Matt Stinchcomb : “It did appear the program had settled into what is better described as a rut.” Well yeah avg lose 4 games year for 8 years and you find yourself fired from a gig like UGA. Lose to 18 of last 24 vs top 15 AP or Coaches’ time game # 45 nationally with avg # 7 talent while winning only 8 of his last 21 vs top 25 AP or Coaches’ for the season # 42 nationally at that and add-in another 12 losses to unranked teams AP or Coaches’ time game or season his final 8 years too, and well yeah – you are best described as IN A RUT Matt Stinchcomb. Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN. QB Controversy fueled by Kirby. By implication by Jim Chaney too.

I don’t think much of this site I must say as it forced me to answer a personal question to read the article but here is the URL Link :



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It says St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Like Facebook, if you answer their personal questions online, you are opening yourself up to having all kinds of junk mails and advertising.


It is a BAD failed model in my book.


Think about it.


Put a cookie on your device.  Read more articles St. Louis Post Dispatch and answer FURTHER more revealing follow-up questions to the same cookie.  Pretty soon, they will know more about you than your own mother.


Yesterday we practiced Greyson Lambert # 1 unit and today it is Jacob Eason. No QB prepared AGAIN.


We are in SEC portion of schedule now and STILL we don’t know whom it is who is our QB.  This is a FAILURE on Jim Chaney and especially on Kirby.  Well we do.  But Kirby doesn’t.  By implication Jim Chaney does not.


Kirby continues to define himself as our coach and he continues to not get the timing down between his # 1 QB and his players on the # 1 unit together.  This has gone on all year starting January 12 despite my best efforts otherwise.  The team is OUT OF SYNC offensively because of this on-going waffling and has no rhythm no confidence and NO IDENTITY.


EVERYTHING asked of Jacob Eason has been done ON THE FIELD with great aplomb.  EVERYTHING asked of Greyson Lambert to set-up the running game with his # 104 Passing Offense last year and # 87 Passing Offense this year has been to simply allow ALL DEFENSES to jam the line and make Greyson Lambert beat them.


Now we face SEC defenses and remain out of sync without identity on Offense.


I see LITTLE difference in THIS from the FAILED Mark Richt regime.  He too could not figure out who was his quarterback and PLAYED FAVORITES just like Kirby.


This is frustrating.


Kirby YANKED Jacob Eason for throwing a STRIKE to Javon Wims who had his back to the pass and let it hit him squarely in the numbers – the big ones on his back – on a passing play designed to throw the ball to him for a 1st Down.  He wasn’t even looking for the ball.  Then after it bounced off his back the FCS team returned it for what would have been a TD were it not for the play by Brian Herrien defensively.


I am not fooled by ANY of this.


Jacob Eason is our QB.


Kirby wants to gag the quarterbacks so they run to the press and tell us what is going on anyway.


Duh Kirby Duh.


You have mishandled Jacob Eason completely and utterly from January 12 when you showed-up.


Wait all week this week until YESTERDAY to finally get Jacob Eason the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.  This destroys the confidence and timing of them with each other and the team in him.  It also reflects very poorly on Jim Chaney and Kirby.


Ok guys. Go out there and get ready for this season front-end loaded on the field of play since I won’t let you practice together as the # 1 unit.  And then when the games arrive willy-nilly I will yank your ass from the role as Starting QB to further adversely affect this mess on Offense.


Mark Richt did this ALL YEAR LAST YEAR and found his ass FIRED for it.


Barry Odom is the Defensive Coordinator of one of the nation’s very finest defenses and HAS BEEN at Missouri.  For that he was promoted to head coach this season.


You think he is not loving this indecisiveness, lack of continuity, discord, and lack of practice of the # 1 unit of the team he is playing with a then clear design on how to stop Georgia by simply putting 9 in the box as even FCS teams do against us ?


When you do put in Jacob Eason, every play is a running play.  Stupid.


Shit he will SHUT-OUT Greyson Lambert like he did last year.  And worse than that he will be facing Jacob Eason with NO PRACTICE UNTIL last night as the Starting QB for the game the day after tomorrow as he did not last week.


It does not matter whom you start at QB NOW Kirby.  It’s too late to issue glowing reports of Jacob Eason and FINALLY let him practice as the # 1 Starting QB on Wednesday yesterday finally this week AGAIN for the game which is the day after tomorrow.  You pulled this shit last week too Kirby.


In case you are NOT KEEPING SCORE.




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