“When we feel comfortable about who’s going to go out there for the first play at quarterback then we’ll name it. But we’re not that comfortable about that right now. I don’t think it’s as pressing an issue right now because both of them have played now. So it’s not as in the forefront.” So there you have it. Kirby is NOT comfortable with Greyson Lambert. Yeah I wouldn’t be either. That was a HORRIBLE GAME by Greyson Lambert. One of his VERY WORST of ALL-TIME. 11 passing plays 54 yards no TD pass oh and 3 sacks standing back there all day – oh and LOSING by DOUBLE-DIGITS down 10. Rank Rookie who doesn’t communicate perfectly and who is not in the right play some ALREADY has Greyson Lambert VIEWED BY KIRBY as hey I am just not comfortable with him. I named him Starter. I am unwilling to name him that now. It is what it is and The Good Lord Knows we have LOTS of issues. All you have to do is look at the NCAA stats.com and see that. We suck at really just about everything. We need major improvement across the board with 2 road games up-coming after Saturday. We have Missouri and Ole Miss both away after Saturday and then welcome the vols. The season rests in the team improving in so many areas basically everything. Not basically – is everything. We’re # 9 because we have inside track to play Alabama. And we’re NOT THERE folks. Not at anything. Kirby needs some time to work this out. I am more than willing to give it to him with all on his plate. We’re NOT an easy fan base and our press is even tougher. Then there is this stretch after Saturday. Season in the balance and we’re just not ready – anywhere.

Good to be back home.  Wish we had the HOME GAMES some teams get.  Florida being down there really cuts into our home games we get to watch.


I know Greyson Lambert can read what Kirby is saying.  He better step-up and get the ball downfield and open up our running game.


I think the tape is getting on Kirby’s mind about Greyson Lambert.  When your coach says he is NOT COMFORTABLE with you.  Well you know you LOST his confidence after that POOR performance.


Take your time Kirby.


Let’s work on Special Teams.


Let’s work on run stopping.


Let’s get some guys catching passes.  Try throwing 1 pass to Nick Chubb or even Brian Herrien out of the backfield.


Linebackers have been uncharacteristically quiet for us.


Kirby wasn’t kidding about wide receivers.


And he is shaking-up his secondary NOW.


Let’s throw some passes to Mecole Hardman Jr.




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