AP Poll drops us from # 9 to # 16 AND there are either 8, some polls 9 SEC teams sometimes with Auburn and/or Arkansas in the Top 25 of ALL THE MAJOR POLLS. Here is where we stand, ok ?

Dropped from # 9 to # 16 AP Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



Dropped from # 9 to # 13 Coaches’ Poll 8 SEC ranked teams :



# 15 Richard Billingsley Poll former Official BCS Poll 8 SEC Top 25 with Auburn & Arkansas not Texas A&M as Texas A&M is # 26 :



( http://cfrc.com/ranking/billingsley-mov-37/ )


# 24 Massey former BCS Poll with Auburn & Arkansas Top 25 Florida not, 8 SEC :



# 24 Colley Poll former BCS Poll



Georgia Bulldogs in NCAA Rankings :

# 87 Passing Offense


 # 110 Kick-Off Return Defense

 # 108 Kick-Off Returns by us

 # 79 Punt Return Defense

 # 69 Run Defense



Our team is not practicing our # 1 unit together and we haven’t.  Instead of preparing them by doing so, we’ve invested endless hours of telling the press that we are mad at the press.  We had no choice from the beginning given # 104 Passing Offense and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions last year with Greyson Lambert.


Yet we failed to practice the # 1 unit with the # 1 QB.


Now, 3 games into the season we’re an offense that got stuffed on the run by North Carolina who can not stop the run and by the # 81 last year FCS team 3-8 in their 1st year with their head coach.


The print is there for these ranked SEC teams to follow against our offense.


What are we doing on offense ?


Well we redshirted Mecole Hardman Jr., Ben Cleveland, and Elijah Holyfield all 3 of whom should have being PLAYING against BOTH opponents so far instead.  And on defense and special teams we have Chauncey Manac whom we’re also redshirting.  It is my belief that we should be playing all 4 of these guys both games so far.  I would have.


Especially given our offense and special teams and our defense needs run stopping help.


We write a script as Offensive Coordinator, here is how to beat us.  Stop our run and run the ball yourself.


The way a real offensive coordinator not a fat ass would set-up his offense, is to pass first to set-up a huge stable of running backs we’ve stock-piled this year.  Instead, we tell them like Mark Richt did : Go back out there and keep doing what you’re doing that is not working and learn how to execute better.  So much so that we have redshirted what I thought would be 2 of our STARS in Mecole Hardman Jr. AND  Elijah Holyfield.  This is poor work by the offensive coordinator :

  1. redshirt 3 guys who could be all 3 starting these 1st two games instead
  2. not prepare the # 1 unit with the # QB in practice in spring or fall
  3. only trying to run with a way too conservative approach that isn’t working


It is also disgraceful to set such a precedent as Jim Chaney has for 9 months’ time now and for him to need such help as he does in losing 200 lbs. of his 400.


This is a failed model and poor role model in Jim Chaney.  He needs to be fired.  I swear he has gained another 100 lbs. since we hired him.


Disgraceful what Jim Chaney is doing to our talent handed him and the example he sets physically. A coach ?


No, this is all wrong.


Our children at the stadium should NOT be seeing such a poor example at Sanford in Jim Chaney’s appearance on an ATHLETIC TEAM.


It’s disgraceful seeing a profoundly obese offensive coordinator as an example to our kids who has Jacob Eason and sends our guys out there to just run the ball.


How would you explain our # 87 Passing Offense this season now 3rd game coming-up ?


If it were just Greyson Lambert we had I would understand # 87 Passing Offense given he was # 104 last year.


Dell McGee would be a fantastic replacement of Jim Chaney.


I believe he could be more definitive to Kirby that he has to settle on his QB and prepare him, which this blog called for January 12 when he finally showed-up.  Do we have any choice at QB ?




So why have we wasted all Spring and all Fall and 2 games into the season bouncing back-and-forth willy-nilly like we don’t have a clue ?  And sending the press signals that we HATE both quarterbacks.  No confidence shown in EITHER from the get-go.


Put one in have him losing by double-digits.  Take him out.  Put other guy in.  Have him do everything right and take the lead by several points.  Yank his ass.  Bench him.  Bring in the other guy and run to the press again to tell them why saying he doesn’t communicate as well and is in the wrong play too often.


He won the game for you Kirby.  The other guy sure wasn’t.


Being in the right play and communicating better the other guy was losing by 10 points.  This means that even in the right play and communicating better, a rank rookie is better than he. He doesn’t want to throw the ball.  He holds on to it and gets sacked and lets defenses crowd the box.  Either the offensive coordinator isn’t calling anything to open-up the running game or Greyson Lambert isn’t checking-out of them at the line of scrimmage to a pass play.  That’s because NEITHER think Greyson Lambert can/will pass it.  So we have nothing to open up the running game.  And the good Lord knows he can’t run either with Greyson Lambert’s 29 carries for minus 37 yards and 7 fumbles by himself last season.  His best win over 2-6 in The SEC, Auburn.  That isn’t going to cut it.


Wrong fit for the offense.


Wrong Offensive Game Strategies.


Wrong concept of how to set-up our strong running game.


Wrong guys redshirted.


Wrong example.


Wrong everything, isn’t it ?


Gag them both and tell the press not comfortable with EITHER ?


What message does THAT send to the Team ?


Are we practicing the special teams either ?


It sure doesn’t look like it.


These are Kirby’s 2 weaknesses he and we all knew coming-in. That he knows little about special teams and less about offense.  So get all high and mighty with the press because they dare to ask about offense and special teams ?  Get mad at the press Kirby ?  Gag everyone and then have it leaked by them anyway.  That is what is happening Kirby.  You aren’t gagging them Kirby.  They just tell the press anyway and tell the press they have to not divulge their source.


Be real Kirby.


Fix this stuff please sir.


Practice the QB with the # 1 unit and tell the press you LIKE HIM.  He’s doing a great job.  Tell the team you like him.  Tell the other QB that he is a serviceable back-up and you will play him when you can.


This is how this is handled.


Not what you’re doing Kirby.


If Jim Chaney is telling you what I am saying then why are you doing what you are doing Kirby ?


There is no honeymoon.


We fired Mark Richt for 73-32 his last 8 years # 45 vs top 15 teams game time and # 42 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ year ranked oh and 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time of game or for the season.


We expect you to do better than that.


That means NOW Kirby.


Jim Chaney should have been telling you this Kirby.  I should not have to be the one.  Mike Cavan would tell you this.


So why all the bickering with and lies to the press Kirby ?


You are holding the reins too tightly for a guy who clearly has not made the right choices.  And if anything, you have become more stubborn about it.


Vince Dooley and Nick Saban would tell you Kirby that you are doing this all incorrectly sir.


Take some classes in offense and special teams and become a guru at those Kirby.  We pay you with $ 5 million dollars not including expense account.


You are holding back our better players with your antics in the press.


Start by promoting Dell McGee to Offensive Coordinator Monday morning now since you did not yesterday as I told you.  Let him talk to the press about offense and quarterbacks and stay out of it.


You hired a son of a head coach who DID know about special teams.  See if you can HIRE HIM ?  Let him talk about special teams and you be the spokesman for defense.




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