4th game coming-up, Kirby is in the discussion 2016. In fact, Georgia is very much considered on the inside track to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game when Alabama is supposed to play Ohio State for the N.C. Look Ole Miss is a fine team and our best opponent all season before Kirby plays Nick Saban. We can NOT get ahead of ourselves as Ole Miss is # 21 Coaches’ # 23 AP Polls today. Ole Miss is VERY GOOD. We need our A game. I wouldn’t say we have brought our A game yet, would you ? vols ? Why would ANYONE want to talk about vols when we are PLAYING Ole Miss ? Ole Miss would wipe the floor with Butch Jones, who SUCKS and always has. Keep focused. THIS is Ole Miss. ALL everyone said is we LOSE to Ole Miss. Now that they’re # 21 and we’re # 11, you think we just have to show-up and this is a gimme because Jacob Eason is 3-0 and Ole Miss has 2 losses ? Give them their 3rd Loss. Put them DOWN. Concentrate ONLY on Ole Miss. We’re making TOO MANY MISTAKES across the board to beat Ole Miss – who has averaged the # 12 Recruiting Class and who is ranked # 21. Got it ? Wake-up ! This is Ole Miss the team EVERYONE said we lose to. This is our season. Beat Ole Miss.

I don’t care how Kirby got here – the facts are, he is here.


Play your freshmen Kirby and we can play with Ole Miss.  Don’t and you will lose to our best opponent all season Kirby.  No more fooling around with poor offensive play calls.  All this run junk without personnel to do so.


There is no longer any QB controversy.  Jacob Eason is the undisputed # 1 QB and there isn’t a # 2 no matter what nice help on the sidelines Greyson Lambert gives as encouragement to Jacob Eason.  Brice Ramsey gave good advice to Isaiah McKenzie on the sidelines beating Missouri.  That doesn’t make him a viable option EITHER.


If you look at the recruiting rankings this morning, you will see that Kirby has 16 Commitments for 2017 with as many of the top 100 players as Clemson and Alabama combined with 7.


Kirby is in the discussion.


Mark Richt in his 1st season had a win much like Kirby’s over Missouri beating vols on the hobnail boot to Verron Haynes 2001 but Mark Richt lost 4 games 2001 so that win was NOT LIKE THIS ONE OVER MISSOURI.


Many blogs predicted pre-season – in fact MOST – nay even all blogs predicted Kirby would NOT BE where he is today.  I saw variously LOSING RECORD 2016-2017 for Kirby in fact predicted.  You can look back on this blog and read those fools and their predictions of Kirby 2016-2017.  Basically everyone has Kirby 2016 as losing 4 or MORE games 2016-2017 season – not basically – EVERYONE has Kirby losing 4 games 2016-2017 season.  NOT THIS BLOG.  I said 11-3 or even 12-2 and I am right on target for that as I was that Mark Richt had to be fired for 8 long years I said and as I was that THERE WAS NO QB CONTROVERSY that there was ONLY ONE CHOICE EVER ONLY for Kirby.


So this is where we are.


Where is that ?


We are playing Ole Miss a fine football team with a ton of talent who is going to go on NCAA Probation and already has admitted sanctions and only delayed the implementation of those sanctions against them – not disagreed that the NCAA is going to or should be giving sanctions to Ole Miss.  In fact Ole Miss said we agree NCAA and took 12 Scholarships away from itself 12.


Where Ole Miss has been averaging # 12 in the Recruiting Rankings, NEXT YEAR 2017 Ole Miss is NOT IN THE BALLPARK any longer and is no longer competing for the talent WHICH Ole Miss DOES HAVE TODAY to welcome us to their field.  They will again compete for talent at Ole Miss after their NCAA Probation in Football for cheating in recruiting in-state talent here in the state of Georgia and paying them.


Trust me on this that we can beat Ole Miss and we certainly beat vols.


Wake-up !


This is not vols’ game.


We’re playing # 21 Ole Miss who has averaged the # 12 Recruiting Rankings.  They are LOADED for bear.


We have our work cut-out for us on Special Teams.  On the OL, we still are not playing the right players.  Our Kicker who can not kick it out of the end zone or even into it, is ALSO dead last in the nation at making field goals.  We miss more field goals than we have played games.  We need a kicker.  Our Offensive Game Plan that was so stupid for us to just run the ball, was abandoned.  That was not a smart strategy.  So now we have gone the other way entirely.  We just passed the ball 55 times.  Is that what we said we were going to do ?


Our Defense has seemed opportunistic but they also have given-up big plays and haven’t sacked our opponents nor really stopped the run – have they ?  Championship Caliber ?  Not hardly.  We have played only 64 players in any game and mostly the same 64.


We have not thrown a pass to Mecole Hardman Jr. nor hand-off to him yet he clearly is NOT getting on the field in our secondary which Kirby said he wanted him to concentrate on.  Mecole Hardman Jr. got his redshirt yanked off last week in game 3 to play one play on Special Teams all year ?  We have problems and Ben Cleveland is not a possible answer on the OL ?  We’re going to redshirt Ben Cleveland ?


Look folks we have issues.


Big issues and huge big RANKED OPPONENT this week.




I have this as a loss.


We’re making too many mistakes to beat Ole Miss.

We’re not playing the NCAA Probation Ole Miss.  That happens after this season.  They delayed the sanctions.  Put them out of their misery.

Many of the cheated recruits at Ole Miss that put them in this mess are state of Georgia recruits we drooled-over.

We have not played a team as good as Ole Miss in fact is.

Our wide receivers ALL drop the ball.

Our running game is NON-EXISTENT.

We have not played players I thought would be stars by now such as Ben Cleveland and I do not consider Mecole Hardman Jr. ONLY JUST a guy getting one snap all season on special teams and that to tackle a guy.


Ohio State is doing better than we are in recruiting for 2017.  But this is 2016 and this is Ole Miss.


This is our season.  Beat Ole Miss.  We have work to do not daydream about 2017 or Ole Miss’s 2 losses while Jacob Eason has come-from-behind to win all 3 games for us.


I don’t care about YOUR PREDICTIONS for Kirby 2016-2017 that he would lose 5 games or 6 games or 7 games.  I am talking about Ole Miss.  I want this game.  We can do it !


Wake-up !







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