Sun Belt Appalachian State misses extra point and field goal then in over-time Josh Dobbs fumbles the ball into the end zone to win. This is not good for The Georgia Bulldogs; it’s GREAT ! The vols have NO DEFENSE. Their QB is worse than ours but at least can run unlike ours at 29 rushes for MINUS 39 yards and 7 fumbles. And Butch Jones is now all the way up to 22-17 as their “coach.” Josh Dobbs can NOT throw the ball down the field EITHER just like our QB. Miserable game all around for the vols. But they won and that sets-up Kirby to BEAT THEM. That is IF he wakes the hell up and plays his actual QB. If he does NOT – then he is the same as Butch Jones or Mark Richt. A dumbass who wouldn’t know a God Damn QB if one bit him in the ass. Is Kirby wrong on his Starting Quarterback AND how he’s handled this OFFENSIVE question as head coach with no offensive experience ? Predictions : I predict that Kirby has handled this ENTIRE Starting QB bullshit situation absolutely incorrectly in total all of it. I do NOT trust therefore Kirby’s “decisions” in ANY of this for all these reasons and mostly because he does NOT trust himself in ANY of it either. Nick Saban most certainly would not have handled any of this like Kirby has and continues to. And Kirby was brought here because we for 8 years have been # 45 vs top 15 and # 42 vs top 25 and North Carolina # 20. THIS what Kirby here for. This how he handling this on OFFENSE he has no experience at. We to look like the vols ?

Kirby Smart’s first Starting Quarterback will ALWAYS have been Greyson Lambert.  This is NOT good for a guy whom Mark Richt gave his first and ONLY EVER offensive coach job in 2005 and shows-up here with ONLY THAT as his claim on offense.  That and THIS.


Greyson Lambert only 12 TD passes all season in a 13-game season.  A season in which we played only 3 teams who were ranked for the 2015 season.  He gave-up 5 unanswered TD by Alabama.  Then he gave-up 4 unanswered TD to vols with a 3 TD lead with 3 minutes to go in the half.   Then EVEN Mark Richt benched his ass vs the ONLY other ranked team we would play all season and left him on the bench despite 4 interceptions and no running plays for a guy I had tagged as needing to be moved to running back the year before.


He was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions.


He was # 104 Passing Offense.


He beat ABSOLUTELY no one.


He led the team with his 7 God Damn Fumbles.


He can not move or run the ball with 29 carries for minus 39 yards with 7 fumbles.


He is NOT a QB.


He has NEVER been a QB.


He will NEVER be a QB.


He isn’t going to even be invited to the NFL Combines even.


And just as in 2006 when Mark Richt shot the confidence and undermined Matthew Stafford REFUSING even in Game 7 of 2006 to start Matthew Stafford and LOST to 1-7 in The SEC Vandie whose lone win was THIS GAME Matthew Stafford did NOT start, Kirby not so Smart and not so experienced at OFFENSE,  chooses HIM as his ONLY EVER FIRST STARTING QB his entire LIFETIME.


The Georgia Bulldogs will LOSE GAMES – multiple gameS- two MORE LOSSES with Greyson Lambert than WITHOUT.  Greyson Lambert’s BEST WIN EVER ANYWHERE was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Just because I know what a God Damn Freaking QB looks like, and what one doesn’t, doesn’t mean that it is hurting our recruiting for me to say the TRUTH of just how God Damn Poorly Kirby has handled all this shit about his freaking Starting QB.  Trust ME : THEY ALL KNOW !


The bottom line is that THIS GUY with THIS BACKGROUND only this HISTORY ONLY EVER this clear and undeniably HALTING QB will ALWAYS have been the answer to the TRIVIA QUESTION :


If Kirby is that smart then who in the hell was HIS PICK as the Starting QB for HIM his inaugural such decision his first year as head coach ?


He is that good that By God Above Kirby Smart could 3 weeks prior to Kick-Off tomorrow for 2 ENTIRE WEEKS demote to 2nd team and NOT give snaps to as our Starting QB.


I said THEN.  I continue to say NOW.  No Matter What Choice he MADE after that, he’d be WRONG.  As I did about Mark Richt prior to Florida last year whom we lost to as a result.


Direct result of DESPERATE and NOT EVEN knowing who OUR STARTING QB IS.


There is NO DEFENSE of Kirby on this.  No EXCUSES will hold water.  Again.




Kirby is here for games like North Carolina # 20 and us # 18.


If you think that we can let them stack the box against us which they will do until Greyson Lambert is YANKED, then you are JUST WRONG.  They are going to score on Kirby’s defense.  Get over it.


If you think that Greyson Lambert will change his spots, you don’t understand psychology 101.  We are whom it is we are by age 7 and only an SEE significant emotional event will EVER have ANY hope of changing those spots.  He is whom it is he is.  A HALTING QB.


Why did you think that Kirby DEMOTED him to NOT # 1 QB for 2 weeks with 3 weeks all there was remaining before tomorrow’s kick-off ?  Because Greyson Lambert is so good and team so much confidence in him like all our fans that he didn’t even need to get those snaps with the # 1 unit as the # 1 QB ?


You’re dumb as shit.


We’d be BETTER off redshirting Jacob Eason and then next year try if we’re capable to GET BEHIND our Starting QB and instill some CONFIDENCE in him and in our TEAM about him.  This waffling disagreeing with himself is NOT the result of his offensive coordinator that that is where this blame lies.  This is on Kirby.  The way Kirby has handled this.  Kirby has made MULTIPLE MISTAKES on this entirely.  Then after we redshirt Jacob Eason this year then we can have the team and coaches behind him NEXT YEAR.  And then the year after next he can go be the # 12 pick in the NFL Draft after we saw him only 2 years like Knowshon Moreno.


No matter what happens on the field, this season WILL ALWAYS BE known for this.


And I will COME BACK and tell you I TOLD YOU SO afterwards.


As only I ever can.  You think it’s wrong for me to point-out where we need to improve.


I don’t.


You think you’re a better fan of us than I because I do and you don’t.  Yeah you do and no you’re not.


I do NOT trust therefore Kirby’s “decisions” in ANY of this for all these reasons and mostly because he does NOT trust himself in ANY of it either.


His recruits will WONDER about Kirby on this.  Jake Fromm for example.


What difference does it make if he is in the right play if he can’t  DO ANYTHING  in that RIGHT PLAY ?


THIS is the guy who is THAT GOOD that he doesn’t even NEED to be out there getting the # 1 reps with the # 1 unit for 2 entire weeks of the last 3 just prior to Kick-Off ?


Dumbass waffling.


And shooting the confidence of Jacob Eason AND Greyson Lambert JUST LIKE LAST YEAR and just like 2006 for us.


No difference.


And shooting the confidence of the entire TEAM and ALL KIRBY’S COACHES in BOTH Greyson Lambert AND Jacob Eason most especially. 


So Jacob Eason had to take to Twitter to TELL US the news.  He OWED THAT TO US.


We who LOUDLY PROCLAIMED he get 3 years’ worth of starts and then leave # 1 NFL Draft Pick – our 5th such.  I know what one of those looks like.


I am not going to be the Starter.  Greyson Lambert is.


So Kirby had to KNOCK-OFF all this BULLSHIT about it ALL and announce the next day himself that which Jacob Eason told us immediately when THEN THEREAFTER told by Kirby the day AFTER when Jacob Eason told us all THE DAY BEFORE.


Greyson Lambert is going to be our starter.


Oh really ?


He will then always have been your 1st starter at QB ever yet with 3 weeks to go you BENCHED HIM for 2 entire weeks.


You think that is SMART ?


You just don’t have ANY experience on the offensive side of the ball and you and I and the world KNOW IT NOW.


And you told us you don’t on special teams either.


I did not feel that Mark Richt was involved in the decisions at FSU and I don’t think you were at Alabama now.


I did NOT care for you coming here January 12.

I felt you completely WASTED all spring for Jacob Eason.

I am ABSOLUTELY certain you now have dealt with this ALL the wrong way.


I don’t think you know what you’re doing on offense, despite what you said about NOT KNOWING JACK shit about special teams.


Do what you want Kirby.


Make up your mind.


Make one choice.


Disagree with yourself and make the other completely opposite choice from your choice contradicting yourself on offense and shooting in the foot BOTH quarterbacks both with their OWN CONFIDENCE and the TEAM in them.


Make waffling decisions on offense.


I mean QB is ONLY the MOST IMPORTANT position for ANY COLLEGE football team EVER.


See how long THAT takes for the press to get on your ass about ?


He makes this choice after having said that THE REASON WAS that Greyson Lambert who CAN NOT THROW THE BALL and WORSE REFUSES TO makes the RIGHT DECISION on the plays from the DEFENSIVE STAND-POINT more often.


Excuse me.  He can’t throw the God Damn Ball nor run it, and can not even hand the God Damn Ball-Off with 7 fumbles to lead the team.  He is ONLY a HALTING QB who never has beat anyone and never will for a guy NOW who was brought here because his predecessor was # 45 against time of game top 15 teams AP or Coaches’ and # 42 against Top 25 teams AP or Coaches’ for the season BOTH after 2007.


And this his freaking choice.


That’s what Kirby said.


Maybe you missed it ?


Kirby said that Greyson Lambert makes the RIGHT DECISION on plays more often.


To which I replied : What difference does THAT make if he NEVER throws the ball downfield and can’t run or even hand the ball off with 7 fumbles and NO WIN over ANYBODY ?




You KNOW ?


The # 45 record vs top 15 time of game for 8 years fired you hired to fix.

The # 42 record vs top 25 for the season for 8 years fired you hired to fix.


It is NOT what play he gets us into, it is CAN HE HIMSELF DO ANYTHING on the God Damn RIGHT PLAY CALL to help us win ?








And for THIS Kirby will have FOREVER always said as Mark Richt in 2006 that Greyson Lambert is the BETTER QB than Jacob Eason.


Jesus Christ.


From the God Damn Frying Pan into the God Damn piss-ant fire.


Piss-ant Greyson damn Lambert.


And no I do NOT expect him to do well.  How the hell could I ?


Would I love for him to ?  Excuse me : He is NOT going to be.  What part of that do you have some unforeseen handicap to not be able to see ?


Where the HELL were you all last season ?


What YOU see is not what you Albert Einstein expect ?


That is about as gently as I can put this.



Your head up your ass ?


One supposedly an Offensive Coordinator who warmed the bench as a QB.

The OTHER a guy who NEVER coached one down of offense except when the OTHER guy made him running backs’ coach here for a year in 2005.


Jesus Friqin’ God Damn Christ.


Is Kirby wrong on his Starting Quarterback AND how he’s entirely handled this OFFENSIVE question as head coach with no offensive experience ?  Has he done anything correctly on ANY of this ?  Well, has he ?


Are we really going to beat the top 15 teams better than # 45 for 8 years with this starting QB?

Are we really going to beat the top 25 teams better than # 42 for 8 years with this starting QB?


I’ll answer THAT for YOU  since YOU want to support this “decision” waffling as it is to the detriment of 2016-2017 season and setting himself up for NOTHING BUT second-guessing him on THIS entire SORDID matter and every single bit of how he has handled it since he got here January 12.


Kirby does NOT have win 2016-2017 season ?


It’s his God Damn HONEYMOON ?


We can have YET ANOTHER throw-away season after 8 years of # 42 vs top 15 and # 45 vs top 25 ?


Oh we can LOSE ALL THOSE and Kirby is just fine as Mark Richt was for 8 years # 42 vs top 15 and # 45 vs top 25 ?


No pressure at all to fix any of this shit ?


You’re holding our program back.  All you’ve ever done is hold our program back.  This needs to be criticized as incorrectly handled completely entirely.


I have every intention of CONTINUING to call it like it is, whether you like it or NOT.  I could give a shit what you think about me criticizing Kirby on this because he has NOT HANDLED this correctly and moreover you KNOW IT.


You probably don’t want me to say this either.


If not I, who ?





Predictions : I predict that Kirby has handled this ENTIRE Starting QB bullshit situation absolutely incorrectly in total all of it.


Nick Saban most certainly would not have handled any of this like Kirby has and continues to.


And, I will go one further :  THIS is not like Kirby.  I have known Kirby and followed him for 23 years.  This is NOT like him.  This is OUT-OF-CHARACTER.




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