It was NOT as if there was a loss of TRUST in what Kirby was doing in the game, NO ONE on the team quit; but, we put in Jacob Eason to replace a plodding non-balanced offensive quarterback Greyson Lambert and we put in a guy who WANTS it instead. We did the same at tailback replacing fumbling for years now Brendan Douglas with Brian Herrien. TRUST ? No one lost any TRUST in what we were doing. It was NOT WORKING. We were DOWN double-digits and to a team MANY said we lose to. Then, Kirby put in Jacob Eason not Greyson Lambert and Brian Herrien not Brendan Douglas. We went from DOWN 10 to winning by 9 a 19-point swing. That NEVER happens with Greyson Lambert and Brendan Douglas instead of Brian Herrien and Jacob Eason. And if you and Jim Chaney have FAILED to prepare Jacob Eason so far whose fault is that Kirby sir ?

Just thought you might like to REVIEW that since you have tape from all angles and I don’t need it.  Neither do you either Kirby and you KNOW IT.


Greyson damn Lambert averaged 6 yards per pass play and if you add in his 3 sacks standing back there all day on obviously passing plays too it is 54 yards on not 8 pass plays but 11 which is then less than 5 yards per passing play for Greyson damn Lambert.


Jacob Eason by stark direct contrast IN THE WRONG PLAY unable to COMMUNICATE had 131 yards on 12 passing plays 11 yards per pass attempt and adding in his 1 sack ten (10) yards per passing play.




Amazing ain’t it ?


So pardon me for asking but WHY isn’t Jacob Eason playing Quarterback and getting the reps in practice for same, and getting used to the # 1 unit he leads oh so far much better and they getting used to him ?


What do we want ?


To look pretty be in right play call and be able to communicate and then go out and perform half as well as a rank rookie not given any snaps with # 1 unit all Spring and still this week not getting the # 1 snaps ?


Which came first ?


The guy who CAN PERFORM his DUTIES of winning the game for us AND getting the damn ball downfield as just only the damn quarterback, or never be given the snaps with the # 1 unit to develop TRUST in him and him in them to communicate well and get relaxed so that he is in the right play every down ?


Which is it Kirby ?  I ask you humbly directly as only I can and ever have done here for us for 59 years Kirby sir ?


Mark Richt said we were NOISE.


I tend to think of us as focused on WINNING.


Something we’ve NOT done and which you did do but appears to have been a great game strategy on your part Kirby that lulled them to sleep with plodding less than 5 yards a pass play Greyson damn Lambert.  Fall behind by 10.  Double-digits LOSING.  Insert Jacob Eason.  Go UP ahead – NOT LOSING.  Yank his ass.  Bench him for lack of communication and failure to be in right play some.


Well excuse me Kirby.  I think it is MORE sagacious of us to START and LEAVE OUT THERE Jacob Eason and for him to be the one getting the # 1 reps.  Get behind him and tell him when to be in different play instantly from that position in practice Kirby and have Jim Chaney behind him telling him how to communicate in a more effective manner.


Jesus Christ.


Jacob Eason is IN FACT twice the quarterback of Greyson Lambert more than 10 yards per passing play compared to only less than 5 yards per passing play 2016 season to-date.


Isn’t he ?


If we are STALLED on offense and LOSING by double-digits insert a man who fixes all that in one-third the snaps, why again is one considered better than another ?  Because we want to make a point ?


If you don’t want me to say this, I am sorry.  I can NOT help myself.


Why isn’t D’Andre Walker starting ?  Look at his bio and see Mark Richt WASTED HIM.  Oh I see you think recruiting rankings MEAN NOTHING, right ?


Then look at the GOD DAMN GAMES !


And see TOO that you are FAR MORE PROBABLE of success if you are than if you aren’t considered by those paid millions to TELL YOU which is or isn’t any good.


ESPN said that Greyson Lambert was the # 37 QB 2012 signing date.  ESPN said Jacob Eason was the # 1 player in the United States of America – and so too DID EVERYONE ELSE winning EVERY SINGLE AWARD.


Are we trying to be stubborn or make a point ?  Either way, it’s wrong and we HAVE a quarterback CONTROVERSY.


Expect THIS BLOG to detail it.


Hit nail on the God Damn head.


Say it.


Have it BE SAID when this blog DOES !


And why didn’t Mecole Hardman, Jr. get in the game either while we are on the topic of holding freshmen back who make a difference in the game.


If the objective is to win.


Chauncey Manac ?  Why didn’t he get a snap too ?  We were up by 9 you know ?  The guys who were playing made PLENTY OF mistakes.  We ALL saw that all game long on all 3 aspects of the game offense defense and special teams.


Javon Wims ?  He can’t play one snap either ?


We ran in fact 72 offensive plays.


No Javon Wims for one play even up by 9 ?


9 points is two scores.


Justin Young Redshirt Freshman ?  Not one snap for him either Kirby ?


Ben Cleveland ?  We can not even get one snap for Ben Cleveland after all we went through to AT LEAST get him on the OL for us this year Kirby ?


While I am happy that 14 first-time players did get to play, I am just as easily asking why these guys got no snap even winning by 2 scores at 9 points ?


You only build depth by playing guys who did not play last year for us.


We won the game Kirby sir – try to figure out from your tapes sir WHY ?  You have a staff.  What are THEY telling you Mike Cavan for example – what is Mike Cavan telling you Kirby on this quarterback controversy ONLY you see differently having watched the same game as all the rest of us ?


If you want depth at QB then bring-in plodding half as successful same game same opponent same defense as serviceable back-up and in practice too so he is ready please sir.


And if you and Jim Chaney have FAILED to prepare Jacob Eason so far whose fault is that ?


Ben Cleveland

Justin Young 

Javon Wims 

Chauncey Manac 

Mecole Hardman, Jr can you get them on the field with Elijah Holyfield please Kirby sir ?




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