A Study of Kirby’s Defense 2016 and Kirby’s Offense 2016 reveals Kirby swapped-out Reggie Carter instead now to Start and to replace Natrez Patrick as Starting Mike Linebacker. While on Offense Kirby swapped-out a whole entire HOST of new Starters 27% of the # 1 unit. This week promises more of the same. While the Defense is settled with Kirby’s Starters practicing together as a unit from the beginning. Our Offense is a completely different story of NOT PRACTICING TOGETHER as # 1 unit at ALL. One unit has its timing together DOWN. One # 1 unit is clear so they know each other’s tendencies. They are CONFIDENT in each other. The whole team, press, and fan base TRYING to get a handle on our Starters – and how they are performing – is confident in them then. One unit projects we know what we’re doing as a team. And the team therefore projects the image that we have confidence in them. Offensively, Kirby has swapped-out instead now Terry Godwin for Michael Chigbu at WR. Offensively, Kirby has swapped-out instead now Jayson Stanley as Starter at WR to replace Charlie Woerner in a 2-TE set. This is a fundamentally different Offense totally where he was showing his hand on Offense. But he isn’t allowing the team to pass it any more anyway with just every down anyway just a running play. It’s all we do run run run – no matter what personnel or what type of personnel is in the game either one. And Offensively Kirby has swapped-out instead now Jacob Eason replacing Greyson Lambert at QB. This too is a fundamentally DIFFERENT OFFENSE COMPLETELY. Where Greyson Lambert is # 104 Passing Offense last year with everyone stuffing the box against him and Greyson Lambert is # 87 Passing Offense 2016 also finding EVERY OPPONENT jamming the line forcing him to beat them with NO SUCCESS AT ALL – NONE either year. We remain a team who ONLY will run with EITHER QB offensively. We are NOT looking at our players and what they can do as their strengths. And, then designing our offense to their strengths. I dare say that Kirby is spread too thin trying to do too much detail everywhere.

A Coach needs to get his best players on the field and get the ball to them offensively taking advantage of their strengths.  Defensively, a team likewise has strengths and has weaknesses.  You try to have Game Plans that take advantage of your Strengths and minimize your weaknesses.  We are maximizing our weaknesses and minimizing our strengths.


This is why this game is critical on the road against a team who shut Greyson Lambert down last year while their QB totally sucked for Missouri as well.


WEEK 1 OFFENSE : .   .   .   .   .   .WEEK 2 OFFENSE:
WR   82 Michael Chigbu  .   .   .   .replaced by Terry Godwin WR
LT   72 Tyler Catalina .   .  .   .   .  same
LG   77 Isaiah Wynn  .   .   .   .   .  same
C    54 B. Kublanow .   .   .   .   .  . same
RG   53 Lamont Gaillard .   .      . same
RT   73 Greg Pyke   .   .   .   .      .   same
TE   83 Jeb Blazevich .   .   .   .   . same
TE   89 Charlie Woerner  .    .   . replaced by Jason Stanley WR
TB   27 Nick Chubb   .   .   .   .   .  same
QB   11 Greyson Lambert .   .   .  replaced by Jacob Eason QB
FB   47 Christian Payne   .   .   .  same


27 % of the Starting Line-up for Kirby and Jim Chaney from Week 1 to Week 2 changed.

We are to assume there will be further unsettling of the Offense Week 3.

And we can assume the Defense once-again will remain static now.


The Defense is very set  with one Defensive End, one Defensive Tackle, 4 Linebackers : Jack – Mike – Left – Will, 5 Defensive Back Set : Left and Right Cornerbacks – Left and Right Safeties – and Star.


The Defense is not only SET with its Starters but it remains consistent in the Defensive Approach – not a fundamentally different Defense as on Offense EITHER.


Basically :

  1. We will run a lot of 1 DE, 1 DT, 4 LB, 5 DB Fundamentally set as a Nickel Defensively, and we are set as whom it is are our Starters.
  2. We will run the ball ONLY on Offense no matter which Fundamentally Different 2 WR or 2 TE set, and we are NOT set on our Starters or type of Offense we want to run although out of either line-up we will run the ball only every play.


We are NEVER consistent on Offense and Week 3 promises MORE of the juggling of not only a quarter of the starters but also our fundamental approach on Offense remains again in question – other than no matter how we line-up and no matter whom the Starters, we will just only run the football.

We don’t have Jake Fromm this year to play the next 2 years as a dual-threat QB,  then after that 2nd year Jacob Eason is GONE, as we will have next season.


So, no matter whom it is we Start or even play they will not be like Kirby’s Defense at all with their Confidence, Identity, and Timing down totally since they aren’t even set in their coaches’ mind yet what the fundamental approach to how they line-up on Offense is.


And, there is a totally different skill set in Jacob Eason from halting QB Greyson Lambert.


No matter their fundamental approach to how we line them up on Offense, we will just only run the ball.


Well, I am sorry but that just makes no sense to send Jacob Eason out there and just run the ball anyway.  That’s crazy.  It’s not taking advantage of what EVERYONE sees as the difference between Greyson Lambert and Jacob Eason.


One can throw the ball and the other does not want to.


It appears to ME that we want to make it as easy as possible on every Defense we face on Offense.


Just line-up as many as you can up at the line of scrimmage and look for the run.  For you surely will get it.


And that we want to force our Opponents to run only against us.


We are set-up to run on Offense.

We are set-up to stop the pass on Defense.


We want to make our Opponents stop the run.

We want to make our Opponents to run the football.


This is a failed model.


We are weak on stopping the run and passing the football.  So we make our opponents only run the ball and not concern themselves with our passing game.


I bragged on Kirby on being smart.


One would think we would line-up closer to the line on Defense and pass the ball on Offense.  It appears to me that Kirby is playing right into the hands of our Opponents on both sides of the ball.


We are trying to make our Offense be what we want it to be without regard to what strengths we have of our players on Offense and we are trying to make our Defense be what we want it to be without regard to the weaknesses we have of our players on Defense.


We are NOT looking at our players and what they can do as their strengths and then designing our offense.  And we aren’t designing our defense to their strengths nor to minimize their weaknesses.


We are instead running whatever offensive game plan we want without regard to what the team has we can take advantage of.


Moreover, you pass the ball to open-up your running game.


We are instead running whatever defensive game plan we want as well without regard to what weaknesses our defensive players on the team have.


Clearly as well, you line-up more help closer to the line of scrimmage to minimize our weaknesses in stopping the run.


We are doing NEITHER.


Maybe we should be in a nickel against Missouri.


But in a shoot-out Greyson Lambert is the last halting QB you want to send out there to try to match that with.


So we don’t even practice Jacob Eason again this week as the # 1 Starting QB with the # 1 unit until last night.


We’re in trouble.





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