Jacob Eason plays the whole game. Mizzou defense shuts down our running game. So he cool hand throws 308 yards with 3 TD Passes on 29-55 going 10 of 19 on 3rd Downs. Win on the road in The SEC. This is now Jacob Eason’s 3rd Come-From-Behind Win 28-27.

Down 21-27 one time-out left with the game clock down to the last minute and a half.


Jacob Eason had them right where he wanted them, losing.  It’s good when we are losing Jacob Eason must feel.


We can not get ahead of ourselves because Ole Miss has 2 losses and Jacob Eason has none.


We have to really be ready for Ole Miss.  It is going to take an even better game to beat Ole Miss.  Ole Miss is really really good and our best opponent so far all this season.  In fact, it is PROBABLE that Ole Miss is our best opponent before we face Alabama in The SEC Championship in Atlanta.  12-2 baby.


Let’s not give up one of those losses this season at Ole Miss.


Beat Ole Miss.


Bring our A game.


We learned a lot tonight.


We learned that indeed we do have a QB and he’s ready for Prime Time.


Bring on Ole Miss !




Jacob Eason Start # 2 after 2 come-from-behind wins goes 5/6 on 3rd Down Conversions for team who was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions last year to come-back from 0-10 to take lead 14-10. Awesome !

Jacob Eason looks cool hand back there.


Jessie Palmer called him Greyson Lambert on the TD Throw by Jacob Eason to take the lead.


The crowd looked small on TV with the upper deck empty.



Kirby # 3 in the nation 247Sports.com Composite Recruiting Rankings and most impressively though with only 16 Commitments

You score more points in recruiting for every recruit you sign no matter how good they are.


Ultimately however it is how many of the top recruits you get which actually matters the most – not the total number of recruits.  This is because each team only has 85 Scholarships to work with.  If you value those 85 Scholarships the most and give them out sparingly, you will have a roster full of BETTER recruits.


Mark Webb from Philadelphia suburb is ranked by 247Sports.com Composite Rankings as the # 19 best Wide Receiver in the nation a 4-Star WR highly sought by such teams as Alabama, Michigan, Penn State, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Miami of Florida.  We have 2 Top Commitments at WR for 2017 already and both are 6′ 3″ and a 6′ 5″ WR commitment.


There has been a misconception about our wide receivers this 2016 season however.  We just don’t pass the ball to them.  We run every down.  They would set records if we actually turned Jacob Eason loose to throw the ball.


Jake Fromm is the # 6 QB ESPN Rankings 2017.  He too is a pocket-passer like Jacob Eason.  Aaron Murray was ranked the # 3 QB.  Jacob Eason was ranked the # 1 QB.


Recruiting is the lifeblood of any program.


Next, the coach has to look at whom it is his staff has and take advantage of those specific players he does have.


And the coach has to look at his weaknesses of his current roster and minimize our weaknesses.


What we have done on offense is to just run the ball.


That does not lend itself to having the wide receivers we do have to shine.


Nor the Quarterback.


If you also are not practicing the QB with the wide receivers they will not have their timing down and are not a well-oiled machine.


It is heartening to actually doing better recruiting than we ever have for 2017.  This is by far our best recruiting class of all-time.




( http://247sports.com/Season/2017-Football/CompositeTeamRankings )


Kirby is ranked # 2 nationally in average recruit rank.  This means that he has high-rated recruits on his commitment list for 2017, regardless of the fact that he has only 16 commitments because our current 85-man scholarship limit is FULL.


Mark Richt signed a host of recruits who were and remain not the top players at their positions AND in some cases ALSO NOT a position of need, either.  Then, Mark Richt kicked-off players and gave their Scholarships to Walk-Ons who not one of them Started on Offense or Defense just our # 100 every year Special Teams.




THIS is where I told you we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt than we did with.  I said it daily for 8 years as to 1 of the reasons Mark Richt just had to be fired.  Now here we are, and I am right about this too.


Something as important as recruiting is something that you MUST FOLLOW.


You need to understand recruiting.


I live it.


We used to have a Website which all it did was follow Georgia Bulldogs’ football recruiting.  Now, he writes a blog post about once a month on the average.


# 2 Safety *Richard LeCounte 4.51 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ 1″  Liberty County Hinesville.

# 3 Running Back * D’Andre Swift 214 lbs. Philadelphia St. Joseph’s Prep School

# 5 QB *Jake Fromm 6′ 2″ 203 lbs. Houston Warner Robins.

# 6 OG *Netori Johnson 6′ 4″ 348 lbs. Cedar Grove.

# 7 DE *Robert Beal 6′ 4″ 234 lbs. Norcross IMG Academy Bradenton FL

# 8 RB *Toneil Carter Jr. 4.47 Nike 40-yard dash 5′ 11″ 190 lbs. Houston TX

# 11 OT *Andrew Thomas 6″ 5″ 318 lbs. Pace Academy.

# 11 OLB Jaden Hunter 6′ 2″ 212 lbs. 4.81 Nike 40-yard dash Westlake Atlanta.

# 13 OT *D’antne Demery 6′ 5″ 310 lbs. Brunswick.

# 16 CB William Poole 4.68 Nike 40-yard dash 6′ Hapeville College Park.

# 16 OG Justin Shaffer 6′ 5″ 356 lbs. also Cedar Grove.

# 19 WR Mark Webb Philadelphia 6′ 3″ and 202 lbs.

# 22 WR Trey Blount 4.36 Nike 40-yard dash also Pace Academy.

# 24 CB Latavious Brini 6′ 2″ Mater Hialeah Gardens Florida

# 48 DT Devante Wyatt 6′ 3″ and 300 lbs. 4.59 in 40-yard dash Towers

# 53 WR Matt Landers 6’5″ long Wide Receiver from St. Petersburg FL

*Top 100 Overall players in the nation regardless of position 7 for Kirby !


As our roster is full today at 85 Scholarships, this about all we can sign – depending upon roster management such as the medical redshirt we gave one player this season.


Here are the facts, if your recruiting ranking is higher you are FAR MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED than if you’re not.


Grey-shirting is here.


Beat Missouri.  They would die to have our recruiting prowess.  We shall see if Kirby was setting them up with his non-passing game plan with Jacob Eason.  And his relentlessness at only running the ball.  On the other side of the ball the defensive game plan of nickel defense appears to be right on target.  I predict we win the interception battle tonight and we win the game because we have the better talent.


Coaching I figure both will make mistakes.  I had hoped this would not be the case for us, but in fact it has been a sore spot along with our special teams which I never would’ve guessed either coming in to the season.


You play Greyson Lambert if you do not want to score.


Missouri is good  – I never thought I would say that when they joined The SEC and said then they would not compete.  Well they really have proved they belong despite the inability to recruit.


It does not matter whom it is Kirby starts against Missouri ?

It is paramount unless you do not follow recruiting and think the ESPN # 37 QB Greyson Lambert is some great game manager not scoring all season this season as he didn’t last season or the 2 seasons at Virginia either.


You want to open-up the running game for Nick Chubb ?


Pass the God Damn Football !


Sorry Kirby you are making mistakes in your handling of Jacob Eason sir.  I would’ve had him at # 1 QB all Spring, all Fall and both games so far where it has been proven on the field as well that only he Jacob Eason the QB who is winning the games for us so far.


I do not know where you get off playing the # 37 ESPN QB Greyson Lambert instead of the # 1 ESPN QB Jacob Eason, but that is dumb as shit.


And proven in the 2 games so far.


Want to go for 3 ?  I’ll be here after to say I told you so.


I would not take him out tonight.  This Offensive Game Plan with Jim Chaney and Kirby is NOT WORKING.



I think we’re playing into their hands to run the ball every down and to play a guy at QB they beat like a red-headed step child last year shutting him out.  More than anything it was the uproar that Mark Richt had beat Missouri without even scoring a TD that added into that stretch that cost him his job.

Not only did Mark Richt start the season # 9 and end his career here NOT RANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 and did this 4 of his last 8 years but he got the ever living shit kicked out of him against ranked for season Alabama when Greyson Lambert was BENCHED and then Greyson Lambert tried to sit on a 3 TD lead against ranked for season vols and LOST and then Greyson Lambert did not even get to play one snap even by Mark Richt against the only other ranked team for the 2015 season Florida, but Greyson Lambert THEN beat Missouri without scoring a TD.  Fire Mark Richt : It was in fact Greyson Lambert’s fault.


The last time that had happened that 1 of our quarterbacks beat a team without scoring a single TD was 20 years’ prior in the 1995 Kentucky game.


We will not do that tonight at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time SEC Network.




Losing in the 2nd game Nicholls had the lead 13-14 with 4 minutes to go before the 4th Quarter where Nicholls had bogged-down the Georgia running game with all their players in the box yet all we called was running plays when Jacob Eason lead Georgia with a pass play to take the lead 20 to 14. This sparked the defense to score too back-to-back with the 4th Quarter now only 3 minutes away with the score now 26-14. Then Jacob Eason threw a strike which hit Javon Wims on the numbers of the back of his Jersey as he was not looking for the pass which would have been a 1st Down a play designed to pass the ball to Javon Wims. That was returned 91 yards before Brian Herrien stopped them saving the TD. Then we brought in Greyson Lambert. Halting QB Greyson Lambert had us down double-digits to North Carolina and then vs Nicholls did not score at all. Of course Greyson Lambert was SHUT-OUT by Missouri last year much as he was against Nicholls last game. What did you see ?