We can get after Ole Miss’ Secondary the SAME WAY with Jacob Eason. Greyson Lambert not so much. Their Freshman QB at FSU passed for 419 yards on Ole Miss. Plagiarizer Field Street Forum Admin just gave out 7 Players of the Game for my Georgia Bulldogs and Jacob Eason is NOT 1 of the 7. Excuse me ?

That was a Freshman QB doing that to Ole Miss’ Secondary tonight.

Their Freshman QB at FSU passed for 419 yards on Ole Miss.


Ole Miss self-imposed 3 scholarship reductions 2017 2018 and 2019 and is under heavy widening NCAA Investigation in which Ole Miss capitulated that it ONLY wanted the NCAA to WAIT this Summer and impose the penalties LATER.

8 Major Violations under Hugh Freeze in Football the NCAA said.

13 in total Violations under Hugh Freeze in Football the NCAA said.


We can get after their secondary with Jacob Eason.  With Greyson Lambert we will be behind when we bring Jacob Eason off the bench to bail his ass out again against an opponent who has really done well in recruiting :

# 5 for 2016 Scout.com Recruit Rank Ole Miss

# 16 for 2015 Ole Miss

# 18 for 2014 Ole Miss

# 10 for 2013 Ole Miss

Average 12.25

Georgia’s average is # 9

With all this NCAA Investigation and SANCTIONS already offered-up by Ole Miss self-imposed Ole Miss 12 Scholarships reduction, Scout.com Recruiting Ranking has FALLEN WAY OFF to # 33.  That is not # 12.

# 33 for 2017 Ole Miss Scout.com ranking


All this blog called Field Street Forum is is a God Damn site that COPIES original material from EVERYWHERE else and CLAIMS IT AS HIS OWN.


Why ?


Because it SAYS what he wants to say.




( https://twitter.com/KirbySmartUGA/status/772938442443456518/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw )


Kirby has NO QUALMS about NOT NAMING Mo Smith or Brian Herrien nor even Jacob Eason.  Brian Herrien deserves it, Mo Smith deserves it, and God Damn it Kirby Jacob Eason deserves it and you DAMN WELL KNOW IT.


# 19 Running Back in the Nation Brian Herrien bruiser 4.45 40-yard dash 44″ vertical leap 6’1″ 205


All Mo Smith did was prevent two (2) TD passes.  We won by 9.

All Brian Herrien did was score one (1) TD and run the ball for the field goal.  10 points.  We won by 9.

As for Jacob Eason, we were LOSING by double-digits ten (10) points when he FINALLY got back-in to bail-out bullshit artist Greyson damn Lambert – and then, as soon as he took us from down ten to plus up ahead by two, you yanked his ass again Kirby.


Greyson damn Lambert did not do a God Damn NOTHING in the game.  He sat back there and WATCHED as we were losing by double-digits requiring Jacob Eason to BAIL HIS ASS OUT.


Do that against Ole Miss and we LOSE.


vols we can beat with either QB.


Jacob Eason also required for Florida – you know the team you were HIRED to freaking beat Kirby.



I still have not watched any tape, as I did not need to from my seats.


Field Street Forum – admin : plagiarizes without providing the URL Link to his sources frequently – confirmed Mark Richt Apologist to this very day.


Look Field Street Forum when you TAKE ORIGINAL MATERIAL from SOMEONE else’s blog, you list the URL Link to the original material.


All you do is PLAGIARIZE…plagiarize plagiarize plagiarize.


Where is your URL Link to Kirby making these 7 Players of the Game Field Street Forum Admin plagiarizer ?


We ALL know why you posted as it as YOUR OWN God Damn post.


And we ALL know why Kirby did.


Quarterback controversy.


THAT is ALL you do Admin Field Street Forum – plagiarize.


It’s ALL you do.



The Players of the Game for Georgia Bulldogs were 7 Players Field Street Forum Admin says now – and  Jacob Eason – Field Street Forum Admin – you God Damn Dumbass is NOT 1 of the 7 ?  Greyson Lambert was losing by 10 points – double-digits.


You gave out 7 Players of the Game and Jacob Eason is NOT one of the 7 Field Street Forum Admin ?


Jesus Christ.


What the hell game were YOU watching ?


Quarterback Controversy


You obviously did NOT go to the game Field Street Forum Admin.


All of US know he was.


You just don’t want to admit it after you stated as FACT that Greyson Lambert was the BETTER FIT for North Carolina that Greyson Lambert would do BETTER than Jacob Eason whom you said was NOT ready for the FIRE yet.


No he did not and yes he WAS.


You’re just WRONG AGAIN Field Street Forum Admin, as you were that Mark Richt would STILL BE HERE TODAY and that he DIDN’T DESERVE to be FIRED.  That’s what you said about THAT.


Don’t you go to ANY of our games Field Street Forum Admin ?


You sure get some weird-ass opinions on Georgia Bulldogs’ Football watching your 12 inch black and white.


THAT is the ONLY REASON you failed to list Jacob Eason as 1 of the 7 Players of the Game for The Georgia Bulldogs vs. North Carolina.







( http://www.fieldstforum.com/2016/09/06/uga-football-seven-named-as-players-of-the-week-after-big-victory-over-unc/ )





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