“Greyson Lambert provided good game management and the running game seemed a tad stronger with him in there. Jacob Eason went in and provided the HIGH-OCTANE passing attack. Jacob Eason was the change-up which gave North Carolina problems.” Seth Emerson AJ-C DawgNation today. Is that why we were losing by DOUBLE-DIGITS with only minutes to go before the 4th Quarter that Greyson Lambert managed the game better Seth Emerson against North Carolina ? And that the Offensive Running Game was going so well for us against North Carolina as you state that we were LOSING by double-digits ? Nicholls State University game too – what we saw Seth was that AGAIN it was Jacob Eason who provided ALL THE POINTS. Greyson Lambert has yet to do a God Damn thing 2016.

And by the way Seth Emerson South Carolina was a 3-8 team last season 1-7 in The SEC so your reference to what Greyson damn Lambert did vs. South Carolina is so much bullshit.  South Carolina 2015 made everyone look good even my kid brother.


Why not point-out instead Seth Emerson how Greyson Lambert was shut-out by Missouri ?


Wouldn’t that be a far better reference to Greyson Lambert’s # 104 Passing Offense which was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions and Greyson Lambert’s 29 rushes for minus 39 yards along with 7 fumbles by Greyson Lambert alone last year Seth Emerson ?


It’s Jacob Eason who provides THE OFFENSE this season and WILL CONTINUE TO BE SO.


You are pandering to Kirby to say that what he has been doing to Jacob Eason is the right way to handle getting him the experience he needs just like Chipper Towers did all these last  8 years of Mark Richt losing every big game and throwing-in for good measure 12 losses to unranked teams one and a half a year for 8 years AP or Coaches’ time game or season.


Chipper Towers was just pandering to Mark Richt so that he could get interviews or because they attended the same Church.  Surely no one could really believe the bullshit Chip Towers wrote the last 8 years about Mark Richt.  He sucked for 8 years didn’t he Seth Emerson ?  And Chip Towers refused to say so beyond the bitter end following-up the FIRING with it was NOT JUSTIFIED.


That is when you got hired here from Macon – when Chip Towers refused to tell it like it is preferring to say what a nice guy Mark Richt was and what his record was from 2001 instead of breaking it down that from 2001-2007 Mark Richt did VERY WELL and after that – well he just freaking LOST IT.


Don’t pander to Kirby.  If the 1st year coach makes a mistake with Jim Chaney and FAILS to prepare Jacob Eason, say it.


Just call it like it is Seth Emerson.




( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/mailbag-how-much-did-georgias-battleship-need-turning )


The Battleship seems to me to have been one for 8 years under Mark Richt who could not win the big games # 42 nationally against season top 25 and # 45 nationally against time game top 15 and that Kirby did beat North Carolina # 22 time game – a game Mark Richt was destined to have lost because Mark Richt would have ONLY PLAYED Greyson Lambert and lost by 10 points as he was in fact doing without Jacob Eason.  Now conversely last week vs Nicholls State University the Battleship showed once again that Mark Richt gave UGA a reputation for losing such games.  Yes Mark Richt was 37-1 vs teams who did not play in a bowl game his last 8 years here but he STILL LOST 12 games his last 8 years here to teams who were unranked.


We’re UGA # 11 all-time in wins.  We’ve had 26 seasons of 80 % win percentage.


We are supposed to beat non-bowl teams.


Every year we are ranked to begin the season and then our rep under Mark Richt was that despite the # 7 avg recruit rankings, we’d lose the games vs top 15 and top 25 and lose IN ADDITION to unranked teams every year sometimes 2.


The Battleship needs to move.


How quickly it does so is dependent upon better decisions than those by Mark Richt the last 8 years.


Nicholls State University could prove to be a different team 2016 than it was under a 1st year coach last season 3-8 much as Alabama under Nick Saban losing to Louisiana – Monroe 2007 Nick Saban’s first year.  In fact it is pretty clear that Nicholls State University does in fact have some good players it has picked-up.


Appalachian State beat Michigan at the big house as 1-AA FCS team then.


Kirby did NOT lose.


He did look like shit and his team’s offensive game strategy played right into their hands but bottom line Jacob Eason scored enough points to off-set what our special teams gave away again while Greyson Lambert did not bring 1 point to the table.  Not 1.  Just like he did not against North Carolina.  And just like he did not all last season.  And just like he did not at Virginia.


Try to stay focused Seth Emerson.


Yes sir Seth Emerson, Georgia indeed is a Battleship.  Battleships PROVIDE A GOD DAMN OFFENSE.


It is high-time that there is a concerted effort to show that what in fact makes Georgia a Battleship is that we have incredible TALENT.  Talent which Kirby brought here – not Mark Richt.


Talent that SCORES POINTS.


Our Offense is not managed well by Greyson Lambert losing by double-digits to North Carolina nor does our running game look a tad stronger with Greyson Lambert in there, for were that true Seth Emerson then he WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GOD DAMN LOSING BY DOUBLE-DIGITS with only a few minutes before the 4th Quarter against North Carolina.


And when Greyson Lambert played Nicholls State University he WOULD HAVE PUT-UP some God Damn Points.


Instead of being a HALTING QUARTERBACK when Jacob Eason would have CONTINUED to put up points on an over-matched opponent to make the score look more respectable.


But, instead Kirby put IN GREYSON LAMBERT to drag the offense down.


Battleships are offensive.


They score points.


Greyson Lambert will NEVER be confused as any Battleship.


Jacob Eason has and will continue to be the Offense for this Georgia Bulldogs’ Battleship.


This year, next year and then his last year.


Greyson Lambert is a serviceable back-up who like many pussies doesn’t even try to contribute to the offense – afraid like a scared cat to even try.


That’s why Greyson Lambert does NOT contribute to the scoring 2016 for Kirby, 2015 for Mark Richt costing Mark Richt his job, nor at Virginia 2014 and 2013.


Greyson Lambert is NOT CONTRIBUTING to the offense.


Please write whatever you want Seth Emerson for whatever reasons you deem it appropriate to slant your articles one way or the other; but, do not try to pass-off Greyson Lambert as the reason we have won 2 games or that he manages the game better when he has yet to contribute a single point to the Offensive Battleship of Jacob Eason’s Georgia Bulldogs’ 2016.


Greyson Lambert is not going to get this Georgia Battleship moving in the direction we need it to move to, but Jacob Eason 2016.


We needed therefore to have prepared Jacob Eason all Spring with the # 1 unit, all Fall with the # 1 unit and have played him in the games to get him the experience for Missouri tomorrow and Ole Miss a week from tomorrow and the vols 2 weeks from tomorrow.


So you say what you want.


I will say Jim Chaney and Kirby have mishandled everything about preparing Jacob Eason.


Writers saying that Greyson Lambert is so damn great be damned as far as I am concerned.


And, you knew I would say this Seth Emerson before you dared to try to pass it off how great Greyson Lambert is and how correct Kirby is for all this back-and-forth Quarterback Controversy.


Kirby nor you Seth Emerson will paint Greyson Lambert as Georgia’s Battleship Savior.


Good Luck with that effort Seth Emerson.  Try not to read my reply.  You will NOT win this argument.  I promise.





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