Losing in the 2nd game Nicholls had the lead 13-14 with 4 minutes to go before the 4th Quarter where Nicholls had bogged-down the Georgia running game with all their players in the box yet all we called was running plays when Jacob Eason lead Georgia with a pass play to take the lead 20 to 14. This sparked the defense to score too back-to-back with the 4th Quarter now only 3 minutes away with the score now 26-14. Then Jacob Eason threw a strike which hit Javon Wims on the numbers of the back of his Jersey as he was not looking for the pass which would have been a 1st Down a play designed to pass the ball to Javon Wims. That was returned 91 yards before Brian Herrien stopped them saving the TD. Then we brought in Greyson Lambert. Halting QB Greyson Lambert had us down double-digits to North Carolina and then vs Nicholls did not score at all. Of course Greyson Lambert was SHUT-OUT by Missouri last year much as he was against Nicholls last game. What did you see ?



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