SEC wins EVERY game. 8 SEC teams Top 25 now. ACC Clemson is NOT # 2 and we’re NOT # 9. Big XII is a horrible conference after Choke-la-homa lost last week to American Athletic Conference tonight Arkansas beats # 15 TCU Big XII and Central Michigan beats Oklahoma State. MAC better conference than Big XII. Big 10 Penn State loses to unranked Pitt. Purdue Big 10 loses to Cincinnati whatever that is. Big 10 Northwestern who was 10-3 last year in Big 10 half conference of CUPCAKES 7 of the 14 Big 10 teams can not play football AT ALL. So Northwestern lost last week to Western Michigan what conference is that ? Now today Northwestern Big 10 loses to Illinois State an FCS team Division 1-AA Good Lord. Big 10 Illinois loses to North Carolina ACC who bounced back after losing to us as Big 10 takes it on the chin in their league Big 10 of half who can’t play football AT ALL. ACC Clemson has looked like shit all year while ACC NC State loses to East Carolina Jesus. While Kirby got only 2 players more this week playing than last week now playing a transfer from NC State walk-on and Sony Michel who we tried to run up middle after flared him out on a pass in space as he should be used. Our Offensive Coordinator needs to lose about 200 lbs. of his 400 and he has not done diddle-e-squat run all he thinks about no mixing it up TOO PREDICTABLE. I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars. Sad Kirby. Really sad sir : Ben Cleveland. Chauncey Manac. Elijah Holyfield. Mecole Hardman Jr. We better quit screwing around with the Press and get to COACHING the team. We’re NOT ready for ANY of the next 3 games. Lose all 3 ? Thanks Defense. You bailed our asses out today. FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator. Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES. Kirby D and Jim Chaney F.

You will not be seeing anyone talk about The SEC down this week because our 14 teams did NOT LOSE.


South Carolina did but to Mississippi State non-bulldogs.


In other news, well there isn’t anything positive outside the defense bailed-out the coach after last week the back-up QB did.  Bring him in behind and we get serious about offense.  We’re a dysfunctional team that has  diarrhea mouth of the coach to the press mad as hell at everyone in the press.  He who continues to poorly coach the team.  I know we fell behind not getting started here until January 12 like the old job that paid one-fifth of what we were offering him HERE was a better gig; but, there is no excuse for him telling the press last week that he doesn’t know anything about special teams.


Well he doesn’t know jack shit about offense either.  This guy Jim Chaney and he have FAILED to prepare ANY QUARTERBACK for a season front-end loaded and here they come with what now 3 straight losses ?


I don’t know how we get untracked but we’re clearly not the # 9 team.


We needed to run our stats up and play a lot of players.  We did NEITHER.


We are redshirting Mecole Hardman Jr. ?  What the hell ?


All the guys I called to play this morning did NOT.  I have no idea what we’re doing but Kirby and I quickly are getting off to a poor start together.  His on-going bullshit with the media has to END.  Whatever the hell he is doing, are all lies to the press and hiding from them – mad.  Clearly mad at the press.


You will NOT win that battle Kirby.


You are making yourself look as if you do not know anything about offense or special teams sir.  Why take charge when you don’t know what you are doing at EITHER ?  Go take classes from someone who does and bring THEM to the press meetings and LET THEM ANSWER.


We’re not focusing on what it takes to win on our coaching staff.


We constantly seem to be trying to make some POINT instead.


Ben Cleveland

Chauncey Manac 

Mecole Hardman Jr.

Elijah Holyfield

I never figured that we’d be REDSHIRTING these 4 stars.  Sad Kirby.  Really sad sir.


We’re not good enough or deep enough to have 4 of the best players in America redshirted as Kirby has done.


Kirby the only reason you do not get a F today is because you WON.


Over a FCS team # 81 FCS team by 2 points when your defense scored on fumble recovery return for 6 or you lose.  Your decision to go for 2 nearly cost you the game if you had to punt with a minute left.  Their kicking game AGAIN was better than yours.


You MISSED another field goal.


How can you expect the team to look prepared when you don’t have your starting QB practicing with the # 1 unit preparing in practice ?


Throw them on the field and let them learn chemistry together OUT THERE live ?


What the hell kind of strategy is that ?


I give Kirby a D today and Jim Chaney an F.  We did not do today what we NEEDED to.  Instead we tried the same bullshit again of run run run and be conservative with them stacking the box.  NCAA stats reveal we’re NOT a very good team.


Ton of mistakes on special teams and offense with nothing going on that even demonstrates that we have any concept of what to do in practice or games at EITHER.


Thanks Defense.  You bailed our asses out today.


Kirby needs to replace Jim Chaney.


FIRE Jim Chaney – replace his FAT ass with Dell McGee as Offensive Coordinator.  Do it NOW Kirby before the next 3 are ALL LOSSES.


Who the hell ever heard of a college football team whose quarterbacks are NONE of them EVER ALLOWED TO TALK TO THE PRESS ?  These are the spokesmen for the team.


At one point today I felt Jacob Eason looked at Jim Chaney like he was a FOOL.


Here let me speak for them  : I don’t think Jim Chaney looks the part, is the part, prepares his quarterbacks, has a plan, knows how to run an offense, has any concept of what he has in players, nor does he know offensive game strategies,  and oh he is profoundly obese.


Clearly the offense and the special teams – the 2 areas Kirby is WEAKEST ON with NO EXPERIENCE AT EITHER – have no rhythm plan strategy aren’t prepared don’t practice to be prepared nor show any improvement – we’re out of kilter at BOTH.


Our offense is in poor condition – poor health.

Our special teams are also no damn good out of order.


Both our offense and our special teams are in poor spirits. I watched them all today again look around with bad negative body language.  This CLEARLY is indicative that THEY FEEL they are not being properly utilized.  That they FEEL they should be doing BETTER.  The  offensive players are moping around and the special teams should be.


That goes for Jacob Eason too.


We’re in trouble.


If you expected me to say otherwise, you came to the wrong blog.  Go find some blog to hear lies and excuses about this bullshit on offense since Spring Practice with all the back-and-forth on quarterbacks and on special teams as well.


So much talent.  So poorly coached on offense and special teams.


What did you see ?


We are going to get killed the next 3 weeks if we continue with the same bullshit of Kirby spending all week talking to the press in riddles about BOTH.  We better get with it.


The time for screwing around has come and passed.


We’re fixing-to get our damned asses kicked. This is The SEC not the ACC or Big 10 or Big XII or Pac-12.


You can NOT have a dysfunctional offense and special teams and hope to compete in The SEC.  The defenses are TOO GOOD for that.


9-11-2016 fifteen years later lest we forget.




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