’t even enroll in classes here.





51 Nick Chubb RB 6 Georgia Jr 5-10 220 2
89 Davin Bellamy OLB 8 Georgia rJr 6-4 242 3
139 Dominick Sanders FS 6 Georgia Jr 6-0 190 4
178 Greg Pyke OG 11 Georgia rSr 6-5 313 5-6
377 Brandon Kublanow C 12 Georgia Sr 6-2 288 ––
406 Greyson Lambert QB 22 Georgia rSr 6-4 220 ––
486 Maurice Smith FS 22 Georgia Sr 6-0 195 ––
572 Quincy Mauger SS 27 Georgia Sr 6-0 202 ––
910 Reggie Davis WR 132 Georgia Sr 6-0 170 ––
963 Tim Kimbrough ILB 45 Georgia Sr 6-0 226 ––

OLB Lorenzo Carter also could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014 and 2015 because it was not in his nature to get after guys.

Sony Michel could come out a Junior whom Mark Richt mostly wasted 2014


All in all, Kirby has his hands full after this season with guys who COULD leave early.


Interesting that after all this Kirby does NOT announce he is Starting Jacob Eason at Quarterback but ONCE AGAIN someone on the team leaked he is right after Kirby had a press meeting Thursday night and said he would NOT be announcing the QB Starter.



“When we feel comfortable about who’s going to go out there for the first play at quarterback then we’ll name it. But we’re not that comfortable about that right now. I don’t think it’s as pressing an issue right now because both of them have played now. So it’s not as in the forefront.” So there you have it. Kirby is NOT comfortable with Greyson Lambert. Yeah I wouldn’t be either. That was a HORRIBLE GAME by Greyson Lambert. One of his VERY WORST of ALL-TIME. 11 passing plays 54 yards no TD pass oh and 3 sacks standing back there all day – oh and LOSING by DOUBLE-DIGITS down 10. Rank Rookie who doesn’t communicate perfectly and who is not in the right play some ALREADY has Greyson Lambert VIEWED BY KIRBY as hey I am just not comfortable with him. I named him Starter. I am unwilling to name him that now. It is what it is and The Good Lord Knows we have LOTS of issues. All you have to do is look at the NCAA stats.com and see that. We suck at really just about everything. We need major improvement across the board with 2 road games up-coming after Saturday. We have Missouri and Ole Miss both away after Saturday and then welcome the vols. The season rests in the team improving in so many areas basically everything. Not basically – is everything. We’re # 9 because we have inside track to play Alabama. And we’re NOT THERE folks. Not at anything. Kirby needs some time to work this out. I am more than willing to give it to him with all on his plate. We’re NOT an easy fan base and our press is even tougher. Then there is this stretch after Saturday. Season in the balance and we’re just not ready – anywhere.

Good to be back home.  Wish we had the HOME GAMES some teams get.  Florida being down there really cuts into our home games we get to watch.


I know Greyson Lambert can read what Kirby is saying.  He better step-up and get the ball downfield and open up our running game.


I think the tape is getting on Kirby’s mind about Greyson Lambert.  When your coach says he is NOT COMFORTABLE with you.  Well you know you LOST his confidence after that POOR performance.


Take your time Kirby.


Let’s work on Special Teams.


Let’s work on run stopping.


Let’s get some guys catching passes.  Try throwing 1 pass to Nick Chubb or even Brian Herrien out of the backfield.


Linebackers have been uncharacteristically quiet for us.


Kirby wasn’t kidding about wide receivers.


And he is shaking-up his secondary NOW.


Let’s throw some passes to Mecole Hardman Jr.



Maurice Smith Cornerback Georgia Bulldogs wins Top SEC Players of the Week Award by Position by ProFootballFocus.com’s (pay-per-view site) with 5 tackles AND 2 game-saving touchdown-saving pass break-ups BUT was not even 1 of the 7 Players of the Game given out by our team. Christian Payne fullback and Nick Chubb halfback and Isaiah McKenzie wide receiver join Maurice Smith cornerback on ProFootballFocus.com PLAYERS OF THE WEEK IN THE SEC. So 4 Georgia Bulldogs make their list of the Top Players in The SEC at their respective positions, while neither Maurice Smith nor Isaiah McKenzie could even crack the Top 7 for our own team awards.


QB: Austin Allen, Arkansas
HB: Nick Chubb, Georgia
FB: Christian Payne, Georgia
TE: O.J. Howard, Alabama
WR: Isaiah McKenzie, Georgia and Chris Black, Missouri
LT: Cam Robinson, Alabama
LG: Devon Desper, Mississippi State
C: Frank Ragnow, Arkansas
RG: Deion Calhoun, Mississippi State
RT: Justin Senior, Mississippi State
ED: Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
DI: Kelsey Griffin, South Carolina; D.J. Jones, Ole Miss
ED: Jonathan Allen, Alabama
LB: Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt; Rueben Foster, Alabama; Jarrad Davis, Florida
CB: Tre’Davious White, LSU
S: Eddie Jackson, Alabama; Nick Ruffin, Auburn
CB: Maurice Smith, Georgia
SCB: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama

— Gordon McGuinness ProFootballFocus.com



( https://www.profootballfocus.com/college-football-pff-team-of-the-week-selection-week-1/ )


ProFootballFocus.com Player of the Week at their position in The SEC :

HB: Nick Chubb, Georgia

FB: Christian Payne, Georgia

WR: Isaiah McKenzie, Georgia 

CB: Maurice Smith, Georgia



SEC had bad opening weekend ? Look at what The SEC did do and what the other Power 5 Conferences did and did NOT do too. The SEC kicked-ass opening weekend dumbasses. Half your God Damn Big 10 Conference can’t play football at all.

Let me say that this junk about The SEC had a bad opening week weekend is just BULLSHIT.  And just look at their conferences.  Just look in comparison.  I mean My God what Assholes to think they could say that.  You’d think they were great or something ?  Or had at least a point to make about it, right ?


Oh The SEC is no good.

The SEC is down.

The SEC is not the Best College Football Conference.


Oh yeah ?


Really ?


No one replied to you about THAT ?


Here I will.


Stick THIS up your God Damn Asshole :



We had an EXCELLENT weekend thank you very much.  There are 7 SEC teams ranked in EVERY POLL this morning and 8 in some of the major polls with Arkansas ranked as well.


In just the AP Poll :

Big 10 has 5 of the top 32 in the AP Poll.

SEC has 6 of the top 21 in the AP Poll and 8 of the Top 32.


But we had a bad weekend.  Oh come-on you can do better than that.


Moreover, The SEC is the most dominant conference in football by a large wide margin.


Not only are we set now to distribute two-thirds of a billion dollars in SEC Revenue-Sharing here in about 3 weeks’ time now; but we’ve won by my count 10 National Championships in Football starting 2003 :


The SEC Won the national championship in football :


2003 LSU

2004 * Auburn was undefeated and consensus next in line since USC vacated nc game win

2006 Florida

2007 LSU

2008 Florida

2009 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2011 Alabama

2012 Alabama

2015 Alabama


10 SEC National Championships in Football starting 2003


*When you vacate the national championship game win because you CHEATED you are NOT National Champions.  You vacated it.  Don’t try to ADD it back in now later.  That shit doesn’t fly.


Got it ?


Let’s look now what the OTHER POWER 5 Conferences did opening weekend shall we ?






SEC not doing well ?  Excuse me :

PAC-12 Oregon State LOST – # 20 Southern California LOST 6-52 to SEC – # 16 UCLA LOST to SEC – Eastern Washington for God’s sake beat Washington State Pac-12 in a HOME GAME for Pac-12 no less – Arizona Pac-12 LOST to last year 4-loss Independent team.  SEC had bad weekend ?  Not compared to Pac-12 SEC did NOT.  Did they ?  ———–

ACC Clemson beat 2-6 in The SEC Auburn on a FLUKE or they LOSE to 2-6 SEC Auburn – ACC # 22 North Carolina beat by 19 unanswered points to end the game to SEC – ACC LOST to FCS Division 1-AA 4-loss Spiders Richmond beat ACC Virginia by double their score ACC ———-

BIG XII # 3 CHOKE-LA-HOMA LOST to American Athletic Conference whatever the hell that is # 3 Oklahoma BIG XII LOST by DOUBLE-DIGITS to them nice Big XII – Kansas State Big XII LOST by double their score too Big XII – Iowa State Big XII ALSO LOST TO FCS Division 1-AA Northern Iowa whatever the hell that is Big XII lost to ————

Big 10 LOST to Mid-American Conference 5-loss team Western Michigan Broncos this was mighty NORTHWESTERN who LOST to Mid-American Conference 5-loss team who ran-up their record last year in the stinking Big 10 –  BIG 10 is 14 teams which run-up their record on weak sisters such as Rutgers Good Lord Rutgers Big 10 and it’s not just Rutgers Big 10 also has Nebraska LOSING RECORD last year 6-7 and Big 10 has Purdue 2-10 and Big 10 has Illinois 5-7 and Big 10 has Minnesota 6-7 and Big 10 has Maryland Good Lord Maryland Big 10 who was 3-9 while Big 10 Rutgers was 4-8 and Big 10 Indiana was 6-7.   Good Lord Big 10 – run your God Damn mouths about SEC ?  Half your God Damn Big 10 Conference can’t play football at all.


Where did you get 7 crappy-assed football teams like that from Big 10 ?  Half your conference.  And you have the unmitigated God Damn Gall to pick on The SEC with that ?  Jesus Christ idiots.


That is an argument you could never possibly win.


Who gives a shit about that COMING from these also-ran conferences ?  Georgia Bulldogs won.


Starting 2003 season The SEC WON football national championship 10 times

Big 10 once.

ACC once.

Big XII once.

Pac-12 has NOT won the national championship in football since 1972.


Now what was it YOU said about The SEC being down ?







National Championships




NFL Draft Picks

Recruiting Rankings

Branded merchandise


Top-ranked teams

Super Bowls Played in

Bowl Games


Super Bowls

Media Coverage

Bowl Games Won

Blog Posts

Social Media

Super Bowl MVP Winners


Sports Writers

TV Personalities

Blog Replies

Party Schools

Hottest Student Bodies

TV Coverage

ESPN Employees

TV Revenue

Revenue-Sharing Revenue

College Football

College Football Play-Offs

NFL Draft Picks


Stories on The Mighty SEC

NFL Players

Super Bowls Won

Who won the latest National Championship ?

Oh that is The SEC too.

Who is # 1 this year ?

Oh that too is The SEC ?

Poor little whiny-assed babies, grow-up The SEC is down ?

The SEC in fact is anything but down.

You only dreamed-up this bullshit about Power 5 Conferences to TRY to make yourselves EQUAL in your wee itty-bitty mind when you KNOW you are nowhere compared to The Mighty SEC.

Power 5 Conferences choke-choke cough-cough what a damn laugh

You wish The SEC was down.

We are in fact DOMINATING every single measure of college football.

Aren’t we ?


Most Accomplished Conference in Winning Football

Most Valuable Conference

Most Influential Conference


This includes RIGHT NOW TODAY 8 September 2016 MOST ESPECIALLY.

Now what the hell was it you just said ?

Oh I see, you admit all this is true.

Go ahead.

You can say it.



You just wish you were down here in the Bible Belt in the Sunbelt where everyone wants to live and where every college football player, fan, bowl game, and analyst does.


You can’t WAIT to get down here to play in one of our Bowl Games which is where we then beat the shit out of you.


The city of Atlanta is The Hotbed of College Football and has been for a long time with over 7 million now here in this city alone.  And our football team, 59 miles away in a suburb actually closer than that from the main population of the city which is ALL NORTH towards The University of Georgia, is a fine institution in its own rights.  In fact it is faster to get to UGA than it is to get to downtown for the 7 million who live, eat, sleep, and follow College Football here.


There is no one up there who follows football like The SEC.


And the Land of Fruits and Nuts out there in California has no one who cares about college football either.


# 1 College Football Town


We have the best roads in the country.  There are 16 lanes on one of our 8 Interstates nearby my home.  You can get here very quickly.  Come on down.  The weather is fine.  Don’t you hate it ?  It is 95 degrees today here in Atlanta.  It will be for a long time yet.  Our leaves are green.  We have the largest man-made lake by shoreline for you to buy a home on, or the mountains 90 miles North to have a cabin at.  Or beaches here you flock to every year by driving through Atlanta.  You can’t get there without coming here and giving US your money.  So come on down.  See if we give a shit.


We have the fastest growing population in the country while your cities are ALL going DOWN in population.  The jobs are here.  The weather is here.  College Football is HERE.  And all the college football fans are HERE.


We have the most college football fans in the country.


We are NOT The rural South.


We have a great group of colleges here in The South and are NOT uneducated nor backwards but IN FACT are actually all of YOU from UP THERE who all gave-up on the rust belt and all came down HERE.  We call you DAMN YANKEES. The ones who STAYED down here. We have the largest airport to prove it with all y’all wanting to go “HOME” to visit and then come BACK HERE to live.


Thanks for laugh this morning.  I needed that.


Take pot shots at us.


Go ahead.


I relish them.


EVERY year.


This one year especially.


We’re ranked # 9 this morning in EVERY POLL.  What is YOUR GOD DAMN TEAM RANKED ?


The SEC is down.  Hogwash.  Anything BUT and you damn well know it.


Grow up.

Get a Life.

Come live here like all the rest of your friends who already have.

You know you want to.

Or bring your piss-ant football team with your pitiful recruiting down here and play all 14 of us in The Mighty SEC why don’t you ?

Shit all you want to do is hold football camps down here to get our recruits to come play in your piss-poor conferences by stark direct contrast and in the damn frozen tundra all of them LEFT up there to get away from.


Poor losers.


We have 11 of the top college football programs and 3 more that would be in ANY of your stinking conferences.






“We’ve got other players capable. We’ve got to find ways to get the ball to other people because we may not be able to run the ball with the same efficiency we did the other night. We have to be able to throw it and we’ve got to use other weapons in our offense to make sure that Nick is not focused upon.” Kirby

“We’ve got other players capable. We’ve got to find ways to get the ball to other people because we may not be able to run the ball with the same efficiency we did the other night. We have to be able to throw it and we’ve got to use other weapons in our offense to make sure that Nick is not focused upon.”  Kirby