Holy Shit.

Our NCAA stats are worse than ever now.  And, we DROP in the Polls.  # 9 doesn’t beat FCS team 26-24 at Home no less.


Why aren’t we throwing to Dominick Sanders ?


Isaiah McKenzie catches a TD nearly returns one and then with game on the line muffs the punt and then goes back to receive the kick-off after they scored and muffs that off his inconsistent hands AGAIN.  And, just after the game of his life last game.


Jacob Eason throws a TD pass to Isaiah McKenzie where Javon Wims springs him for the TD downfield blocking and then Jacob Eason throws the ball to Javon Wims and instead of catching it, he has the ball hit him square in the back not even looking for the pass.


That gets intercepted and returned from Javon Wims’ back shoulder it bounced off of 90 yards before Brian Herrien tackles them 1st and goal.


26-24 the good guys.  26-24 Georgia Bulldogs UGA over FCS Nicholls State University.


The sparse crowd didn’t get to leave early.


Nick Chubb still out there to run the clock out or we lose.


Trenton Thompson saves all of our bacon through it all relentless.


They stacked the box and stopped the run while running it right down our throat.  We ran offensive plays from the get-go where we just lined-up and tried to run it against them anyway.  None of this pass to open up the running game.


We were passing for our lives.


If Lorenzo Carter doesn’t scoop-up the fumble forced by Aaron Davis of their replacement senior quarterback, we lose this game.


It was not what we expected and no good for anyone on the team.


It was awful.


We’re so out-of-sorts not prepared to play football in special teams, defense and offense that it is any wonder we don’t go 0-3 the next 3 games.


Damn disappointing.


Greyson Lambert came in to end the game when we had the lead and threw a 3rd down bullet for the 1st down to a guy who caught that ball from him when he couldn’t catch a God Damn head cold all day until.  We would’ve had to punt to them with a minute to go ahead by 2 since we eschewed the extra point.  It was all Greyson Lambert did, who began this week # 1 QB in practice Monday and Tuesday then LOST that job Wednesday but Thursday night Kirby said he was not comfortable with making a decision as to whom it was he would start against a 3-8 team last year who looked better than # 22 North Carolina against our hopelessness of not even knowing whom to practice with the # 1 unit to prepare us.  Maybe the offensive coordinator needs to lose about a ton of weight.  Run only – that is all we try to do against a team who went 3-8 with a new coach last year the # 81 FCS team ?  Unimaginative and too predictable.


Kirby called for an identity.


Holy shit we don’t have one.


A win is a win ?


How we going to win any of the next 3 games like this ?


When the NCAA stats are released we will be one of the worst teams in America.


# 9 ?


Not hardly.


I have no idea where they will drop us to after this but no one can expect us now to win any of the next 3 games – not like this.


This team is not jelling.  We’re working badly together in all phases of the game.


All we want to do is run the ball and everyone knows it.


We looked like shit out there.


Those who showed-up didn’t expect this to happen.  It’s not supposed to happen.


We’re in deep do-do the next 3 weeks.




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