He should have (1) been taking # 1 QB snaps ALL SPRING (2) been named SPRING (3) not have given up ANY # 1 snaps ALL FALL PRACTICE (4) started here 3 years then been # 1 NFL Draft Pick (5) should have been named 1 of the 8 Players of the Game for WINNING THE DAMN GAME FOR US. (6) should have been taking # 1 snaps Monday and Tuesday THIS WEEK TOO. (7) This entire fiasco handled incorrectly by Kirby from the get-go. And piss poor job by Jim Chaney to not prepare Jacob Eason EITHER. Any other questions ?

8 months of screwing around.  8 months WASTED in his development.


There is NOT one God Damn thing that Kirby did about this which was correct.  Nothing.


Just set us back 8 months is all.  Nothing else.


There was NEVER any choice.


This pisses me off.


All you have managed to do Kirby since you got here January 12 is to RUIN the chemistry of the team and it nearly COST you the game vs North Carolina.  It would have if you had let it continue.


The timing is all off with the # 1 unit.


They don’t know his tendencies like THEY SHOULD.


He doesn’t know their inclinations or abilities as well EITHER.


All this God Damn secrecy and LIES.


It’s all bullshit.


Rename your ass Vince Dooley : “Ain’t no FRESHMAN (Herschel Walker) starting for me.”


We’re way behind NOW to tell Jacob Eason HAVE CONFIDENCE.


We’re way behind NOW to tell the team to have CONFIDENCE in Jacob Eason.


We have Ole Miss 2 weeks from tomorrow at their house.


Nicholls State University a HORRIBLE FCS team Division 1-AA bad team, horrid program, loser of 11 in a row to FBS teams by combined 10 million points to 3 is what Jacob Eason has to hang his hat on for Ole Miss ?




And you telling him he can’t communicate and gets in wrong plays and ISN’T BETTER than God Damn Greyson piss-ant Lambert the # 406 player in the NFL DRAFT and 4th worse QB in the nation this year.


Well Kirby congratulations.


NOTHING correctly done by you sir on this.


NOT one God Damn thing.


If there is ANY consolation in ANY of this misinformation Kirby it is that Mark Richt would STILL BE STARTING GREYSON DAMN LAMBERT.






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