Noon ESPN at Ole Miss who is our best Opponent all season long before Kirby plays Nick Saban in The SEC Championship. Georgia moves into the Top 10 with road win Prime Time. IT HAPPENED JUST EXACTLY AS I SAID IT WOULD AND PRECISELY AS I GUARANTEED IT WOULD. There ALSO is NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY as I have guaranteed all along as well. And, I said why there wasn’t. And all that – just as in my guarantee that Mark Richt had to be fired and why – are all ALSO 100% CORRECT PREDICTIONS BY ME. But you can read whoever the hell you want to go read. Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW. Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him. Players/Coaches of the Game Award. It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog. Kirby is a STRONG MAN.

Georgia Bulldogs Game Awards :  Kirby A  Jacob Eason A Isaiah McKenzie A Quincy Mauger A Christian Payne A Mel Tucker A Defense A Natrez Patrick A Aaron Davis A Juwuan Briscoe  A.



Nick Chubb had 63 yards and Sony Michel had 37 but Isaiah McKenzie had 19 rushing yards and a TD Rushing and 2 TD Receptions – one on the order of Verron Haynes – for another 122 yards in receptions.


The Human Joystick looks to me like he wants to be All-America 2016, as I said after the North Carolina game.


I do want to see us throw to Mecole Hardman Jr.  I don’t care about us having 2 short wide receivers.  That does not bother me one bit.  Not one.  I also would like to see Ben Cleveland not redshirted.  We need these 2 on Offense.


We have a lot of work to be a great team.  A ton of work is required for us to be great.  But it sure is nice to see such solid coaching decisions by Kirby all night tonight really.  And how wonderful is it to see these guys step-up for us with the game on the line and us losing for the 3rd week in a row only to watch Jacob Eason just take us down the field no matter what work we have to do to improve on offense.  I mean.  It is so exciting !


We had 20 First Downs on Passing Downs and only 5 Rushing.

We out-rushed Missouri by 6 yards on one more rush than they.

We scored a TD rushing and they did not.

Both teams had 3 Passing Touchdowns.

We held the ball and had 93 plays to their only 75 twenty percent more than they.

Missouri had 4 fumbles and 3 interceptions while we had no fumble and only 1 interception.  I said pre-game we would do THIS exactly.

We’re Plus THREE +3 Turnover Margin for the year.  That is good.

I said there was NO QUARTERBACK CONTROVERSY.  There is NOT !

I said Missouri would be good and they were.


Mecole Hardman Jr. got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw Mecole Hardman Jr. the ball please.

Elijah Holyfield got in the game against Missouri.

Now throw him the ball too and hand it off to him and hand it off to Brian Herrien more.

Solomon Kindley got on the field.  Try subbing Solomon Kindley and Ben Cleveland to give our Starters a rest please.  Kirby, you said when you have players that aren’t getting the job done that you would tell them to do so and if they still did not that you would play someone else and let them have a go.

And find us a kicker.  We don’t have one on the roster.

Get Ben Cleveland on the field NOW.


By the way Kirby sometimes you have to throw to the same guy tired or not when everyone is dropping the ball and one guy is making plays.  He is strong.  He is in shape.  He certainly is an All-America Candidate as I announced for Isaiah McKenzie the Human Joystick after Game 1 against North Carolina.


Good job coaching Kirby.  Thank you for listening to me.


Jacob Eason has hit his Tight Ends and Fullback 12 times in these first three come-from-behind wins by him.







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